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Happy Father's Day!!!

Daily giveaway 6/17/2018.


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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Is global warming an issue? Is it real or just hype by goverments and corporations? Are we causing it or is it just a natural temperature cycle of the earth?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


Several lines of evidence show that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a real thing. CO2 levels are the highest they have ever been since the Pliocene Era. The speed of CO2 increase is unprecedented in the geologic record. Brief, extremely rapid cooling has occurred in historical times due to volcanic eruptions creating sun-blocking sulfuric acid aerosols. Temperatures returned to their previous levels when the aerosols cleared. The reverse has never happened.

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Harm the coral reef ecosystem.

Rising earth temperatures have occurred since the 20th century ago, with the main factor increasing the greenhouse effect caused by human activities everyday

Increased sea levels.

Not all global warming studies conclude badly.

Global warming is absolutely real and is a combination of both natural climatic cycles in addition to human influence.

There has never been a species on this planet that has had such wide ranging impacts as humans have had. So it's absurd to think that we're without any impact on global warming.

The amount of greenhouse gases that humans have released to the atmosphere is quite simply unnatural, and to think that it isn't having an impact is literally insane.

This graph shows the increase in CO2 alone. Other greenhouse gases have also been shown to have increased dramatically. And we're largely the cause of these increases.

Sure, the climate fluctuates over time, but we have dug up and burned an insane amount of fossil fuels which no other species has done before us. We've exposed stuff to the atmosphere that would have sat dormant underground for many thousands of years had we not intervened.

Of course this will have an impact. All those people screaming scam, fraud, conspiracy etc. are simply ignoring the facts. Climate change shouldn't even be debated.

The real scam/ conspiracy here are the governments that don't want to take action because they're simply making so much money of the exploitation of fossil fuels.

Global warming really shows, partially due to the fact that here I have seen the winter's becoming a lot more mild and snow barely being present for many years!

Of course it is an issue. There is a natural temperature cycle, for sure, but human activity is accelerating it too fast. Unless we do something about it, the end loser will be us, the human race. The cockroaches will survive us.

I strongly believe that it's caused by humans not by nature.. I've seen too many weird things in the sky and too many chemtrails .. Seen lots of evidence that the weather is suddenly turning around, I believe that overall it's controlled by governments.. But that's me :) Hope that I will win now haha.. thanks for doing those giveaways..

Degrading is not possible to be rubbish, flattered impossible to be a moon. So do not worry about people talk, because everyone reads you with different understandings and interests.

It is real and there are tons of scientific facts to support it. We’re all screwed someday if we choose to do nothing, so yeah, it’s a big issue.

Batman is here ! :)

It's a big problem because we're destroying our planet, it's real and it's the human's fault for not being aware

Leave a comment ;)

We are causing it

Good work..
Lelah aku mengikuti kontes anda..

i'm leaving a com guys !

apatton win win win?

Global warming is real and a situation not to be taken lightly because we humans contribute maximumly to it.

Good topics of global warming due to human activities do just as well

hello, it is very real and certified by scientists who decide to investigate this phenomenon, it is said that this is due in large part to the avuso of us, that we do not take care of our land.

glory an... win ;d

There is plentiful evidence that global warming is a thing. Never in mankind history so much greenhouse gases have been released int the atmosphere. In the other hand earth is always experiencing long cycles of climate change.

leave a comment done;)

global warming is a reality and the most worrying thing is that we are causing greenhouse gases and the indiscriminate felling of trees is destroying our planet and our world leaders do not take anything to improve the environment

shedow win this contest :)

There are natural cycles in the earths hot and cooling spans. There may very well be the case that we are affecting it in a way but to the apocalyptic, everyone will die attitude that is in the media? I don’t think to that extent. There is too much bias in science nowadays tho so it’s really difficult to find data that doesn’t represent either sides agenda.

I think it's a natural cycle through which the planet passes and we accelerate it even more. It is a serious and dangerous problem for life all over the world.

Global warming is real. The main reason behind it is pollution that is created by us human. With pollution the nature is losing its balance and it is going towards much harmful. We are getting news and suffering from over heat now a days because of this pollution cased global warming. To stop it we should take necessary step before its too late.

Yes, no, may be. It's happening. May be ;)

I read somewhere that it's not for real. Real or not I still have to live mindful of my own impact to our planet

Yes global warming is an issue.yes we are causing by constructing factories

Of course it is real.
You can see it in every day life in different situations

No i dont think its an global issue because it is in our hands we can control it

It is a real issue that we are causing

Global warming is real and a real issue. The weather has been going crazy over the last few years, especially when it comes to storms and floods.

