Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part Two Conclusion: Mass Mind Kontrol & Engineering The Breakdown Of The Social Order

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This is a direct continuation from part two which should be read before this post and can be found HERE

The Methodology Of Manipulation

Regular readers will know that I have written and referenced/catalogued the use of behavioural economics within social, green movements and social media. What I have yet to highlight is that this methodology is born of the Tavistock institute. Within Stanford alone we have both the center for the advanced study in the behavioural sciences (CASBS), & the department of psychiatry and behavioural sciences. Alongside the Tavistock/Stanford overlay, CASBS also have historical funding connections with the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the Tavistock connected Rand Corporation. Regular readers will remember that the Rand Corporation are also the progenitors of the delphi technique, which is now being used within agenda 2030 planning meetings.

To this day the Tavistock institute and their numerous affiliations elicit a stranglehold over global culture at the expense of the individual expression. We live within an externally manufactured world governed by appearances and collective subjectivity at the expense of an objective reality. As we become drawn ever deeper into the reality war, I come to understand that the true crisis of our time exists in our minds perception of this moment in time.


The Reality War

In our early work we brought together staff from different disciplines to find ways to apply psychoanalytic and open systems concepts to group and organisational life. Source

Within every consequential choice and expression of freewill, by inverting the psychoanalytical and psychodynamic methodologies of Freud, the false dichotomy is harnessed as a means to break down the middle man. The parallels of utopia and dystopia and the associated states of euphoria and dysphoria are utilised as a means of engineering a state of collective acquiescence and manufactured coalescence. Through the subversive methodologies of mainstream media they are able to control both the thesis and the antithesis, war and peace, chaos and order, are all exploited by the same intent and all are marching us towards the synthesis of a one world order.

Within the technotronic era, all personality types are catered for, safely cocooned within the padded echo cells of social media and the intelligent algorithm. If you have the ability to organise collective perception, collectivism can be exploited and utilised as a means of fracturing and disorganising the social order.

Through the Machiavellian manipulation of identity politics, and the infiltration, weaponisation and polarisation of brain archetypes and opposing cultural psychologies, the fragmented vestiges of the community construct dance to the tune of the perceptual pied pipers. Alas, by wearing our labels as badges of honour and focusing our attention upon an externally constructed worldview, we consume the psychological chloroform of the social engineer, betraying the gift of individuality, intuition and the internal perspective.


Fracturing The Minds Of The Social Order

To varying degrees we have each been traumatised, the 24 hour news programming and near constant exposure to the brutality of this world, slowly draining our ability to empathise with the plight of our fellow man. The subconscious has an inability to perceive the nuances between genuine threats and news or indeed entertainment, at a subliminal level they're perceived as one and the same.

In the modern era, our minds can become fractured by an innumerable array of self-protection mechanisms. The fracturing process can start from a very young age and can be triggered both by real-world experiences, the visceral reality of a news program or perceived imminent demise of the planet. As a self-protection mechanism, the child subconsciously disassociates themselves from the trauma and creates a soft alter ego/splinter personality.

These false personality archetypes manifest themselves within the subconscious and thus exist behind the veil of perceptibility. Over time, we begin to identify with these psychological self-protection mechanisms and express them as aspects of our psyche. Our defence mechanisms can harden and encase our hearts within an emotional concrete, separating the trinity of the self from our true essence, leading us to a point where people can proclaim "they don't know who they are anymore". Like a diabolical demonically driven psychological seamstress, the social engineer expertly weaves the woes of the world into the outer recesses of your mind.


Within modern environmentalism, human sexuality and gender identity and ever-increasingly throughout multiple areas of society; by drawing upon the methodology of Plato’s republic, forbidding the question negates the need for uncomfortable answers. Again the cult of celebrity, pop culture and the mainstream media act as the sheepdogs that control the flock, as they direct anger, vitriol, laughter and happiness we become drawn ever deeper into the illusionary nature of the movie script. Each cultivated crisis offering a premeditated remedy and each answer nudging us ever closer towards the totalitarian endgame.


