Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/05/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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This contest is over please join the 5/06 one.

Daily giveaway 5/05/2018.

First Place: @adiforever
Second Place: @creyestxsa94
Third Place: @nancy7819
Fourth Place: @thaishps
Fifth Place: @louzam
Sixth Place: @randyacostahp
Seventh Place: @meme.elena
Eigtth Place: @nirma

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 11.20.01 AM.png

Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

#1) Leave a comment

Suggested Daily Topic

As always you are free to comment whatever you like to enter. You do not have to follow this suggestion.

If you are struggling with what to comment about, or want to join lively discussions with the other Steemians comment on the daily topic

Here is the daily topic:


In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


is bunnypuncher related to bunnycoin?

No relation, but I could always use more coin.

Why is it so hard for a leopard to hide? Because he’s always spotted.

Good one and first joke so here is an upvote.

And a winner today too. Congratulations

Thank you soooo much!!

OMGGGG!!!!!! I can't believeee ittt!!!! Thank yooou sooo muuuch!!! It's my day today!! YAAAAAYYY!!! I'm sooo happyyy :) :) :)

Congrats on the win. Glad to make your day. 🐇👊

Hehehe, if you just saw me when i saw that I won, I was really jumping jumping! HAHAHAHA :D :D Anyways, THANK YOOOU SOOO MUUUCH!!! :)

Today is right on May 5th is my birthday ,, you did not give me any gift for my birthday celebration ...
I am sad ..:):)

What a cute bunny! Thanks, it has made me very happy! This will help me a lot and grow in Steemit, again thank you very much! What a good contest! :)

I am so terrible with jokes. I can't even remember one to tell here. Does this count? why does the blind man cross the road?

Have a wonderful and blessed day! This is a really great contest!


That's a good one lol

That must have been why you were giving me apples ROFL

That is a funny one. It made me laugh so thank you for sharing it. 😂

Donald Trump.

Competition grows day by day! Hope for some luck though!

Thanks for hosting this!

Hi @bunnypuncher ,, I do not know what your job is, can you tell me?

Wow,,it means that you are a great boxer,.😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

Yes I am but only the speed bag.

A wonderful opportunity can win a contest from you mr. @bunnypuncher as you give above average gifts from others

You announce it before up to 24 hours, though I have not participated in the daily contest yesterday ..😊

Yea did this one a little early. I did say depends on my schedule.

Eum seems to have a chance to win the prize from you, a little optimistic no problem mr. @bunnypuncher because we have to have a personal principle different from others

There is only one word for your daily contest ,, YOU WORK VERY GOOD FOR SATISFACTORY YOUR FANS,

You are Justien Bieber from Florida.....wkwkwkwk

Boy: ' I lost my leg in accident, Alexandre too me to hospital.

Gf: Who is alexandra!!!!!! And how you know her!!!

Congratulations on the winners! :)

Someday I'll win in your contest ..

See your daily contest i'm very happy, let alone can to win it ..

I would like to congratulate the winners of your daily contest, hopefully those who have not won it are not discouraged.

But I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food and fine girls LIVE from the Internet.

-When people walk away from your life, call them back…and give them transport fare to make it faster.

-Only in Lagos you will see an ALBINO with tribal marks! Some parents are wicked…………

Pick me as a winner
please o/

The noblest work is to help small fish learn to swim in the open seas.

Is it okay to enter myself as a joke? Everyone thinks I'm a joke...sigh...

You are prefectly within your rights to enter yourself as the joke.

Congrats to winners
i hope to be lucky again
best regards

😂 😂 😂

Thanks for your generousity @bunnypuncher xxoo

Nice contest..
I'am very happy.

Are your wife is not angry you much seduce another woman in Steemit ??😁😁

I'm here keeping an eye on him don't worry.

it is great contest for me i am the old participator

Still i’m Trying to understand how this contest works? 🧐

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for your support for the steemit subscribers

Checked ! rechecked!
No! my name is not in the winner list.
Ok! i am in again :-)

I am very happy with your work ..

If you're a woman and you get breast reduction, you need to donate those boobs. There are flat women out there, right now, who actually have to think of clever things to say in conversation

Why do cows need bells?
Because their horns don't work.

Happiness lies in small things like the first rain, the first word spoken by the baby, the first day of school/college, first date, first love and so many things. Even then, every human being looks for bigger happiness. I would also be happy with my first win on Steemit in case I win this contest.

In this opportunity I really look forward to your gift, why because the contest of you I consider as a golden opportunity that I will not waste

When I sit down to read books

If their is 5 birds on a tree and I shoot the other one, how many will remain?
If you answer 4 then you are wrong, It's 0 because they will fly away after hearing the sound of the gun ;)

The biggest thing in my life right now is my girlfriend. I love this girl. I know I love her because she told me...Lol

Someday my name will be in this list :D

Try my luck, hope to win one day 😁

I quickly scanned through the winners' list. Then, I remembered my username.

