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Weekly winners and rules for the C² Comment Contest and the Engagement League Booster administered by the C² Curation Collective. Sign up for C² contests in the #server-contests-signup channel in the C² Discord server.

C³ - the Curation Collective blog

C² Comment Contest

A weekly contest paying out liquid Steem to server members who comment on the posts upvoted & resteemed by the @C-Squared account. See below for full contest rules.

Weekly Comment Contest Winners for the contest week of January 6th -January 13th, 2019

1st Place (5 STEEM): @veryspider
2nd Place (4 Steem): @scrawly
3rd Place (3 Steem): @moncia90
4th Place (2 Steem): @oliviackl
5th - 10th Place (1 Steem Each): @ylich; @melinda010100; @sudefteri; @road2horizon; @yanes94; @maxijgcomm

All prizes will be paid out shortly from the @c-squared account

Comment Contest Rules

  • Steem users must have first signed up for C² contests in the #server-contests-signup channel in the C² Discord server to be eligible for prize payout.
  • Users receive one point for every post commented on that has been upvoted & resteemed by the @c-squared account.
  • Comments left on posts featured in EXPONENTIAL! C² Featured Posts will count double, as will comments left on the EXPONENTIAL! posting itself! Visit the @c-cubed blog to see the daily EXPONENTIAL! featured posting and remember to comment on the post and all featured posts for your best chance to earn Steem in the C² Comments Contest!
  • The comment history of winners will be reviewed before payout, copy/paste / spam commenting will not be rewarded.
  • Each weekly contest runs from noon Sunday UTC to the following noon Sunday UTC.

C² Engagement League Booster

In partnership with @abh12345 and @steemcommunity witness, C² pays liquid Steem to random winners who have both signed up for C² contests in the #server-contests-signup channel in the C² Discord server, and participate in the weekly Curation and Engagement Leagues on @abh12345's blog. See below for full contest rules.

Weekly Engagement League Booster Winners for the contest week of January 6th -January 13th, 2019

57 users signed up for both C² server contests & @abh12345's League of Engagement, and also scored a minimum of 1000 points last week in the league. Five random 1 Steem winners are:

Proof of Randomness:

We used https://www.random.org/lists/ to randomize the eligible users. To the left is screencap of total list pasted in, to the right is the new randomized order. The top five results in the new random order are winners.

All prizes will be paid out shortly from the @c-squared account

Engagement League Booster Rules

  • Steem users must have first signed up for C² contests in the #server-contests-signup channel in the C² Discord server to be eligible for prize payout.
  • Steem users must also have signed up for the Curation and Engagement Leagues on @abh12345's blog. You can do so in the comments at the most recent post.
    A minimum score of 1000 points in the Engagement League is required to be eligible for prize payout.
  • Five x 1 Steem prizes will be paid out weekly to five randomly selected users who satisfy the above requirements.
  • The Engagement League measures your engagement in comments and looks at other metrics including number and diversity of outgoing votes & number of witnesses voted for to give you an engagement score. PLANKTON/SMALL ACCOUNTS PLEASE NOTE it is possible to achieve the minimum score of 1000 points even with very low SP / resource credits but only if you have voted for a good number of witnesses.
  • If you like what C² is doing, please consider voting for the @c-squared community witness.

Voting for witnesses is a very important way to contribute to the Steem blockchain.

If you are not yourself knowledgeable in what witnesses to vote for, consider "proxying" your Witness votes to a trusted 3rd party who has more knowledge on the subject.


  • Provide a community where curators on the Steem blockchain can come together and receive support for their curation efforts;
  • Upvote & resteem under-rewarded authors and great posting on the @c-squared community account;
  • Promote engagement in comments on the STEEM blockchain.
  • Upvoting real posts by real humans (manual curation all the way!)

C² is a fully inclusive curation collective that is open to the public, a place where anyone can be a curator and everyone is welcome. Join us on Discord and request the "curator" role to participate!

