Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 6/03/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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Daily giveaway 6/03/2018.

First Place: @mintu1290
Second Place: @dindanurul99
Third Place: @fuadi
Fourth Place: @banjo
Fifth Place: @diogosantos
Sixth Place: @vulcano365
Seventh Place: @pkhsteem
Eighth Place: @beautifullady

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

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The daily topic for today is:

Doing a job that you like is more important than to earn more money?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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A bad job can lead to depression and other bad outcomes. A job that doesn't pay enough can lead to poverty. Ideally, you work at a job you like that pays sufficiently. Otherwise, you have to make a trade-off that depends on the individual.


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If earning more money is the deal , i tell you we all will do just one job..
While we want to earn ,
Alot of us want hapiness doing what they want to do.
I can never work in the bank,
No matter the pay, thats me.
Some can not work in the hospital no matter the pay, it is not their thing.
Thanks @bunnypuncher

Bitter failure to have something, more "sweet" than asking it from someone else.

Hope i luck

I want to win it


Love these contests on Steemit, i'll donate my winnings to the SBC

People think money is the most important thing at the moment. About the ability, can still be sharpened later when already have a lot of money.

We will not be great people in just a short time ..

Saya lelah mengikutinya..

I prefer to work a job I don't love and get to retire early.


Really excellent thought , and get pension lifetime after retirement


Lol... If it was that easy working on a job you don't like, it would have been great


I sell cars. It's not a hard job to get, and pays well if you can handle it. I don't love it by any means, but it's a job that forces me to work hard but will allow me an early retirement.


And I think it is also a very circumstantial question!

If I discover I need to pay a gigantic bill or something .. I'll just grab whatever pays me the most at that point of time.

I've got friends who hated their jobs and excelled and stuck in it for a long time! Well .. .. it paid for their nice house and nice cars .. and other hobbies that make them happy.

One of them retired after selling off the house .. but got so bored went back to the industry when headhunted .. why?? Cos it's a 5-digit paycheck!

Actually the job is easy if done in the right way

It's a balance. Do a job you are good at, develop a passion for it, and you get both.

I do not really like my job because my boss is a bit rude and not concerned with his employees, but all I do for the money

Money is everything for most people, but for me it is not something to be proud of with money.
Experience is more important than money

I like my job because of money, it is very true, because for life we need money + the next job is happy

Obvious really, but I am more like money. Therefore I work I work

Any job you do that matters you like it if you do not suffer so much

Well the problem is you have to know what you would like to do for your life and what you like to do. I have pretty much not found what I enjoy to do so I am still stuck at finding what I want to do for the rest of my life that I actually like.

Do what you want to do as long as the job is lawful and able to do

Do not distinguish which work is good and what is bad. Problems will arise if discriminating and favoring something.

As far as I am concerned, passion comes before earnings on a job. Once I like what am doing as a job, the income wouldn't be an issue, but when it happens that the income on that job I like is way too low, in comparison to my spendings, I'd rather go in a search of another company or firm that will pay higher than what am currently earning.
It's of no importance doing a job that pays higher or reasonably or just doing a job that comes my way, but deprives me of happiness, and it's a common saying that, happiness is a good medicine to the heart!

For me the best thing is having balance of both. If a job is not of your liking you can manage to live with it but if you put yourself in financial insecurity you are going to hate your life for sure . Best thing is to strive for a job of you liking but if you don't get it go for a job which gives you financial security ,you cannot afford to lose both money and job .keeping balance is life is key .Having job without money is futile ,and having money without peace of mind is absurd .

In the event that you do what you like, you will never work, I will cite an expression I read a couple of days prior: ¨You will never succeed unless you like what you are doing

Definitely yes

work I like is more important.If you cherish your work at that point there is nothing more terrible than waking up each morning amid the week to carelessly go do work you don't think about. In any case, this is never extremely an issue when you are enthusiastic about the work you do. On the off chance that you are genuinely appreciate what you are doing you never truly power to take every necessary step a day in your life.

Liking a job can be turned into earning more money as you put your heart and soul into it. However, earning more money but not liking the job will lead to emotional and physical stress that affect not only you but those you care about. It is important to remember that we must appreciate NOW and achieve a work life balance so as not have time fly by without us realizing all that is past.

An occupation isn't of your enjoying you can figure out how to live with it yet in the event that you place yourself in monetary frailty you will despise your life without a doubt . Best thing is to take a stab at an occupation of you preferring yet in the event that you don't get it go for a vocation which gives you monetary security ,you can't bear to lose both cash and employment .keeping balance is life is vital .Having work without cash is useless ,and having cash without genuine feelings of serenity is preposterous .

Numerous bookkeepers come into corporate America, put in careless hours amid the week and make an extraordinary paycheck on pay day. A considerable lot of them have this cash heaped up, yet they never truly get the chance to appreciate the their rewards for so much hard work on the grounds that their work takes up the greater part of their lives.

