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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Is drug usage treated too harhsly by laws? Should drug usage be handled more tolerantly?

Are the laws and penalities on drugs too harsh or not harsh enough? Should pain killers, weed, and other medications carry the harsh penalites they do today (at least in the US)? Or should laws be more tolerant of people that use drugs but don't cause harm to others?

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I think a limit should be set between drug usage and drug abuse. I believe if an individual is using a particular drug he or she should not be punished as long as it is not detrimental to his health and he is not abusing the usage of the drug. I think the drug law needs to be reviewed in order to fix it lapses.

Drugs, except for those that present clear and present dangers, should be legal. The results will be less crime, less social disruption, fewer overdoses by reducing the necessity for sellers to concentrate dosages, and eased treatment for users who want to stop.


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I mean i believe marijuana is treated too harshly since it is essentially legal in most places, and is beneficial socially and medically. As far as harder drugs like heroin or meth, those things ruin lives.

I have encountered many addicts over the years and I'm convinced drug-dealing is one of the worst crimes out there. No punishment is harsh enough!
Addicts need to be helped. Dealers need to be shot.

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Drug usage in certain situations, is really treated harshly and criminalized, in many countries it is seen as a crime to use drugs, but in my view it should be seen as a disease instead, instead of sending people to prison for drug usage, they should be send to rehabilitation and help them get healthy and reintegrated into society.

Drug usage is treated too harshly by the law. If you legalized most drugs and regulated them similar to alcohol (which is a drug) and soon marijuana, most of the negative things associated with illegal drug usage goes away. Most negative aspects of drug usage happens as a result of interactions with criminals/criminal empires in order to acquire the drugs. The crime element leads to bribery, corrupt cops, corrupt politicians, killings, etc.. Just look at Mexico and the cartels that have infected the entire country because these shadow organizations thrive under a system where drugs are illegal and they have too much power to be quickly dealt with. Makings drugs illegal with harsh penalties also punishes a segment of the population (poverty stricken individuals) who are already institutionalized and in a downward spiral. Legalization would lead to less drug usage, less criminal involvement, and proper rehabilitating people.

I’m torn on the subject because I believe people should be accountable for every personal decision. If you sell or use drugs you should be held accountable. I do however think that the laws in some circumstances are outdated or just plain wrong.

We can be great without drugs.

Drugs take the life of all involved - at least slowly. So drug laws should be made as tough as possible to discourage people from going into it. Drugs harm everyone.

Excessive use of drugs eventually affect human lives and some people go over board with its usage so if there are harsh punishment for using this drugs then the fear to use it and be caught.

All drugs are dangerous and its not because of the drug itself but the usage, so many of this pain killer drugs are turning people into something else without their addiction to it, some people cant go about their daily lives with it so each and every drug no matter how seriously dangerous or subtle it is, they will eventually cause harm to lives, dont mean to sound biblical but all sins are equal in the presence of God so if excessive use of conedine is treated as cocaine then people who fear punishment will do without it.

Marijuana is 50/50 since it has its advantage and disadvantage.

Waoo,,,, great informative post.thanks for sharing dear

it should be treated more tolerantly
as there are other crimes worst than this

I think that weed should become legal, and many other harmful drugs should be banned completely.

Tough question. I guess ones answer will depend on how many of their family members have died from drug overdoses. This is a topic i really don't want to expand my answer on.

Stringent laws have proved both useless and enormously expensive as way of correcting drug usage. Also, these laws are cruel and evil when they are applied to unfortunate drug victims.

Drug addiction, is not a problem that stringent laws can fix. It is and always have been a medical problem. Hence, less attention should be paid to stringent law and more attention should be given to competently trained medical experts, so the appetite of drug usage can be eradicated. Excessive drug usage is a mankind scourge and medicine should be used to treat it as been done to other scourges of mankind.

No drug usage is not treated too haeshly it need to be treated more harshly than it is.

I' m g o i n g t o w i n .

FDA should be shut down.
Legalize all drugs.

In a medical context, drugs are used for therapy. Whereas in the legal context, drugs are prohibited substances. Anyone who owns or sells it, will be subject to certain penalties.

Drugs are essentially substances / drugs derived from plants / synthesis that if eaten, drunk, smoked, or inserted (injected) into the human body that can reduce awareness and cause dependence because it contains chemicals that affect and affect the structure and organism of the body.

No victim no crime.

Should drug usage be handled more tolerantly?

i think that drug usage has not been handled the right way. in Nigeria when the police sees you using drug they will treat you like an animal. such approach is bad if you want people to stop using drugs. i think a more approachable option should be used.