The usual culprits are emissions caused by factories and cars, but one factor that flies under the radar is the production of meat. Raising an animal takes enormous amounts of water and food, which would be pretty bad by itself. But this mass production also factors into the topic of global warming.

Global warming is a disaster that damages our earth and its not an natural cycle.

i dont think you can even ask if its real
just look at the icbergs!

Global warming is real and very real... Like the country I'm in Nigeria.. Currently we are facing the effects of Global warming.. Like

  1. Excess heat during the day and night
  2. High rate of skin cancer due to High Uv rays coming from the sun without protection
  3. High level of dehydration
  4. Some plants and crops.. Fail to yield during this season.
  5. Accidents, recently when traveling on highway and long distance journey.. Some buses their engine heat up and the bus tumbles over the road, Even the road gets so hot that tyres of cars burst while on the road.. Causing jams and accidents.

The truth is that we are the ones causing it.. Like burning of fossil fuels.. Which all these big oil companies do around here in Nigeria.. Causes depletion of the ozone layer.. And causes Global warming.
Also cutting down of trees to use for furniture causes desertification.. Which is a form of Global warming.

So actually it's not a hype it's a big reality.. Even me have seen some of the bad effects and it's not funny.

Global warming is world threat we have to eliminate it. We the people created it and its our duty to removie it

It is impossible to say that it is a lie. Some of the consequences of global warming are: droughts, hurricanes, hunger, poverty and destruction.

Of course it is a problem, for any living being. It is very real and it is because of the large corporations in their majority, also in part of the earth

Happy father's day to all the dads

Thank you

Happy father's day

Thanks much

Wow you sure stirred things up with your question!
I'm just quietly going to add this comment and then wander off...

Well if that's obviously very problematic for most people because global warming people can not activity as usual

Mother earth has her own process. We are far too small to influence her.

Global warming is real and very real... Like the country I'm in Nigeria.. Currently we are facing the effects of Global warming.. Like

Excess heat during the day and night
High rate of skin cancer due to High Uv rays coming from the sun without protection
High level of dehydration
Some plants and crops.. Fail to yield during this season.
Accidents, recently when traveling on highway and long distance journey.. Some buses their engine heat up and the bus tumbles over the road, Even the road gets so hot that tyres of cars burst while on the road.. Causing jams and accidents.

Just leaving a plain boring comment for this one..... with my very brief opinion because I know it's an unpopular one.

(global warming is real. humans are not the cause, it's a natural cycle, though humans perhaps have exacerbated the natural cycle.)

Normally it is just a natural cycle, human temperament speeds this cycle.

The chart below shows the temperature and CO2 level change of the last 800,000 years. You can see a ~100,000 years cycle: a temperature spike (called interglacial) and the following ice age (called glacial). And you can see that we are in a warm period on macro level.

Below we have a closer look to the last 15,000 years. You can see a ~1000 year cycle of highs and lows and we are in a cold period on micro level.

Below is the last 2000 years. You can see the unusual spike at the last century.

The Earth is going to move into a micro-level warm period. The problem is that right now the warming is happening faster than usual and this is due to the sudden increase in CO2 levels among other factors. You can see the first graph to see how CO2 and temperature level changes in sync. The fear is that this kind of drastic change can trigger equally drastic reactions. It can get warmer than the usual peak or after that colder than the usual low and these can last longer or shorter, extreme meteorological events are also possible. As seen at the first graph we are in a macro-level warm period (interglacial period). Eventually we are going to enter the next glacial but we don't know if this changes would trigger that or not.

Today was such a pleasant day, eid day. I enjoy a lot

Global warming is real. Why would it be fake? Oil companies won’t benefit form it.

El Cambio Climático es uno de los problemas ambientales más graves o, quizá el más grave, al que nos enfrentamos en la actualidad porque... ... Tiene un caracter retroalimentativo, es decir, los propios efectos del cambio climático contribuyen a forzar el efecto invernadero natural y acentúan el calentamiento global.

Y si piendo que nosotros lo causamos de alguna u otra manera .

It is a natural change of the earth, however we must take care of our planet.

Makin' a comment: Also Global Warming is very real.

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Emissions of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels.

methane gas where the most important methane gas that can cause it is that of a farm. This is because, in fact, compared to the oil industry, cattle ranches will produce more methane gas. In fact, it has been proven that in the United States, as much as 20% of methane gas that there is production of belching and farting livestock.

Excess carbon dioxide with its heat is also a major cause of global warming.

Global climate change also has great potential for heating. Even in addition, this global climate change impact can be seen and observed directly in the local environment. Just say like when melting its glester, the presence of ice in the river, and the flow of water becomes faster. In addition, the emergence of flora and fauna that spread more common and not as detailed data previously.