Every human being's ultimate aim is to have happines whether it is material, physical or for that matter even emotional. And what is happiness. Is it related to a material for example really? or it is something that to be evolved from Inside.

Samewilh the job too. ultimately at the end of the day everyone need satisfaction and happiness. And I believe one will get to that state of mind only with passion and dedication. So it is quite natural that dedication and satisfaction is much more than money and only a job of our choice and liking will make us to perform it with 100% commitment.

My point is when people are ready to spent money for their happiness one should not be bothered about a less package for a job of their likings

Thank you..

I cherish a job I love doing 💯 than what I earn on it. But I would prefer a balance, that's having that job I like and a reasonable income that befits my budget. It's that simple!

Money is not everything. I had various jobs, and I still remember the most stressful ones with a grudge, and it sends shivers down my spine when I remember how irritated, tired and sad I used to be at the time. So definitely - I would rather have a relatively smaller paycheck, but a job that is not that stressful or demanding.

Very tough question actually.
Personally, nowadays I'd rather choose to earn more money, let's just say i am practical, ok maybe by situation. Sometimes you have to give up your passion over the situation. Honestly, we need all money that's a real talk. And to others, that their jobs is inline with they're passion well they are very lucky. However, for some that they need to work in order to give a lives for their family even though not their passion, they really had a hard time to work. Sometimes we need to earn more money to reach our goal and to work our passion. Thanks @bunnypuncher

Working with love can bring you more successful. So this is really important to doing a job that you like is more important than to earn more money.

i think sometimes when you earn by doing something you dont like,you dont feel that type of happiness which should be there at first place

Hmmm, maybe, long term. Short term, more money will allow you options down the road. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and think about the future when you can do more of what you like.

Jobs help others

I believe they are equally important. Doing the job you like is a food for your spirit, doing just a well paid job is a food for your body. Take one out and the other dies. It is that simple.

Having contests like this at steemit gives opportunities to everyone especially those who are striving hard to make a living. This is an avenue for everyone to make money at the same time inspire and influence others. After all steemit is about being able to reconnect with other people and share ones expertise and experiences in life. Thank you @bunnypuncher for paving ways for everyone! :)

there are times to do something with a form of hobby and there is also time to pursue something to make money, sometimes we put forward that can make money, it needs. while the work that we like (hobby) that can be used as side work.
I think so @bunnypuncher

A person who does not love his job, but only works for money will not make money or find pleasure in life

This is a battle I fight everyday. Would love it if steem could become my full time gig. I have a ton of work for that to become a possibility. Need to become a better writer and get a bigger following.

In order to keep the spirit in doing the job, you must love the work you do. Yes, someone will always be the spirit of work even though the work done is not easy. Because, he likes or loves his job. So, the thing you need to do is to plant a love of the work you have today.

of course I will not do, do something we like without income, not profitable. Such work would of course waste time without income.


Really well said . Work without money is worthless

If you work only for the purpose of earning money, you can not enjoy your work. All you will feel is fatigue. Try changing the mindset to the goal. It is undeniable that we work for wanting to earn money. However, do not just aim it alone. You must also learn to love your current job so you will work with pleasure. When you feel happy while working, fatigue will not feel so torture you. You can enjoy every time work without being forced.

Actually I don't think that many people like the job they have, except of course people like sports players who are paid money for doing something they like to do and excel at. The majority of us who have or have had typical jobs like office workers, line workers, drivers, or any other routinary job merely get used to it and know we have to live with it.
I would certainly prefer to do something I like to do, as long as it pays my bills even if I could get a better paying job doing something that I don't like.

it is certain that I expect to do the work I like with earning enough money

I got into animation in 1998, not knowing how good it pays. Twenty years later I'm still doing it. :)

When it comes down to the one's life on the line, if the job yah like can't support yah, then it is a forced choice to do that which secures yer economic future. Forced not in the fact that humans are making yah do something but in the fact that there's not a real choice in the matter and that one must one choice in order to live, even on one's knees.
So for one's health and economic future under our current material conditions, one must weigh the money-making option more in one's considerations of any decision-making.
Also day two of recording of being in the lottery.

A balance is needed, too little of either and you're miserable either way

the most important can make money, other than that just a side.

Yes i agree that enjoying the job is more important than making money because when we love the work it doesnt seem like work at all.

money is very easy to find but satisfaction will be very difficult to find

money should not be an excuse, but with sincerity made a foundation.

When you like your job you will not count it a something negative and most do!

perhaps for a time of need, it is not good to feel if we say Money should we put aside, because all we do all the money goals, but even so I think something that we really love will be more important for us ahead of the next big money but bring misery, this is based on love for.

There can be a balance. You can do something that isn’t like, exhilaratingly fun, but you feel good about doing and also allows you to live your best life. What you should avoid are the extremes: either doing something you HATE just to make money, or refusing to work at all because you’d rather be doing something else and living in poverty because of it.

Go, go, goooo....

