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This contest is over please join the 7/15 one.

Daily giveaway 7/13/2018.


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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Is capitalism is a fair society? There has been many issues with capitalism such as the weath disparity that has grown out of control in the US. Things that would beneifit socity aren't done because they aren't profitable. Other things that don't benefit society that are profitial are everywhere. Is it fair that the flow of money decides how and what is done in a society?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


It is self-interest that drives human behavior. It is not a matter of 'fair' but what is valued.

There's too much corruption in the world for any system for society to be ideal.

I don't believe there exists today a "fair" form of government or societal system.

Right. I mean, are "unfair" people even able to build a "fair" system, and are they willing to?

Until the people of world are able to reach some form of "Collective consciousness" we will never truly thrive.
We have the most complex understanding minds that we know of...yet look to the ants...there is no need for ANY ant to ever ask what it needs to do next....they ALL "just know". Science will tell us " it has something to do with smells and the scents they leave behind."......riiiight.
Have you ever heard of the ant super colony that exists literally, in almost every place on Earth? If not...look it up.
But back to the point....if ants can achieve that level of PEACEFUL world colonization, and we can't, I say it may be time to reexamine exactly which species is actually the most "civilized".
Just my thoughts.

True sir, I couldnt agree more. We are just "intimidated" by the complex, collective organization of those little creatures. With less than human intelligence, they are able to do things we can only dream of. If the wisdom and diligence of ants are expanded to the size of human activity, this world would have been too good to leave.

One thing for sure is that nothing is worse than communism, yet I believe that capitalism has its details that can harm a certain part of the population that lives


the system is characterized by a very simple production process and the non-establishment of private property.

Capitalism with a social tendency (this phrase is surely a heresy for some sociologists) has been applied, paradoxically, in many of the countries with progressive governments. Faced with the failure of the doctrines of communism or materialist socialism, leftist rulers have had no choice but to continue using capitalism, but giving it a social turn, so that it benefits the majorities, that is, the people

U look amazing in your profile pic.

I'm reminded of this old saying: Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.

Capitalism, as long as it exists, can be used for good or for bad. In this context, - (usa) - would have to support all the countries that have been using capitalism with social tendency, but paradoxically, --- (usa) ---, in his speech he says to support democratic governments, but in practice it continues with the traditional line of a right-wing government, supporting in the background the validity of hypercapitalism

Yes it is unfair because the poor are not getting the support they should be provided and gets mocked looked down on and arrested or killed so yeah

Capitalism is not good in any kind of government

Yes @Bidbots, it is not a government at all.

Capitalism promotes economic growth by creating an open market competition.... The result of capitalism is a decentralized economic system, if we compare capitalism while countries controlled by socialism drown in inflation, one case of this would be my country Venezuela, which every day starves children to death and the country collapses more and more.

I didnot receive my SBD from your previous giveaway,why? why you post fake giveaway?

You have to win to get the SBD. Winners are picked at random.

thanks for the giveaway. I got reward

If capitalism were like nuclear engineering or astrophysics, surely, for an in-depth analysis, it would correspond to professionals or researchers of the aforementioned areas to speak specifically about it, although every citizen who reads could give a personal opinion about it. area according to their experience or experience; for that reason, on capitalism they can have an opinion from a social scientist to a countryman who lives under the influence of this system.

In this world nothing is fair!
So do capitalism.

@alan369, you are correct but not in most of the situations.
For ex: see we have steemit platform. Everything is fair and transparent here.
Am I right?

Now thats a hard question with a simple answer, No, capitalism is not fair but life isn't fair, capitalism offers the most opportunities to someone to get ahead while socialism makes you conform to the system until it starves you to death with debt thanks to the unsustainable social programs.

I wish I can remove the concept of capitalism from our history.

I'm here again

Welcome back @izaid

Yeah, this is a really, really tough one!! I don't think there is a fair way. I do believe in working hard, and if you have the ability to make money, you should, and help those that can't.

If it is fair, although sometimes we choose bad partners.

Congratulation to the winners

Is it 'fair' that money decides what is done in a society. No. Money should never be a defining factor. Capitalism at its core is not a bad thing. What has happened is we have lost sight of our purpose in life. I think quite a few things would be quite profitable if the money was spent on helping more. We are no longer a capitalistic society we are materialistic that's when things went wrong. In some areas we've made it illegal to give food to others, namely the homeless. (Not all of them choose to be there) We've made it illegal to collect rainwater. Some areas cannot have veggie gardens or fruit trees. There is so much more. Big companies don't want us doing any of this because it 'might' cut into their profits. That is the main reason why it is not 'fair' money decides what gets done. It's out of greed, not necessity. It is to line someone else's pocket book.

