Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/20/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 5/2/2018.

First Place: @wizardave
Second Place: @danielvielma
Third Place: @drqamranbashir
Fourth Place: @greendo
Fifth Place: @kaelci
Sixth Place: @blessing2002
Seventh Place: @felicitas
Eighth Place: @sriwulan

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Suggested Daily Topic

Do you enjoy overcoming challenges or do you prefer things to be easy? Why?

If you have one tell it. You think one is funny tell the person that made the comment.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


'overcoming challenge' is a tough ambition. Almost people don't have that mentality, they prefer things to be easy. I do like the 2nd option truly.
But sometime in some cases i like to choose the option 1.
Example: i am getting problem to solve a SQL query, could not acquire the perfect result, then i take that challenge to overcome it and work till evening-night even at home until i get the perfect result. @bunnypuncher

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I love a good challenge.

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Honestly, I prefer stuff to be easy. I'll find my own challenges to conquer once in awhile when I feel like it, but generally easy is nice.

When it comes easy appreciate it, but when it comes in a challenge confront it my philosophy

Wow, thank you @bunnypuncher for winning the 7th place🤣

For me, I prefer to overcome challenges rather than waiting for life to become very easy.

There are several life troubles that has come my way that has made me stronger than what I use to be.
I do tell people this

Is not every mountain on your way that you ask God to take away from you, some mountains are meant to take you to the top while others are meant to give you experiences to help others

I agree everything in life is about balance, you need the easy to charge the battery and you need the challenge to grow as a person.

True but some batteries need heat to be charged. The solar panel produces electricity but it went through the sun's heat.

I agree with your point but Those who are always in their comfort zone may not come up to the point of being excellent in all they do

Champions are made in challenges and warriors in wars, gold must pass through fire to shine.

So true! I was on top of the mountain the other day. Lols

I guess you have gotten some experience that will help others become better.

Hi dear @bunnypuncher, your support to us all is amazing. Thanks for the contest, personally i love things been easy for me and few times i appreciate God for the challenges because it makes me stronger and wiser because i learn from them

I prefer things to be easy, life is already complicated, why would I want to complicate it more?

I was a bachelor for more years than most. Always said I want to marry someone with a strong opinion with whom I can debate and discuss. I got my wish. It is exciting, a never-ending adventure, definitely not easy and I love it and her. And some days I wish for easy...

I prefer the easy way! That is how life should be for everyone: just EASY!
No troubles or fear makes life hard or difficult, only pure love is easy to get and hold!

"If you spend your time trying to be good at everything, you will never be great in anything"

I love challenges and challenges because they allow you to know your strengths and limitations, as well as your ability to apply your emotional intelligence to assume success or failure if you are denied, if you do not have the opportunity to reach your goals.

I prefer to overcome challenges chosen by me. Otherwise I prefer to do easy things and keep myself stressfree :-)

Knowing is not enough we have to do it, the desire is not enough just with the chest we have to do it.

I been through a lot and challenges and this makes us more stronger and be that person who can do and overcome anything! Love to face the challenges

I prefer to be challenged. In this way I fell more alive and I have a more energy

When you still meet in the morning and decide to stand up, fight with your heart in the divine way, then you have ended the day with yet another true victory.

Most humans struggle to invent themselves. Protrudes himself, even for that they negate the other beings. Until we can negate his God, that is death.

Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/20/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes
I don't like to complicate my life, if something can be made easy by making it difficult, life is already complex enough to make it more difficult.
Life itself presents you with your challenges, to conquer them!!

The time will come when we find the most appropriate reason to fight. When it arrives, grip tightly. Something special did come twice.

I think i will go with a life with challenges.
It's like playing a game.
If it's too easy and too hard, it puts you off.
The key is to look for the balance in between.

The most beautiful thing in my life when I can get together with family and can share stories with each other. That's the most beautiful thing in my life, how about you?

Because if we want to work, fight and believe in it, then I am very confident, that some generations today, we will look back and tell our children, that this is the time when we begin to care for the sick. It is time to expand the good work for the unemployed. This is when the sea tide begins to recede and our planet starts to improve. It is time to end the war and secure the country, and restore our image to its place, the best hope on earth.

