Get Your Entries In! This Week's Finish the Story Needs You!

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Hello fellow potassium seeking pilgrims. The latest edition of the Finish the Story contest is out and it needs your endings.

Granted @ntowl may have scared many of you away by challenging you to write non-horror endings. But never fear! Any ending is welcomed, but if you can wrap your weird, strange, and twisted ideas into something different than usual so much the better. It's a challenge to be sure, out of your comfort zone maybe but by stretching yourself you'll become a better writer and storyteller.

Are you up for it?

Please rush over to the latest edition linked below and post your ending before 11 pm EST Wednesday July 24th.

These folks participated in the last edition, so I've tagged them here so they can join in again:



banner f3nix 2.jpg



Calluna Tell A Story to me banner.jpg


At this point I would need a miracle. Such a pity, I had an half-decent idea for the ending... 😓

I believe in miracles! But if it doesn't happen stop by and vote for your favorite starting 11 pm eastern tonight.

I'm on in 😄

Sorry, but this time I can't participate. I have to write the awarding place for Mizu No Oto and then I would like to do a curation tour through the entries of the Flash Contest.
Good luck to all participants!

Yes the potassium deity unloaded his good work to you this week! I bow to your dedication!

I'm planning on it. Things are cooking.

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