Do not hire someone who does the work for money. But hire someone who works because he loves the job


Everyone needs money for live in this world. Jow he can work without money

money and the satisfaction of something very related, with our money will get the satisfaction as what we want. continue to be where with the job that we love let me come the satisfaction .. ??

Doing job with own interest is perfect, but earn money is more important to lead life. When one have to bear his/her family he/had to sacrifice own interest.

Do not just look for people who want to earn money while working. However, you better look for someone who loves the job you offer

I do not think money can beat someone to leave a job that they really like. it is impossible

Do not be stuck in a job that even to finance your peace alone is not enough

We should not just focus how much our salary can be but we have to love more jobs

the success of a person depends on the work they like, hurt on the abundant money.

Do the work you love and the money will come by itself

Of course having a job which makes you happy is the most important factor. At least we spend the biggest time of hour lives working.
For sure the combination of money and happiness is perfect

the ability to occupy is always achieved with the work he loves, with money can indeed everything, but only temporarily.

I guess not many people realize it, but finding fulfillment in your work is a gift that was given to us by GOD. I agree with you that people should stop looking at life like its a contest to see who can accumulate the most wealth before they die.

I think that's true, the hobby is always put forward than anything, including money.

Do not be influenced by low assumptions about the work you are doing right now. Although your work is often underestimated, you should not go along with your work. Remember that's where you get the money you can use for your needs and your family

For me it is very important that you like your job, love even better then the compensation comes next. I say it is important because it it what drives you everyday.

The future lies not in money, but lies in the work we love

The work if only concerned with money, will be hard on the road. For success we need to work ihklas work from the heart

I feel this is a very classy question from you @bunnypuncher. but short of me, not everything we like and we love we can get with money, but sincerity and belief that can make us love a. so money is not everything.

I would choose doing the job that I like, because I know in myself that doing job that I like is love and it makes me happy. It made me to be productive and passionate and through this I know I will succeed. Doing job for just money is practical but I would say that Money can't fullfill the true happiness of doing things/job with love to a one's heart.

I think this is both have interests, hobbies can come the money, a lot of money can also be used for hobby purposes, so it would not hurt us to attach one of the two things.

It depends what stage of life you are in. Overall I value job satisfaction over pay but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do whatever needs to be done to survive and pay the bills.

That said, don't assume money leads to happiness. There are plenty of miserable rich folks and plenty of happy people with limited means.

many people do a job based on the love of the job, because the comfort we work depends on how much our love for the job, but if a job based on the money we expect a lot I think it's a wrong decision, we work if not with a sense of comfort, all will run aground in the middle of the road. deadlock without the success we get.

the preferred job will produce the best. a lot of money will cause complicated problems.
options that we have to choose.

Maybe or maybe not. It solely depends on the individual.

Money are the reason we go work. Otherwise it is not work, it is hobby!

A job that YOU like is far better than a job that pays you a high income but no satisfaction. Your affiliation and dedication towards your work is pretty much important.

If any one love a work Then this is more important to him not earn money. Sometimes its depends on situation.

So i have to still wait for the win

Yes, I think do. Do your job you like is more important than earn more money. We know that money is important for our life, so that is perfect if we can do our job we like and earn so much money. However, I think we should open our minded to try more new things, increase the amount the major that we like, not narrow we in a specific job, al jobs relate to each other. So when we have more favorite thing, the chance to earn money from jobs we love will come.

I prefer to do a job that I like. I will be more productive than doing what I dislike for money.

If you do what you like, you will never work, I will quote a phrase I read a few days ago: ¨You will never succeed unless you like what you are doing¨.

Osita really excellent said. If i do what i like i will never work. And eveyone feeling the same

For me, job i like is more important.If you love your work then there is nothing worse than having to wake up every morning during the week to mindlessly go do work you don’t even care about. However, this is never really an issue when you are passionate about the work you do. If you are truly enjoy what you are doing you never really force to do the work a day in your life.

Esta vez si me llevo el premio gordo

Depends, if you're still young with no responsabilities then yeah, if with a family n responsabalities then I dont think its really viable anymore

I haven't said that I believe you are starting to lose vision.

I rather work a job that pays more money and invest in my future so i can't stop doing that job asap and then do dedicate my life doing profitable things that i enjoy doing.

Yes, I believe doing a job you like for less is better than a job you hate but pays more. I've been a full time eBay seller since 2001 and make less than $3K a year. I'm happier doing eBay than I ever was as a CNC programmer making around $30 a year.

If you don't like your job, you will eventually wither inside. Then you will try to compensate and use money you earned by the job that you don't like to feel better and you will spend more. The more you spend, the less money you will have and less satisfied you are, and that is a magic circle.

Make your hobby permanent job and you'll never work a day

I hope one day that I will love my job! Of course, we all want a well payed job, but I think that if you don't love it you better not stick to it! Human mind is unlimited and if you limit it by something you will have to take every day for forty years that it will leave some consequences!

Inner satisfaction in working not only obtained from the money alone. There's more to it than that. Being happy when we see the work we do can benefit the people. Happy when we can keep smiling doing the work we really like.