If God is your reason for life then there would be no reason to give up

The end is a failure even though it ends up beautifully.
But for those who continue to struggle, the End is a New Beginning that never breaks, as the water that remains flowing then evaporates and becomes rain and flows back to follow its predetermined cycle.

Those who are gamers will definitely choose challenges for the feeling you get after defeating a boss. Its really motivating

Sometimes it is felt by her that the heroism and patriotism of women in this revolutionary time lie in the middle of nothing! But he will not leave his honesty. He loves his honesty. And he believes that through his honesty he can worship the revolution. He feels himself a fighter, struggling in his own way.

Before dying, everyone has to struggle to learn what they are avoiding, what they are going for, and why.

perfect giveaway, I love it..

We who struggle should never expect rank, position, or high salary.

I don’t want ‘challenges’ in my life i wish tuings to go smoothly. :)

Not your problem failed. Nor is the loss if the dream has not come true. As long as we do not stop and keep walking, struggling, and keep trying. So, success awaits you there!

I can get together with family and can share stories with each other.... That's the most beautiful thing in my life, how about you?

Oh wow THANX @bunnypuncher! A nice surprise in my wallet!
Bought a 5SBD vote from appreciator and turned that into $11.23 or $13.82 USD... Woohoo

I prefer a challenge. That way I get a sense of accomplishment when I complete the challenge...

Every beginning is difficult.
If there is an easy way, why should we complicate ourselves ..?

I like a challenge, if its easy I get bored quickly. I want to be able to prove to myself that I can do something.

angan Waiting for the best day to move because every day is precious ..

Surely own up and say they like things to be easy?

I honestly get uncomfortable and weird if I don't feel like I'm pushing ahead and making myself/my life slightly better than I/it was yesterday.

Luck is when the opportunity comes, you have matured with all the preparations..

Failure exists not to be feared but to be learned

Your contests are pretty simple and good

I prefer for things to be easy assuming that we can use easy things to solve complicated things...

Dear @bunnypuncher The topic you choose is great. Sometimes we are mistaken that life is a success and a result. We put short and long term goals almost every day and it feels great to reach them. In the end, it feels good to be motivated every day and not to wake up as willing! It is something that is not quite the same!

Work as if you do not need money, Love it as if you will not Hurt and dance as if no one saw you "

Yesterday I could not participate but here I am again. greeting the winners

Is it allowed to post contents here?

Well for me, I enjoy more in overcoming challenges and I don't prefer things to be easy. Human life is full of hardships but these things makes us more stronger and more mature as well. We all learn from our mistakes, and by experiencing one we understand how to surpass or survive in these challenges. Success is much sweeter if achieve in a hard way and it is somehow a learning experience that makes us much more stronger in the process.

In this life many people know what to do, but few do what he knows. Knowing is not enough, you must take action.............

Thank you!! :D

As for the daily topic - I like a mix of both. I prefer things to be easy, but at the same time I do enjoy a challenge; I guess it really depends on what the situation is at the time, and what I am doing.

If something is too easy, it's boring. If it's too complicated, one is more likely to give up. There needs to be a middle ground.

I prefer overcoming challenges. This may sound mainstream, but when you overcome challenges you learn new things, if you don't take the risk you will get nothing.


Life is about learning. And the only way learning is possible, is on the bad days. When the going gets tough, when situation is challenging and you're being tested, that's when you learn more. Each and everything you learn on these challenging days helps you grow. And that's why I like things to be challenging.

Challenges keep me on feet.
I like living with goals and overcoming challenges keeps me motivated.

Fun challenges that are on my terms.
Easy life.

Did the simplest test today. Was told to ask myself 3 question and answer them myself but i still failed it 😁

I enjoy overcoming challenges. also, prefer things to be easy. it depends on the situation.

Waiting to be lucky

I enjoy challenges because it often takes a lot of skill and thinking to accomplish them. Afterwards I feel proud and accomplished. :)

I enjoy working with challenges, but to quantify whether I can have the chance or nothing at all. This would be the basis if I have to gamble or leave it.

