The Divide & Conquer Of Identity Politics & Electronic Thought Ghettos

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Electronic Ghettos Of Thought

In many ways, as much as co-operation is seen as a cornerstone of a successful society disagreement is equally imperative. Indeed, perhaps to an even greater degree the world has been moved forward by the civilised challenge and debate of dogmatic principles. Unfortunately, in this modern age of facebook and twitter, complex algorithms are hastily dividing people into electronic thought ghettos here . These algorithmic ghettos cushion reality and pamper to the beliefs of the user. They pamper the belief systems and perceptions to such a degree that once outside these electronic padded walls many people are beginning to lack the mental capacity to civilly debate. Equally lacking the ability to empathise and listen to contradictory views. Within this process people have come to personally identify themselves as a multitude of externally created identities & labels.


The Accommodation Of The Idealist

The funny thing is, that in order to accommodate the views of the identitarian idealist many within society are having their identities and their ability to express opinion stolen from them. Language is being altered and facts changed to accommodate opinion. The idealists are currently riding high on a wave of self perceived moral and intellectual superiority. Little do they realise that they are actually being used as pawns to stifle free speech and alter the fabric of a fraying society.


Pink Floyd The Wall

University Debate

Within many of the once exalted bastian's of debate we call universities, the art form is beginning to fade. Differences of opinion, free speech and the exchange of contradictory ideas are now beginning to be viewed as akin to personal attack. Facts are replaced with stereotypes and personal opinion, and debate replaced with safe spaces.

The personal is now political and it’s conveniently forgotten that opinion and feelings have no place in fact. Emotion, sentiment, and idealism are easier to manipulate than facts, and this is why I believe people have been deliberately trained to be reactionary and to react to predetermined emotional triggers. In truth, identity politics dehumanises anyone with an opposing view and as such it’s fracturing both universities, society and creating chasms of polarity. Indeed we seem to be moving towards an age where people are becoming content to live within an echo chamber of their oft externally manufactured perception.


The Appropriation Of Morality

It’s interesting to me how within the progressive mindset morality has become synonymous with minorities and diversity. Indeed why is it that the virtues of morality now seem to be garnished upon the few whilst the many are painted as immoral? There are good and bad within all walks of life and from my perspective you're all my brothers and sisters, we're all in this together. Every man, woman and child deserves the right to be treated as an individual and to be handed no labels, but that works both ways.

Just as it shouldn't carry knee jerk negative connotations, being a member of a minority group does not automatically mean you become an instant paragon of virtue; alas within the cult of identity politics such generalised mindsets are becoming a popular misconception. Within certain mindsets, diversification now seems to be related to the attribution of positive moral traits onto the minority. The voices of the minority are seen as holding a high moral value whilst the majority culture is often denigrated.

Slight Of Hand

Certainly within aspects of these movements, much of the anger that was previously focused towards the upper echelons of the power structure has now been re-directed towards heterosexual white males. This is a divisive sleight of hand that has been used against many races and cultures and indeed one that works within both the left and right mindset. For some within the progressive left, the aforementioned spectre of the white male has now traded places with the elite crony capitalist vultures that are tearing this world apart. This suits the elite perfectly and allows them to continue nefariously in the background of our divided society.

Within this progressive mindset and along with the new oppressors (the white male) minorities of every sex, colour, creed, religion and sexuality take on the role of the oppressed. Indeed, some people now seem to wear oppression as some strange badge of honour. We’ve even had white people pretending to be black in order that they can be viewed as oppressed! here . There are many within minority groups that are able to see beyond the illusion and faux division and are brave enough to speak out, sadly (more often than not) they are heralded as Judas's and then tried and hung within the politically correct pseudo morality courts of social media.

The Erosion Of Free Speech

As we allow our world to be splintered into a vastly increasing array of labels and identities, there carries within these identities individual interpretations of both free and hate speech. If you take this to it’s logical conclusion then a time is fast approaching where you will literally be unable to say anything for fear of offending someone. Personally, I believe the avalanche of new identities is how our freedom of speech will be taken away. For example, there are now 72 gender choices here offered as part of the facebook signing up process, again each with their own perception of hate speech.

Put all the identities together and you literally have a potential impenetrable wall of political correctness and free speech definitions. Those that choose to wear an externally created badge of identity will be the architects of their own enslavement, the problem is that we’re all in this together.

