Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/19/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 5/19/2018.

First Place: @danielasgm
Second Place: @cut-sari
Third Place: @gabriela24
Fourth Place: @erop
Fifth Place: @arcange
Sixth Place: @marimerida
Seventh Place: @freelancetitan
Eighth Place: @danielvielma

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Suggested Daily Topic

To make things more interesting I'm going add a suggested daily topic. To perk up discussion between Steemians. As always you are free to comment whatever you like to enter. You do not have to follow this suggestion.

The daily topic for today is:

What is the most beautiful thing in your life?

Describe something in your life you consider beautiful? This could be anything you find to be of beauty.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


The most beautiful thing in my life is my lovely wife who puts up with my crap :D

Tall iris are blooming and beautiful...

You are one of the few steemit user that helps the community without special demands. Congratulation for this!

The most beautiful thing in this life is to be healthy and enjoy every moment!

Sunsets from the barnyard.

Hello bunnypuncher I love the topic today,something engaging and inspiring one ❤️ The best thing that happened to me was being able to make other people happy especially the children. It was a beautiful feeling when you see them smiling,even with just the small gifts you gave them.

The most beautiful thing in my life when I can get together with family and can share stories with each other. That's the most beautiful thing in my life, how about you?

los hijos y verlos crecer es lo máximo ya que son la alegría todos los días

The universe in all its aspects and richness. The participation and the revival in it.

la familia y estar juntos y compartir

la vida misma el tener salud para poder estar con nuestros seres querido y compartir lo mas que se pueda

The most beautiful thing in my life is Freedom

17015929_1217554021692494_2329433849554926154_o (1).jpg

claro la familia pero también están todos los placeres de la vida que no se pueden obviar como es el sexo, las bebidas, el fumar una buena hierva jejejeje

when reading your publication the first one that comes to my mind is my mother !! the most beautiful of the world

This most beautiful thing in my life is my child. I have always loved kids and having my own daughter is a beauty. Having someone look exactly like you just by One singular act is like the wonder of the world. Its so fascinating

The beautiful thing in my life !!!
I do not know what the most beautiful things in my life, maybe the most beautiful thing in my life is to be happy and satisfy my wife. I think that's the most beautiful thing in my life

Congrats to the winners. Good one there sir.
What is the most beautiful thing in my life. Let me think.
My parents,both dad and mom.They sacrificed their 2 years of life by making me study in home as a dayscholar in my inter.They have shifted their residence from one place to another place for 2 years leaving their daily routine for me.

my life itself beautiful with my wife and newborn son :)

Congratulations to the all winners.. !!!

Make me a winner, that's the most beautiful thing in my life.

My cute big belly Lol

welcome to our contest ...... :)

Hello! congratulations to the winners, for me it is a great pleasure to tell you that the most beautiful thing I have in my life are my mother and my daughter whom I would give my life without thinking twice, my mother taught me to be the person that I am today whom I thank every day of my life for being my faithful counselor and friend and my daughter, who is the engine that lights my life, for whom I live and breathe, the reason for my incessant struggles, they are the most beautiful and beautiful reasons I have in my life.
Are they beautiful?


Being born with health is a gift from the universe, but being born in a land of grace is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. Well yes, I was born in a land of grace called Venezuela, place of incalculable beauties, place of work and effort, place with the most beautiful traditions, in spite of all the adversities, we also have the strength to surpass them. Having been born in this land called Venezuela is the most beautiful thing in my life. The night is darker before dawn, let's have strength Venezuela.

The most beautiful thing in my life is my mom is the source of my desire to keep going so I can show her that the effort she made for me was worth it.

I left a comment, thus I did.

This is how it is done!

The best thing that life gave me was my family.

I'll be the winner of tomorrow's contest, I know hahaha

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

Great idea you have got going here @bunnypuncher! Many congratulations to the previous winners!
The most beautiful thing in my life, is the appreciation of life itself and all that it holds ♡


hi!! @bunnypuncher the most beautiful in my life is live with my family and play soccer with my friends

My children 😍


Life is already beautiful so there...

Most beautiful thing!

When i see my little princess smiling (4 months of old) i realize i am watching the most beautiful thing at present time :)

The most beautiful thing in my life is... hope. :)

Hello @bunnypuncher the most beautiful thing in my life is


My Dad

Oh, it depends on what you mean by beautiful. There are many things that are beautiful to me n.n it may sound very mainstream, but the most beautiful woman in earth for me is my mother.

The most beautiful thing in my life is to win your contest, it's my capital to rise up to become a little whale ..😁.
Thank you very much @bunnypuncher..
I miss you..😘😘

obviously my parents!

My family and my pets.
(10th try)

The most beautiful thing in my life are my dogs, they are unconditional, faithful and they never lose hope on me . They are my everything . They mean more than any human to me. @bunnypuncherIMG_1950.JPG

The books, most of them are completed more than once.

Do you know what the most beautiful thing in my life ?. The most beautiful thing in my life when I reach what I want, like I want victory in your contest, namu I have not yet achieved it. That means, I have not got the most beautiful things in your contest. 😬😬

The most beautiful is the unconditional friendship that my dog gives me every day. Your love is something beautiful and unique.