This quote comes to mind with this subject.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I think I'm going to leave things here. I'm a little too passionate about this subject.

Capitalism is a broad term that can work in different ways. The idea of capotalism can work well if it is executed well. In our current world, I wouldn't say that it is.

Yeah, I think it's fair.

The only fair thing it's me winning the contest

Very tough question. I guess I don't see a workable alternative that doesn't limit personal freedom.

Its just going with trend. Whatever we think is not implementing because riches always win here. Society too give them priority either they look to them with pity in future. But this trend must be stopped.

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Capitalism is decidedly not fair.

if you goy money you have power that is it.

yo como vivo en socialismo puro u.u no conozco nada mas que eso

I think capitalism "with a heart" is about the best we can do. Socialism fails every time with ugly consequences.

Love that !

capitalism is a spontaneous system that does not admit a rational justification, and by adding to this system, the market and the individual decisions of each person to satisfy their needs, brings as a consequence the distribution of the income of this society spontaneously, being This is a process involving a large number of subjects, in fact the question is whether society is just enough to live with a capitalist system

No comment comment.

Yes its true the flow of money matters a lot in society.

Yes its true the flow
Of money matters a lot
In society.

                 - sunnycrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

There have been many economic and political systems that exist now and existed in the past and they all seem to be guided by "The Golden Rule" = "If you have the gold you make the rules." Fair? No, but that's the way human nature has operated for thousands of years so I'm not all that optimistic that it will change anytime soon.

Every country has the same issue, flow of money makes only profitable things not work for the betterment of society

capitalism is not fair for equal growth

Capitalism may not be fair but even life is rarely fair. Besides, if it wasn't for capitalism there wouldnt be any competition, and hence innovations such as steem/steemit etc would not be around, or would take way longer to be conceived.

But yeah the problem now in our societies it's all about the money and f**ck the people. As always we took things to extremes and sooner or later we'll start paying for it. lol

Try applying communism for a change in your country and you´ll see how it´ll quickly break down into corruption.

Is capitalism is a fair society?

Answer: NO

Define fair. Is it fair that Neymar's feet are so much more coordinated than mine? Or that he worked really hard, risked his life, gave up bad foods and free time to dedicate himself to something he loved, then became successful? Is it fait that his parents passed on their genetic advantages to him?

Is fairness really the issue? Is it economics or government that creates wealth disparity? Is it the rules and laws that skew the playing field towards those with money? Is it fair that some people dedicate decades of their life to building wealth and are then forced to share that wealth with others? Is it fair that some people dedicate decades of their life to serving wealthy people and are then dismissed without compensation? A gun can kill a rich man as easily as a poor man, but justice rarely gets served on the innocent welfare mom killed by a stray bullet.

Fair is hard to define. Maybe capitalism is fair enough, but humans just suck.

Hey, I am back here after a long time. How are you?

I'm fine. Welcome back.

People hate capitalism until they live in a socialist country.

It's never been fair. All politicala and religion systems sucks . Humanity should invent something else

Fair? Hahahahahahahaa

The answer is hiding in the question. No

Capitalism is the bane of our existence. The haves hold on to it with an iron fist often at the expense of the have nots well being and the have nots work like dogs thinking some day they could be a have. The have nots often sacrifice their own well being and half the time only benefit the haves. It's a vicious circle in the end.

from my point of view, that capitalism is not fit to be mobilized in social life, since we society requires mutual yield not for certain groups.

not everyone judges capitalism as good for society, because capitalism is special. so people need something that can be taken publicly by society.

I wouldn't know, honestly.

capitalism is the result for the benefit of the group, so not good when applied in the community.

I believe capitalism has its own role for the society to become more progressive. On the other hand, I also believe that capitalism can also effect negative in the society if the private owners of the profit did not do their part well.

fair is a word nowadays which does not actually exists, if you have power everything is in your favour.

Greetings to all ✌️😀

In theory capitalism is fair, but in practice it is not. A lot of government regulation is used to try and prevent "cheating" the system.

It is actually unfair but that is how the reality is. We are not living in an idealistic world.

don't think it works due to others ideals of how things work, which causes matters to crash..

I think it is fair. People, who got much money worked hard for it. If someone wants to become rich, he gotta use his resources to do the most profitable things out of it.

I don’t think we have a real capitalism. But I’m not if pure capitalism will solve our actual problems.

Thanks for the contest. In life there are winners and there are losers. There needs to be a balance between the two and true capitalism is beneficial; what we have is a regulatory capture version of capitalism where laws are written for the benefit of a select few disallowing true free markets.