I think some drug laws are too harsh. The main problem is deciding if a drug is truly dangerous to use. Cigarettes are highly addictive but are legal.

More punishment(!) It is easy to raise people awareness and solve with education.
Drugs can harm almost every part of the body. As the immune system weakens, the body becomes vulnerable to viruses. When taken by needle, it can cause infections in the blood vessels and the heart valve. The risk of heart attack is very high because it affects your heart health negatively.

Drug usage, in my opinion isn't treated harshly.
Drugs is not meant to be consumed on a daily basis , so it becomes an abuse when someone takes it everyday, especially for no reason.
Although, it would be much of a relief when these addicts are taken to a rehabilitation centre, so they can have their lives back.

In my own stand I guess it should be more tolerated because there are still people who take it not properly which causes to much trouble for themselves and even worst compromise the security of others. There are still countries who suffered too much particularly because of the presence of illegal drugs and the punishments of the law are not strong enough to be feared by the perpetrators.


You are doing a great job, good job brother

Congrats to the recent winners :)

Today's topic is one I'd rather not get into too deeply. But, briefly - I believe drugs such as Marijuana and Mushrooms should be legalised, not man-made chemical-infused monstrosities filled with bleach and god-knows-what-else.

The law should be more tolerant to users also. Unless they are also the dealers. The dealers and manufacturers are the problem.

I think it's a question of if. We actually do not have a certain way of knowing what a drug free world will bring. Sometimes prevention is way better than cure. Just imagine a world where 75% of the people is high on one drug or the other 50% of the time.

Here in the Philippines, drugs are treated too harshly by law because once committed it is an unbailable crime and can penalized the offender up to a lifetime of imprisonment. Also, the issue on extrajudicial killings of drug suspects that are not yet fully investigated by the government has been the subject of public outcry since the current administration declared its war on drugs.

American drug laws are ridiculously harsh... There's not much substantial difference between tobacco and marijuana but one can land a man in jail for years even if it has real medical application... So that's a place to start revisiting policy

Congratulations winners

NO. because using drugs really can do bad things in our life and can also separate our family.

Congratulations to the winners

Happy for the winners

In my country the authorities are being more strict in implementing drug related laws

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Glad for this win

Drug is fine as long as no one is becoming a victim of poverty, abuse and violence. If smoking weeds make someone sit in the chair for the whole day then it's fine but if that makes someone kill whoever he wants, then it should be forbidden. About the law, it's not really harsh since many people are still doing it. It seems the way law punishes these offenses is not "harsh" enough for people to stop using it.

I hope I will win this round

I'm still hoping to win

Those law were put in place cos of the adverse effects of drugs. But abuse has been inevitable.

The excess of drugs is harmful for health, there are countries with laws that are less hard, however others do not, there are plants that are drugs but highly medicinal, people who consume it for some health problem, however other people consume Marijuana and they do not harm the neighbor, in summary, the laws must be adapted depending on what type of drug it is.

Yes. Drug Laws should be more tolerant, by not allowing people to consume they just make it like a desire to do so, and by legalizing it they would have more control over it.

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Every law has an issue it's trying to address. If there were no abuse of some drugs in the first place, these laws won't be there. It's the abuse of the drag that forced the laws to be put in place as a control measure for such drug abuse. If something will make you behave funny or harm other people around you, then there should really be measures in place to control the use of such substance.
I think the laws are necessary, they serve as control measures regarding the over use of certain substance. The drug abuse brought the law against the substance. Thus if there were less abuse the laws wouldn't be necessary. So drug abuse laws are necessary because they helping prevent some people from going into taking excessively harmful substances

here in the philippines, drug-related offenses have been quite an issue. talking about extra-judicial killings and etc., yet in my view, this is just. for why would you fear something you have nothing to do?

I think it depends. It depends on the country and society, for example, some European people use drugs and they don't harm anyone, but the people here in Venezuela who use drugs are normally criminals, and it leads them to do bad things because they are already bad people who were raised the wrong way, basically parasites.

I think it's a double edged weapon, because making them legal in the wrong country can lead to an abusive consumption of certain drug and having to deal with so many addicts would be a total problem. On the other hand, making drugs consumption-free would put an end to the organized crime and drug mafias, this means less crimes related to drug selling.

In Uruguay only marijuana is legal, but that's a country with lower crime rates than most countries from America. Of course, Marijuana is not a dangerous drug like many others and people can stop being addicted to it more easily than other strong drugs.

