Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 7/06/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 7/06/2018.

First Place: @fjmb86
Second Place: @london65
Third Place: @dindanurul99
Fourth Place: @iguessitsokay
Fifth Place: @goh
Sixth Place: @suqya
Seventh Place: @dindasteem
Eighth Place: @donaldlove

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD

Second Place: 3 SBD

Third Place: 2 SBD

Fourth Place: 1 SBD

Fifth Place: 1 SBD

Sixth Place: 1 SBD

Seventh Place: 1 SBD

Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.


I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.


To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

What Does it Mean to Be ‘a Real Man’?

Is a real man one that does what needs to be done and shows no emotions? Or is a real man open, loving and thoughtful? Or something else? Let bunny know what a real man is so one day I can grow up to be a real man lol.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


Bunny tomorrow I'm on birthday! Give me something yes!



Can i have an upvote?

Sure, why not ?

I dont get any up votes or views or anything so i really appreciate it

Thank you, friend, a thousand thousand thanks!

you are more then welcome my dear friend.!!!

A thousand thousand thanks!

Knowing to keep your woman in her place. ;-)

This is a tough one. Women can possess what used to be called "manly virtues" without sacrificing their feminity. Recently, young Americans, having inherited a cultural vacuum in this regard, have created nonsensical ideas about what manliness is not. One example I've seen is loving opera. If this be unmanly, then all of its male composers and performers have been unmanly. I think they would beg to differ. Most Americans consider classical dance to be unmanly, in spite of its athleticism. Russians, for example, disagree.

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I hate the phrase "a real man". You don't need to be insanely masculine to be a man.

Real men can take care of themselves and others

To use your strength and abilities to help others.

A real man does what is right, not what is easy.

I think that a "real man" is one who shows his true feelings no matter what people say. Be a person full of love and always work for their ideals. But that love is always its main value.

SO many different opinions on this subject most of them are laughable lol.

Sep brat mantap droneuh bang,,pat ku tumbok neuh..lol


Que no vive de apariencias, que a pesar de tener pensamiento de libertad vive con compromiso de ser feliz y encargarse de transmitirlo a las personas que lo rodean,personaje que le da valor a lo sencillez, viviendo la vida en total paz teniendo en cuenta que el día de ir a otro plano espiritual es impredecible y vive disfrutando cada momento.


That not live on appearances, that despite having freedom thinking lives with commitment to be happy and take charge of transmitting it to the people around him character that gives value to simplicity living life in total peace taking into account that the day of going to another spiritual plane is unpredictable and lives enjoying every moment.

Hopefully I am win it tomorrow

Who has special power for helping peoples and enjoy every single moment with joy without harming anyone

To be true to ones own ideals and be there for others.

'Real man' is a man who keep his responsibilities and bring it live around him. :)

@bunnypuncher you are a real man because real men helps others to grow or to become a successful person if their life. And real man is really helpful, loving and the person with positive thoughts. So as a real men you are doing all this and helps your community to grow.


Hello @bunnypuncher! I'm a houseband now, instead of my wife at home, I'm the one left here taking good care of our baby. We'll I think that makes me a "Real Man"! My wife earns bigger than mine. Then we're not comfortable of the babysitter, our 1-year old daughter adapts the bad behavior of the babysitter's 3-year old daughter. That's why I'm the one who quit the job. And yes I'm here at home doing everything. I'm happy, my wife and our daughter are happy too.

One of the attitudes that the true man upholds is to be fully committed to the relationship.

What is a real man? This is a troubling question and one that's hard to quantify. Reason being things like this are all relative. Shaped and molded through perception which is dependent upon a single person's own experiences. What I might think a real man is will likely be different than what another person does.

For me personally it's all about accountability - honesty - bravery in the face of adversity and being humble in times of Triumph. Owning failures. Leading by example. That kind of stuff.

All the best bunny.


Good answer. I probably should have added some additional text to frame out the question better.

A real man are the one who willing to put his pride down for someone else he truly cares.

A real man is the one capable of making decisions for the better, take care of their loved ones and contribute something to society.

Nothing. It means literally nothing.
Substitute 'Real' for something meaningful, and then something could be said about that statement.

For example: What does it mean to be, "a man of integrity"?

Good luck to everyone

Hi Bunny, consider this: A real man is one who takes the family into account as the good pillar in all his actions. Above all, the love of their parents, then the love of their children and their partner, and in general that they be compassionate as a human being. may it always help those who need it and who believe a lot in God.

A real man must show originality, maturity and a lot of self-confidence

A real man is matured in handling relationships, a real man Is not scared to love, a real man is passionate about what he likes, a real man does not drink him self silly to feel powerful, a real does not go out of his way to seek attention,a real man is honest and trustworthy, a real man is strong at dealing with a situation diligently, a real man does not make jest of you because of your mistakes but instead he encourages you, a real man is smart in his ways, a real man is patient and calm and not proud and lousy. No man is perfect, we all have our flaws but we try so hard to stand out, to rise above it all.

Real man is he who can protect himself and his family.He needs to be honest.he needs to be punctual.He needs to be a good man first.If your heart says that you are doing right,then you are a real man.

I am a real man e.e WTF

For me a real man is one who is not afraid to show his feelings and emotions, the one who loves with sincerity, without egoism, without machismo

a real men it's when you are a men but acting like a woman , u know take the kids to the school. make de dinner. clean de house. woman's stuff but done by a men. I guess

What Does it Mean to Be ‘a Real Man’?

