Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part Two: Mass Mind Kontrol & Engineering The Breakdown Of The Social Order

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This is part two, part one can be found HERE.

Rockefeller Psychiatry

As highlighted in part one, by its very nature social engineering needs to be discussed in generalised terms. Equally, I am relaying an intent and not defining our future, that is still (very much) ours to lose.

Alongside their aforementioned sex research, as noted within their official history the Rockefeller Foundation connections to American psychiatry cannot be overstated. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to state that through their Rockefeller Foundation psychiatry project, the roots of the entire American psychiatric field were born of Rockefeller soil/funding. Further details relating to the founding and funding of numerous psychiatric institutes and research projects can be found within the pages of their 1947 RF Annual Report. Indeed it was a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation that facilitated the creation of the Tavistock institute.

The Rockefeller Foundation is proud to be part of your history, beginning with a grant that was made on the cusp of the Second World War. The story of our partnership began in 1939 when the Foundation provided one of the founding grants to the Institute – a staggering $19,500! – to support the growth and advancement of the study of psychiatry. Source


The Tavistock Institute

"We are a not-for-profit organisation which applies social science to contemporary issues and problems" Source

From my research, the Tavistock institute is focused upon social and informational control, behavioural modification/economics, social change and indeed social engineering. In many ways they could be considered as the glue that connects and directs the various strands of seemingly unconnected world governance. They draw upon a resource pool of psychology, social sciences, and sociology, and through the intersectional nature of psychiatry have multiple connections into the heart of big pharma. Due to their intimate affiliations they will also be utilising the resource pool of the Rockefeller foundation.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations or TIHR is a British not-for-profit organisation which applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. It was initiated in 1946, when it developed from the Tavistock Clinic, and was formally established as a separate entity in September 1947. Source

Prior to 1947 the Tavistock institute developed from the Tavistock clinic (who we will discuss in the next chapter) whom were funded by both the Rothchilds and the British Royal family. The Tavistock clinic played a key role within military psychology and worked within psychological warfare. It is perhaps ironic that an organisation originally tasked with rehabilitating shell shocked soldiers would latterly nudge western society towards a collective breakdown, but by understanding the nature of the inversion we can observe that perceptual incarceration and psychological emancipation exist as two sides of the same coin.


A Tangled Web

When the clinic was incorporated into the NHS it was a substantial Rockefeller foundation grant that enabled the creation of the Tavistock institute. Shortly after the formation of the institute, the Rockefellers began funding the Kinsey reports. Whilst you may recall that Kinsey's work was criticised for focusing on biology at the expense of psychology; to me this isn't an oversight for it speaks to compartmentalisation, certainly on the macro scale the psychological analysis was already well covered.


In the modern era the Tavistock institute is the head of a sphere of influence and social engineering apparatus that has interwoven itself within every sphere of society. Of the fortune 500, 450 are connected to the institute, 10 major institutions are under its control, alongside 400 subsidiaries and a further 3000 study groups and think tanks. Within their myriad of connections you can begin to see their influence portrayed with (socially engineered) advertising campaigns and the manufacturing of new social archetypes and moral redefinitions, but more on that later.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, a neuroscientist and president of Rockefeller University, has been named the 11th president of Stanford University. He will assume his new post on September 1. Source

Through their intimate connections with the Stanford research institute, Tavistock have become highly influential within the national education association. Their tentacles are interwoven within military intelligence, mass media, religion, science, psychology, and psychiatry. Tavistock partners include, the European Union, Shell, The Rockefeller Foundation, RAND, The Brookings institute, Club of Rome, Trilateral commission, MIT, Hudson Institute, Macy Foundation, Heritage Foundation, CFR, IMF, World bank, NASA, CIA, MI6 and the Pilgrims Society.


Tavistock Safe Spaces?

We create safe spaces for difficult conversations Source

As highlighted above, the use of the words "safe spaces" within the Tavistock website did not evade my attention. Through their educational affiliations it's not too much of a stretch to consider whether the Tavistock Institute are the progenitors of terminologies (and the psychological perceptions they inspire) that have spread through academia and on into the wider world of online and public contention. As highlighted in part one; if you create the political and indeed psychological landscapes from which to introduce these loaded words, identities and manipulated modern social archetypes, it is the associated public discourse that feeds the broader awareness of pop culture.

