The Psychology Of Control & The Manufacturing Of Mainstream Culture

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The Psychology Of Control

I must have been about eight years old when I began to notice the control and manipulation mechanisms that television heralded over my friends. The incessant repetition of catchphrases and the purchase of associated products was akin to a mind virus that spread from child to child. From then onwards I have been on a journey that has taken me to the outer limits of the mind and human psychology. Today I’m going to discuss the multifaceted nature of societal manipulation and equally display my belief that television is manipulating us towards the collectivisation of thought.


In light of the information contained within this post it’s sobering to note that the average person spends approx eight hours per day in front of some form of screen (more time than sleep). By the time they reach seventy years old they will have spent approx 10-15 years watching TV and four years watching adverts. Although with the ability to freeze and fast forward TV the adverts have now become more insidious.

As I’ve already alluded to it’s my belief that msm pop culture carries a subliminal virus and to a great extent television is the needle that injects this virus into the mind of the viewer. Indeed I profoundly feel that television should be looked upon as a tool of entrainment and not entertainment. Whilst our conscious minds deal with rational and logic it’s interesting to note that when watching TV our minds enter the alpha state. The alpha brainwave is the link between the conscious and subconscious mind and so in many ways television provides the programmer with a doorway into the subconscious. In bypassing the brains ability to rationalise, propagandists are able to use emotional sequences to attach subliminal messages into the mind of the viewer.

Social engineers have been refining these techniques for generations , refining them to the point of weaponisation. Insidiously implanting ideas that we later subconsciously absorb into our perception and associated belief systems, a war on the mind and free will.

Big brother.png

False Foundations

Although I hate the analogy of our brain being a biological computer (we’re much more than that) for me the similarity comes from the perspective that our minds are only as good as the information we put into it. Irrespective of intelligence if you control the input then (to an ever increasing degree) you control the perceptual reality. From this perspective and in many ways we live in an externally created virtual reality, an illusion; life now imitates art and although in the context of television/media I use the word “art” very loosely society appears to be mimicking what it watches, subconsciously morphing into it and the more we mimic the faster the virus spreads.

Must Watch

An Instigator Of Degradation

Television has both changed and (I believe) degraded every country it has been visited upon. Although each country downloads slightly different cultural messages the media is also creating narratives that transcend culture and play to the aforementioned emotions. This is a faux and contrived definition of unity, but in the march towards globalism and the hive mind we must have common scripts and narratives that we are following. So lets take a look at how they manipulate perception and mold the general consensus.


Talk Shows

The vast majority of people are hardwired to gravitate towards the choices of their peers and the general consensus. The basis of this hardwiring originates from our tribal past and as we march towards the hive mind, it’s being increasingly weaponised against us. Within the tribe cohesion, agreement and common purpose was key to the survival of the individual. Indeed to become ostracised from the collective was both dangerous and potentially tantamount to a death sentence.

So taking this into consideration let’s take a look at how the oft propagandic late night talk show uses this basis to mold an artificial, externally created general consensus. Indeed a consensus that is itself a stepping stone towards group think and the hive mind endgame. The talk show is increasingly used to point the collective in a preordained destination. Through visual cues the studio audience are told how to react, their manipulated laughter/distain is then used to filter certain ideas/perceptions into the minds of the viewer at home. The viewer then incorporates these ideas into their perceptual reality. Through laughter and derision the viewer is subconsciously absorbed into the perspective of the manipulated group think.

Canned Laughter

The canned laughter we hear within the sitcom are utilised as both an acknowledgement and awareness that the individual needs to hear feedback before committing to a joke and indeed the same can be said for a point of view. The canned laughter and now the more nuanced visual cues signal that in sharing the laughter the individual is part of the collective, the talk show simply exchanges the canned laughter for applause signs. Alongside emotional responses comedy is a powerful tool of propaganda. The laughter, applause, boo’s and derision bypasses the minds logic shields and creates a subconscious perception of individuals and events. By incorporating the orchestrated group think messages into their perception, individuals are programmed to react negatively to people whom are either not part of the group or the groupthink perspective.


MSM News

News programmes (programming) are increasingly incorporating these perceptual manipulations into their reporting and reading. The newsreaders laughter, the raised eyebrow, the smile, the change of tone when discussing certain individuals and events are again used to influence the subconscious mind of the viewer. Keywords such as “terror” or “change” etc etc are known to illicit observable emotional responses. Patterns of words and the repetition of words/phrases are used again used to infiltrate the subconscious and drive subliminal messages home.

Speech patterns of the newsreaders are very similar to those of a hypnotist, as is the fact that the reader looks you directly in the eye whilst saying them. It’s no mistake that newsreaders often keep their jobs for such a length of time, this is done to instil trust within the viewer. Because many of us grow from childhood to adulthood being read the news by the same faces, we subconsciously take it for granted that they are speaking the truth. Equally each important message/story follows a familiar pattern which also garners trust.