History and indeed biology is being rewritten to accommodate the idealism of identity politics. Anyone that disagrees with the tactics of those that hold the self-perceived moral high ground are quickly handed further negative labels and then mocked, doxxed and dehumanised. The question nobody seems to be asking is where this multitude of labels and divisions are coming from? I don't believe the advent of 72 genders has grown organically. Perhaps the cruelest twist of fate is that in an age where the words diversity and inclusivity have become so interwoven with politics and society, the world has never been more divided! I believe this to be deliberate.



The Fall Of Constantinople

I’ve decided to give an example of the way our eyes are directed away from the fundamental issues that plague our society and focused upon (in context) relative trivialities. I’m going to take it back a few years, Obama was dropping over 26,500 peace bombs a year, legalising propaganda, and legitimising the murder of American citizens without trial (I could go on and on and on). It’s a world where children are being murdered, bombed, abused and killed with relative impunity. It’s also a time where the most pressing issue of the age is whether transgender men/women can use the bathroom of their choice. It was everywhere, drowning out the cries of children’s hunger and stifling their begging for mercy, and everyone fell for it. Whilst people toiled and raged at these issues, whilst Springsteen was canceling concerts in solidarity, the bombs were raining down and people were starving to death.

At this time I was soberly reminded of the fall of Constantinople. It's 1493 , as the city and way of life is falling around their ears, the “intellectuals” of the time were exerting vast sums of energy debating the most pressing issue of the day “whether angels were masculine or feminine”. This took prevalence over all else and the raging debates became extremely heated and passionate. And yet if were to rewind back over two thousand years before you would have found Thales of Miletus debating complex physics. You see, these cycles of history and ages of ignorance play out in perpetuity throughout the history of civilisation. It’s a sleight of hand that people have fallen for since the dawn of humanity, strangely it’s the ones that can actually see through the illusion that are themselves branded as crazy. In this age of technology and media society fools itself that this time it's different, but my friends this is a lie.



I wrote the following in a previous post, but feel it’s appropriate in the context of my feelings on these issues

To An Extent We Are All Victims Of Mind Control

Our physical minds are incredibly powerful and as I have shown in previous posts contain the ability to alter both our biology and physiology. This is sobering when you think of the fact that the vast majority of our lives are spent running on subconscious programmes of thought. The vast majority of these subconscious thought programmes have been implanted by external influences, many of them negative. The human neocortex and it’s varying manifestations of consciousness and psychology have been intensively studied for generations. They know exactly what buttons to press and how to manipulate our hopes, fears and dreams.

This is the age of fear and terror, indeed even the word terror infects your brain on a subconscious level as do many key words and phrases. This is both known, understood and is equally prevalent in all forms of media. Our survival instincts have been used against us and manipulated to keep us in a state of constant and subconscious fear. It’s this fear that keeps us in a heightened state of tension and prevents us from entering and interacting with higher states of awareness and intuition.




I have come to believe that identity politics empowers nobody and divides everybody. Why do the MSM and social media (pretty much) solely focus on what divides us? Why are people now taking up the mantle and becoming personal progenitors in our isolation and division? Instead of laughing at others choices and opinions I feel now is the time to engage people and try to understand why they made them. Yes, there are some complete arseholes and megalomaniacs in this crazy old world of ours, but there is still far more good than bad. If we engage people we may just find that the vast majority of us want the same things, we just have different perspectives on how to achieve them. Within that understanding, there is a foundation for a unity that can be built upon. Or we can just carry on exactly the way we are and see where this dusty old road leads us. The choice is in each of our hands.

Thanks for taking the time to read


Written by perceptualflaws
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Excellent, well-written post, covering some relevant points in a clear, nuanced perspective.

The old "divide and conquer" strategy remains effective even today. Whether it's racial or religious, the OTHER people always provide a ready target to keep society divided while the elite do what they can to control the power and the wealth.

If a fear of Muslims is instilled in me, I'll spend my time worrying about them – not bothering to think about the loss of the country's manufacturing base, the increasing income disparities, or the NSA combing through all my private communications.

In particular, I like the fact that you began the heading re "Victims of Mind Control" with the phrase "To an Extent."

Without a doubt, we are all subject to a certain amount of mind control, in our homes, schools, clubs, churches, mosques, temples, governments, and more. That's inevitable.

Still, if we can open our minds to learn more about the world BEYOND the aforementioned mini-worlds, we can free ourselves from much of the more insidious mind control.

It takes time, effort, and a certain amount of luck. (That is, some people will never even have any thought about how their minds and ideas are being controlled or influenced. And without considering that, it will be difficult for them to open their minds to see beyond.)

It also takes education and awareness. Steemit might prove to be a great channel for informing people (millions, maybe).