Conclusion: I agree that soft drugs like marijuana should be legalized but only in societies that are prepared for that.

I say with certainty that marijuana should be 100% legal worldwide for consumption and cultivation. Other drugs might be restricted, but this one not!


Whenever old laws don't give the desired results, they need to be changed.
And yes, laws shoud be tolerant for the drugs which don't cause harm to others.

The harsh drug policy like of The Reagen,and The Nixon ,which was war on drugs was highly ineffective,there are already many states who are using rehabilitation instead of incarceration for drug users,this is proving highly effective only way to stop drug menace is to educate people not to put them in jail.Also for medical purposes drugs should be legalized.

I have lived in both Norway and in the USA and the way drugs are treated in those two countries are very different. In Norway you are lucky to get anything other than paracetamol ever whilst in the USA they urge to give you whatever you want.

The law must be firm against drug users, because drugs can destroy the nation..

You said it all, I believe the laws should be more tolerant to people that use drugs but don't cause harm to others, taking weed doesn't harm anyone .... whereas Cocaine on the other brings about a lot of harm to the user and potential harm to the people around so on this, I believe the Penalty for usage should be very grave .....
But on the other hand, I believe what the government is doing is right, I believe the government is just trying to protect users from themselves

Drugs should be banned forever.
No tolerance should be there for drug.
The law must not be against drug addict, but for the dealer.
Also if drug addict is being caught then he/she should be sent to care to cure with his/her Self-consumption.

For me @bunnypuncher the laws and penalties are not harsh enough because as what I can see, most people these days are abusing the use of drugs and using it just to please themselves. The laws and penalties are just there to serve as their warning so that they will not abuse using drugs and for them to know their limits in using drugs too much. :))

Those convicted on drug possession charges face sanctions at the time of sentencing, which vary by state, from a minimum fine or a few days in prison to thousands of dollars and several years in state prison for the same offense .
Sentences for simple possession of drugs tend to be the lightest, while the intention to distribute drugs or the cultivation or manufacture of drugs may imply much more drastic sanctions, such as the current US president who wants to resort to the death penalty. for drug trafficking. For me particularly any crime involved with drugs, must be treated severely.

I think so. At one level, what this question is implying is true: Incarceration for drug possession harms the individual for engaging in an activity that is illegal because it supposedly harms that same individual.
The practice of recreational drug use is seen by society as harmful to society.

We make bad mistakes all the time, but governments make bigger and worse ones; I think we should trust in our communities and family to teach and help people, not nameless organisations who don't care.
I guess what I am saying is that the penalties are too harsh and they are another nail in the coffin of our freedom.

In my own opinion I strongly uphold that government needs to do everything possible to keep the public in check from drug abuse, a lot of youthful life have been destroyed in every hook of the world by the fumes of ecstasy , Nigeria where I live in is a perfect example, the rate in which youths have adopted the use of drugs like, rophy??, codie??, tramad??, and more is alarming, and now we have recorded a huge number of more youthful patient in rehabilitation centers and more violence is brooding among the youths, the government has to place necessary and probably stricter rules out to ensure we have a sane society, the sides effects of these drugs can never be overestimated, we need to save the future generations and those yet to come...
Recently in Nigeria, the government banned the production of any codiene based drugs by any phamarceutical industry in the country ,it's importation and it's purchase because of its drastic and saddening effect on promising youths on which the greatness of this great nation rest on. I support the government campaign, we need to save the world from killing itself.
Though, there are people who need medical drugs for health related issues, this shouldn't be considered as drug abuse and government should provide laws that accommodates their condition.
Also governments needs more advocacy on effects of drug abuse to the public, this is where the fight against drug should start from, Educate the public!

All implicity with the drug crime must be punished with a heavy hand, both those who consume it by damaging their lives and causing pain in their families, as well as those who distribute them by helping to cause those damages.

Yes!!I won again,,thank you so much @bunnypuncher

I think not all drugs are created equal. For example, drug companies rarely get penalized for addicting and killing people, as with the opioid crisis in the USA. Weed is legal in lots of places now,because it is less expensive to enforce the law, and cheaper for the country or state to legalize it. The CIA in the 60's and 70's were well known to be one of the largest if not the largest drug smugglers into the USA, were they penalized, no, some became very rich out of it.

Great contest. Without taking a position on drug law, I can say that threatening jail to protect people from their own unwise decisions is not entirely illogical.