He who treats his wife as Christ loves his church

A real man is the one who lets see what he really is, expressing his feelings and doing what he really wants not what the other staff imposes on him or makes him feel good "It's being yourself where and with whom."

One that knows how to work with their hands to fix stuff! So many people have no idea.

A real man is someone who is at peace with where he stands in the world and his life without having to question his own manhood.

A true man is the one who is not afraid to show his feelings to others, besides knowing how to recover his mistakes, and recognize defeats and triumphs both his own and those of third parties, a true man is one who never gives in to difficulties and always fights for what he wants, that is humble before all and before himself and that above all respects all living beings, human animals and even things, since true men are those who not only stand out for their heroic actions or achievements or triumphs but also those who recognize defeat honestly

I am... 👌

Makin’ random comments and males not getting worrying about what “a real man” is are real men.

Real man drink beer 🍺

No se, soy mujer jajajaja
Oh! Felicidades a los ganadores, que bien amigo!


Another great answer lol.

Ya funny, gimme some steem bunny puncher

In honest and humble man.

Congratulations to the winners! Follow with the contest, thank you very much friend!

A real man takes care and provides for his family.

Big boys don’t cry.

Real” men are divorced from their emotions because their feelings could make them vulnerable, and vulnerability means danger.

I hope that a bunny will be nice- my rabbit rosebud would hiss at me:( @angrytwin

Emotional repression can take a physical toll !

Real boys are going to the gym !!

The real man is tangible. hehe..
One who loves his family members and friends. Share his feelings with his loved one.
One who is successful in his life.

As always girl playing games :)

A real man is a man with genuine self-confidence and true masculinity.

A real man has the strength of character to be his own man in the world and to always be true to himself !

Glory and win !!

Material possessions can only ever send out a message about what a guy is, but for women, finding a real man is all about feeling the message he sends out through being who he is.

First of all thanks, I've received the 1 SBD :) About the phrase, I think it has no meaning. It is just one of the many colloquial stereotypes that seems like refers to something but that thing never really exists. They end up becoming a fantastic compilation of unrelated standarts.

Today’s women are independent women who know how to hold their own in the world, so they’re looking for a strong man who has what it takes to “sweep her off her feet” by being mentally and emotionally stronger than her and comfortably taking the lead in a relationship as a result.

I want win this ! ;)

A real man , playing games :D

I think that it's a little bit of both, for example, my dad passed away in 2016, a heart attack, it was completely unexpected, I had to carry on with all the arrangements, the funeral, and all that, meanwhile trying to comfort my mom, my brother and my wife, and obviously trying to keep it together in front of everyone, even though it was the worst i've ever felt in my life.

Since then I have been the head of the family, ITS HARD, taking care of bills and etc, I didn't even had time to grieve.

Well, since then my family situation has improved, but still, it was a hard way to realize what it means to "BE A MAN".

Thank you for reading, and keep on going forward!

A real man sees past the flawless makeup and incredible wardrobe to the real person underneath ;p

I am a real man , not you :D!

A real man takes responsibility of his actions and don't blame others for his mistakes.

The song "Daddy's Hands" by Holly Dunn, sums it up for me. If you've never heard it, you really should give it a listen. And if you have heard it, you know how great a song it is so what a great time to listen to it. Anyway, from one dad to another, this song tears me up every time. Happy (late) 4th dear friend!!!

A real man is a person who is willing to make sacrifices for the well being of his loved ones, a real man is the one who takes responsibility in his actions and knows when to stop when he is mistaken. A real man shows love for the one who cares the most and is willing to help and motivate other people to be better, a real man is not afraid to show his feelings. It takes time and a lot of learning to get there but life somehow manages to show you the way.

Real men belch and fart. Oh and have an x and a y chromosome.


Real man = Honesty

A real man cries when his steemit post is ignored ;)

A real man is one who is not afraid to take risks, who is courageous without having to stop being human, who recognizes his defects and limitations. A real man does not abandon his children (nor do animals), he works for a better world. A real man loves, really loves, is passionate about women. A real man is just like me.

What a man means, this is something that cannot be easily described, a man for me is one who is an integral, educated and full of values.

Many things define a man but mainly what defines a man is his actions.

Someone who knows how to be responsible

Yay thanks @bunnypuncher I won 😄

A real man honors his words

Is respectful, that's what makes a real man

Congratulations to the winners

A real man is slow to anger 😂

He is sweet , loving and caring

Congratulations winners

A real man takes full responsibility for his actions

A real man is to respect, value and love his wife.

A gentleman and has respect

I think being a real man is washing dishes, cleaning up after someone else, besides your kids, cleaning up someone else's pee off the toilet or vomit off the floor Lolll

Be yourself! Be responsible with yourself and with others.

I'm curious if this contest is losing money, there is very low payout..

Being a real man is not being a guy, It is how responsible, gentle and caring you are for other people specially for the women.

responsible for the problems at hand

no fear in facing a problem

So all I have to do is leave a comment? It doesn't have to be on topic?

Thank you for what you do!

real men have the courage to face a problem without fear

real men have high humor, which can make the atmosphere tense to be friendly

a true man does not only rely on the valor of strength but he must be able to rely on modesty and kindness.

To me, 'a real man', is to be like Jesus Christ. This is the only real man to my knowledge

Un hombre real, es un hombre seguro de sí mismo. No pretende mostrarse diferente a lo que es para agradar o impresionar.

A true man, he solves the problems that face him, he fulfills his responsibilities and words, he is productive and never (never) is a parasite.

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