Chronocrypto Introduces- A Very Short Story Contest - 2nd Contest

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It may be apocryphal, but the story goes that Ernest Hemingway won a bet by writing a short story that ran fewer than ten words, Yes fewer than ten words, can you?

One version of the story places the bet at the famed Algonquin “round table.” Whether true or not, there is an actual bet-winning short story attributed to Hemingway.

Now I share with you a very short story contest.

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

You have to admit it is pretty damn good. It builds, and there’s a whole world of background and emotion lurking beneath those words, you would think it not but I bet when you ready you got this feeling over you.

I @chronocrypto would like to make a contest for you. Write a great short story in ten words or fewer. (You may use a title, that does not go into the word count, lucky), Spelling and Grammar is a must. Submit it to the contest in this post. I will pick 5 winners

Some great examples:

"He stared at her with anticipation. Therefore, he’s failed already."

"Comfortable coffin for sale. I only used it briefly."

"A cobra tattoo covers your first girlfriend’s name almost completely."

Prizes goes as follows:
1st Prize: 5 SBD
2nd Prize: 4 SBD
3rd Prize: 3 SBD
4th Prize: 2 SBD
5th Prize: 1 SBD

Contest Ends Friday 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

It must be original of course, do not bother if its not yours.
I used a Bid bot on this post or else no one would have seen it otherwise

Congratulations to the winners of the lastcontest, I had a great time reading your 10 word short stories.

Your prizes have been sent, thank you again to all the participants.

Make sure to follow for more contests.

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My dear mom went crazy when i said steem / steemit

It crawled, and wove. Finally, dreadfully slow, the trickle fell.

He dropped to one knee. She said yes. They kissed.

“Loneliness in my heart, like water in a wine glass.”

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I'm calling bullshit. A google search of that phrase from a @tenwordspoem on Twitter.
"“Loneliness in my heart, like water in a wine glass.” — ten word story (@tenwordspoem) February 15, 2016"

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"A memory, the contentment that could hold me living."

Chronocrypto Introduces- A Very Short Story Contest - 2nd Contest

"I think many have confused our struggle.... we're not looking for privileges."

Hello again here, the contest constantly renews us and makes us think, congratulations! . This is my presentation
Love triangle. But there are four of us.

I won the game, but what was it for?

Nice contest! So glad I stumbled across it.

I run a haiku if you're interested in trying 17 syllables instead of 10 words. 2 SBD prize + more. Check it out --

@vdux - Indeed it is a great contest!

Thanks a lot @chronocrypto. The contest was enjoyable.

Hey @chronocrypto, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

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"Dismayed i come back to find you, i find silence."

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"Faith forever has been crumbling mirth, but struggling keep standing."

Only one choice left; his dying son and a car.


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It was a trap and they were right behind us

Quoth the serpent, that nefarious whisper, "do it, kill her!"

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"They fell in love, but it's not the time ..."

Thanks for the contest. It was fun.

Me gustaría participar pero no domino muy bien el inglés. Soy hispano hablante, puedo participar enviando mi historia corta en espanol? Pregunto porque veo que la evaluación tomará en consideración la ortografía y gramática.

Mi historia corta es:

La Soledad...habitación grande y fría, indispensable para meditar.

I tried, won the race, then lost to victory.

"A cottage in the woods. A mysterious death."

"Frustrated, he jump off a three-foot high bridge."

She said she missed him , He replied She lost him.

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"Looking for a purpose. Paying through Paypal."

In the form of a haiku :)

Something snuffling,
Through the dark garden
Doesn't come when called.

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When humanity died, the Earth breathed.

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Grey Old Typewriter Vintage Wattpad Book Cover.png
made on canva

"An online love, now, longing to see each other."

Here's my entry:

Pain was unbearable. Crossed the line. Glory cured the pain.

This my entry;

she smiled, she had lost everything. But she gained enough

"Just to see her face one more time" He said.

They met. Smiling eyes locked. Revenge exacted by walking towards...

He opened his eyes, thought, dropped the thought, closed his eyes, fell asleep.

I heard jane scream, then everywhere went silent.

Trying something for this week.

The moan came again. Then it shook; the coffin.

Doctor said, worried, Joe, did your parents come with you?

Title: when she friendzones you into the next generation:

Her; in the future, i wish our kids get married.

Parts motorcycle for sale. Will trade for wheelchair. Pickup only.

Reward: information about woman who threw ring at me. Please.

Wanted to borrow: Shotgun for private wedding.

It was silence. Then a gun shot. Then silence again.

The tyrant has no chance. Social networks watch!


I ran in the rain, but I was too late.

Hi! here's my entry:

A million tears, a goodbye kiss, those wasted years...

Title: Linguicide
"It didn’t matter how it sounded. Only she’d understand, anyway."

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Dinner for two. A pregnant woman and a picture.

He was no more...a direct result of her treachery.

if what distinguishes a machine from a human is feelings then all machines with unfulfilled objectives are alive

Eventually they would meet. That afternoon never again.