Global warming is a real and very serious problem. No other habitable planet has been found, it is not known how many millions of light years. We are very selfish, we are killing each other and we are destroying by leaps and bounds the only place where we can apparently live. Plans are being made to create conditions on Mars, but, of course, only those who have many dollars can leave. The rest of us will burn along with our planet.

Global warming is real, man is the biggest cause, the best way to help the planet is to reduce the consumption of electricity, take care of our trees, which is the natural lung. What I say is a subject that is too extensive.

In this case the global warming link is very close to the name of warming temperature. The impact of this great temperature warming is actually quite worrying. Even recorded 600,000 deaths in the 1990s occurred due to natural disasters that are closely related to the weather itself.

increased carbon monoxide gas. One of the fastest growing technologies in the world today is motor vehicles. Such as motorcycles, cars, buses and so forth.

You have to be very foolish if you do not realize the climate change, it can not be that the big problem that is global warming should be added to the problem of people who believe it is a sham, the sad thing is that many of them have great power in the world. If this big problem is not solved we will not have much time left on this planet.

the factory industry is potentially damaging to our environment. Because of this factory industry we will find an object called waste. In addition to potentially damaging water or soil, the factory industry can also damage air quality due to the smoke it produces.

Well of course there is climate change, and thank heavens for it. If not we would still be in the last ice age.

cloro four carbon is an organic sabatin that serves to protect carbon. CFC is one of the causes of global warming that is still light / still can be addressed. The CFC gas itself is usually produced by refrigerators such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

Modern home design Because the glass that is installed on a particular part of the house is reflective. So that the sunlight should be absorbed by the ground, bounce back up again. So that causes the depletion of the ozone layer on our earth.

Industrial exhaust gases are the cause of the greenhouse effect that also affects the lives of living things because they can cause air pollution caused by excessive factory smoke, because factory smoke emits gas in the form of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane gas and others.

Cloro Four Carbon is the cause of global warming that can still be handled, CFC is a chemical that is combined into a material and then used as a producer of household appliances. CFCs are commonly found in refrigerators and air conditioners that cause global warming.

The declining forest area also causes global warming, because of the frequent occurrence of forest burnings that wildly make forest land less and less. Since forests play a very important role for living things, forests are the lungs of the world.

Vehicles around the world have great influence in global warming, since vehicles using fuel oils such as cars, motorcycles and other vehicles resulting from their disposal will produce excessive carbon dioxide gas.

Wasteful use of electricity can also lead to global warming. Due to the evaporation of electricity if electricity is too often used. Electricity should be used efficiently in accordance with the needs so as not to cause global warming, although not too influential but can add carbon dioxide gas so that the rapid occurrence of global warming.

The problem of global warming is undoubtedly a problem for everyone, since we contribute to this problem continues to accelerate. Let's take care of our planet.

Methane gas is caused by organic ingredients lacking from the breakdown of bacteria in agriculture, plantations and livestock. For example, the higher the production of livestock the more methane gas that will be released to the surface of the earth.

The concept of modern homes will lead to global warming. Because the development in this world is growing, people prefer to design a house that consists of many glass. This causes the sunlight to bounce back into the air again so that it can cause a greenhouse effect, because the light on the building will not absorb light so that light will be reflected back into the air which will cause faster effects of global warming.

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Yeah but there is some other older problems that keep unattended

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Forest destruction will cause global warming. Because forests have a function that will absorb carbon dioxide gas and will produce oxygen. If there is more illegal logging, deforestation then the number of carbon dioxide will be the more carbon that gather in the atmosphere that will cause global warming.

Wild theft by untapped irresponsible humans, land use indiscriminately, illegal logging, and deforestation. This is indeed very influential with global warming, the more often the existence of forest theft, the surrounding environment will be more polluted.

Yes, it is a serious problem, caused by the hand of man, caused by greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, cutting and burning and this causes it to dissolve in the glaciers producing floods, which is harmful to the planet.

Excessive burning of waste every day that can also cause global warming this can cause methane gas that will capture heat so that carbon dioxide will be difficult to produce oxygen.

Lack of trees can cause global warming, because trees can also help to overcome the heat and inhale carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Trees have an important function for the environment, because trees can make the environment cool, reduce pollution, and away from air pollution.

The growing number of growing industrial plants will cause the smoke losses generated from the industrial plant, thus causing air pollution that will make the environment polluted. So that more and more happening of global warming on earth.

Most definitely an issue that we are going to be facing for many years.

Forests have a function as an absorbent carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen. If the forest is damaged, then there will be an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. This is what causes global warming.

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