The introduction to a particular subject is then followed by an expert’s opinion (because an expert knows best) which is then followed by a conclusion that leaves little room for questioning. I will also add that they are adept at creating a narrative without committing themselves legally, listen to the words they use for they are very important. The terms suspected, alleged etc are often tied in with the emotive words such as attack, terror etc and so they are often missed and thus they create a false perspective in the mind of the viewer. I can’t stress this enough, pay close attention to every word they use, for every word is both well chosen and deliberate!


Media Created Success Stories

In terms of the direction society is being pushed in or message that the manipulator wants us to absorb, the popularity of films, tv, books etc are often created and are not a result of their merit or organic growth. The audience is literally told what is going to be a success and the vast majority are carried along by this faux general consensus. This consensus is then repeated so often that it becomes accepted fact, equally it’s fact that the majority may not have reached of their own volition.

As an example, I watched this process in action with the book (and now film franchise) fifty shades of grey. I have previously highlighted my belief that there is an increasing attempt to separate love and sex and from this perspective the book appeared to fulfil a wider narrative relating to sex as a control mechanism. Coming from a relatively unknown author, suddenly the book was everywhere and garnering the level of exposure lavish Hollywood epics would be jealous of. It was the buzz word, it was in papers, magazines, talk shows and I even noticed prime time news programmes had dedicated entire slots to discuss/advertise it. Someone wanted this book to be absorbed into the public consciousness, and from this perspective it didn't really matter whether you read it or not .. we all knew what it was about.

As a way to ascertain whether this level of exposure was testament to the novels literary prowess (and equally so I could later write about it) I read a few chapters and found it to be poorly written and distinctly average. Equally as I already knew, the novel fitted into a longer and wider term narrative and so talent didn’t really come into it. I would also like to add that if you enjoyed it that’s fine, but we have to get away from viewing the world through our eyes and see it from the social engineers perspective.


Sport & Televised Sport

Firstly I’m not saying sport is bad! Indeed it’s very beneficial to health and I recognise that entirely, but again it pays to step back and view it from a different perspective. A hundred or so years ago sports culture, the notion of adults playing competitive sports in arenas would have been greeted with laughter and derision. Playing was something that children did, whilst adults focused upon .. well adult things! Yes, before I’m shouted down I realise that is a simple analogy but without getting into the whole history of sport I’m going to leave it there. Although, I will just say that in ancient history the Olympics etc were very different from the team system we have today and much of what is now termed sport was associated with military prowess/combat. Team sports predominantly originated from the British Empire during the 19th century.


It was at this time the writer, futurist and indeed eugenicist H.G Wells began to envisage the sports arenas and sport culture of the future. The manufactured sports culture would again utilise a tribal system of allegiances. With this idea as a template as institutions gradually and insidiously began to take over all the masculine roles; sport was considered an outlet for an aggression that may have otherwise been channelled into matters of consequence. By manipulating the tribal basis of our heritage they slowly channelled the definition of masculinity away from the role of societal protector and into support of their team/tribe and indeed sports arena. Slowly greasing the skids to ease the males gradual slide into disenfranchisement and allowing the social engineers an ever increasing free reign to construct the social order.


Racism & The Left Right Paradigm

Whilst I’m discussing the manipulation of our tribal heritage I will take a brief aside to point out that racism is manipulated play on tribalism and as such in many ways it’s also manufactured. It’s perfectly understandable that within the tribe outsiders would have been viewed with mistrust, indeed this is a hardwired survival mechanism. But where I believe our true path of evolution would have gradually built towards one tribe, the social engineers have again used this hardwiring to ferment racism as a tool of perpetual division and control.

Racism also plays to the left/right paradigm and the pendulum of totalitarianism, they manipulate the pendulum to swing to the far right and as people realise what is/has happened they attach the guilt to a populace that then instinctively runs back to the left. This is exactly what’s happening now and because everyone is looking to the right the pendulum of totalitarianism is currently swinging back to the left, although equally they both feed each other. This is (I believe) the reason for the predominant focus on right wing totalitarianism in our education system; it has rendered the tactics of the left increasingly invisible to children and future generations and as such leaves the door open for one final swing. My advice is that if you’re crossing the road its best to look both ways!


Entrainment Cycles

When the social engineers want to introduce a new, controversial idea that is outside of the belief or indeed morality of the populace they use what I call entrainment cycles. They introduce an idea, first of all it will be in maybe a couple of papers perhaps a talk show and then they step back and gauge opinion. They then wait for a while and bring in the second cycle and this time it will have a wider reach, more papers, more shows and then again they step back. They repeat this process as many times as is necessary and each time the cycle becomes tighter and receives more coverage.

