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Daily giveaway 6/26/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

What are the biggest challenges your country is facing right now?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


Trump mostly :P

I would disagree; the echo chamber and constant emotional state they are thrusting upon people to prevent them from thinking rationally is more likely. Trump is just a puppet for people to focus on while we still slaughter people throughout the world regardless of who’s the puppet in chief.

I live in South Africa. We have everything we need. The people, the resources, the constitution, a history of overcoming adversity. Our challenge is that right now we are living in a kleptocracy.

Kleptocracy is a government with corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers. Typically, this system involves embezzlement of funds at the expense of the wider population.


Mi país (Venezuela) actualmente enfrenta muchos desafíos que percibimos vivir la vida día por día... Un país donde sus habitantes no tienen ingreso a la moneda ($), una escasez de transporte que requiere a la mayoría de la población usar el transporte ofrecido por el estado (gratis) el metro que ya al pasar los años su rendimiento ha venido en caída desde mal servicio por no requerir al mantenimiento por eso y mas nos enfocamos en vivir el día a día por otro tema que es la alimentación ya que con un sueldo de aproximadamente 5$ al mes no es suficiente para los alimentos, la devaluación de nuestra moneda va en aumento los precios suben todos los días y es terrible.

Un saludo y abrazo al resto de lxs Latinoamericanxs en especial a lxs del SUR.

Hi @alexandracruz, I am posting an English translation of your important comment.

My country (Venezuela) currently faces many challenges that we perceive to live life day by day ... A country where its inhabitants have no income to the currency ($), a shortage of transport that requires the majority of the population to use transportation offered by the state (free) the meter that already over the years its performance has come down from poor service for not requiring maintenance for that and more we focus on living day to day for another issue that is the food as With a salary of approximately $ 5 a month is not enough for food, the devaluation of our currency is increasing, prices go up every day and it is terrible.

Greetings and embrace the rest of Latin Americans, especially those from the South.

Hi. I'm Venezuelan and I live in Venezuela, so I find it difficult to choose where to start, but let's start:
1- Physical insecurity: This is a country with a runaway crime, and armed by the same government, armed criminals to defend this alleged revolution, which is nothing more than an assault on power, at this time from the force , because the elections are a farce with the results chosen in advance.
2- Legal uncertainty: The right of property is not respected, the government and its vandals believe they have the right to expropriate, or rather to plunder or steal the work of others.
3- The high cost of living: With the basic salary of a month you can only buy one kg of meat and how we do with the rest
4- The lack of medical supplies: There are no medicines in hospitals, or in medical centers or even in pharmacies, to buy a simple antibiotic you have to look for it in the black market and pay it at exorbitant prices
5- The scarcity of food: The government was responsible for destroying all the country's production to induce hunger and control the people in that way, destroying agriculture, livestock, trade and industries
6- The high level of unemployment; Generated by what was previously narrated
7- The lack of spare parts and supplies and their high cost: In my case I just damaged the "Moden" to connect to the Internet. I originally bought it for 150 Bolívares to buy it today I have to pay 40,000,000 bolivares, something like 20 Steem, in other countries it is not much, in a country like this that the basic salary is less than 2 dollars a month is exaggeratedly expensive . How do I restore it? I'll have to keep asking someone to lend me their internet a moment to continue publishing.
And I'm going to stop here, not because it's all, but because I do not want to be chained in an endless stream of evils that got entangled in my country.
Maybe you wonder why we do not manifest to get them out.
I'll tell you in Venezuela there are hundreds of protests every day, only mass protests can not be made since there are no leaders capable of organizing them, since the alleged opposition is nothing more than a sold out group, delivered and kneeling in front of the criminals who they govern.
The solution?
International intervention Already!

Dear @bunnypuncher,

Our biggest challenge in Morocco is to lower the cost of living for citizens.

best regards


U.S. - to stop all of the infighting and have the people in gov't work together in a more harmonious and united way.

The core challenge lies in the economy, of that there is no doubt. If the patch policy is not left - necessary but insufficient - the negative trend that accompanies the revolutionary process can hardly be reversed

People eating out of the garbage
People dying from lack of medicine
The high cost of living

All of us have the same thing in common. The few that rule keep us from freedom, wealth, liberty and health.

The control mechanisms is the same in every country.

Sexual impropriety.

In some countries the people don't have a voice or a right to bare arms.

In my country we have no excuse.

have to put up with maduro as president all these days

The inflation
The shortage of medicines
The high cost of food

Starvation, impunity, corruption, bad administration, hiperinflation, there's not even enough cash to all population and sometimes, we have to go from place to place by foot. I don't know, men. You'd have to live here for at least one month.