Full Steem Ahead.

Hey @majes.tytyty Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a great comment my friend, it's very much appreciated! Equally sorry for the delay in replying but I've just returned from a two week holiday.

Yes divide and conquer is the oldest tactic in the book and it's also one that seems to work everytime. The creaters of this division cater to the idealists that seek empowerment through the attachment of labels. Little do the idealists realise that to simply view the world as a compassionate and caring human is the most empowering state of mind we can have, all other labels are simply an afterthought.

The elite have a profound understanding relating to the psyche of humanity. They exactly what buttons to press and they create division both through negative stereotypes and now positive ones. This process traps people within collective thought patterns whilst denegrating the individual. Interestingly many of humanities greatest leaps forward have occurred through individuals but as such people are far more difficult to control and manipulate we must all be indoctrinated into group think.

With regards to mind control my words "to an extend" had a similar thought process to yours. Yes mind control is all around us but equally it doesn't have to be this way, we can free ourselves from these controlled perceptions. We need to find a way to take back the power many of us have spent a lifetime giving away, and find strength to empower both ourselves and those around us. Thanks again for the great comment!!

Another awesome thought provoking post.
In my opinion we go through 'cycles of stupidity' as societies.
All great Empires and Civilisations devolve to this point over time. The bread and circus, the ignorance and the ease in which many people choose immorality over morality are evidence of this. Our controllers have been corrupted beyond repair by greed and avarice. The only way it'll change is the only way it ever changes - Revolution either by peaceful protest or violent, there is no other way.
Great work buddy.

Hey my friend, thanks for all your help and for leaving such a great comment, I really appreciate it! Yes I agree with the cycles perspective completely, indeed as I wrote in one of my previous poems:

Perpetually frozen in cycles
of time
until the wise step forward
and in the sand
draw a line

I've heard it said that "civilisation rises in hob nail boots and falls in silk slippers" and looking around, you can really see the validity of that statement. The greed, corruption and indeed evil that surrounds us, has become so interwoven within every facet of our society that I can't really see any way out. Every side is owned and every outcome has been wargamed. I think we have reached a stage where to rebuild as opposed to thinking we can alter the system from within is the only hope for any real change. Thanks again @tremendospercy :)

Maybe it will only end is in the way it has in the past - unforseen cataclysm.
Although I suggest the cataclysmic events in the past were predictable and indeed foreseen. You have no control, you can only prepare.

You are so right and this is so sad, watching the constant division amongst us, and it is surely reaching a pinnacle. The closest we got to pointing at the true problem was the Occupy Movement, yet then again, the media made the whole thing seem disjointed and like the protesters had a million reasons why they were Occupying.

The problem is the banking cartel. The ones enslaving almost every country because of their "loans".

And as we all fight tooth and nail against each other, they hardly even have to lift a finger to control us. We control each other so perfectly...

They laugh.

Hey @lyndsaybowes thanks for the support and great comment. It's disheartening to see how quickly people are willing to label and divide themselves. There are now even divisions within unity and I can't really understand how people are unable to see it. The banking cartels have certainly enslaved the world and in a slight of hand have managed keep the majority looking the other way and blaming everyone but them. I believe the psychology of humanity has been intensively studied for so long that they exactly what buttons to press and how to set us against each other. It seems to work everytime and I just wonder when people will grow up and stop falling for this crap. Thanks again for the great comment.

Yeah at times it feels like there truly is no end to the stupidity in sight...especially from what history I know too...we keep falling for the same ol' same ol' revolving door...

I couldn't agree more @lyndsaybowes I think we've been studied for so long that they know how manipulate the reality of each personality type and then simply set us against each other. Conflicting personalities and strengths,weaknesses can be used to create far more than we could ever achieve individually. Equally in the wrong hands these differences can be used as a tool of destruction :(

Thank you for not just identifying a social phenomenon that should be intuitively obvious, but fleshing it out. Here in the US. were up to our ears in debate over gender, race, religion, etc. And virtual silence on infrastructure, finance, defense doctrine or any subject that affected us all but takes engagement and research. All opposing sides are guilty of this while being completely exploited.

Thanks for taking the time to lend your support my friend. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book and yet somehow they have managed to convince people that division is now empowerment. The way they subtly manipulate public perception to continually look in the other direction is indeed a slight of hand like no other. In a world of a thousand shades of grey they corral the public into simplistic black and white answers. Thank again my friend.

Well put! I hope we can put #compassion and #understanding above #censorship and self-censorship.

Down with virtue-signaling, up with virtue!