Eventually the cycle becomes so tight and widespread it reaches a singularity of thought, the subconscious of the populace has become so entrained to this new idea/direction that they both accept it and incorporate it into their perceptual reality. The term "boiling frogs" is a similar concept, although I prefer my cyclical analogy as our brains, physiology and metabolic processes are en-tuned to the cyclical nature of reality, seasons, the clocks, lunar cycles and so I feel our brains are maluable to the cyclical nature of this manipulation.


Soft Trauma Based Mind Control

One thing to be aware of whilst watching news media is soft trauma based mind control. Despite what the media portray for the vast majority of mankind violence and evil are not naturally compatible to the human condition. Yes people carry out evil acts but there are few that are genuinely born to be cruel, evil is a perversion of the human condition and at our essence it is not who we are. In terms of msm news, certain tv programmes and films they show or describe visceral violence which is then often followed by soothing imagery. It's my belief that by alternating between good and evil the images play to the duality of our psyche.

By contrasting between disturbing violence and humour, compassion the brain subconsciously disassociates itself from the trauma and creates a kind of soft alter ego/splinter personality within our minds. This is the brains coping mechanism but is also done in such a subtle way that we do not notice it. It's my belief that there is an intent behind this and its being done so that we subconsciously disassociate ourselves from the violence which over a long period of time drains our abilty to empathise with the plight of our fellow man/woman.



The deceptions I’ve discussed in this post are much like hypnotism, in that they don’t work on everyone and so I’m obviously using generalisations. Many recognise the vapid and indeed souless nature of our mainstream culture, but the vast majority are unaware of the control mechanisms that are being built around us. There are people that are paid vast sums of money to define your perceptual reality and I profoudly feel that now is the time to take back control of our minds and this starts by understanding that we are on the fontlines of a mind war.

To see the world as it really is, requires us to open our eyes and equally in the process open our minds and understand what it could be. The world is and always has been what we make it and the power is and always has been with the people, we just need to help each other remember that fact.

Thank you for reading, until next time I will once again leave you to decide who has the perceptual flaws.

I would also like to invite you to take a look at three of my other associated posts as I feel that when combined they provide a comprehensive overview of what we're up against.



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Another brilliant and thought provoking post mate.
For those of us who are aware of the insipid programming of the general public that is being undertaken by the MSM/Hollywood/Music industry it is easy and alarming to see how the anti has been upped in just the last few years.
Makes you wonder if things are coming to a head!?

No one truly in control of their own thoughts can believe the vast majority of ‘news’ being spewed out from the networks anymore, if they tell me it’s raining I look out of the window as I assume it’s a lie such is the corruption within their ranks.

The music industry is being used as a propaganda tool for those who wish to promote peadophila and satanism and dilute the ever decreasing morality of the next generation.

Hollywood has for the longest time now assisted in the break down of not just collective morality but also the disintegration/vilification of the traditional family unit, which over time has handed increasing power over the vast majority to the ‘state’.

It’s interesting the Daz brought up Why don’t you in his comment as it was the first thing I thought about when I started reading the post, as a kid I always thought it was interesting that there was a TV show that advised switching of the TV and go and do something less boring instead, maybe it was made by someone who was aware of the agenda. Haha I’ve just seen your reply and I thought the exact same thing!!
There wouldn’t be a show.

The saddest part of this story for me is that it didn’t have to be this way, the psychopaths and sociopaths that have been allowed to take control of these mediums through collusion with corrupt officialdom are a minuscule percentage of the population but sadly the collective have become lazy, greedy and dumbed down to the point where they are happy to delegate responsibilities for their lives and dependants to an increasingly Orwellian state.

If people don’t get off their arses and smell the tyranny soon it will be too late to stop the next generation being programmed into accepting paedophilia as normal, murdering psychotic witches as viable presidential candidates and everything Russian as evil.


Great post dude, resteemed as ever 😉

Hey my friend,

As always, thank you for the support and great comment .. you know how much I appreciate it! In relation to msm and the music industry upping the anti I couldn't really agree more, it's as if someone has flicked a switch and simply decided it's now or never! It's happened so quickly and yet so insidiously that few have noticed the seizmic faux cultural changes that are taking place around them, yet if you were to go back ten, five, hell even a year ago you would realise how quickly they have been able to indoctrinate vast swathes of the public into this depraved new world!

MSM & Hollywood is in many ways becoming a perceptual cancer on society .. weaving it's spells and illusions so that we begin to accept the previously unthinkable as acceptable. That should come as no surprise, Holly Wood .. the wood from the holly tree was always used to make witches wands so they could cast spells, you see the clue is in the name it always is.