There are a lot of issues as a country, Pakistan we have to address. First of our corrupt leadership last year our prime minister Nawaz Sharif was proved to be involved in the Panama paper scandal but refused to withdraw his seat until the supreme court declared him unlawful and made him resugn forcefully. Another issue that erupted this year is the water shortage throughout the country where our dams are drying up and a survey states that by 2025 Pakistan will be declared for drought.
Just recently I visited some of the drought affected areas and saw with my own eyes the issues that these people are facing gave them clean water and food.
These are real issues that we as a nation have to resolve.

Unreliable media, conflicts with the European Union (the judiciary, forest, refugees), poor health care situation, the reform of education, social inequalities... but the majority of Poles, would answer at this point probably "Mundial" ^^

I am Venezuelan and this is the origin of the protests in VENEZUELA and what we are going through Venezuelans.

The remote origin of the protests
The situation in Venezuela is not new. Since 2014, the country has experienced cyclical street protests and violent clashes between law enforcement and opposition demonstrators. The circumstances are diverse: on the one hand, an opposition that considers Maduro's electoral base weaker than Chávez's, and observes a window of opportunity; on the other, the perennial and intensified economic crisis of the country.

Venezuela faces numerous problems. The most graphic, the shortage: the state maintains a system of price regulation and distribution that places the value of the products below the market price. Virtually, the vast demand causes that they exhaust themselves with voracity, which causes that they disappear of the shelves. Thus, a fertile black market has flourished, encouraged by the trend, where thousands of Venezuelans come for oil or chocolate.

To the shortage, inflation must be combined: that of Venezuela is the highest in the world and causes that, in a country that depends on imported goods, lower incomes have serious problems to access goods of any kind. In addition, the recent drop in oil prices, which weakened local finances and insecurity (Venezuela is one of the most violent countries in the world) draw a rather hopeless picture for many Venezuelans.

descarga (12).jpg

have this bastard as president

@bunnypuncher well done sir. Appreciate your work. This will give encouragement and a big help to new members of steem. i am also participating and have hope of winning this.

hey @bunnypuncher, i was just reading your story of that mistake when you lost all your SBD, I was thankful for @beatenegg who return your all SBD..
Man I 'm thankful of such people who are still honest in this World.
Man i'll will also thankful of you is you will appreciate me for my blogs, and plzz don't miss to upvote and follow me with your comment..
Thanks @bunnypuncher

I have something in my eye. [Look her in her eyes] It's still there it's… its beautiful

The biggest challenges of our country is Human Development in Bangladesh.
Because we have develop our self ,
So that we can develop our country.

Thanks @bunnypuncher sir for the good the important topic

I would say keeping the economy sustainable, it is always at the threshold of an crisis.

Absolutely everything in Venezuela, it's a disaster.
Economy, Health, Education, Transportation, Housing, Public services, Electricity, Water, Gas. I do not exaggerate, everything is a challenge.

good morning today in my country venezuela is a disaster in all its dimensions is unfortunate to see a country with so many natural resources in all its forms many minerals and much oil and most importantly the human resource that unfortunately migrated to other latitudes in search of a better quality of life for their families is unfortunate since the pacotiya politicians ended up with such a beautiful country

All the challenges will be successfully overcome.

Socialism. Venezuela.

It's about the issue of some governments and religious leader.

When i read challenge = VENENZUELA
things here are like those tv show survivor. jst crazy

The empire is crumbling. The government is run by the wealthy and only serves the wealthy. The hawlks who dictate policy are looking for another unnecessary war and sooner or later they will find one. The people on all sides of the political spectrum are too willing to give one freedom or another for the illusion of safety. Plus, weed is still illegal so we can't even enjoy ourselves while everything burns around us.

Religious Tolerance

Corruption, everyone is corrupt in my country

the biggest challenges India is facing right now are corruption, social violence - Rape of women , unemployment issue...

Economically, a leader that doesn't understand economics. Politically, the attitude that my party is always right and your party is always wrong and voter that have been brainwashed that a 3rd party vote is a wasted vote.

I don’t know. Is that bad? Probably. But do I feel bad enough about it to find out? Nope. I’ll continue to live in my bubble for now.

My country is a disaster, the biggest challenge is to leave the government that has us in a great economic and humanitarian crisis

All kinds of challenges if you live in Venezuela

I believe that one of the challenges that the Philippines is facing now is the administration itself. I am no supporter of the opposition but neither the admin. Its just kinda confusing right now how they run the government.