Hey @drcanes thanks for taking the time to read and leave a great comment! Much appreciated!! Those that feel the need to signal virtue are often the ones that lack it. Yes I couldn't agree more, true compassion and understanding is far more than a few facebook likes in the right place and scouring the internet for microaggressions. We're all in this together and it's high time we sat down and and talked like adults as opposed to spoilt children. Thanks again my friend!!

This is an extremely deep insightful opinion of the world and the ways people are manipulated throughout history.
Going to have to print this out!

Hey @buster544 thanks for taking the time to read and lend your support, it's much appreciated. I'm really glad you were able to take something away from the post :)

You said it perfectly with this,
Why do the MSM and social media (pretty much) solely focus on what divides us? Why are people now taking up the mantle and becoming personal progenitors in our isolation and division? Instead of laughing at others choices and opinions I feel now is the time to engage people and try to understand why they made them. Yes there are some complete arseholes and megalomaniacs in this crazy old world of ours, but there is still far more good than bad. If we engage people we may just find that the vast majority of us want the same things, we just have different perspectives on how to achieve them. Within that understanding there is a foundation for a unity that can be built upon. Or we can just carry on exactly the way we are and see where this dusty old road leads us. The choice is in each of our hands.

Hey @buster544 sorry I missed this reply. I'm really glad you appreciated those words because they came from the heart. It's time we all took a step back and realised that in many ways there is far more that unites as opposed to divides us. If we allow ourslves to be absorbed into the division of others then like the old saying goes "divided we fall". Thanks again my friend.

Fascinating post - thanks @perceptualflaws .

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment @jerryhuge it's much appreciated.

The brain is actually an idea bank.

Hopefully the average brain isn't filled with all those ideas :)

Yeah, but the next step we have to really work harder to bring those ideas into reality.

Yes I agree, but unfortunately the average brain appears to be filled with a collection of other peoples ideas as opposed to their own originality. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Yeah, that's another fact. You're welcome friend.

Organic or manipulated? Material universe or heavily populated with non-physical beings (whom perhaps can take human form).
Jordan Peterson is going to say it's leftist Marxists in academia who are responsible for this madness.
Mouthy Buddha over on YouTube is exploring the Jewish Question. Are The Jews the arbiters of perfecting humanity?
Do they have the right to do this?
David Icke is saying we are dealing with E.T. pathology and they are orchestrating this.....
Traditional western theism is saying this is all the machinations of numerous angelic actors.
Buddhist's are saying it's the doing of Mara.
Good post! Followed and upvoted!

Hey @andrewmarkmusic Thanks for taking the time to lend your support and leave such a great comment, I really appreciate it. Perhaps there is a grain of truth that runs through all of those ideas? In order to alter the fabric of society it would certainly take a multi facted approach. Perhaps an infectious evil that pollutes the minds of man and thus works it's way into every aspect of our society. If I wanted to bring down humanity I would erode morality, health and the perception of the possible and you can see this happening all around us. I have written about the esoteric perspective at great length but would be equally interested to hear what you think it could be?

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My this seem too bogus for the mind,

Bogus is certainly a word I'd use for a world in which you can choose from 72 genders :)

Hmmm oh i see

You can't 'CHOOSE'... you just ARE those magical genders from birth... but only REALIZE you are, after you get to University or go on Tumblr for a few minutes..... ;-)

I like your multi-angled approach... I never really thought about how that mindset actually equates oppression with virtue... the more you're perceived to be marginalized the more value your opinions must have... a strange correlation to make, to say the least... it means we're no longer objectively assessing IDEAS, and putting all the weight on the MESSENGER rather than the message...
I see much soul in your assessment of this subject... 2 days ago my latest post was exactly on this topic, from a different point of view... If you get a chance please have a read HERE , and share your thoughts...

Hey @darcturian Thanks for taking the time to read and leave such a thoughtful comment my friend, I really appreciate it. It's a strange paradox we find ourselves in and we seem to hand virtue away before we even hear the message. Conversely we refuse to listen to the message of those whose face or ideas don't fit our world view .. even if they're right! To even speak out about such things seems to anger certain people these days. Society has become so used to labels that once others step outside these parameters they are ridiculed and pulled back into line, we have become the judges in the law courts of mind and perception. I'm very much into the exploration of mind, body and soul, thanks for the link I look forward to reading your post tonight.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and comment @ultravioletmag I'm really glad you were able to take something from the post and thanks a million for all your help :)

I can't seem to resteem but i have shared this to my Magazine fb page, thanks for sharing :)

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