Amazing. Thank you for this contest. I hope i win.

Put your money in Bitconnect the number one Ponzi scheme which will give you a 1-5% guarantee.

don’t invest in scams guys.

Hopefully tomorrow you announce the winner at the same hour as now so I do not miss the information.

Unfortunately, I'm not that consistent with my timing. Apologies ahead of time.

Okay, it doesn't matter, the important thing is you can keep doing your great work without getting hindered ..

I keep him real busy.

Wow. I am happy to see this contest everyday. I hope i win one day.
Thumbs up

Coolest contest ever. Glad to be a part of it. I have resteemed and upvoted.
Thabk you @bunnypuncher

I wan to win it.

congrats to the winners

Great. Congrats to the winners. You all deserved it. I will soon :)

I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction.

never back down

Sunsets are the opposites of sunrise. Just a nonsense comment hehe

Why did the turkey cross the road?
To prove he's not a chicken

What do you call a man with no nose and no body?

Wow. Awesome contest. I appreciate your work and generosity.

What do vegan zombies eat? Grains.

Today should be my day. Thank you for the amazing contest. Congrats to the winners in advance.

Thanks for this cool contest!

Hey bunny thanks for ur support
I want so bad be a winner

Try and try :)

Nothing beats a man when he already been beaten by his own hands. Tomorrow will be my day.

Father: “Son, you were adopted.”
Son: “What?! I knew it! I want to meet my biological parents!”
Father: “We are your biological parents. Now pack up, the new ones will pick you up in 20 minutes.”

Congrats to the winners. Can't really think of any joke right now. I hope i ll be able to drop for tomorrow's topic.

Though your contest yesterday I have not followed ,, eh it turns out you've created a new contest,

Congratulations to the winner your daily contest yesterday..

I believe it's gonna happen soon for me, yaay

Okay. I have this joke that my friend told me, it cracks me up.
They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now.

I could tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I won't get a reaction.

I think I'm gonna win on February 30th

Your great job never stops before you die, I hope you live a long life.:)

I hope so too!!

I have seen a lot your angry bunny but I never enter to your profile, now I did and I think your contest is good for help us :D

Always when I hear Jokes I remember this :

There was a little Chicken that It raised a leg raised the other one and fell down :D

Everyone has a dark past, maybe those who are elected can get out of the dark world.
Now you have helped many steemian friends by creating a very high prize contest and you do it almost every day. For me this is amazing. Thanks @Bunnypucher

At a party to waiter come to offer more whiskey to a woman:

  • Madame, do you like another drink?
  • No, thank you, It can hurt my legs.
  • your legs will go numb?
  • No, they open up!

My baby cousin says she wants to fill the house with water, so I gave her a basket! She is still filling the drums till now! 😂😂

Thank you for reading my comment, hope you can smile for yourself.

Nice contest. Thank you for this contest.
Congrats to the previous and future winners.

Here I am but I have never won :(

Ohh i dont know any jokes. I will just resteem this post

Time is money, I do not want to pass your contest a day also, but my time is gone to learn to make money in school, so I can not get money from you ..lol

What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?

Do you have children,?

Yes 3 little bunnies at home.

Hahahha..you equate your child with a rabbit, you must be wary if your wife will beat you..😝

Yep he better watch it or he might become roadkill lolol

Who needs love to cuddle when sweet pillow and ice cream with a nice movie does the job.

I aspire to be a diplomat overseas, if I am assigned to America hopefully we can meet ..

Sure come over to Florida and jump in the bunnypuncher family rabbit hole :)

I would be happy if I could have an office near your house, I want to eat your food in your home..haha

We would charge you rent.

Pray for me to become an Indonesian Consulate in the state of Florida ..

I want to congratulate the winners of the contest yesterday, hopefully I can win tomorrow..

Haven't been picked but that doesn't mean I will back down now
Great give away by the way lol see what I did there?

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Your daily contest is very good

Yesterday I did not have time to enter your contest because busy work ,, plan I want to come tonight, but it turns out you've announced it ..😱

I'm jealous of you, you're more glancing at other girls than me lol

Oh no he is not!!

A stutterer was to buy a corn cake and the seller asks if you put butter? And the stammerer responds, if without butter and the seller responded! Oh no! Boy! The i put butter

sube el telón y aparece 13 panes baja el telón , sube el telón aparecen 3 pirulines, baja el telón .¿Cómo se llama la obra ?
misión imposible.

Conejita hermosa, déjame ganar de nuevo.

Es hombre, lol.

Jajajajajajaja bueno ya quedó conejita xD

There's a cow on the mooooooo -n!

Thank you but the winner @adiforever I very happy

A stutterer was to buy a corn cake and the seller asks if you put butter? And the stammerer responds, if without butter and the seller responded! Oh no! Boy! The i put butter

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