The biggest challenge in my country Nigeria,ogun state to be precised is Lack of electricity. Since 8 years ago,there was no light and now that they have started giving us light late last year December,it has been tough and the most painful part is they will be bringing bills for the light they are not even giving us to enjoy.

Natural calamities

@bunnypuncher My country India is facing the problem of Unemployment. Look at me and my friends, post-graduate still forced to work on steemit.

Proper waste management

The biggest challenge our country faces right now, is the unity of the people. If the people in Philippines is united with each other? No more wars, no more hate, no more corruptions, all will be in a peace situation if that happens. I hope also this will happen to all country too, to be united as one.

Peace and order

In my country Nigeria,the challenges are much but will list few

  • Lack of electricity
  • Deprive of human right
  • Child abuse
  • Bad roads
  • Lack of water (Oyo state precisely)
  • Bad government

Thanks @bunnypuncher for this great question


Well, communism disguised as socialism, plus corrupted military forces and politicians. I hate politics.

  1. Poverty
    My country has the largest number of people living in extreme poverty. According to world poverty clock as at the end of may 2018 my country had an estimated 87 million people living in extreme poverty and the level of extreme poverty is growing by 6 people every minute making it the highest number in the world.

  2. Lack of unemployment
    The lack of unemployment make youths and sometimes graduates go into begging on the streets. and some engage in bad activities which is really bad all just to make a living so their families could eat.

  3. Disputes between villages, states and religions
    Just recently more than 300 people were killed in a village. Rendering children parentless and parents childless and some wiping out their entire family.
    The most annoying part of this is that the people in power are not doing about it. It’s very disheartening. I really don’t know if they want to rule a country without people living in the country.

my coutry tries to block international gambling sites probbably the biggest challange right now.
Who knows which country it is?

Paying debts and cleaning up corruption from the previous government who has embezzled so much money from the people.

We have the problem of insecurity. Just two days ago, there were many killings in Plateau State, houses were burnt dawn, lives wasted
image source

I'm lucky to live in the US where I think people have more of a voice. Like many others we are dealing with corruption and the current administration has brought a lot of that into the light. I hate to admit it but the current political climate may be a good thing in the long run because it's opening people's eyes and I think a lot will get done to make sure something like this won't happen again. It's long past due that we learn how to control money in politics and move towards a government that truly represents everyone and not just the one percent

As a country, I think Nigeria's biggeat challenge is religion. We concentrate too much on it and we're paying the price. Our political issues, poverty, unemployment, all can be traced to the undue level of importance accorded to religious sentiments.

The day we take other salient issues as important as we take religion, then we'll surpass all expectations.

Makin’ more random comments.

If there are mistakes, I wrote with translator. I want everyone to know what happens in my country.
The dictatorship in which we are living, there is no food or medicine, insecurity is killing us, children and the elderly are dying of severe malnutrition. I think that at the moment Venezuela is the poorest country in the world despite having oil, gold, aluminum, beaches, jungles, mountains and desert. Poverty is already extreme, many people are eating from garbage.

How winners it's selected?

Drugs and corruption

Donald Trump

I'm from Venezuela, I think that answers the question. However, despite the misfortune that we are experiencing in recent years, many Venezuelans have managed to get the best out of them, we have become more supportive, more thrifty, we value more the things we have. The best of nations comes out of the worst crises.

Lo mas importante para atender en mi país es la situación económica y la hiper inflacion

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World Cup

One of the biggest challenge facing my country is bad government the made polices that is not friendly as a result there are hunger, starvation wars,in the land people are suffering

In Venezuela the challenge of inflation that is above 1000% of its inhabitants do not have purchasing power, food or medicine, everything is chaos, we are talking about one of the countries with the highest oil awareness in the world.

Great question for Venezuela. The most basic challenges are food and medicine. The crisis is widespread, we have serious problems that require humanitarian intervention.

the mentality of its citizens and crime.

the lack of food

the lack of medication

lack of money

low quality of life

Well the US is in a cold civil war with itself. It will be a REAL challenge when it goes hot.

We just got out of economic crisis, but our government are not trying to prevent the future, they are only worried on winning next year elections, and that´s causing a lot of unhappiness in the country, with a lot of strikes happening and slowing down the country.

Biggest problem in the United States is wealth inequality. The rich keep getting richer at the expense of everyone else

Here in Venezuela everything is a big challenge, even going to work.

