10/25 Amidakuji Results

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The Results Are In

10 25 AMI RESULTS.jpg

And the winners for last week’s Amidakuji are:

Jackpot Recipient: @miniature-tiger, @ackhoo, and @avesa.

First off, I would like to welcome @miniature-tiger and @ackhoo back to the winner’s circle. I would also like to welcome @avesa to it. May you all stand here again some day.

Second, I would like to give you all a big congratulations! While this week’s jackpot didn’t rise to the levels that it has in the past, I hope you will all still be happy to get a little piece of the main prize. Last week’s Amidakuji payout totaled 4.805 SBD and 4.929 Steem. As a result, each of you will receive 1.602 SBD and 1.643 Steem. Thank you for playing every week!! It means a lot to me.


Promotion Post: The winner of this week’s Promotion Post Award is @booste, whom I believe is a first-time contestant. Welcome to the winner’s circle @booste. I will write a post about you and your blog this week, and I will transfer the SBD rewards from that post to you after the seven-day payout period has expired.

Please tell me what the best way to contact you is, or feel free to contact me in the Amidakuji chat channel that is located on the SteemitBC Discord server.

Last week, I wrote a promotional post about @crystalandhawaii, a kind Steemian who writes bi-lingual posts about Hawaii (Japanese and English). If you’re interested, you can find her latest post here I became a Witch!.



Resteem: My last congratulations goes out to @liliana.duarte, another return winner. If you aren’t familiar with @liliana.duarte, you really should be. She is a non-stop blogging Steemian from way back in the day who writes some mouth-watering cooking posts on Sundays about Portugese cuisine, takes fantastic pictures, and has, what I think is, a poetic flare.

I have voted for and resteemed two @liliana.duarte’s posts. Please feel free to check them out here.

7 Day Black and White Photo Challenge—Day 7

Sunday Cook #30—Cod with Cream

As always, to all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

Don’t forget to try your luck again next week!

Also, please join me in SteemitBC’s Amidakuji chat where you will soon find secret Amidakuji opportunities that won’t be available to you anywhere else: https://discord.gg/3PCEmZq

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Thanks a lot for your kind words and for voting and reestiming my two last posts :) That's great! Thanks too for your kind words :)


I really like your posts. I don't see as many of them as I should, but I have a hard time making the rounds. I was very happy to have an excuse to stop by

Yayyyy!! Am most happy to be as you say, "...back to the winner’s circle". Thank you very much, @boxcarblue, more so as this is also one of my favourite lucky numbers!! All the best too to the other winners, also of the other categories!
Most of all, my gratitude once again to @boxcarblue for organising these Amidakuji rounds, and raising the excitement levels amongst us regularly! :D Have a great week ahead, everyone!!


I'm just glad you're having fun. And thanks for joining the Discord channel. I've got something fun in the works.

Thank you for your post


You're welcome. Thanks for the comment.

@miniature-tiger, @ackhoo, and @avesa. おめでとうございます! Congratulations! My losing streak is bound to end next time!


Hahaha... I am sure it will! All the very best, @rt395... And thank you!! :))


We'll see about that;)

Thank you @boxcarblue.
I really appreciate it!!


Steem on;)



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All you have to do is sending once 10 SBD to @steemwin for a lifetime daily chance to win!

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Thanks @boxcarblue! This is a fantastic surprise again!


I'm glad to hear it. Play again next week.