Using harmful addictive drugs could be said to be in someone's short term interest (that is, it makes them feel good, now) at the cost of their long term interest (their health and finances can decline, combined with the diminishing returns of drugs).

Thank you @bunnypuncher for this initiative..😊

Amaxing topic.
The possibility of jail may cause people to reevaluate their priorities, for their own good. They want the short term happiness from drugs, but if it is at a high risk of something that causes them unhappiness, also in the short term, they may choose to avoid the drugs -- resulting their own long term good.

I don't doubt that it doesn't work for a lot of cases. However some drugs (crack, meth, etc) have such an ability to short circuit the human motivation system, that doing nothing to prevent addiction from destroying lives is not necessary a good approach either.

The textbook is in my garage, but we had a lecture about this in my econometrics class in business school.

It actually comes down to economic theory of supply and demand.

It has been shown that by treating the user harshly (prison), you reduce the overall demand for the drug more so than if you treat the supplier (the dealer, obviously) harsher... simply because the user has more to lose by going to prison.
That is a very simple explanation - and it was from econometrics based on 90's sociology, so I don't even know if it's relevant today

I think more education about drugs is essential. It helps to understand why those laws had to be put in place.

Here in Norway we have this moral we teach our children at a very young age.
It is nicknamed the cardamom-rule from a famous children's story/song.

Roughly translated it goes something like this:

"You should not harm others, and you should be kind. Otherwise do whatever you want".
I know americans will as always argue that Norwegian morals would never work in america, but that is how we like it in Norway. IDK about america.

Congrats to the winners.
To answer this question.
There are only two states in the US where being under the influence of a controlled substance is, in and of itself, a criminal offense - California and Nevada. Thirty years ago, we used to do routine unlawful use examinations on everyone detained at the scene of a narcotics search warrant; being charged with being under the influence, for some reason, being charged with unlawful use made people more likely to cooperate than anything other than trafficking with its minimum mandatory sentence and statutory requirement to cooperate in order to get the sentence reduced.

As a matter of policy, jailing users for being users is a waste of time and resources. Jailing addicts for the crimes they commit to feed their addiction has the benefit of taking burglars and thieves off the street; it does little for the addicts themselves. (One caveat: an alcoholic given thirty days for public intoxication gets the chance to dry out and recover his health. It won’t make him stop drinking but it may prolong his life.)

Wow. Congrats to the latest winners. Hope to win too.
That's a tough question. Users usually are dealing with an addiction that won't be solved by being incarcerated. On the other hand, people under the influence of drugs can commit serious crimes.

The officer has to look at each situation differently. If the person under the influence has committed a crime, injured someone, or is a threat to hurt himself, that person is often taken to the psych ward at a local hospital. After an evaluation it will be determined if jail is the next step.

In Iowa, people who are under the influence of drugs that come into contact with the police are taken to the emergency room. Once the hospital authorizes his release, he is picked up, transported to jail, and the criminal process begins.

Great topic.
For me, Looking up addicts only results in a positive outcome if the person receives treatment for the addiction/use while in custody. However some addicts won’t subject themselves to treatment and remain in denial. Usually incarceration is a result of some activity the addict was involved in to get money to buy drugs.

This is costing huge amounts of money in court costs, legal fees, legal aid, court time, a prosecution brief - all of which could be better used to treat problems through rehabilitation services.

The argument based on the analogy between alcohol and tobacco versus psychoactive drugs is weak because its conclusion—psychoactive drugs should be legalized—does not follow from its premises. It is illogical to say that because alcohol and tobacco take a terrible toll (for example, they are responsible for 500,000 premature deaths each year), a heavy toll from legalization is therefore acceptable. Indeed, the reverse seems more logical: prohibit the use of alcohol, tobacco, and psychoactive drugs because of the harm they all do. Additionally, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, and the rest of the psychoactive drugs are not harmless substances—they have serious negative consequences for the health of users and addictive liability.

I would argue that it has much to do with government officials using a wedge to gain more control and more power. Being "against drugs" has been a popular claim.

But the drug war has been racist since its inception (Dates are from memory, and will be close if not entirely accurate):

Mainly but many poorer whites get ensnared as well. You have to look at when this really got underway, back in the '70s and '80s. That's when the severe sentences were introduced and the ramping up of funding for the "War on drugs."

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It is absurd that a kid who takes a party drug on a Saturday night is put through the system like a criminal.

Legalization would free up billions of dollars that the government now spends on police, courts, and corrections to wage war on drugs and would produce significant tax revenues. The money saved could then be spent on drug education, drug treatment, and law enforcement initiatives directed at more serious crimes.