Yes I remember why don't you very clearly, I can hear the theme tune in my head .. although as much as I admire it, perhaps the sentiment wasn't the best way to advertise a tv programme. :D

I think the problem is that most decent people simply want to live their lives, keep a roof over their heads and provide for their families. Equally (not always) there seems to be a certain person/archetype that graviates towards positions of power and like you say power does indeed appear to attract individuals with varying degrees of psychopathy. Thanks again @tremendospercy .. as always it's a pleasure to hear from you!!

Anytime buddy.
I agree decent people do want to just get on with their lives in peace, it goes back to the statement that there are two kinds of people....

Those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave you alone...

These fucking morons currently being allowed to control our paradigm just won’t leave us alone, through their corrupt politicians and insipid propaganda media they are bombarding decent folk with fear porn and bullshit legislation to combat the phony fear.
That along with an increasingly inflated currency forces people to spend most of their time working to survive and worrying about their future and the future of their kids and no time to ponder why the fuck they’re in the shit position they are in.
If they did en masse there would be a worldwide revolution almost immediately and this shit would be over.
It’s all about distraction, how long will the masses be distracted by the shiny thing being shaken in front of them?
Not long I hope, I’m sick of this shit.

I think worldwide revolution will happen, just not in the way the action troupe hopes and plans for.

It was part of the government to have a device to keep people distracted of what happen in real world. They keep people entertained that way people will have no time of critical thinking, the government don't need critical thinkers were they are a burden to those elites. People are so dumb nowadays and we need to help them to spread the word, it is our responsibility to wake them up, once people became a victim from entertainment deception they become zombies.

The other day I caught an old episode of Hawaii Five Oh from the '70s and I could almost see my older relatives watching the show and expressing their very predictable reactions. The story was about young drug addicts and how benevolent the cops were in stopping their self-destructive behavior. I could see how stories like this shaped a fear of drugs that I saw in my parents and grandparents. I'm not here to cheerlead for drugs, but the fear-based manipulation was so apparent. And then I saw something I wasn't expecting: one of the cops was bemoaning the fact that these drugs didn't have a centralized supply mechanism. It was the decentralized nature of the free black market that was causing this problem, which could explain why many in my parents' and grandparents' generation also viewed decentralized freedoms as suspicious. So much of what is now politically correct got its start on "very special" episodes of 1970s TV dramas and sitcoms.

Hey @geke thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment, I really appreciate it! And yes so many of those programmes created the perceptual reality of our forebears who then through no fault of their own brought it into reality. I can really see where you're going with the tainted decentralised perception and I think that's a very valid point. Indeed you can look at the perception of our monetary system vs cryptos I'm often told that cryptos are an illusion .. well fair enough if you think that but then so is our money! Most of it has never existed, .. I think for every £1000 you have in the bank, the bankers are able to create £66,000 worth of debt. The debt exists as little more than numbers which they transfer over to your account or mortage when times are good and when they're (manipulated) bad they whack the interests rates up and take tangible assets i.e your house for money you owe that's never even existed .. we live in crazy times my friend. Thanks again.

Exactly - the idea that money needs the centralized control/regulation/definition that only government can provide, it's very much a belief I see in the elderly. And it goes way beyond '70s TV - propaganda became sophisticated when Edward Bernays started to employed his uncle's theories on mass behavior. (uncle = Sigmund Freud) anyway... I really enjoyed your post!

Your post has also now been included in my latest AAKOM Curated Resteems post. Thanks again.

Thank you @aakom I really appreciate that my friend!!

Interesting. Been recently looking into the psyop known as the "War on Drugs" and haven't yet figured out how they have managed to avoid the most obvious and blatant connection with prescription drugs. The words are the same, but I'd challenge anyone to think of "Doctor Drug Dealer" as being the first response.

Does anybody still watch broadcast TV? I don't watch any adverts, but the subliminal hive mind messages are now in many programmes. Shit you would never have seen 30 years ago. I regularly detox my daughter ;-)

Upvoted and has been added to the latest MAP Resteems post; was brought to my attention by @mindszai.

Thank you for the support and great comment @accelerator and in terms of drugs, yes I couldn't agree more .. as a child (which was at the height of the just say no era of the drug war) we used to walk or drive past the drug store and I used to wonder how they got away with selling drugs on high street .. my young mind couldn't differentiate between the two concepts and I suppose that perception in itself speaks to the wisdom of childhood .. a wisdom that views things as they are as opposed to the indoctrination of what we're told they are.

I think many people still watch it and equally for me this is an aspect of the problem, for several years I kind of took it for granted that the majority could see through the manufactured culture programming .. but then I began to realise that there a large proportion of society that are buying it hook, line and sinker .. ain't that a scary thought? Thanks again my friend I really appreiate the resteem


I'm sruprised you didn't touch on the potential for monitors to control(or heavily influence our minds) (article on disclose)

I noticed the other night when I was meditating, I looked at my screen and noticed a blatant flickering, almost like a subtle strobe. Makes me wonder what sitting in front of this screen for work is doing.