Whether you seek to create a safe space or whether you ridicule the incredulity of such a suggestion, both the thesis and antithesis (the perceptual bookends) are utilised as a means of controlling the perceptions of middle man. Ultimately it is a game of psychology, certainly at the opposing end of the pc spectrum the way in which many people fight against a safe space culture is for their language to become more inflammatory, unfortunately this is a trap that enables further speech restrictions to be imposed upon the wider public.


Connecting Strands Of The Tavistock Order

It's one thing to list their myriad of affiliations and connections, but over these next few sections we're going to take a look at both how the web of influence is spun and the intent/mindset behind it. Whilst the actions of some of the individuals I'm going to discuss speak for themselves, it is important to note that we're dealing with a compartmentalised system of control. The problem is, that even though there may have been scientists who believed their ambitions for social control to have been for the betterment of society, all research can be reverse engineered and inverted. As with the intersectional nature of my environmentalism work, I have unravelled (and referenced) how these multitude of inter-connections all filter back to the same control structure. It is for the reader to ponder the narrative control mechanisms these connections enable.

So let's first take a brief look at how a singular individual can connect the philosophical alignments and psychological methodologies of many of these Tavistock affiliated institutions. We can follow the career of Kurt Lewin (whom would become known as the father of social psychology) from his connections to the Frankfurt school, and then on into his influence over Eric Trist who was one of the founders of the Tavistock clinic. Indeed, although he died in the same year as its formation, through their incorporation and use of his theories and practices, (which to this day are still an important component of the Tavistock methodology) Lewin is widely recognised as the shadow founder of the Tavistock institute.

Kurt Lewin was also a visiting professor at Stanford university, practiced at the IOWA child welfare research station, (which was funded by Lawrence K Frank of the Rockefeller Foundation.). He was the chief organiser behind the the Institute of Social research at the University of Michigan, Harvard Psychological Clinic and the director of the MIT Research Center for Group Dynamics, of which the latter was funded by the Rockefeller foundation. Of note is the fact that the Tavistock journal titled "human relations" was actually a joint publication between Lewin's MIT group dynamics research center and the institute. It was two of Lewins papers titled Frontiers in group dynamics that gave birth to the Tavistock journal. The national training laboratories institute for applied behavioural science was founded by Lewin, and is now part of the national education association.

Strategic Planning For The Social Breakdown

The below excerpt is taken from as paper titled "strategic planning for mental health" which can be found here. The paper was written in 1940 by Tavistock institute founder member Dr John Rawling Rees. It was Reese that developed the Tavistock Method which was a behaviour modification programme (born of the Northfield experiments) that incites tension and then manipulates the associated stress (by harnessing the methodology of peer pressure) as a means of convincing people to relinquish firmly held beliefs. In the modern era we can observe how similar methodologies have been drawn into the mainstream and are being utilised throughout the sphere of social media.

Tavistock 2.PNG

Alongside his work for the Tavistock institute, Reese was the co-founder and first president of the world federation for mental health. The WFMH has since become an NGO with formal consultative status within the United Nations. The WFMH was originally a (Macy Foundation affiliated) cybernetics group project, and it's board contained 1/2 dozen cybernetic conference attendees. The WFMH founding statement was written by cybernetic group members Margaret mead and the aforementioned Lawrence K Frank (who was the vice president of the Macy Foundation & head of child development at the Rockefeller Foundation), and can be found in a paper titled "mental health and world citizenship" which was handed out at the 1948 international congress on mental health and can be downloaded here.

As highlighted here the aforementioned (shadow founder of the Tavistock institute) Kurt Lewin attended the cybernetic group conferences, and although he died before it's implementation, was instrumental in the formation of the WFMH. From it's inception in the 1940's, the core concept of the cybernetics group was the prospect of combining high speed computers with artificial intelligence under the premise of programming the structure of the social order, sound familiar?


The Macy Conferences

Amongst it's members, the cybernetics group were known as the "man machine project" and alongside the WFMH (operating under the assumption that the human mind was a machine that could be programmed on an individual and societal scale) devised experiments in social control. In Rees's words these connections enabled "a worldwide social engineering apparatus penetrated into every community". Under the umbrella of the C.I.A affiliated Macy conferences, the cybernetics group were also connected to early C.I.A and British intelligence experimentation into lsd & mind control. As we can see on page 185 of this cybernetics group book alongside the U.S & British governments the Macy Foundation provided the funding for the WFMH. The Macy Foundation are intimately intertwined with the Tavistock institute, and as highlighted below are most probably another subsidiary of the Rockefeller Foundation. Certainly, In 1872, the Macys' Long Island Oil Company became an aspect John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil.