I'm from Ghana. Well, the biggest challenge in my country is made known even by BBC, that is corruption. Recently it was made known that even in our own football association corruption has stunted the growth of football and the development of the country as a whole. The "whales" of the country only think of filling their pockets leaving the poor hungry.
Also, brain drain seems to be another canker that can not be relegated to the background. Young intellectuals like myself always seek opportunities outside the country, apply the knowledge they have acquired somewhere just to make ends meets. This is all because of my country's low economic status. The youth hate to stay and work to develop the nation.
Also, it is very funny to see how our roads are described in journals and newspapers. Setting of from one destination to another is like been held in a time loop. It can take you 3 hours to make a 20mins drive journey. We have poor roads and vehicular infrastructure. Lol i even hate to mention it here. God bless my homeland Ghana
Finally, favouratism and nepotism is killing us. The whom-you-know habit of getting the rich richer and the poor poorer is really something that retards the growth of my nation. This is a big challenge since we end up fixing square pegs into round slots, thus, placing people in certain positions at job places who are certainly unfit and not qualified for the job they seek but because let's say they know the boss so well, they're been given the opportunities while the well and capable man sits home hungry.

I land problems!

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The number of elderly population is swollen

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Social Media Evolution

The greatest challenge here in Nigeria is terrorism.... about 100 people were killed in a violence linked to herdsmen in Plateau state and the government has not been able to stop boko haram and herdsmen.

Geopolitical tension

My Country faces many challenges in many aspects, but the biggest challenge is in the people's minds, peoplened to wake up and stop being Government dependant, too many people have helped this Social Government reach where it now stands and now, they complain about their actions and also about the inflation rates (super-inflation rates), so the biggest challenge is to educate the whole Country and make them see the wrong things this Government has done and start building a better future, stop complaining and start working hard because the Crisis always creates opportunities for those who are smart enough to rise and defeat the circumstances!


It has eaten deep into every sector of the government and even the social lives of citizens.Its now a common thing in Nigeria and citizens use phrase like"sharing the national cake"to showcase their strong support for this cancer.

When it comes to Fraud,Nigeria is definitely topping the charts worldwide.And this is solely as a result of unemployment.Most graduates in Nigeria are jobless and as The Most Populated Black Nation,I guess you can figure out the number of graduates I'm talking about.And the government is doing little or nothing to help,I guess that still leads back to their corrupt nature.

It's nothing new down here that if you do not know anyone,you can't go anywhere.Hell....even the First Class Honours will get you nothing unless you are lucky enough.
I have a personal experience of this
I am a 300 level student of Geology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University,AWka,Nigeria.And at this level,I have to go for a six-months IT program as mandated by the university.Now as a student of geology,it's right to apply for Industrial Training in an oil or drilling company or any other related to my course.So I began an adventure of going to various oil companies here in PortHarcourt,Nigeria to apply for IT.And the responses I got were shocking.A Human Resource Personnel was even bold enough to tell me to stop wasting my time and effort,that I have to know someone to be able to engage in IT at their firm.I'm speaking of mere industrial Training,not hunting for a job and I have to know someone?very miserable


A large percentage of Nigerian Youths are unemployed including graduates,infact mostly graduates because the uneducated masses are generally skilled and have that as a source of livelihood.Its more pathetic when graduates decide to learn a skill or a trade as a result of unemployment just to survive.

5-Human Rights Marginalization
In Nigeria,Human Rights are trampled upon each and everyday.These rights,sadly,are meant for the rich and priveledged citizens of this nation.A commoner or the poor masses in general get marginalized every single day.I guess wealth and affluence are only recognized here and education is relegated to the very bottom.

I can go on,Sir.But complaining will not make it right,actions will.

Resources are reduced

The biggest challenge my country is facing right now is Human Right violation and Massacre. Over 200 people were killed in a village 3 days ago and the President is doing nothing

How to lessen the illegal drugs here

the population is growing rapidly

24-hour news channels.

business of corruption

related to bureaucratic inefficiency

competitiveness with other countries

I live in Ukraine. The main problem of my country is a war unleashed by the separatists. Unfortunately, many people in the eastern part of Ukraine have never considered themselves to be Ukrainians. They value Russia, since many Russians came 85 years ago from Russia and settled in Ukraine. After the communist rulers took away the food from the Ukrainians, and millions of indigenous Ukrainians died of hunger, entire villages remained empty. Here, in these empty houses, Russians settle.
Now they in their republic have built a nostalgic past for the Soviet power. They do not want to recognize Ukraine, but they want to receive pensions and benefits from Ukraine. They hoped that Putin would take the Donbass to Russia But Putin is not interested in the Donbass, here he made a gray zone. Now there are no prospects, the youth has left either to Russia or to central Ukraine.

Uruguay in the knock out stage of the world cup