I think you are right about the entrainment, screens suck us in, whether tv, computer, or video games, they are addictive and they alter our perspective by taking us away from reality into the tube. We get sucked down the tube.

The propaganda is blatant at this point, but the people are already sucked in and need some kind of kick to pull them out. Most won't believe what you write here, but I'm glad someone is saying it. I want to get rid of my tv, better things to do. But reliance on the computer in this day and age is out of control, its hard to thrive without one, or at least that's the belief most of us hold.

We need to switch the narrative to one that comes from within

Hey @jakeybrown thanks for the support and great comment, that's the problem with multiple posts as people often miss what you've written before and you lose the narrative .. I need to put it into a book lol. I have written fairly extensively about that aspect and have actually included a link to one of those posts at the bottom of this one. I didn't want to cover ground I'd already written about so with this post it was more about the creeping insidious/propagandic assault on our minds, although I'm fully aware of of the agenda to create a symbiosis between the resonance of brainwaves and technology and thus control moods/thought etc .. some may find that idea crazy but I supplied some good information to support that claim in the post I wrote .. including military patent numbers and news reports from the Iraq war. Equally with this post I wanted it to be more observational.

I'm with you that many won't believe it, but like you so it's so blatant and if they can't see the propaganda that surrounds them .. what can I say .. I put the information out but feel no desperate need to convince people, my job is done and my conscience is clear .. you can lead a horse to water and all that. Although I would point out that the Obama administration legalised propaganda (not that they haven't been using it for years) and so do people really think that once it's enshrined into law they wouldn't use it? Time to ge a bit streetwise folks ;)

I'm with you on the computer aspect brother, it's the main bugbear I have in my life and I don't think it's doing me any good .. in fact I can feel it isn't! The next post along these lines will go much deeper into that aspect, I've already written it I just need to type it up. In all honesty I would just love to buy a plot of land, build a log cabin and live a very simple life .. at one with nature and growing my own food, and write to help people in some way .. that's my dream but I need money to realise it and so at the moment I remain chained to my computer, but one day my friend! Thanks again @jakeybrown

I should have known it was in your backlog, you probably were the one to tell me about it! Haha

In all honesty I would just love to buy a plot of land, build a log cabin and live a very simple life

I think that is a dream of many people who understand the world we've been born into, but I think it's our job to help transform it by being present with the people who are still in deep sleep.

And on the using computer issue, the one thing I really notice is when I'm talking on the phone for more than 5 minutes. I can feel the heat build up and erratic vibrations coming off it, almost pins and needles my hand. I'd say we should all get rid of them, but why not just adjust the quality of vibration to one that is in harmony with the human body? We have the ability, I'm sure of it

Hey my friend, I still want to be present to help people .. at the same time I want to detach myself as much as I can from the grid, grow my own food, produce my own electric .. write about it and lead by example, I think as much as it's important to get the information out it's equally important to try and reclaim our self-reliance .. well as much as possible. I genuinely feel as though there is going to be a breakdown in the world food production line at some point in the future (perhaps within the next ten years) so i feel this is going to become inceasingly important.

In terms of adjusting the vibration, yes I agree entrely .. I don't know if you remember but part 1.a of my bloodlines series focused upon how that aspect is actually an ancient knowledge that was (in the past) used as a tool of cognitive empowerment .. sound/vibration .. elctro-magnetism etc. Equally Nikola Tesla was working on a similar idea that would have used street lamps to fulfill a similar aim .. so it's certainly possible very possible that all our technology could release frequencies/elecro-magnetism that boosted both our health and mental capacity, it's sobering to think of what we could achieve if we weren't being strangled by red tape and regulation :(

Sorry I'm so late coming to this!

I totally get it, I feel like I should take some time to just really settle into myself, but I haven't had the opportunity. I think as long as you are influencing people as yourself you are adding good to the world and helping awaken people. Steemit is a gem of a place because of content and interactions from people like you

There is no way I could fully express just how much I agree with this post. I would only add that 1 - there is also a splicing together of scenes of violence and sex scenes, cutting back and forth, to also associate those ideas in people's minds. This is very, very common.

2 - I call TV watching 'jumpy mind meditation' and recently wrote a post on it. Basically if you count the seconds between changes in the visual contents of the screen, you'll note that your mind is being trained to scramble and reassess stimuli every few seconds. It's the opposite of concentration and yields the opposite effects. Specifically, it trains people to be unable to engage in critical thinking, unsettled and dissatisfied, and easily focused at will. Basically and advertiser's (or govt's) dream.