Tavistock 7.PNG
Source page 178

The cybernetics group were born from and continually influenced by the work of Norbert Weiner, whom is known as the father of cybernetics and was an instrumental component within the Macy cybernetic conferences. In balance, I will state that in later life Weiner spoke out about the militarisation of science and refused funding from the military industrial complex. Unfortunately, due to the nature of compartmentalisation Weiners work continued to aid the eugenics inspired globalist funded utopian/dystopian vision of our collective future. Interestingly Weiner was a former student of Bertrand Russell and his cybernetic work was funded by the Rockefeller foundation.

In the 1940s, RF funding helped mathematician Norbert Wiener develop the new field of cybernetics. Weiner published his landmark book, Cybernetics, in 1948, after the Foundation’s grant to his joint project with cardiologist Arturo Rosenbleuth to study feedback loops in the human body. His work with Rosenbleuth led Wiener to broader speculations about similarities between the communications and control systems in machines and those in natural and biological systems. Source

In 1956 the Rockefeller Foundation funded the seminal Dartmouth conference on A.I. The conference was attended by representatives of the Rand corporation, IBM, Marvin Minsky who founded the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, and John McCarthy who was the founder of the Stanford artificial intelligence lab, all of these institutions are affiliated with the Tavistock institute.

The co-founder (and latterly president) of the WFMH was another Tavistock connected individual called Brock Chisholm, whom within the same timescale would become the head of the UN partnered WHO/world health organisation, and share the Lasker award with his friend and WFMH co-founder Dr John Rawling Rees. It was Chisholm who was also an instrumental component in the formation and direction of UNESCO. Worthy of note is the fact that Chisholm was a close friend/associate of Aigar Hiss whom as I highlighted in this post, was the co-author behind a UN charter that was patterned on the communist manifesto. After denying involvement in Soviet espionage Hiss would become convicted of perjury. Within the same post I also highlighted numerous documents and funding connections which clearly display how the Rockefeller family were (and continue to be) instrumental in the formation and direction of the United Nations.


Further evidence of the Chisholm/Tavistock connections to Hiss and the united nations, are highlighted above with Hiss's preface to Chisholm's "re-establishment of peacetime society" introduction speech. Although the introduction was written by Chisholm the main bulk of the contribution is by C.E.A Wilson, who was a scientific director at the Rockefeller foundation, and chaired the Foundation’s Committee for the Study of Nursing Education. Of further note is the fact that Wilson consulted for the WHO and was also an expert assessor at the (UN precursor) league of nations health committee, which (again as I documented in this post) was heavily funded by the Rockefeller foundation.

Morality As A Perversion

Alongside numerous other Chisholm speeches, I have tracked down the complete original (digitised) version of his introduction which can be found here. Briefly I would like to state my belief that morality is a universal law, whilst moral relativism exists in the minds of those that seek dominion over mankind. Indeed, the speeches portray morality as a perversion, and speak to "the re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis for child training" (juxtapose these statements with my previous Kinsey post). The speech also equates teaching children the concept of right and wrong and a national identity with mental illness and then latterly asks:

Chisholm 2.PNG

It certainly makes your ponder the media's current focus upon mental health. Equally, whether knowingly or unknowingly many of these concepts are not original and can be found within occultic philosophy, do as thou wilt? Although, with the Luciferian connections to the UN I highlighted in this post, the merger of occultic and scientific philosophy shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise.

Tavistock 6.PNG

By observing how these speeches were written under the setting sun of WW2, we can understand how both the thesis of war and the antithesis of peace are both utilised as a means of nudging us towards the synthesis of the hive mind and a one world order. Of course the justification for this psychological world order based upon subversion, the manipulation of free will and intrusion of the mind, is the omnipresent faux promise of an enforced world piece.


