The Meaning of Ock

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Many people see "ock" and they are absolutely horrified. These people assume that it means something sinister. On the contrary. It is actually designed to invoke a thought process while opening your mind to seeing what else is in store.

The word "ock" is a suffix used to form nouns from nouns, originally with a diminutive sense. This particular suffix has lost its meaning as a diminutive in words such as buttock and ruddock. In words such as haddock, drillock, ballock, bullock, maddock, paddock, hillock, etc. the "ock" suffix actually means small. The name @big.ock is a play on words and a complete anomaly. I do not expect you all to understand this..

What the eye sees, the mind believes but in some cases there is more than meets the eye. In certain cases these things may be intentionally hidden, while in others they are simply overlooked.

Congratulations, you have now discovered your first hint. There are many hidden meanings within my account, as well as codes. Many of these will be discovered in the future, while others may never be discovered. A select few of these are still in the development stages. Others are being implemented on the blockchain as you read this. They will all come together soon. Good luck.........




I am lost with the code but like the play on words, big/small... My hubby likes codes and magic not that they are the same thing but both require skill I don;t have lol..

Thanks for the comment. Most people will be lost for a while. Most of the codes and puzzles are to be used in the future. I've hidden different things throughout my posts. Some of them are simple words and phrases that are meant to be overlooked. A few intentional misspellings, punctuation errors and photos that don't seem to go with the writing. For example, I may write about birds yet have a picture of a lion. It isn't really one big code (except for the equation). There are several hidden meanings. Some of it could be considered more art and less code. More or less. Only I really understand them right now. I'm intentionally trying to NOT put the pieces together yet.

This link is Broken

@big.ock Sounds very interesting, make sure you let me know when you get it live and active :)

Love the play on words @big.ock. I love creative thinking where no boxes are found. As for buried treasure, usually I do less digging and more pondering.

Thank you. I do a lot of pondering myself. I'm just enjoying burying treasure for others to discover. I once lived in a house that was over 100 years old. I hid different messages and things in walls, and other places for people to find in the future. Who knows if they ever found them but some of the things I did would lead them to believe it was haunted. Lol. current home is pushing well over're creating your own time capsule @big.ock

Yeah. It was fun doing it. I don't need to see the rewards from it. Who knows if anyone will ever even see them. I have never even told anyone. I just stamped this on the block chain though so others may be able to find those things in the future, if the house still exists then. Nobody knows they are even there. You may have had someone like myself living in your home in the past as well. Who knows what those walls could hold. There could be anything from simple messages to great riches... Just something to ponder.

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