Hey @indigoocean thank you for the support my friend, I'm so glad that other people can see where I'm coming from .. before the advent of the internet I was in a crowd of one! And yes that is both a great and very valid comment!! And equally it's testament to why it's so refreshing to be part of a platform that enables me to converse with openminded and aware people like yourself .. one things for sure I woudn't have received that wisdom if I'd posted this on facebook!

In terms of your concept of "jumpy tv meditation" I'm again with you 100% .. in fact I've already written a kind of follow on to this post that goes into that territory (I just need to type it up). I keep missing everyones work on here so I'm sorry I missed that post .. if you ever want to send me any work then please feel free to DM it to me as I'm interested in multiple perspectives, in my mind we're all here and indeed drawn together at this moment in time to help and learn from each other. Thanks again my friend

I do not disagree with you. This is obviously happening on many levels. I do, however, believe it's important to notice that this tool of entertainment is also used quite often to wake people up and get them thinking. I don't have time to list all the movies/ shows/ music I think provides this as well, but as you said, there is a pendulem, and there are people creating from all angles. I've actually been equally impressed with how many consciousness awakening productions are rising to the mainstream recently as well.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment @alexstacy firstly, yes I do agree that there are "awake" people within the industry that are indeed trying to help and that many ideas are now entering the public consciousness. Equally, I have been studying this process for many years and the truth has actually always been right in our faces. The concept of "the illuminati" or at least some form if controlling hand is indeed reaching greater levels of awareness, but this can cause problems in itself. If the messages of awareness are put across in such a way that only those that are "awake" can observe them then amongst the general populace it can create an awareness that translates into a subconscious acceptance. Equally even if the messages become/are more overt and there is a growing conscious awareness (which like you I believe there is) it's not so much as knowing as opposed to what you're going to do about it .. again it's important that awareness doesn't simply translate to a perceptual acceptance. I in no way mean that we need a revolution .. violence is their game and we would be very stupid to play that game. We don't need a revolution, we need an evolution of thought and consciousness .. love will turn this tide, not hate .. we need to help each other inwardly before we can change a world that is an outward manifestation of our collective psyche. I know that's only a very brief overview but I will write a post fairly soon that goes far deeper into this aspect.

In terms of television, you may have heard of a country called The Kingdon Of Bhutan who measure the wealth of their country in GNH gross national happiness, the happiness and wellbeing of each citizen is how they judge the success of their entire country .. a couple of years ago they decided to install televsion network and you simply have to wonder how it will change them and indeed how it could possibly elevate any aspect of their culture .. indeed as alluded to in my post I fear it will be a tool of degradation and a driver of greed and personal enrichment. I guess we shall see. Thanks again my friend.

  ·  last year (edited)

It's a loverEvolution! Thank you so much for your wonderful response.

Superb post, though I think "conclusion" should be "turn off the damn tv set" and go and do something else more interesting instead, sound familiar? 😊

Thanks my friend, I'm glad you enjoyed .. funnily enough I'm just about to message you in discord :) And yes wasn't it a programme called "why don't you" although I always used to watch it as a child and think "if we took your advice, you'd have no show" lol But yes I agree and I was going to end with that .. but then I thought I doubt people will follow my advice, but those that are unaware may begin to notice some of the patterns I discuss and that way we can spread our own mind virus of awareness and hence turn it against them .. every cloud and all that ;)

It indeed was "why don't you" I will pop on discord now my friend.

Great work again man. I really enjoyed reading it and have sent a link to my girlfriend as we have been having a lot of discussions recently about society and culture in relation to our children. You break things down really well and that clip from Network was brilliant.

Thank you @jimbobbill I've got another one coming next week that focuses more on technology, and if your girlfriend wants to look at the social media perspective there are some links to my other posts at the bottom of this one. Thanks again and yes Network was a film that was so ahead of it's time and hence extremely pertinant to this moment in time.

Excellent post friend. I grew up watching television without realizing the manipulation that was in it. Nowadays being 'awake' (for lack of a better word) when I do see tv, I see it in whole different way, I see the manipulation, I see the agendas they push. I am free of their control and have been for years. They can rebrainwash you one you've become immune (unless you let them).

Hey @venomnymous thanks for the support and comment my friend. In regards to TV, yes I couldn't agree more .. once your eyes become open to it then you can never view it in the same way again .. i becomes so blatant you wonder how they ever go away with it in the first place. That's because it plays to the subconscious and once you awaken to what is happening then you start to use the awake/conscious indeed logical part of your brain and so it eventually becomes 2nd nature. I tend to watch TV as more of a curiosity these days, noticed hidden cultural messages that are inbedded in seemingly unconnected programmes. You're certainly wide awake my friend and I'm proud to be standing alongside you! Thanks again.

It’s a well thought out and planned battle for the minds of the young. I believe the internet can be just as influential in a negative way creating an entire generation that have no real skills or common sense. It’s all about being entertained. Control the narrative and you have control. Great post btw.