As with our current green movements the burden of responsibility is maneuvered away from the architects of war and onto the shoulders of the populace. The blame is focused upon the minds of men, as justification for socially engineering them. Without irony it is stated that (alongside psychiatrists) politicians have a responsibility to alter human behaviour and save us from ourselves. Yet invariably (even when millions march against them) it is the politicians that both justify and send us into war, not the working man and certainly not our elders! Indeed, notice how in the era of climate change the system seeks to divide the age demographics and focus the rebellion of youth upon the elderly, the white male.


Of course, at a superficial glance the desire for world peace is a commendable pursuit, who doesn't want world peace? Upon further scrutiny you begin to realise that the same bloodlines that are cultivating the chaos and war, are capitalising upon the desire for world peace as a means of driving us towards a one world order. And of course world peace and the concept of order rising from chaos takes us right back into the heart of the Luciferian agenda.

Whilst I'm not saying that these individuals are Luciferian, the philosophy is multi-layered and oft unknowingly connects the seemingly unconnected. Certainly there is a synergy between aspects of science, social engineering, humanism and Luciferianism. I have documented that (through their numerous spiritual affiliations) the United Nations are following a Luciferian ideology.

When the Luciferian ideology begins to match the direction the world is heading in, I feel you would be foolish not to pause for thought. Certainly, in light of social engineering and the observations contained within this post, the below statement taken from the UN affiliated Lucis Trust (whom as I displayed in this post, are sponsored by the Rockefeller foundation) is worthy of note. Equally, the trust article goes on to discuss the mantras of overpopulation and the need for a new world order. The "agents of God" they speak of are "enlightened" individuals working towards the one world system, and of course their God is Lucifer.

They are also known as the Agents of God, or the Hierarchy of liberated souls, who seek ceaselessly to aid and help humanity. This they do through the implanting of ideas in the minds of the world thinkers, so that these ideas in due time receive recognition and eventually become controlling factors in human life. Source

Whilst the control mechanisms of the psychological social engineer remain focused upon the subconscious, following war or mass societal unrest they will become far more overt for these are the mindsets behind our intended Luciferian/scientific dictatorship. Those who fail to adhere to the proclamations of the hive mind engineers will be punished! Insanity will be determined by a manipulated general consensus. Like the religious inquisitions before them, social psychiatry will lead a modern witch hunt against thought divergents.



On multiple occasions I have explained how the methodology behind our current social psychological control mechanisms, and the core concepts behind perceptual manipulation are not born of this era. What we're dealing with, is a re-introduced and repackaged ancient occultic science, and certainly mind control and the superspy aspects of the MK-Ultra programme are no different.


In ancient Egypt (Kemet), mind controlled virgins served the Pharaoh as royal messengers from the gods. Under military escort the women would be taken to the chosen dignitary or royal house. Upon arrival the recipient of the message would relay the corresponding cue to the messenger the hypno courier would then consciously speak her previously subconsciously hidden words. Once the words were spoken, they would again be forgotten.

Through the work of MK-Ultra affiliated Dr G.H. Estabrooks and the quest for a Manchurian candidate, we can see these ideas being brought into the modern era. In his books Spiritism and hypnotism, Estabrooks discusses the militaristic application of multiple personality experiments. In his hypnotism comes of age paper which was written for the science digest (and can be found here) Estabrooks discusses how he created militarised hypno couriers and split personality super spies. Here we can observe that the first cybernetic conference titled "the cerebral inhibition meeting" focused upon hypnotism and conditioned reflexes.

Mind Control & Communications

Through the cybernetics group connections we again briefly touched upon officially sanctioned lsd experimentation. One of the cybernetic conference attendees was Dr Harold Abrahamson. We can connect Abrahamson back into the heart of MK ultra, and the lsd induced murder of Dr Frank Olson. Indeed, (alongside Dr Paul Hoch) in 1949 Abrahamson began conducting state sanctioned lsd experiments that would latterly become fused with MK ultra.

As already highlighted, the cybernetic conferences were under a broader conference envelope that funnelled C.I.A money through the Macy Foundation, and it was Abrahamson whom worked with Macy Foundation research director Dr Frank Fremont-Smith to convene a series of spinoff LSD/MKultra inspired sub conferences.

