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Daily giveaway 5/30/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

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Suggested Daily Topic

Talk shows on TV are useless and boring.

Are they useless and boing ? Or are they informative and timely?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Very few quality talk shows are broadcast since last few years. I liked Opera Winfrey's shows. Popular talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey where many of its topics penetrate into American pop-cultural consciousness. Recently I could not find any other talk show which could gather the masses.


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I think that sometimes talk shows are boring, superficial and trite, but at other times they are entertaining, informative and enlightening. It entirely depends on the topic, the guest, the host, and my mood. Although I found ‘13 Reasons Why’ an essential watch, the almost 1-hr run-time of its episodes were too lengthy to handle. There were instances of repetitiveness at various places and they could have been avoided.


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it depends who's talking.....the gossips can be intriguing, but i question the value of too much extreme negativity extracted from society....they make us look like we're surrounded by broken families and a heartless society....there is so much good going on, but this is often just not celebrated as it's not controversial or spectacular...

....personally i like the comedians and those who do satire are the best.....they at least bring laughter, joy, and a smile to the world


upvoted...thanks for sharing the love back with other Steemians @bunnypuncher

The late night talk shows can be funny, daytime talk shows are mostly mindless drivel.

Talk shows are usually held on TV to address existing issues that affect peoples lives. Most of them <i have watched are informative for example those that address issues to do with healthy living and lifestyle, politics in the nation and so on.
I think they are informative but am not so sure about them being timely.

It depends on the talk show. Celebrity gossip is extremely boring. I used to watch news talk shows regularly, and still do sometimes. You can learn from well-informed journalists. Likewise, a talk show with well-informed and/or humourous people can very engaging.


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To me, it seems that all talk shows are either mindless nonsense or focussed on sensationalising the perverse or the ugly underbelly of society. These show just seem to run out of topics and then need to shock people to keep them coming back.

It may be obvious, but I am not a fan.

The talk show is very boring because they like to gossip about others while the gossip about him is widespread
Ha ha ha

Pesbukers show that aired on tv tv indonesia is very boring

Hehehe you know if people hate the talk show is boring, that's the fact
Very true your topic mr. @bunnypuncher

If there are people who like the talk show was just the mothers who like ngegosipin others, for me such an event is very ,, very ,, boring

Indeed, events that are so tends to be boring do not have any benefits at all, very bad if it can not be aired again forever

I do not know what to comment about the talk show, but for me it's a bad show not worth to the show

I hope I will be the one of the winners when this game will end.

Depending on the theme, some are interesting, others fun, I would not find it boring if the driver has charisma and is cute.

There is an inflation going on in the talk shows industry.

They are just shows but they seem fun to me, so the stories are lies, but between tastes and colors.

Sometimes I feel my girlfriend is crazy

Oh! After many attempts, you finally choose me! Thank you very much bunny! Go I needed them, thank you very much again! :)

Regarding the question, the talk television programs, I find very boring, are not my tastes. I like only a little, about soccer.


I have no clue because I do not have a TV since 2012.

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I wanna win this time srsly ;)


Most talk shows is a huge pain in the ass.
But then so is some reality shows

Yes! It is true that some talk shows on TV are boring and useless. Yet, not all talk shows are useless and boring. There was a talk show I listened to last week, it was on relationship matters. Believe you me, I benefited a lot from it. I had a problem with my ex that caused the break up. It took me weeks to realise what really transpired. But after the talk show last week, I was able to gain clarity on the whole issue and today, such mistakes can't happen. This is a benefit of talk show to show its relevance. But at the same time, not all are these educative. As some can even make me fall asleep.
This is a great topic to deliberate on.

vulcano'll earn this sbd

I'm leaving a comment guys

Talk shows? Nope. Nope nope nope. Can't even think of one that I would even mildly be interested in actually. :-P

Useless of course, there is not discuting that, but some of them are very funny or interesting as: The Tonight Show and The Graham Norton Show

rarely watch tv talk shows, get all the chatter i need on the interwebs

Maybe I'll win someday :) I leave a com.

First place will be mine, im joking :D

Talk show on tv are really useless , but i like to watch political talk shows , because they are interesting.

Happinesses to the winners and to my, A lot of Thank you @bunnypuncher felt me very happy when it went to earn a Post and put me in my Wallet and suddenly see my SBD and remain me like that THAT! In truth east is my SBD and in this moment gave me a quite strong joy to win my first Contest. I appreciate it to you @bunnypucnher already have gone back you ones of my Bloggers favourite By always, A lot of Luck to all Steemians. :)

Hi my dear friend, I just wanted to let you know that the 30th of Mai yesterday was my 30th birthday, I just kept waiting for your surprise and hoped to get it, but surprisingly I did not get it after seeing your contest announcement, I'm sad no get it ..lol ..

If only you know May 30th is my birthday, there must be little souvenir from you as my best friend even though I am not one of the winners, at least you set aside another gift ..😂

Well, I hope you will read my post and see my identification card :


In there is the date of birth and my address, I hope there is still a gift that you have not sent for me .. my area is very clear, hopefully the gift it is no longer wrong .. hahaha.

In my own opinion, i think the conclusion as to whether Tv talk shows are useless and boring should be based on individual preference.
Personally, i'm a lover of fashion talk shows, beauty talk shows, pageantry talk shows, rating of movies, songs talks shows and entertainment shows generally. So i wouldn't say talk shows in the categories i mentioned above, are boring and useless while the next person might see things the other way round.

aver si pego una nunca gano

I used to watch a lot of talk shows as a kid (they used to be a big thing here in Latin America) however as time passed I came to realize that it was all staged and none of the people in those shows were really going through the experiences they said, after that I kept watching them for a couple of months until I moved on to more entertaining television

I mostly don't like talk shows however sometimes when I want light entertainment I can get a laugh out of a talk-show and then go to bed ;)

Depends on the show. I sometimes like to have a talk show playing on the tv while I'm house cleaning, because you don't need to look at it, you can just listen.