I do not understand why my account's reputation is still zero from the create first account,,whereas others first create an account already 25 ..

The most beautiful thing to me is my mother. She has literally supported me through thin and thick and she continues to believe that i will become somebody in the nearest future.

My family, without doubts

The most beautiful thing in my life is family. They've been wonderful.

The most beautiful thing in my life is my family, my cat, my neighbour.

The most beautiful thing in my life is to fall in love with a nurse who takes care of my mother in the hospital ..

The most beautiful thing in my life is that I have a brother like him.For me he is greatest brother in the world.@bunnypuncher I think most of the peoples are lucky who had a elder brother.Because your elder brother is always with you to protect you and help you in difficult situation.

I think the most beautiful thing in life is. Treasure, Throne, and Woman. You must believe that Mr.bunnypuncher 😄

Congratulations to the all winners..
I want to win it..

The most beautiful thing in my life is my family

The wonderful thing I ever felt was dreaming of boarding a plane, because during my life I have never been on a plane ..

The most important thing I'm my life right now is steemit.

Thats why I promote it everyday.

Good luck to all

The most beautiful thing in my life is *my parents".They mean everyrhing to me.

Congrats to the winners, hope I win this time! The most beautiful thing in my life is my friends and family.

Hello @bunnypuncher. The most beautiful things in life are neither seen, nor touched, felt. That's why the most beautiful thing in my life is love.

My job is the most beautiful thing I have now.

I love my children so much. A son and a daughter. They are the most beautiful things I own.

Big Congratulations to the winners

The most beautiful thing in my life right now is Steemit. I enjoy being here.

My mum is the most eautiful thing I own. She means the world to me.

The most beautiful moment of my life is when I spend the night with my boyfriend..😊

My family is the most beautiful thing I have. When i remember them, I feel happy and inspired.

Many wonderful things in life, but not all of them end beautifully.

My father is the most beautiful thing to me. Though he is late, I still cherrish me for all that he did for me.

Hopefully I can get success in your daily contest.

The most beautiful thing in life is when we achieve a success.


The best thing in life is being able to breathe for free without paying for it, unlike oxygen at the Hospital..

The most beautiful thing in my life is everyday because i am able to wake up and have a new challenges to face, and it makes me strong and knowledgeable enough to face the challenges again. I also wake up with my parents, which always shows love, light and colors. Of course! steemit and steemians are also one of the reason why my day becomes beautiful because they always give information such as stories and different activities around the world.

Good job.
Success for you every day

Good day @bunnypuncher..dont forget me please. Hehe.

I love you..

My entry is here

love, happiness, togetherness with the people we love, achieve dreams, freedom. need not be explained, these things are the most beautiful things in life.
but to me, the most beautiful thing in life is life itself. It is not easy to live life, but with that life I can feel the most beautiful things, falling in love, sharing happiness with other people happy, friendship, and many beautiful things that I feel.
life is the most beautiful thing in my life.

Be happy and smiling always

Weldone selector. Keep selecting new peoples

Most beautiful thing in my life is my marriage

So sweet of you

Wish to be lucky

I Love this opportunity :) hope I can win haha

Thank you for this contest
I love my parents the most in my life.

They are the reason why we are here in this world. Even if the whole world pushes you down, they are the ones that raises you up.. Even when no body trusts you, they are the one who blindly trusts you. Even if you hate yourself, they are the ones that love you more than themselves. I've seen myself go down and my parents lifting me up. What else do we want in life? Isn't that the greatest blessing one can ever have in life?

In everyday life, the most beautiful thing is, all the regular things I do. Getting up, cleaning my home, feeding my animals, having a cup of tea with my family, calling my mom, the mundaneness of these activities some how give me peace.

My very favorite everyday event is taking all 7 of our wily dogs on an adventure, be it the beach, or a stroll through the forest

Thankyou friends

Love vacations and free days :)

Whats the most beautiful thing in my life? Dont you think it is the life? I feel if we hadnt had the life we wouldnt have all the things that are beautiful to you. Love the life you have and everythig around you becomes beautiful, you will love everything. I love my life, thats the kost beautiful thing @bunnypuncher❤️

This is great thing that you are doing here @bunnypuncher , it promotes more and more users to stay in the platform and not lose hope, thankyou a lot for this❤️

The love I receive from my family, especially by my mother and my grandparents.

Beautiful question indeed.
At present, im struggling in speaking in english, but thru english movies that i love to watch, there are gradual improvements that i can show to others.
Thanks to my brother who compiled lots of Foreign movies.
So thats the most beautiful thing in my life now aside from family

Tennis is the most beautiful thing in my life right now :) Also my bff .

My family. When we are all good, the euphoria is boundless.

Wow. I pray to win.
For the topic of discussion.
The most beautiful are my Parents, my brother and my sister-in-law. Family.
There really isn't enough amount of time or space to write why one should (must) love one's parents. If you'd give it a thought about what they have done and sacrificed for you, for your life and future, you'd understand that there's nothing more lovable and valuable in life. Trust me.

Thanks for this opportunity @bunnypuncher. I consider my family as the most beautiful thing in life.

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What is the most beautiful thing in my life? My daughter and my son.