Engaged! C-Squared Weekly Readers' Choice Contest (12 STEEM BOUNTY)

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Contest format is super easy. Short version: Pick a post recently resteemed by @c-squared that you like. Leave a good comment on the post. Paste the URL of the post into the comments here and explain why you like the post. See below for full rules.

C-Squared also administers a weekly incentive contest encouraging Steem users to sign up for the League of Curation and Engagement - see below under "Engagement League Booster Prize" for more.

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C³ - the Curation Collective blog

PLEASE NOTE there is no longer a requirement to sign up for C-Squared contests in the C² Discord community. The bounty payout to contest participants replaces the previous contest structure (there is no longer a reward based on number of comments left on @c-squared upvoted posts).

Engaged! C-Squared Readers' Choice Contest - FULL RULES

The @c-squared account will place a 12 Steem Bounty on this weekly contest post, published every Sunday.

How to claim the bounty

Bounty hunters (you the reader!) must leave a comment in reply to this post with a link to a post recently upvoted/resteemed by @c-squared (still in payout) and an explanation of why you liked this post.

PLEASE NOTE To be eligible for bounty payout, three criteria must be met:

  • The comment must include a valid URL of a post recently upvoted/resteemed by @c-squared (still in payout at the time the comment is left).
  • The comment must include a non-spammy/non-generic explanation of why you liked the linked post.
  • A non-spammy/non-generic comment must be left in reply to the linked post as well.

The @c-squared account will upvote comment(s) that satisfy the above criteria, determining who gets the bounty (if multiple comments are upvoted by @c-squared the bounty will be split). The C-Squared admins will review all comment entries and the best comments will receive a larger % vote, thus receiving more of the bounty.

ONLY ONE COMMENT PER USER WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR BOUNTY You are welcome to leave as many comments below as you want to help highlight the awesome posts curated through @c-squared, but only your first comment will be eligible for bounty payout.

Spam commenters and users who are obviously copying existing comments in hope of upvote and bounty will be flagged.

Examples of comments that would be too spammy/generic to qualify for the contest (this is a non-exhaustive list): "I like this post"; "Nice post"; "Cool post"; "This post was my favorite", etc. What we are looking for is why you liked a post, what in specific you liked about it, how the post made you feel, and in general looking for thoughtful responses that prove you actually read the post and enjoyed it.

Engagement League Booster Prize

In the spirit of C-Squared's mission to encourage engagement on the Steem blockchain, we would like to encourage users to participate in @abh12345's League of Engagement. The league gamifies your engagement stats, generating a weekly score for all participants based on number of comments left, number of users commented on, number and diversity of outgoing upvotes, number of witnesses voted for and other metrics listed in the weekly contest post.

2 SBI PRIZE Up to two users weekly are eligible to receive a 2 SBI share prize just for signing up for the Engagement Leagues for the first time. PRIZE CONDITION: You must clearly state that you came on C-Squared recommendation when you sign up for the league.

To sign up: State your intention to participate in the comments at the most recent contest post, published every Sunday on @abh12345's blog. REMEMBER you must state you came on c-squared recommendation to be eligible for the 2 SBI prize.

If more than two users are eligible for the weekly prize, a random drawing will be conducted to determine the two winners

Head on over to @abh12345's blog to learn more about contest scoring and sign up for the curation and engagement leagues in the comments of the most recent contest post!

If you like what C² is doing, please consider voting for the @c-squared community witness.


  • Provide a community where curators on the Steem blockchain can come together and receive support for their curation efforts;
  • Upvote & resteem under-rewarded authors and great posting on the @c-squared community account;
  • Promote engagement in comments on the STEEM blockchain.
  • Upvoting real posts by real people (manual curation all the way!)

C-Squared is a fully inclusive curation collective that is open to the public, a place where anyone can be a curator and everyone is welcome. Join us on Discord and request the "curator" role to participate!

C-Squared currently has over 2300 members on our discord server, which is made up of over 300 curators and 40 reviewers/voters over many subject areas and languages.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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MY nomination is this post. I like the photoshop skills in this post. Result is enjoyable to watch. It is a nice portrait at final.

Hi @bidesign, agreed, her digital manipulations are very skillful and the results border on magical :) Don't forget to leave a comment in reply to the post you linked to qualify for a share of the bounty here. Cheers


This beautiful and entertaining travel post from Crimea is my choice for the week. Once again steem takes me to a place I have never heard of before and shows me I would like to go there. I like the waterfall as the main subject, but the other photos are excellent too to show how to get there.

It is one of my favorite pots, in essence it is very simple, like a cake, but better because it tastes like a cake and a pudding, excellent, I recommend that you eat it hot, resident out of the oven, the flavors are highlighted more.


@c-cubed, Kindly find the below blog post which is shared by @yurche. And through this blog post explore the art.


Keep encouraging more content creators team.

This delicious recipe post is my choice this week:

I'm always happy to see you pick healthy food posts and this breakfast would hit the spot. And the photos and food styling are awesome here :)

I like this post because it's about homemade pacifiers like the ones your grandmother used to make, it's very simple and easy to make, known throughout Latin America.


It is a very beautiful drawing conveys the innocence of childhood ..


I really liked this post because I love seeing other cultures, especially their local art scene. There is obviously a hub of visual art & creativity happening there! ^_^


I found this great post by @papilloncharity about a new home they just purchased. After moving 9 times in rentals, I'm so happy for them both. Welcome to home ownership. 😁

The reason for my choice is pretty simple, I'm an apologist of these cars (electric) and the more I can do to help the better.


I think the paintings made by this young man are very artistic, and I have to have some experience to achieve this, I say it from my experience that I could not ... it seems easier to make water-based paints.


This post reminded me of my childhood, when I spent an entire afternoon armed with that great piece called "lego"


The recipe presented gives you water in your mouth, but who has not eaten a potato like the ones presented in this publication, at least someone will have done something similar with their particular touch.


https://steemit.com/esteem/@lenasveganliving/rustic-waffles - I like this post because of the clear explanation of the recepy and I love the pictures she took they are stunning and make you want to dig in immediately :)


I absolutely love how the creator tried to make this GIF absolutely beautiful. He is a very talented man. Beautiful and funny at the same time.


This story had me hooked. Many writer have lost the art of storytelling but not this one. I wanted to know what happens next! Great work!

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