I could go into a lengthy discussion of why this is an ill-posed question. Instead, I'll restrict myself to the free market. The free market, by definition, is a form of freedom: economic freedom. It and political freedom are mutually reinforcing. Many of the problems we're having in the West are due to the lack of economic freedom. Europe's once-hired-never-fired labor laws have led to permanent unemployment. Rent-seeking, that is, seeking economic returns outside the market by using politics, is at high levels, reducing growth and reinforcing inequality. In Venezuela, Chavismo consisted of destroying economic freedoms, which made destroying political freedom easier.

Suggested reading: F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

Capitalism is one of the unfair things in this world. The rich and wealthy determines what happens and what does not.

I think it's not fair for a portion of the world to decide over others. Fair would be a system in which everyone has an equal chance according to their ability. But I believe that the majority of people are not prepared to assume the responsibility of being masters of the destiny of a nation, a process of preparation, awareness, education is required... to make capable citizens; and it is there that the social and educational system in the less developed countries has failed, creating a total dependency. Capitalism reigns because we are not ready for another system yet.


I'll probably get hate mail, but here goes.
If capitalism is not jacked around by government controls etc. it is fair. Help enough people get what they want and you can get what you want. Are ethics always utilized, No, but eventually that will come back around.
Do big dog CEO's make enormous amounts of money, Yes, should they, sometimes. Whether people like it or not the founder or CEO of a company took risks, created ideas, invested time energy and money, etc. to make a company that provides something people want, it also provides other people with jobs, and creates cashflow for communities, and other businesses etc.
Ok enough for now.

Oof I just want to join the contest

I think capitalism is a step in the development of human societies, certainly it isn't perfect, but who is...

Yes it is because it allows people to have private property and access to free markets.

It lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system.

People that say it requires an exploited class of people are wrong because there are businesses such as small businesses that are owned and runned by working class people

Capitalism could only be argued as fair if everybody started on an equal footing.

It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

I do not know how bad capitalism is, but for someone like me, who lives in "socialism". I see capitalism as a way out of this crisis that brought false socialism.

It is inconceivable to think a child of a billionaire hasn’t more chance at success than a child of rent paying, minimum wage parents

The USA also has a similarly textured history. In a little over 200 years, the nation established itself and has overtaken all of the existing global powers and stands as the most dynamic and powerful economy ever seen in history. At the same time, this too has come at a genocidal cost to the Natives of North America; 300 years of slavery, 150 years (and counting) of Jim Crow; and an overwhelming military presence around the globe affirming American hegemony over its imperial interests.

What you incorrectly call “Capitalism” unfairly spreads its benefits even to people who have not earned them: i.e. it is unfair to entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators.

Only a very few get their just rewards: and then they are bad mouthed, and slandered, and attacked by those who fail to appreciate their work, but are only too ready to take the fruits for granted.

Capitalism is not. (i.e. life is not “capitalism” - not here, not there, nowhere.)

The results are reasonably fair, but perhaps less so.

I’m making an ends vs. means distinction in terms of fairness.

Generally the process is fair. I think one has to define fair process, though to fully address this issue. Also, the process of exchange is mostly fair. Its bartering with money.

I’ve addressed the flaws of capitalism elsewhere on Quora, which you are welcome to read.

Nothing in life is fair.

Is it fair that some are tall - others short

pretty/hansome - homely




is communism fair that a more productive citizen gets paid the same as a less productive?

saya ingin memenang kan contes ini, setidaknya juara satu..

What is Capitalism? (Simple description in terms of essentials)

People live in societies. However, each individual in that social group is still an independent individual having individual thoughts, ideas, desires and goals in life.I cannot compel another individual to follow my religion. I can talk to them about it, if they are willing to listen, but in the end its their choice and and ultimately their decision - on what faith to follow. I might follow Christianity while the other might end up becoming an atheist. Hey - your life, your faith, my life, my faith.

In the same way, I cannot ask another man to make a living the way I want to make a living. Its his choice, his decision. Just like how I make my living is my choice, my decision. I do not work for you and I do not expect that you work for me. Hey- your life; support it by your work. My life; I’ll support it by my work.

Capitalism doesn’t allow equality from birth and therefore is inherently unfair.

good wilk capitalism.

There are many good things about capitalism, but please understand, fairness is not one of them.

Capitalism could only be argued as fair if everybody started on an equal footing. It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. It is inconceivable to think a child of a billionaire hasn’t more chance at success than a child of rent paying, minimum wage parents.

No, not by definition.

However, there is nothing to keep companies from being extremely socially responsible, paying workers more, for sharing more of the profits. So, capitalism could be fair, but it generally is not.

In all this, the beneficiaries of Capitalism consider it eminently fair and the losers (those lucky to be alive) feel otherwise.

Capitalismis is not good at all, just a fairy tale.

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