Hey my friend .. sorry but I've only just noticed this! Yes, I agree entirely .. in fact I recently wrote a post that dealt with technology. It really is a nefarious assault on the mind .. sadly the majority still can't see it :( Thanks again @walkthisway

A wonderful article! You have covered the bases so well with this. As a child I noticed the same thing. The other day in a discussion with @kittyandcheese, I brought up that I can see the Thought Police are here in force, but the subliminal manipulators have been around much longer!

Hey my friend, thanks for the support and great comment .. I really do appreciate it and yes I couldn't agree more .. I've written several posts about the overt nature of this control grid so I wanted this one to focus more on the insidious and subliminal nature of the assault on our minds .. thanks again @sequentialvibe

Haha! I pumped you up past 6.66! Your welcome:D Yes, Bernays, Skinner et al laid the template for mass mind manipulation. As a child, I sensed it but the LSD woke me thoroughly!
But we probably part ways on our metaphysics. You would have to watch Westworld (irony) to grok my position, but I'll just argue my points for now. All the latest scientific evidence supports incompatibilism. Combine this longstanding theistic notion (determinism as predestination isn't accurate) with the idea that The Akashic is really a vast computer storage system (technically beyond anything we can imagine). If this were true it would then mean that it's our memories that are being stored (and wiped) by the demiurge and the archons. This would mean we don't have a soul. But what we could do: perhaps, with understanding of just the right practices and condition, we could transform the human body into a light body? If this were true it would explain the prison grid: block our only avenue of escape almost indefinitely (blocking the conditions for physical ascension into higher dimensional bodies).
But what about A.I.? Well, that is for the archons, not us. THEY want to try and experience what it's like to be us!
So, my metaphysics: no free will​, no soul...But the potential for this body to transfigure.
Interesting times indeed brother!

Ha thank you for pushing me past that not so magic number my friend .. you don't know how many times that has happened recently!! I think we part company on the soul aspect as you know I believe in a soul, but equally we have much common ground on other perspectives. I'm with you on the Akashic hinting at the true nature of time in that everything that was, is or every will be is happening within the same instant which depending upon your perception could be conceived within a computer system analogy, but perhaps a system that's designed to hold our consciousness within one place .. which kind of ties into the idea of a holographic world hypothesis. Equally like you say if philosophising about the archontic influence and the prospect that we have been manipulated to build A.I so that they can physically manifest within our realm, then it's perhaps pertinant to point out (although I know you already know) that the godfather of science is Rene De Cartes who attributed the birth of science to a vision he received from an angel who told him “The conquest of nature is achieved through measurement and numbers”. Angels/Demons duality Archons? From that perspective perhaps the entire basis of science is a manipulation that gave us many gifts but was always building towards an endgame that manipulated us to build our own electronic prison and equally a conduit that would allow them to manifest within our realm .. within that thought trail, the scientific belief that we have no soul is also a manipulation .. because if we don't think we have one .. then we don't mind giving it away ;) One things for sure we've got a lot more mileage in these chats and lots more perspectives to exolore ... and you know I very much like to philosophise with you brother :D

I appreciate the good-natured back and forth banter pf:) Just finished work in the sun near 60(age) and suckin' back a beer with the fan on! Thank the Gods!
So, in point form:
-since no one can know or prove what happens to someone when they die we are only left with personal anecdote and speculation(and projection)--speculation I am very much in favour of--I wouldn't do well in The Analytical School of Philosophy--not strictly, although I place huge value on reason and logic.
-the last thing I would want to do is steer anyone in the wrong direction so everything I say on invisible things is speculative.
-if man became a living soul then he/she did so through a body. I am not a strong believer in Casper unless Casper has a body--light body/rainbow body/transfiguration. It may be this is a semantic issue but it's an important issue to get clear about what we mean by a soul. If this body is our soul and is trapped here and the only way out is through some kind of physical transfiguration then it behooves us to define accurately.
-there are those who believe similar things that I do who do believe that it's this body that is the trap--the exact opposite of my intuition so none of this is obvious. I can't, though, for the life of me figure out what a soul is in that context.
-if I'm right and The Akashic is a computer then all it's really doing is storing memory. Memory that is downloadable and in some ways malleable. This would explain the Buddhist notion of emptiness because, HAHA, consciousness doesn't exist in the way we think it does! At this point, I've just offended everyone who places a high value on eastern philosophical traditions! But it may be​ near impossible to figure out delineations when it comes to panpsychism, the primacy of consciousness​, what that means and what are its intricacies​.
You take care:)

Another great article, resteemed!

Thank you so much @mckeever I really appreciate the continued support!

Almost all media is a control grid in the psyche of humanity.
I've stated this numerous times to everyone with ears only to receive their sheepish derision.
Great essay friend, one point though.
Maybe Stop using whilst so much, it's a bit much, just a suggestion.

