Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part One: Population Control & The Sexual Perception Deception

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Thank you for joining me. Whilst I wrote this as a singular post, its scale has determined that I break it down into three parts. Whilst (much like my environmental series) this introduction will focus upon some more esoteric elements, I feel the research of latter parts will lend extra weight to some of these ideas. Please feel free to comment; although I do want to highlight that the full scope won't be revealed until the end of part three. For your consideration I will display how (alongside other aspects that are outside the remit of this post) a multi-stage, multi-generational masterplan is using the false foundations, fallacies and dark undertones of the sexual revolution and an alchemical manipulation of sexual perception, to energise and rationalise the intended socially engineered cultural revolution/devolution.


As the three parts progress; I will gather an increasing array of scientific, medical and psychological papers, to reference and highlight how biological and perceptual corruptions are conducting a war on childhood as a means of deconstructing the human condition, gender identity, the family unit and the very foundations of our society. Of course, we live in the age of the literal (and the literati) and so it’s important to point out that by its very nature social engineering needs to be discussed in generalised terms, by virtue these issues will affect us to varying degrees.

Caught between Polarities

Throughout the wider sphere of society, the extremes of polarity are in effect an inverted intrinsic control model. With both the thesis and the antithesis nudging us towards their intended synthesis, each imposed measure provides the momentum for the opposition. What has the war on drugs given us? More drugs, more drug addicts and a broken society! This enables malfeasants that really understand how this all works to appear as virtuous and benevolent to those who they've manipulated into a state of acquiescence and critical slumber, all the while safe in the knowledge that the social fallout from their intended outcome will take years to play out.

The manipulated extremes of two opposing forces/ideologies are utilised as a means of controlling the middle man, eliciting the desired social reformation and energising the (contrived antithesis) pendulum of change. As the pendulum becomes akin to a perceptual wrecking ball, I observe how the ultimate intent/endgame is leading us towards a singularity of control.


Sexual Imbalance

Sexual energy is like all forms of energy and whilst it can’t be extinguished, it can be repressed, released, willingly redirected or indeed unwittingly/subconsciously misdirected. We could consider whether era's of imposed sexual repression and zealotry could actually energise the antithesis and (through the correct methodology) push us towards eras of decadence & moral decline. Historically (although there are exceptions) we certainly appear to live in a state of perpetual imbalance.

In the age of media, we live in a highly sexualised environment, but equally (many) retain the subconscious vestiges of historic sexual repression, body image negativity, and connotations of sin. These two unbalanced control mechanisms feed lust and guilt, and both mind states feed the entrapment of the addiction cycle. Repression is not conterbalanced by lust, for lust is itself a powerful control mechanism and (despite proclamations to the contrary) is the antithesis of sexual liberation.

I'm certainly not telling anyone how to live and the manner in which consenting adults express themselves is neither my concern nor my business. As a hetrosexual male, neither am I painting myself as a bastion of purity, a cyber monk sitting atop my ivory desk tower and looking down upon the masses. From an objective standpoint, the prevalence of STD’s and STI's highlight the validity of monogamous intimate relationships. We can of course (to a degree) protect ourselves from disease; but at the physical level we can observe how nature points to a more conventional state of being. That’s not to say that you'll burn in damnation if you fail to wed your first partner or that you should hold onto the subconscious remnants of sexual and body image negativity, but (as with each aspect of our being, and thus society) I feel a balance needs to be found.


It’s All About Sex

I have come understand that there was an age (lost to the mists of time) when the human body (and it's universal symbiosis) was very much (to scientific levels of accuracy) worshipped as a temple. Through understanding the symbiosis and retaining balance with the cycles of universal law, this belief system sought to elevate themselves to an enlightened state of being. They believed that If we remain lost in thoughts of material pleasure we become materialistic, narcissistic and thus impede our enlightenment. That if we are locked down within the lower resonances of thought we are thinking below the solar plexus and held within the kingdom of earth. Sex carried with it the responsibility of life, and the seed of life was not to be wasted through the objectification of carnal lust.

An age where the divine feminine was worshipped as the carrier of life, and the womb a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Over time we have been (and are being) moved from one extreme to the other, and so if you want to understand how things were, look at how they are, for we live in an inverted state of being. We live in an era where the intent is not the worship but the deconstruction of the body temple, and the manipulation of sexual energy is a key component within that decomposition.