FREMONT-SMITH, Frank (1960): Introductory Remarks. In: Abramson, Harold A. (ed.): The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy. New York: Josiah Macy Foundation 1960, pp. 7 -24. 64. FREMONT-SMITH, Frank (1961): A Sy Source

Of note is the fact that aspects of Abrahamson’s work focused upon the alteration of sex patterns and the creation of dependency. Equally, from Paul Hoch we find further connections to the infamous Dr Ewan Cameron, who as we can see on page 432 of this pdf was also one of the early scientists connected to the truth drug research committee and lsd/brainwashing experimentation. Upon Hoch's death it was his best friends Nelson Rockefeller & Dr Ewan Cameron that would deliver his eulogy.

Through Dr Cameron we have a connection back to his close friend (and Tavistock institute founder member) Dr John Rawling Rees, here we can also observe that Cameron would later become the co-founder and president of the WFMH affiliated World Psychiatric Association. Officially we can connect them both to the oft overlooked (but one I'd advise the reader researches) case of Rudolph Hess. During the 2nd world war in an attempt to broker a peace deal between the UK & Nazi Germany, Hess (Hitlers deputy) parachute jumped into Scotland. Upon landing he was arrested, imprisoned then claimed to be psychologically tortured, drugged and mesmerised by Rawling Rees and his Tavistock associate Henry Dicks. In the build up to his trial it was Cameron that was tasked with his care and assessing his mental welfare.


Latterly Cameron would take a position at the Rockefeller funded Mcgill University (whom are still Rockefeller funded and now part of the UN's sustainable development goals i.e agenda 2030) in the (as highlighted above) Rockefeller funded Allan memorial institute. Further details relating to Canadian government involvement can be found here and C.I.A funding mechanisms are here. The C.I.A & Canadian government funded work carried out by Cameron would become known as the Montreal experiment project 68, and was an aspect of the MK Ultra programme. Here you can find a link to a full list of MK ultra affiliated institutions, agencies and facilities. Away from MK ultra, in this speech we can find Cameron discussing the need for broader social engineering, and here in his fbi file we can find further employment details.

Cameron 2.PNG


The work and techniques used by Cameron both parralled and were inspired by William Sargent who wrote the military brainwashing bible "Battle for the mind", which can be found here. Of note is the fact that Sargent was close friends with Aldous Huxley who also taught Eric Blair aka George Orwell, and of course Huxley's brother Julian was the co-founder of UNESCO (whom as I've highlighted in numerous posts were born of a eugenics philosophy) and is also interconnected with the eugenicist H.G Wells. In many ways we can consider Aldous Huxley as the bridge between the psychology of the social engineer and pop culture.

The work carried out by Cameron was termed de-patterning and it involved breaking the psyche to the degree that it no longer recognised the personality. They would take the mind of the individual back to a blank slate and then programme new thoughts and patterns of behaviour. With daily doses of Thorazine, Nembutal and Seconal the patients would be induced into a chemical coma, then placed in the "sleep room". They would be deprived of all senses and were awoken 2-3 times daily by injections of amphetamines, to be given severe electric shock treatments. Indeed, alongside lobotomies Cameron personally administered 60,000 electric shocks to thousands of patients.

Drug therapy included ether, lsd and barbituates and once the mind was considered malleable, de-patterning could commence. De-patterning was also known as psychic driving, where by utilising a loop-feed tape player attached to a football helmet (or played through headphones), drugged patients would be held in a state of absolute sensory isolation, to be verbally assaulted with hundreds of thousands of repetitive messages that sought to alter and condition behaviour.

Some individuals are recorded as having spent as long as three months in the sleep room, and often left in vegetative states, as children, amnesic, incontinent, institutionalised and hanging onto staff as if they were their parents. Many were returned to a state of psychological and neurological infancy and then encoded with new patterns of behaviour. Videos with witness testimony can be found here then here and here.

As with my hypnocourier/manchurian candidate observations, of note is that there are elements of Camerons sleep room that appear to have an inverted correlation with the ancient Egyptian sleep temples.

This trance state was known as incubation; incubation is derived from the Latin, In (on) cubare (to lie down). A person could be kept in this state for up to three days, during which time the priests using suggestions would help the person, through their dreams, to make contact with the god, thus helping them to obtain a cure for their illness. Source


The Radio Telemetry Room

With his colleagues Leonard Rubenstein and Stephen Perrin, Cameron also turned the institutes basement into what was termed the radio telemetry laboratory, to study the continuous radio telemetry of human activity. Within the laboratory, the telemetry patients would be exposed to electromagnetic and rf signals whilst being monitored for behavioural changes (yes 5G I'm looking at you). Ultimately, through this research they were looking to create a form of one way electronically induced clairvoyance, the at distance ability to remotely monitor targeted individuals. Here we can find a CNN special report from 1985 showcasing that similar technology was weapons grade ready. Equally, in this post I previously highlighted the use of electromagnetism within ancient Egypt.

