LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE CONTEST WEEK #011 - SPONSORED BY @block-lotto and @drakos - 3.000 STEEM in prizes! - Submissions post

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"The poetry of Earth is never dead"

Here is WEEKLY contest. Bring us your visions of landscapes and seascapes



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Copyright: @axeman

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1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
3Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry/photo or artwork must be in COMMENTS to this thread, add link to initial post if you like
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the Thursday following this post (24.00Hrs CET)
9Upvote and resteem / support good initiatives. Note, upvote could be 1% even, your concern and action matters, not final figures

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY contest, don't forget :)
So go outside and be creative

1st place - 1.200 STEEM
2nd place - 1.000 STEEM
3rd place - 0.800 STEEM

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What I like most about winters in Himalaya that we can do trekking in snow too but in lower range like uptp 3500 meters.
It was less snowfall in 2018 winters so me and my friend decided to hike on a long ride which connects Mandi to Kullu valley. We trekked almost 35 km in 2 days with all supports with us, like stove, meals, sleeping bag, maitress and of course many clothes for -10 degree temperature.
These are the potato fields but that time the entire area was covered with snow. So this was the small description about my submission. Hope all will like it.

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Great view and nice story

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My entry for this week is a sunset over the shipwreck Captain James A. Duffy nearby my home.

Sunset over the Captain James A. Duffy shipwreck
Sunset over the Captain James A. Duffy

Amazing view

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Thank you 😊

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @axeman
BuildTeam wishes everyone a great Christmas and bullish Holidays
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My entry is an autumn scene to warm me up in this January cold weather.


A few days ago we had very dense fog and I was able to take, among other photos, this photo of a frost-covered fence.

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Original post:

Consolation prizes.

Living on the Los Angeles - Orange county line surrounded by 7 million plus people, the ocean is a relief. Or as Iggy puts it. "consolation prizes" here's a little sound track for my photo if you care to listen for fun


Here is my entry. This is from a cloudy hike on New year's eve.

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Hi everyone 😊 this my 1st entry to Landscape/Seascape Contest:

I share this photo that I like it not only for the different shades of water color of the Indian Ocean but because it reminds me that the rhythms of nature can not be changed at will. The boat stranded on the beach must wait for the tide to rise before sailing and the fishermen of this part of the world know that they have to wait and respect the slow pace of nature marked by day and night, high and low tide, good weather and bad weather. I hope you like my choice.

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Here's my entry:

I took this photo in Croatia in the last summer. It was unbelievable windy upon our arrival. I couldn't even use a tripod it was shaking like hell. :-)