Wow. It is important to bear in mind that the justice system is simply not sweeping up innocent individuals off the streets and incarcerating them based on skin colour. By the time an individual has been charged with committing a crime, they have made a conscious personal decision to step outside the law. Unfortunately by choosing to step outside the rules of society they have opened the door to receive the punishment that same society deems appropriate.

No, it's not. Actually,when you espouse the "It's a racist War" most white folks will say, cool, now I do not have to get involved. You want them involved.

Explain it to them like this. When they throw me in jail for life, for drugs, this government will spend close to 1.5 millions dollars to keep me in jail. If a state college degree from California costs $30,000. that means throwing me in jail denies 50 white kids access to college. Maybe there is some justice in this world after all.

I'd say that the War on Drugs is not successful in fighting drug use but is instead successful in incarcerating poor people in mass numbers. And, unfortunately, way too many of our poor people are minorities. The correlation of minorities and poverty causes the racial makeup of those incarcerated, for all types of crimes - not just drug use, to be out of whack.

For me, its just enough especially for those drugs that are identified to be really harmful like meth but I think there should be a separate approach on some drugs such as cannabis which are also used to treat some ailments.

There has been no evidence in recorded history that any THC product ever killed anyone.

The penalty level should be determined based on the severity of the damage
that a certain act or behavior provokes others
people or society.
Courts and magistrates must apply the principle of proportionality to the
decide the appropriate punishment for a specific case.

I'm sorry for the ppl that use it . Hate drugs

This is not a black and white issue. Drugs can cause both direct and indirect harm. They can also be used as all drugs can be used both legal/illegal to treat conditions which may have limited options available such as Marijuana for childhood epilepsy. I do believe that the stricter the laws the more indirect harm is caused, however the more lax the more direct harm due to people who might not have taken them being introduced or people taking them with greater frequency/amounts (Think of the opium dens in China before it was outlawed).

One of the smartest move of 8 American federal states was fully legalizing marijuana.

Pai killers and marijuana have never been proven to be addictive or make people do insane things compared to actual hard drugs like LSD, meth, cocaine.
The drug laws are unreasonable and harsh. And only serve to increase the demand for these prescriptions. The govt should focus on medical education exercises.

I'm just hoping for some upvotes for this comment

testing testing 1,2,3 :)

Marijuana should be treated more leniently. I saw a survey that said 56% of people in US favor legalization.

Hard to say, since there are a lot of things to consider, also the fact that some cultures are more/less tolerant than others. However, I think the main focus should be on rehabilitation on these drug addicts, with not much condemnation for people who are trying to reach out for treatment. But hey, that's just me.

Saya tidak pakai obat apapun.
Penggunaan obat memang harus ditangani lebih tegas karena dikhawatirkan akan ada penyalah gunaannya. Dalam beberapa kasus, obat seringkali disalah gunakan. Di Indonesia, obat flu malah di-oplos dengan mnuman keras dicampur pewangi pakaian atau spritus, hasilnya beberapa orang meninggal karenannya.

In The Netherlands, the low is tolerant about drugs and it works for the local people because they are accustomed with it. The danger is for tourists.

Is drug usage treated too harshly by laws? Should drug usage be handled more tolerantly?
Drug laws should be dropped off, they should legalize the whole group of addictive drugs, leaving it up to the buyer, alcohol (booze) used to be illegal, after the late 50's it was legalized, the same thing happened to tobacco and nicotine, so why shouldn't they do the same following this principle, this norm?

I think it should because most people take advantage of it and act crazy after taking it.

Para ello se debe hacer un estudio poblacional que arroje fidelidad a las masas y tomar el control inmediato del uso y disfrute de esta; también elevar campañas de concientización previas a la puesta en marcha de una ley permisiva a su uso y tener el acceso inmediato al transito y distribución del producto. no todas las drogas suelen ser aprobadas por su efecto y ejecución en la psiquis del colectivo!!!

In my opinion they do have penalties too high for consumers, that should not be the case, it is like when alcohol was banned that there were more crimes, the more they forbid society the more it will do so, that is why they should legalize or establish permits for bring certain high amounts to consumers of the boil since there is no death with this type of drug in particular, should take slight measures for its use

Well I don't think drug usage is treated too harhsly by laws because the one who takes it on a regular basis, will require it at any cost in the coming day and acquire it like an achievement. Law is made then also their are peddlers and the one who knocks their door. According to me once in a month one should stay/get high with cannabis (only) along with their friends to enjoy and forget the burden of life.