Following the evolution of print the perceptual noose began to tighten, increasing swathes of the population becoming a representation of an externally generated print culture and the labels they manufacture. From print and newspapers to radio and television and on through the echo chambers of social media, the ability to control the narrative and indeed perception has been involved in an evolution of thought control.

By constantly redefining (re-engineering) social norms and ethics people find it increasingly difficult to define their sense of self, boundaries and beliefs. These institutions define the morality of this world (drag kids) and shape a general consensus that impedes upon the individual expression, defining what is divergent, socially accepted, dangerous, sane and insane. Ultimately this is a mind game; and by unknowingly playing it, your thoughts and perceptual reality have the potential to be controlled by language.

The manipulation of word and meaning has the ability to impede upon personal expression, comprehension and worldview. The inverted magic of mainstream metaphor creates a false reality and attempts to mold the individual perception to the machinations of a hive mind general consensus. When built upon a foundation of symbolism and metaphor, buzzwords and memes aid the construct of an artificial reality, a world of overt sexuality and 100 gender perceptions that are ultimately the progeny of words. Inverted words and false archetypes accessing the subconscious and becoming self replicating devolutions of thought, diluting the complementary polarities of natural law and expressing them as 100 shades of grey.


They have insidiously manipulated aspects of our mental syntax; and by contorting the mechanisms behind the formation of language, increasingly warped semantics and in essence our perception of self, the collective and the world at large. The thought forms/beliefs that we derive from certain words (or patterns of word & changes/inversions of meaning) act akin to a psychological control system that distorts the foundations of our contextual reality, constantly and consistently redefining the boundaries of social morality whilst policing the perimeters of perceptual possibility.

It is no mistake that we live in the age of the literati, by absorbing and relaying facts without an ability to understand the context and inherent nuances; we’re creating a generation of literal thinkers, a generation that’s increasingly ripe for manipulation. Without context and indeed out of context, offence is often taken from what would have previously been seen as innocuous comments, entire arguments and cyber meltdowns born of ignorance and misunderstanding.

The geometric construct of our world is born of sound, our words are vibrations that can be used to both direct and misdirect energy. The magic of word, metaphor and the spells cast through spell-ings are utilised as a means of alchemically altering human discernment, behaviour, sexuality and now gender identity. Indeed words used for sex manipulate our perception of sex, from evocations of making love to the cerebral limitations of getting your leg over. Word is the language of consciousness, equally words can be used to infiltrate and manipulate the subconscious. Through their manipulation our words can become the walls in our perceptual prison, but carefully chosen words will set us free. For good and bad, words have the power to change the world, so choose them wisely.


The War On The Masculine & Feminine

“The family is now one of the major obstacles to improved mental health, and hence should be weakened, if possible, so as to free individuals and especially children from the coercion of family life.” International Congress on Mental Health, London, 1948 Source

Before we continue I want to make it very clear; I find it both ridiculous and lamentable that we ever lived (and in many places continue to live) in a society that wasn't equally balanced in the favour of men and women, an age where women weren't allowed to vote. When you begin to understand (intellectually, philosophically and indeed spiritually) how this ancient control system works, you consider a deeper reasoning and longer-term objective.

Yin Yang, sun moon, light dark, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, all is one. The complementary spectrums of these universal laws are expressed within the masculine and feminine archetype and the divine principles of gender. Alas, through the manipulation of the social order and media programming, these complementary polarities are becoming adversarial. We are being drawn into a war against nature, the principles of natural law and thus the nature of the true self.


The world is a media driven re-education camp that is controlled through the weaponisation and inversion of polarity. Within this comprehension we could consider that the suppression of the feminine (the patriarchy) was never the intended endgame, rather it was an aspect of a far deeper and more insidious slow burning agenda. We could think of it in energetic terms; the thesis behind the suppression of the feminine has been used as a means of energising a slow retreat from the feminine archetype and fuelling what I term the final rebellion.

