Comment Chain Contest Episode 3: 10 Steem Giveaway.

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In the spirit of giving and keeping consistency on steemit, I welcome everyone to this episode of my contest/giveaway. The last one was fun and very interesting. Some really deep expression of feelings regarding the platform was showcased.

Episode 3

As I stated before!! the giveaway has its aims, which are:
◾Having fun while steeming
◾Ensuring Consistency on steemit
◾Rewarding/encouraging Interactions, ideas and creativity.
◾Appreciating and spreading the importance in the act of giving.

This is because, steemit should be fun and an addiction you can't do without.

"A comment chain contest."

It means only the first person to comment is allowed to reply to the post directly, others subsequent comments come under a previous comment(as a reply) until the contest is announced closed.

Lets get started:

Today's contest is quiet different and going to be fun and interesting.

How it works:

The first person to start the comment chain answers my question and ask any question of choice(any question is allowed). Next comment answers and ask his/her questions of choice.. Meaning every comment answers a question and ask a question.

How to participate:

REPLY to a previous comment(means your comment must be under the last comment on the chain). Questions should be as much fun/creative as possible.


◾Entry(comment) must not be more than two sentences.
◾Entry must be related to topic of discussion
◾Entry outside the chain is considered invalid
◾Multiple comments will be considered invalid.

Entry/Winning Criteria:

◾Must be my follower
◾There must be consistency on your blog.
◾No restrictions to reputation:

Who Wins?

There will be a random selection of numbers from the entry chain. You are a winner if your entry falls on that number.
Note that, selection of number will be based on quality of content and contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize:

A total of 10steem is up for grabs. 2 winners with 4steem each and 2steem to the first to start the comment chain.

My Question:

What is your sexuality?

Get in here and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be!!!!!

Thank you for participating.

Stay connected always

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Entries to the contests is closed. Winners will be announced shortly. Thank you all for participating.

I'm straight

Are you lazy?

I can be lazy when I want to, but hard-working when I really need to be...

Are you fatigued?

Not at the moment. I am working on a task.
How do stay motivated to achieve your goal?

I stay motivated by thinking about the people who motivates me. :)
What are your goals in life?

I just want to achieve all that I was destined to achieve and be the best me I can possible be?.

Do you believe a destiny can be changed?

Yes a destiny can be changed. It all boils down to information.
How can the bridge between the Rich and the Poor could possibly severed?

Yes a destiny can be changed. It all boils down to information.
How can the bridge between the Rich and the Poor be possibly severed?

Simple, it is where the poo(r) ends that the (r)ich begins

But there must be a connection btw the rich and poor? any opinion?

Guess we have a response. The poo(r) is working towards reality as in (r) while the (r)ich is working from reality!

But what is reality?

Beautiful post

I dont work hard any longer.
I work smart.

Do you have any issue with that?

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@iamthegray, you are expected to ask a question to start the chain or you do not win the price for starting the comment chain.

I'm sorry, my bad