When you juxtapose remote monitoring with repetitive voice signals and then bring it up to date, the concept of gang stalking comes into focus. Indeed, within his de-patterning research Cameron discusses ganging up on people with multiple voices. Once again, whilst Cameron’s psychic driving techniques may now be an uncomfortable footnote in the history of psychology, we can observe the methodology within pop culture. Whilst "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth" repetition is also social and perceptual control mechanism, repeat after me, white privilege, toxic masculinity, hate speech, racist, terror, climate emergency, 12 years to save the planet, and safe spaces, add a pinch of self proclaimed moral and intellectual superiority, and serve with a liberal serving of narcissism, rinse, repeat and drive the message home!

Cameron 5.PNG
Source & further info

When the human testing aspect was "officially" halted, under a project called MK-Search (in an attempt to incapacitate them) scientists began to beam radio frequencies into the brains of lobotomised apes. The details of the MK-Search experiments can be found listed as subproject 62 on page 90 of the human drug testing by the C.I.A senate hearings.

Cameron 3.PNG

Much of the work was carried out under the guise they were helping mentally ill patients, I'll quote the official stance; "The patients selected are almost (the almost is the get out of jail free card) entirely those suffering from extremely long term and intractable psychoneurotic conditions". Of course, as also noted above it is actually the "normal" but stressed (in terms of stress look at the modern era) individuals that are most "susceptible". Whilst Cameron and his ilk did experiment on people with mental health problems he also targeted the vulnerable; the homeless, addicts, prostitutes, prisoners and the mildly depressed. It is known that Cameron experimented on pregnant women, post natal mothers, declared mildly depressed men & women as schizophrenic and experimented on them without their prior knowledge or consent.


MK-Ultra Oprhans

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Cameron's research involved the use of orphans. Under what would broadly become termed as the Duplessis orphans scandal, Catholic run orphanages were paid to list healthy children as mentally ill. Once the children were given the faux mental health diagnosis, they could be funnelled into mental health institutions (like the Allan memorial) to be abused (many would later speak out about sexual abuse) and experimented upon. In 2002, 1,100 surviving Duplessis orphans settled for 25 million with the Quebec government, on the proviso that weren't to sue the (to this day) unapologetic Catholic church. Whilst I focus upon Cameron and the Allan memorial institute, this abuse was widespread.

In 2004, members of the "Duplessis Orphans" asked the Quebec government to unearth an abandoned cemetery in the east end of Montreal, which they believed to have held the remains of orphans who may have been the subject of medical experiments. According to testimony by individuals who were at the Cité de St-Jean-de-Dieu insane asylum, the orphans in the asylum's care were routinely used as experimental subjects in non-consensual medical experiments, and many died as a consequence. Source

Further to the Duplessis scandal, a class action was served against the Allan memorial institute, and the Allan memorial institute de-patterned persons assistance plan provided £100,000 to each of Cameron’s former patients. As we can see Here the C.I.A have also been sued by unwitting former mind control patients, whilst other cases remain ongoing.

The Drugging Of Children

The deliberate creation of childhood multiple personalities was the stated aim of an MKULTRA Subproject Proposal that was submitted for funding on the May 30, 1961. P. 56, 61. Although there are witnesses and the intent is clear, there is no official paper that speaks to the implementation of deliberately created childhood multiple personalities. I will note, personality splitting can be caused through fear and abuse, a child seeking solace from their anguish could create an alter personality within whom they seek solace. Children have a self protective natural tendency not to recall pain, thus a false memory or indeed personality that contained painful emotions would be easier to hide.


What was documented is the fact that children as young as five were given lsd and implanted with brain electrodes. Although psychiatrist Lauretta Bender can only be tenuously connected to MK-Ultra, she certainly tested lsd and electro shock therapy on children as young as five. These treatments are highlighted in numerous official documents, notably within her treatment of Autistic Schizophrenic Children with LSD-25 and UML-491 paper which can be found here, and in this paper we can find official documentation relating to her LSD experimentation on prepubescent children.