The final rebellion/inversion will be a war conducted by a manipulated/inverted feminine archetype against the principles of femininity and most importantly motherhood. If the female can be manipulated to rebel against the family unit, the nurturing aspect of the feminine principle and the gift of motherhood, then the inversion will have neared its completion and their depraved new world will be born. Here we find the UN's gender equality body (whom term motherhood as a penalty) "happiness experts" proclaiming that unmarried childless women are the happiest people of all, when you factor in the overpopulation/climate emergency fear porn being drip fed into the minds of young women, the agenda once again (as per part one) begins to reveal it's true nature.

Once the suppression thesis had been used to denigrate the traditional roles and energised its intended antithesis, the Rockefeller foundation would be at hand to fund the feminist movement. More women at work, more taxes, children being brought up by the state in an education system that was started and funded by Rockefeller & Carnegie. And of course I'm not saying women shouldn't be free to do whatever they want, I'm just offering a different perspective to show that things aren't always what they seem. Unfortunately, neither the thesis nor the antithesis is for the betterment of women; the bitter irony being that the radical feminist appears to reject the feminine principle and adopt the worst attributes of the masculine, seemingly implying that at a subconscious level they believe that which they fight against to be superior, whilst remaining oblivious to the fact they have become what they purport to hate.

With a nod of the first part of this post, many of our societal ills can be traced back to lust (which also connects to greed and power) and the associated loss of self control. What the patriarchy has done is project that lack of self control upon the feminine and this subconsciously projected blame feeds the suppression and degradation of the feminine principle. Of course, the suppression of the feminine also carries religious connotations which in turn become another aspect that energises a move away from the religion thesis (which contains aspects of natural law) and into the open arms of the dark Luciferian agenda antithesis (which is an inversion of these principles). So whilst it may be true that in esoteric/astrological terms we are entering the age of the feminine, unfortunately we are entering it with an attempted inversion of the divine feminine archetype.

As we observe the pop culture attempts to invert the feminine principle and insidiously nudge her away from her nurturing, caring and mothering instincts and towards the worst attributes of the unbalanced male, we can observe a similar inversion within the modern male. Alongside other factors I will discuss in part 3, as the masculine archetype becomes tainted with connotations of toxic masculinity, and heralded within pop culture as a dysfunctional bumbling idiot, the modern man begins to emerge. Alongside growing movements of men whom are withdrawing from real world interactions and commitments, the protective hunter/gatherer archetype of the male is becoming increasingly effeminate and submissive.

Men are rewarded for their submission whilst women are lorded for their aggression. With mental health rates deteriorating and suicide rates amongst young males exponentially increasing, we are pointed towards a deeper truth. The subconscious holds onto the vestiges of the true self, the truth being that we are each born with a purpose and by removing that purpose and replacing it with inverted false archetypes and a vapid mainstream culture, we are being taken out of balance and coaxed towards a psychological oblivion.

War On The Family

Before we continue. I'm very aware that there will be people reading this who have had a less than a happy family life; the only thing I can say is that a broken and out of balance society creates broken and unbalanced individuals, that in turn create broken families, this is the nature of the agenda, a self-perpetuating cycle of devastation ravaging the foundations of the social order.

The inversion of the masculine and feminine archetypes, the dilution of gender identity and manipulation of sexual perception are all a contributory factor within the war on the family unit. Traditional gender roles are denigrated as the epitome of oppression, whilst promiscuity is heralded a symbolic rebellion against traditionalism. Politically correct language and the abolishment of gender prenouns are also aspects of a society that is undergoing a process of social re-engineering. As I will display in part three, gender pronouns are being removed across all aspects of officialdom. The use of the words boy and girl and indeed Mother and Father have become tainted with controversy, with even the NHS in the UK being advised not to call pregnant women, Mothers.


We have individuals like Melinda Gates discussing the possibility of editing books to remove gender bias. This isn't progressive this is the rewriting of your history and the re-engineering of the very foundations upon which our society is based, a similar process is playing out with the insertion of ethnic characters within historical films, and it is far more insidious and dangerous than the majority of people will comprehend. How long is it before the words Mother & Father are removed from education and public life? Indeed, the evocative nature of the word "Mother" itself displays the power of words, and so within those evocations we can begin to glimpse the power of unwording.