It depends on the type of conversations that are maintained in the program, it can be boring for some and for others not

I do not want to watch talk shows. I think the interviews are usually shallow.

Amazing, thank you sir.

Although where I live I cannot see most of the talk shows, there are two that I love. I love The Graham Norton Show (I usually see it on youtube) and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Directv). Maybe, Ellen DeGeneres

Yes I agree on this

Well, I wouldn't know... I hardly watch em

I am the girlfriend

Certainly are boring and I hate to waste my time on these. Just talk and talk and talk, that's lame.

I really like some of Talk shows on TV

If you too upvote

Congratulations to the recent winners! :)

I never got into watching talk shows. Never found anything that interested me.

The only talk show I ever liked, was the Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel!!!!

Yes it is really true. And tv talk shoes are nothing just debate. And no result of that tv shows on real life

some TV Shows are very interesting and informative....... some others are entertaining like the Wendy Williams show. I really enjoy watching it a lot.

Wouldn't say it is useless per se, some people derive joy from it, others don't. It's how you dissect it and how you take things from it that matters. Talk shows once in a while isn't too bad. As always, moderation in everything.

I don't find much interest in talk shows, but I'm show some people like watching them. Anyone?

In my country Egypt... TV shows are not only boring but false and directed by the Government and I think this is the whole world but in Egypt more.... So I'm following an important rule in this thing that the TV brag says is good. I suppose it's a bad thing, which says it's bad. I suppose it's good and so.... The government goes to hell.

Talk shows are good, give us knowledge

Hi. That depends on who sees them, I think there are programs for all types, including opinion. You like it, you see it ... You do not like it, you do not see it. As simple as that.

I tend to watch mostly clips from various shows either for the feel-good moments or the political commentary that I think are hilarious.

They are for pure entertainment and also to have some fun and relax after a long day of work. Other than that they are kind of useless certainly... greetings :)

I don't watch talk shows, really, unless you count Last Week Tonight. (Is Last Week Tonight a talk show?) Mostly I just don't watch that much TV, so I'm probably a bad one to ask. But I would probably think they're pretty boring anyway.

When I was a teenager, I watched a lot of late night TV and I generally hated the interview parts. I would flick around channels to see the jokes and skits, and only really liked the "talk" parts if the interviewee was really funny, like Robin Williams our Dana Carvey or somebody who just could be hilarious on the fly like that.

He who perseveres wins! faith and consistency.

Congratulations on this initiative.

I just want to win!

nowadays almost everything on tv is useless and biassed

Most of them are boring but some are worth watching like we have in india a show named" satyameva jayate".

when talk show will be about sports i am interested otherwise it is all just shit

I'm not the talkshow guy so I can't really judge


I don't think so.It's more interesting when they're roasting each other.

Talk shows in Nigeria can be very hilarious. One that stands out in my head, was when a senior officer of the law was asked to give his parastatal's website, he could have easily said he didn't know it, but instead decided to make a riddle of himself, saying "ww.scdc that's all"

just like the endless chains of Maduro on tv hahahaha

I think that sometimes talk shows are boring, superficial and trite, but at other times they are entertaining, informative and enlightening. It entirely depends on the topic, the guest, the host, and my mood.

I certainly regard them as useless as I don't watch them haha

To put simply,yes talk shows on tv are drama filled entertainment crap used to fill the day for homebound people who lead boring lives and need a change from the mundane.

I don't know much about this kind of program. I don't see them because I find them extremely annoying.

I came across and thought the name bunnypuncher was funny. As for y’all shows? It’s mainly outdated forum because the medium of broadcast television is almost dead.

I don't watch tv anymore these days.
Streaming is better.

Congratulations to the winners! : *
I do not like tv

The programs that show the problems of a family group, make them discuss in national television and in the end they only say who is right without solving the real problems to the people who go to those programs.

would torture me watching 5 such programs in a row if I win the contest this

Everything depends on which point of view we see the message in the television programs, some do not impart an interesting topic and they become boring and useless to the audience, while others carry a good message to the people.

I am not interested in talk shows.

Presidential television networks of the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro... That it is very boring.......

Than you have not seen John Oliver.

TV shows are very informative, most of the ideas I work with today are from TV show. There are informative and timely

I would say most are pretty useless, especially the Jerry Springer variety.

Good luck

I think there is something for everyone, I think that the audience is so diverse and has a choice. I see some to keep me informed but I think if there are some bored.

It depends on the topic

The reality is that they can be both. For example daily in my country the president or his political colleagues make programs on television talking and always say the same thing: "The country is fine", "There is no malnutrition", "There are foods of all kinds" among other phrases that simply they are useless because the whole population is the one who lives reality and knows that it is totally false, so the program becomes boring for those who do not have blindfolds and are not fooled.

On the other hand when I enter sports channels, especially when there are conversations or debates about football or for example the 2018 World Cup, everything becomes informative, knowing who will play, who does not, and all that makes programs on television of conversation are productive and timely.

I am ready to vote, retest and follow up.
Greetings to all, by @ josecarrasquero

Congrats to all the Winners! I'm next in line <3

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I hope to win!

Some talk shows make great sleep aids.

The truth is that I find them very boring, although that depends on the taste of each person

Well, I think most of them are boring but there are some that are good