Further papers relating to Benders childhood LSD and amphetamine experimentation can be found here and here with further witness testimony found here,whilst here we can find case studies of electro shock therapy on children under 12. Further treatments included drugging autistic children with lsd everyday for nine months!


In relation to Bender, although the C.I.A s funding mechanisms to her LSD research are murky, as highlighted in this paper we can officially connect her to the aforementioned Dr. Harold Abrahamson whom she also references in her lsd papers.

Bender 2.PNG
Bender 3.PNG

At this point we come full circle and come back to the work of Alfred Kinsey and the sexualisation of children I discussed in part one. In this paper we can also see that psychiatrists like Bender advocating the benefits of incest and child sexual abuse. Above, taken from pages 10-11 of his book titled "love against hate" we can find psychiatrist Karl Menningers response to the child abuse proclamations of Bender.


Going Mainstream

Before we continue, I just wanted to briefly highlight the formation of these social engineering techniques within the wider sphere of media and communication.

As far back as 1937 we can observe how the Rockefeller funded radio research project, the foundation were looking into the effects of mass media upon society. Of note is the fact that Tavistock institute representative Gordon Allport was involved in the project, as was Hadley Cantrill who was a former roommate of Nelson Rockefeller whilst they studied at Dartmouth university. Prior to the project, both Cantrill and Allport co-authored a paper titled "the psychology of radio".

In terms of the Tavistock Institute, the below proclamations are taken from the aforementioned mental health paper that was written by Tavistock co-founder Colonel John Rawling Rees. A further Tavistock paper was titled "some principles of mass persuasion" by Dorwin Cartwright, who also helped establish the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. In this paper Cartwright discusses how "a person can be induced to do voluntarily something that he would otherwise not do" and "the modification of cognitive structure in individuals by means of mass media."

Tavistock 3.PNG

The below excert is taken from the Rockefellers 1951 annual report.

Tavistock 4.PNG

Tavistock 5.PNG

If you read through the Rockefeller reports it really begins to display how influence is spread. By observing how (alongside the Tavistock connections) the Rockefellers are funding research within a vast majority of universities and scientific facilities in the U.S (and abroad), it's not too much of a stretch to ponder how such influence could be used to manipulate the scientific consenus. Although all this research is compartmentalised, I would surmise that it is also colated by those with a keen interest on the bigger picture.

Due to the size and scale of this post and the associated reference links, I have broken it into two parts. The final third can be found HERE


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Whenever I get the chance to sit down and take in one of your epic posts, it inevitably leads my mind in twenty different directions at once and so I never really know what aspect I want to comment on, there's just too much to choose from...

I guess I'll start with the close connections between Tavistock and the Rockefellers, I hadn't realized that the links were so immediate. It makes perfect sense though as the Rockefellers seem to have their fingers in all pies. Thank you for pointing out this connection that should have been more apparent, how did I miss that? Well, I have been known to toss myself down some dark rabbit holes... I'll have to come up for air more often and take in the scenery...

On to Cameron - what a disgusting bastard. Now, this is a topic I'm quite well aware of and have read up on. However, you make some interesting connections in regards to taking this type of MK-Ultra research in psychology, group behaviour and mass communication and putting it into practice. I think all of us can see how these were not just simply 'dark period' in the history of psychological experimentation but a sort of blue print for social kontrol techniques. I often think of how we find ourselves singing a tune from some god-awful generic and asinine pop song that's being played incessantly throughout our culture, even when we try to isolate ourselves from it, it seeps in, slowly but surely - What is the message here? What are we being told to do/believe? How are we being programmed?

One last thing I'd like to touch on, thanks for including the image of the Pituitary Gland and the Eye of Horace. I did find the brief mention of the use of 'mind controlled virgins' to serve as royal messengers to Pharoahs quite interesting. Where can I find more information about this practice?

Anyways, it's been a very long time my friend. I hope you're well and I'm very much looking forward to Part III! Cheers^^

Hey @v4vapid thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts my friend. Equally, thank you for all the support, it is very much appreciated. Time is at a premium at the moment, so sorry for the delay in replying. Re: missing the Rockefeller connection, there is simply so much information that it's easy to become lost within it .. to be honest, I could spend the rest of my life writing about all these connections and still not have a complete body of work. Strangely enough, it's the sheer scale of it that enables it all to be hidden in plain sight.