I prefer things to be easy, because its more easy xD

when my chance will come?

I'm a 3D animator and my life is always full of challenges. I chose this life knowing fully well that it is hard. And growing up in a military household prepared me for this kind of life, and I sometimes feel that I cannot thrive without chaos or some kind of difficulty. So, the easy life is not for me.

I prefer things to be easy, because life is indeed a challenge that is not easy to conquer. in everything I want it to be easy, so I'm following this @bunnypuncher contest, a contest that is not too much difficult.

Thank you @bunnypuncher - congratulation to the winner . About the challenges - if it was easy - evryone will do it

I prefer the hard way easy is boring

Always accept a challenge! Why do it easy when you can do it hard?

Honesty makes a man great. So all of us should be honest.

Count me in 😀

I will enjoy overcoming challenges.because it will be so fun

To be honest, I prefrer the easy things.

Personally I like it to be more challenging, well for one, our mother gave birth to us in this world and they say it's a blessing even tho it's a challenge to raise us. I guess it's the same with life, if it's challenging, when you overcome it, it will become a blessing as well. Thanks @bunnypuncher!

so whats up, you are doing such a nice thing

honestly, i use steemit daily for just participate in your contest

Well most of the time I prefer all things to be easy but if all things can be done without pressure, we can't learn and upgrade things and overcome new challenges that will come in our life. Thats what my mom always tell me. We just need to enjoy different challenges in our life because I believe that God won't give us a task that we can't do. 😃

Mostly I enjoy having it easy, but once in a while I prefer a challenge

Of course, no pain no gain. Trails and challenges are meant for us to grow. Though, its hard in the real situation but always bear in mind that no problem is too big for you to overcome. You're capable of it!

I really enjoy overcoming challenges, like I enjoy the contest you create. And I never get bored even though I never win

I prefer things to be as easy as entering your contest, so easy and fun

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Of course I do not like to overcome challenges, because I prefer the easy thing

Make me a winner, let this look easy for me

@bunnypuncher thanks

I enjoy overcoming challanges because challanges remove the monotonocity of life and that feeling after achieving the goal is soooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg.

I prefer the easy things because I do not like challenges. LoL

I enjoy overcoming challenges because it made me realize that life is not always happy and easy, sometimes you have to undergo challenges for you to become stronger than before 🙂

I obviously enjoy overcoming challenges, it makes me feel like my own SuperHero. There is no fun in doing things the easy way, I find it very boring... Also, overcoming challenges is a workout for me.. It is my Pizza😆😆

Easy things are always enjed but becomes boring with always with time. We must have some excitement too.

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First of all, I'll say that challenges are part of our existence as humans. I enjoy overcoming Challenges because it builds character because at some points in our lives, we'll be satisfied that we've truly overcome something that will make us stand, beat our chest and say, it was worth it. However, with challenges, it's it's very important in our lives because it pushes us to our limits towards ensuring that we're trying our best to achieve an aim. Also challenges will help us to understand that we're capable beyond measures to accept and conquer future issues that may arise. Therefore, I do enjoy overcoming challenges

Who doesn't like things that are easy. Here in Nigeria we have a slogan for that (awof no dey run belle). But the fact is that free and easy things cant build you up and it's only what you suffer to have that you tend to cherish the most

Challenges are a part of life. I prefer facing them because i know that in the end, i will come out stronger

Things in life must be balanced there is no good reward without any effort, the easy thing is bad and cheap so it is good to strive for the things you want most in your life. Participating bunny bunny

I am a lazy person, to overcome challenges like no, I prefer easy things, because to finish it does not take much energy and effort.

Dexter again! xD

Hi @bunnypuncher, I've been though with many challenges in life, my faith in GOD and the love of my family is the strongest weapon I have to overcome these challenges and I am happy facing it because it helps me to become what kind of person I am now...

I always rather to challenge myself doing new things, if I do not do anything new I get bored.

Challenges for sure.. they keep me sharp and motivated to do better. Everybody likes to win right?

I prefer myself to be challenged. .Because I can't develop my strength without resistance, without challenging myself, without struggle.In my opinion I always say that, when you stretch you grow.

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