Cotton Coin Technology to the Rescue

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Cotton Coin is created to save the lives of cotton farmers and its industry.


Cotton has become the most in-demand commodity and it's the world’s most commonly used natural fibre, however high usage of artificial material worldwide has negatively affected the cotton growing sector. It's really heart breaking knowing that a lot of cotton farmers committed suicide due to the fall of cotton industry. Cotton production decrease over the years past from falling of the cotton's prices in the world markets and the low profitability of cotton breeding and this inflicting loses on the farmers. They're suffering from some setbacks such as "poor working conditions, non/delayed payment to farmers, poor quality cotton, environmental pollution, lack of government support, corruption and more. This has only worsened with time as global warming and ozone depletion made the weather highly unpredictable. All these affect the quality, consistency and sufficiency of the crop."
Thus, other situation is very favorable for the companies buying cotton, but not for the farmers, who produce it, creating unfair price situation as well. I was really saddened to know that those farmers who worked so hard through sweat and blood are the ones who don't earned much. Like cotton farmers, rice farmers here in the Philippines facing the same situation as well because our government instead of buying our local rice they imported rice in Vietnam and our local rice is being sold as commercial rice which is expensive and we consumers have no choice. I wish, there's this Blockchain Technology that will help resolve this problem. How about Rice Coin? Isn't it possible? I wish! ☺️
Cotton Coin Technologies "is a digital solutions provider that aims to alleviate the suffering of farmers and other stakeholders in the cotton industry using blockchain technology." This technology ensures that all transactions cannot be corrupted.
"COTTON COIN runs on blockchain protocol that creates a trusted transaction ledger to
integrate consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in one ecosystem.
COTTON COIN has a built-in peer-to-peer payment network can be used as an alternative
to fiat currency, offering instant payment by bypassing corrupted intermediaries."

The aim of this project is to provide a convenient ways in buying and selling cotton product to the farmers. It helps prevent corruption and the delays of payment.

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Need a Labor Coin that's not just for cotton or corn but helps all struggling work force.


Agree..thanks for coming over..

Greetings @cinderz


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Cotton Coin

Hi @cinderz

Hell, that was a long week. I didnt expect this contest to become so popular. I expected 15-20 reviews about Cotton Coin but ended up with almost 60 entries. Crazy but positive :)

Let me already express how personally grateful I am for your support. It has been my first sponsored contest and I've learned already a big deal.

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WOW! That's good to hear sir.. I know how hard it is to read all entries and I appreciate the effort sir. And I see you're very friendly so it's not impossible for you to have many followers and supporters..Keep it up sir. I hope for the success of this very first contest of yours.. Thank you for the time.


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No worries sir..just take ur time.. I appreciate the gesture thank you

Thank you for providing this great review, good luck in selections.


Thank you for reading it 😘

After reading your post, I was reminded how our focus guides the solutions we develop. Farmers seem to have been forgotten in the modern world. Cotton Coin illustrates how, with technology, they can still be important to global economies.


Agree, and this cotton coin is one great idea. Thank you for reading my entry.

Very precise and if you ask me. Cotton wishes to cut across board in the industry, and make it come alive.

I like to ask Do you have a good understanding of your country's cotton industry? Is your country an active player in the cotton industry?

I wish you luck in your quest for the prize.

Cheers, Maxie

a great review about cotton coin coming from @cinderz. you did a good job


Thank you 😘

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Your detailed research has educated me a lot. And yes some farmers into cotton farming suffering under the big blow of penury currently. And this - ("The aim of this project is to provide a convenient ways in buying and selling cotton product to the farmers. It helps prevent corruption and the delays of payment") helped to inform the target of the cotton coin technology. Kudos to you dear!

Hi there @cinderz

Just wanted to express again how thankful I am for your latest support regarding participating in my little Cotton Coin contest.

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