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you're really doing this first class @byn! I particularly liked "little trickles of worry" and "niggling at the back of my brain"! such cool writing and I don't think I've ever heard of the word "niggling" before, is that a word or did you make it up? lol don't matter, it works!


I had to go check! I thought maybe it was one of those weird family-centric words I grew up with that wasn't an actual word. But it isn't just me:

gerund or present participle: niggling
cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.
"a suspicion niggled at the back of her mind"

Thanks for the continued support! It means a lot when someone really likes my writing enough to stick with one of the longer stories!


see you are educational also! I had no idea that niggle was an actual word, now I'm gonna start using it to impress my wife. and your stories are bite-sized so they are easy to stick with..actually we get so wrapped up in them that they could be alot longer but thats ok, whatever works best for you as long as they keep coming! God Bless!
bytheway, do you recall or have an example of a word that you grew up with that isn't really a word? lol

I like the suspenseful ending. lovely story