I have clearly referenced official proclamations that extol the virtues of positive incest, is it a co-incidence that incestual themes and the word Daddy have now been brought into the realms of pornography? Has anyone noticed the sleight of hand with which this most innocent of words has been perverted? Certainly, here in 2020 pornography has itself morphed into a powerful tool of social re-engineering.

Final Thoughts

The interplay between the masculine and feminine exists as the living embodiment of the eternal and immutable dance of gender, culminating in the danuma of natural law, creation. We are the carpenters of creation alas we have been manipulated to work against the reality grain, counterintuitive to our best interests; hypnotised by a control system that obscures itself within the shadows of the subconscious and the blind spots of human psychology. Whilst it’s true that in the age of the blind your foresight may only become appreciated in hindsight, it's your insights that will enable the world to see again.

Thank you for reading

Join me soon for part 3, until then I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.

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As per usual, an amazingly researched and written two part article @perceptualflaws. I really appreciate the work you do, as do many many others on this platform! Resteemed to my HUGE audience (lol) and look forward to part 3:)

Thank you for the support and kind words @palikari123 .. really glad you appreciated the post, part 3 will be coming asap .. just gathering references etc. You'll build your audience up again soon mate, great to have you back! :)

Tremendous achievement, @perceptualflaws. This article ranks as the most precisely articulated work on this topic I have seen published, anywhere.

I've been writing a parallel piece now, editing it occasionally, for several weeks. You've inspired me to publish it. Looking forward to your future content. Will certainly upvote and promote it.

Thank you for the kind words @canusapatriots I appreciate the support. I've nearly finished writing part 3 .. just spending time gathering all the references. I look forward to reading your piece. Thanks again my friend!

It's easy enough... your content is fantastiQ!
SteemON Bruv.


Great article @perceptualflaws, it's very disturbing information. I can't help but wonder if the people collectively have a chance to fight this level of scientific-conditioning. We'd almost need some kind of magical glasses (like in 'They Live' ) to see and recognize the progrramming as it's happening in real time.

Thank you my friend, I'm really glad you appreciated my efforts.

I can't help but wonder if the people collectively have a chance to fight this level of scientific-conditioning.

Yes, it is very difficult .. people have literally been entrained to exist within an inverted state of being, that is the nature of the illusion for we are manipulated to do this to ourselves. The masses revel in their division, labels and inverted perceptions of power .. for as long as your side is winning that's good, right?

They are dividing the world in order that they can socially glue it back together..a false/inverted unity, before that happens we've got to find a way to speak that traverses the divisions that have been placed upon us. Instead of handing it away to those that seek to externally manufacture our worldview, we desperately need to rediscover the power within and the validity of our intuition and the internal perspective. The way we currently are is not who we are, it is a manipulation, it is not human nature .. I care not if people disagree with that statement, because most won't comprehend the level of work I've put in to make it. It's certainly a disturbing subject matter; I have a couple more conspiracy posts to write, then my future work is going to be much more upbeat .. I want to find a way to show people how important they are, and the magic/beauty of the world around them .. for that is equally (if not more) important than illuminating the web that is being woven around us, it's all a matter of balance. Thanks again @thoughts-in-time

Outstanding literature. The words you have chosen will change the world, I am sure. They not only convey the importance of your message, but poetically evoke, the gentler and kinder humanity being crushed.

Thank you for the support and kind words @ricia .. high praise indeed, I don't feel worthy .. but I am trying my best to formulate a language that breaks down barriers and divisions .. and speaks to the tattered vestiges of our humanity. Thanks again my friend. :)

I am in awe of your writing. Your mind is so nimble and yet deeply powerful, that I feel club-footed and dull faced with your thoughts. I am certain I have but little grasp of the meat and potatoes of this post, yet have savored the ephemeral flavors with which it is spiced.

Imma prolly need to reread it more than a few times before I reckon I have a substantial enough grasp of it's most salient points to comment cogently, beyond expressing here the admiration of your craft I do.


Thank you my friend .. we each have a part to play in this world, and your intent, work and observations are as valid as anything I or anyone else can relay. Thank you so much for all the support, remaining focused can be a lonely journey, but when I come up for air and share my posts, comments like yours give me the inspiration to keep moving forward. Thanks again!

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