C² currently has around 2000 members on our discord server, which is made up of over 250 curators and 40 reviewers/voters over many subject areas and languages.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This post was shared in the Curation Collective Discord community for curators, and upvoted and resteemed by the @c-squared community account after manual review.
@c-squared runs a community witness. Please consider using one of your witness votes on us here

Well done engaged people!

thank you so much:)

Thank you very much!!!
Third place is a beautiful news for me!😊👍

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Congrats to all and thanks!

Thanks for the random STEEM @c-cubed! Always appreciated, and I hope to get back into the groove of things and actually do more with your comment contest.

Congratulations to everyone of the winners, and for the rest of you who were rewarded with a random act of kindness. :)

Good to see you back, Glen!

Well, thank you, @melinda010100.

I've been around, just not necessarily commenting as much as I was. But I was on Musing, reading plenty of blog posts to try to stay up on what everyone was talking about, and more or less dealing with life and enjoying family for most of December.

Now it's January, a lot of all of that has died down (including Musing for now), and so there's more time to actually be seen. :)

At any rate, I missed a couple of these posts and look what happens! A nice surprise. :)

I knew you were over on Musing. I tried, but couldn't see the attraction. I hope it paid off for you! But it will be nice seeing more of you over here, you have been missed!

Well, that's nice of you to say. From my perspective, though, I think things have pretty much continued on their merry way with or without me. Which is fine.

However, it is good to be talking to you and others and trying to get back into the swing of things. Gets me out of my own head, which is a good thing now and then. :)

Musing did pay off. I can't remember exactly what the Musing numbers by themselves were, but because of Musing, posts and contest winnings, I was able to earn over 900 SP in three months. That amount may not be a lot compared to what quite a few people seem to be doing here, but it's more than most, so I'm okay with it and wish I could continue it.

So far, though, Musing hasn't been upvoting, hasn't indicated if it will or not, and not enough people upvote otherwise. So, while I do enjoy answering questions, it's not going to be the growth vehicle it was unless Musing gets the delegation back.

Just like blogging, vlogging, dliking or Steemhunting, I don't think Musing is for everyone. I don't even think it's for a lot of the folks who are there, actually, but to each their own. Hopefully, there's more than enough niches to go around in this STEEM community.

You will be really grateful for that 900SP when the price goes up and it gets harder to come by one Steem! I'm so glad it worked out so well for you. I'm sure it affected your rep, too, and that is always good!

It's too bad Musing didn't do a better job of planning ahead. After listening to Ned's interview today, I think it is pretty clear that Steemit will not be doing many delegations for a while. Although it sounds like they are doing a good job of moving forward.

I'm working hard to gather Steem while the price is low and I can still afford to. I see great things ahead for all of us!

I take it you listened to it live? I've been waiting to see a post of the recording but haven't seen it yet. Might take a while to post, I would guess.

So, Ned specifically talked about delegations? Interesting. Did he say whether or not they would pulling the rest? And did he say why? Did he state what they're intending to do with the STEEM they're powering down and why they're doing it?

I can wait for the recording, too, but if he talked about any of that, and you can recall what he said (or make sense of it, since he doesn't always address things in a straightforward manner) that would give me something to go on until I can hear it or read more about it.

I'm certainly ready for those great things to happen, and I think it behooves all of us to gather as much STEEM as we can while we can. It's why I've wondered what people are doing when they complain about the lack of STEEM. That's not been the case for me, so it must certainly be there and available for others, too.

I did listen live. I have been setting an alarm so that I don't forget. I didn't take any notes and can't repeat the things he said, though. I bet Pensiff will have the link up tomorrow. I have found Ned to be pretty straight forward, he has been answering the questions that are asked. I have gotten the feeling that he has been isolated from the Steem community and is almost surprised to find a helpful, supportive, hardworking bunch of folks out there. Just my opinion. He seems to be enjoying the Discord interview format and says he will be looking forward to being there more. I am actually liking the guy!

I knew you were over on Musing. I tried, but couldn't see the attraction. I hope it paid off for you! But it will be nice seeing more of you over here, you have been missed!