Whilst I appreciate your kind words .. only joking! Thanks, I will have another read through and remove any excessive uses of the word "whilst" I must admit I was a bit busy on the night I posted so only gave this a cursory speed read through. I'm glad you appreciated the post and equally very glad you can also see through these smoke and mirrors. In terms of sheepish derision I'm very much with you as I have also been on the receiving end .. equally it's important to note that as a race, the vast majority of our perceptual leaps forward have not arisen from societal dogmas or the general consensus but from indivduals that have stood up to be counted .. it's true that some destroyed their reputations and careers in the process, but there is some solace to be found in the fact that many were later proved to be right. I'd rather be on the right side of history than the right side of generationally alternating facts and perceptions. ;) Thanks again @danielvieyra

I like the post a lot, will there be a part two or sister post to this that deals with how to respond to the propaganda and the propagandists and their victims?

Thank you my friend, I'm really glad you appreciated the post. In truth, the answer lays within the understanding that we're being manipulated .. once you understand the control mechanisms they become increasingly transparent, it becomes second nature. But yes I will write more posts detailing how to face up to this .. a good start is also becoming aware of the companies that our purchases support, it's our money that's propping this system up.. that's the paradox it needs us more than we need it. Thanks again @baah

I do agree that much manipulation is intentional but there framing is also an incredibly powerful tool of influence and it’s something we all do and rarely notice. It’s natural that we use our own understanding of the world to express our ideas, but we need to be aware of our own tndancy to do this and do it responsibly, and also recognize that others do it too and not get stuck in a one sided outlook just by hanging out with people who share a similar perspective. An example of this is how my vocabulary and way of interacting has been forced to change after joining steemit. Not only are there terms like minnow and whale but also subtle differences in our outlook that come from adopting these words. I use words like “investment” and “stake” which we’re completely outside of my somewhat hippie lifestyle before. These words are also imposed upon us by a dominant culture, which doesn’t mean they aren’t useful words, but I try to be aware of how they influence my thinking and adjust my ideas as I see fit to remain true to myself.

Also, I appreciate you using the #nobidbot tag, I just wrote a post describing it’s formstion and vision, please check it out

Yes I agree, one way or another due to the algorithmic nature of the internet and indeed social media we're all to varying degrees being pushed towards echo chambers and I feel that is very dangerous to a cohesive society. Equally, I have extensively written about how this is being used to ferment division. Within my writing I make sure that I discuss a broad and diverse range of topics and I always remain true to myself. Outside of steemit I also have a very eclectic range of interests and indeed friends, but yes I can certainly see where you're coming from as I have highlighted similar concerns.

No problem, in regards to the #nobidbot i think it's a great idea and when I get the time I may also write a post pointing people in it's direction.

Excellent post, I help produce Quniverse News and use my steemit blog as a reference page to educate people on topical issues. This article is right on the money and I have upvoted and resteemed it.

Thank you @themissinglink1 I very much appreciate the support and kind words and I'm equally glad the post resonated with you .. thanks again.

Excellent post. I stopped watching TV when I realized that it is designed to have me buy stuff. I stopped watching Hollywood when I realized that they were just mouthpieces for the UN and the NWO. Slowly, I am disengaging from society piece by piece.

Thank you my friend, I appreciate the kind words .. and yes the best way is to take back control of our minds and our lives, learn how to grow our own food is one great example .. even if it's just a window garden, we must learn to look after ourselves again. Thanks again @boodles17

Learn manipulation technic 👍👍👍

Believe me, if I wanted to enter the world of manipulation I would be very adept at it .. but it's not in my nature and I want to use the insights I've picked up through life to at least try and help others break the spell. Thanks for reading @musaa

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Another great post thanks. It is accurate in its depiction of our society’s obsession with tv, canned news and the similarity to the Roman empires obsession with sports towards the end of their reign.

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Thank you for stopping by my friend, I really appreciate it! And yes in terms of culture being created and not organically grown .. it's so true, I mean just take a look at some of the clothes people wear, just because someone has externally defined it as in fashion! I wouldn't be seen dead in 99.9% of it! And you're bang on with the music! I hear it and I can't believe people are listening to it .. I read something a couple of years back that was equating the lyrics of a band like .. say Pink Floyd with modern lyrical content, they were looking at the structure and came to the conclusion that much modern pop music is actally sub nursery rhyme level in it's lyrical content .. the text speak generation.

The world is full of amazing people but becuase we only ever hear about the bad we have a very manipulated and indeed unbalanced view of humanity .. as a collective this leads to us hating ourselves and thus leads to a subconscious perception that we deserve to be punished and equally deserve what is coming to us .. it's a slight of hand and a lie and I refuse to have any part of it! Thanks again @lyndsaybowes