Regarding Cameron, it is worth noting that many of these experiments were taking place as the Nazi's were on trial for similar atrocities .. they all appear to have been working towards a similar endgame. Indeed, whilst I have kept this post within the confines of what can be officially documented .. but my research leads me to believe that much of went on was actually far worse than I have been able to express. This most certainly wasn't simply a dark period in our history, hence my reason for writing this series has been due to seeing many of these concepts and mantras being brought into mainstream pop culture, and becoming focused upon the younger generations. We are being blinded by relative trivia and brought into an inverted state of being, I will elucidate that point more within an upcoming post.

In terms of the Hypno couriers, I had access to an elderly friend's occult library (with many rare antique books and interpretations) for several years so I gleaned that information from the notes I've taken. In terms of finding something readily accessible, I believe there is a book called "Secret don't tell, the encyclopedia of hypnotism by Carla Emery. You can also look into ancient Egyptian and Greek sleep temples .. formally connected with Imotep and latterly with the ancient Greek Esculapius, it is said that that at their height there were 420 sleep rooms .. hmm now where have I heard that number before? The sleep temples were used as places of healing, but this knowledge can and has been inverted. Certainly, there are elements within Cameron's sleep room that could be considered an inversion of practices used within the sleep temples.

I'm good thank you and I hope that you are also, really nice to hear from you and thanks for such a thoughtful message. Take care my friend, we shall speak again soon. :)

Hey, thanks for such a great reply!
I 'm really curious about the Hypno couriers, I have read something about this but in a more modern Manchurian candidate type of human messengers. Sirhan Sirhan comes to mind, but that's not really the same thing we're talking about. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of your suggestions you were kind enough to point out. Much appreciated. Time is at a premium for me as well, as always, take care my friend. Always mind expanding to read your work! Quality stufff.

You really connect a lot of dots here @perceptualflaws. Nobody escapes your attention. Just going out, so will read your next installment later. Thank you :)

Thank you @ricia .. I wanted to display the interconnected nature of influence and observe how it spreads. :)

I cannot adequately express my appreciation of this report, nor my admiration for your fortitude during it's research, compilation, and writing. I have been formerly aware of much of this information generally, and have limited my specific understanding due to my suffering from empathy for the victims of these psychopaths and the institutions that prey on humanity.

Your ruthlessness in undertaking this has surely taken a terrible toll on you, my friend. I take surcease in the wilderness and rural nature of my village and surroundings, and even so feel like I've been dipped in shit when faced with this reckless inhumanity as you have endured investigating. I hope you are far better equipped to cope than am I.

Your strength is inspirational, and the truth you reveal by it is of inestimable value to we free men who have determined to thrive and deliver felicity to our sons. Every dark truth and cruel fact that provides specific understanding of our enemies and their methods is a weapon in our war to wage freedom.


Thank you for the kind words and support @valued-customer it is very much appreciated.

have limited my specific understanding due to my suffering from empathy for the victims of these psychopaths and the institutions that prey on humanity.

Yes I can certainly understand where you're coming from and I can very much relate, the problem I had is that with the knowledge I had accumulated I could see many of these concepts being rolled out in front of my eyes .. thus my silence was no longer an option. Indeed, I sat down at the beginning of last year and attempted to write my book and my conscience dictated that first I must write a series of posts that began with my social media reality war article. I have 2-3 more posts to write then I can focus on my book, plus I want to share some different uplifting work on here.

Whilst the enormity of it all can become overwhelming, my psychology is that (contrary to some of my writings) I am actually a very happy go lucky person, this counterbalances my darker explorations and enables me to travel deep into these areas of investigation without losing myself along the way. I also have a very clear idea of what I'm doing, my reasons behind it and indeed where I'm going with it all. Within everything I write, I also try to provide an insight into the methodology and thus attempt to break the spell. Ultimately, if my writing helps even just one person see through this world of illusion and division .. then my life purpose will be realised. Thank you for your kind words and support my friend .. I both appreciate it and draw strength from it.

Ah I missed these two posts! They are on my list to read, will comment once I’ve read them. Hope all is well my friend!

No problem dude, I hope you like. :)

Thank you so much for putting this terrifying information together for us. On to part three.

Thank you for the support @owasco .. there is a second part to this one (link at the end) and part three should be ready soon. :)

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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