Moving forward in time, we can start by observing that within ancient cultures (like Greece, Rome) eras of decadence, identitarian sexual obsession and childhood exploitation were indicative precursors to their fall. We could muse upon how the Marquis de Sade realised that sexual energy could be utilised as a tool of social change and revolution. Certainly these historical parrallels are observationally apparent within our modern age, and in the context of this series, they don't appear to have evaded the attention of the social engineer.

In our drive towards sexual liberation many remain woefully illiterate to the malfeasance of the manipulater, and wilfully ignorant of the dark underbelly that attempts to hitch a free ride. I highlight these historical references to elucidate how this has happened in ancient history, modern history, and it is happening now!


Rockefeller Sex Research


Through their connections to and funding of the National Research Council and (from 1925-1965) associated connections with the committee for research in problems of sex. Through the medical division of Rockefeller University and connections to and funding of the population council, areas of Rockefeller enabled sex research include: birth control, endocrinology, morphology, physiology, psychology, biology, hormone therapy, psychopathology, sociology and anatomy.

Research into sex, including grants to fund the study of endocrinology and the work of Alfred Kinsey, was subsequently taken up by the RF. Source

Darker elements connected with Rockefeller sex research include the Guatemala syphilis experiments The Rockefeller Foundation, the (Rockefeller connected) John Hopkins university and Bristol Myer Squibb are currently the subject of a $1 billion lawsuit for their connections to these historical abuses.

Doctors infected soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners and mental patients with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, without the informed consent of the subjects. The experiment resulted in at least 83 deaths.[1] Serology studies continued through 1953 involving the same vulnerable populations in addition to children from state-run schools, an orphanage, and rural towns. Source

The Guatemala experiments echo the infamous Tuskegee experiments where between 1932 - 1972, 600 (399 men with latent syphilis and a control group of 201 others who were free of the disease) impoverished African-Americans were informed they were being treated for bad blood, and were given placebos instead of medicine Although when the experiment began syphilis was untreatable, relatively early into the study penicillin was found to be a successful treatment. Despite the penicillin breakthrough, in order to track the disease’s full progression, researchers provided no effective care and simply observed the men die, go blind, insane and/or infect their wives and children.


Alfred Kinsey

So let’s take a look at Alfred Kinsey, the man that would “affectionately” become known as the father of the modern sexual revolution. The two books that formed the foundation of the revolution were “Sexual behaviour in the human male” which was subsequently followed by the similarly titled “human female”. The books took the world by storm and subsequently led to Kinsey advising governments (the world over) on sex laws and sexual education, indeed modern education uses the findings of Kinsey as its very foundation. The work of Kinsey (and the Kinsey institute) has influenced social and cultural values both in the United States and internationally.

Ever wondered why there appears to be no comparable justice for child sex abuse victims? Well Kinsey also influenced the reduction of sex crime penalties and associated legislations.

Over the years, law review articles and court opinions cited the Kinsey studies thousands of times. Kinsey worked with Columbia University law professor Herbert Wechsler to promote the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code (1955). Most states cited the code, which is largely based on Kinsey’s findings, as the blueprint to ease penalties for sex offenses, resulting in less protection for women and children from sexual predators. Linda Jeffrey, Ed.D, Col. Ronald D. Ray, J.D., A History of the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code: The Kinsey Reports’ Influence on Science-based Legal Reform 1923-2002, (Crestwood, Kentucky: First Principles Press, 2003). Source

Latterly the work of Kinsey was found to over-represent prisoners, sex offenders, prostitutes, and child molesters. The survey also noted solo participants as married, single mothers as married, included a disproportionate number of homosexuals and underrepresented religious conservatives, the working class and African Americans; in essence, relaying an unbalanced view of the American sexuality he was supposed to be objectively portraying. As Kinsey was previously a zoologist he often referred to people as the “human animal”, indeed sociology professor Edward Laumann argued that whilst Kinsey’s work was focused on the biology of sex, it lacked the required psychological analysis.

Throughout his research Kinsey had been funded by the Rockefeller foundation. Prior to the release of his 2nd book, there was already a growing array of warnings (from other scientists) that his work was flawed. As highlighted within their own history, amidst a cloud of controversy, in 1954 the Rockefeller foundation withdraw their funding.

The Kinsey reports were used against the RF in congressional investigations. Citing Kinsey, one congressional committee accused the RF of helping to weaken American morality, thereby aiding the cause of communism.

Both worn down by the controversial nature of Kinsey’s research and influenced by Kinsey’s financial success, RF funding for sex research projects came to an end in 1954. Source


Kinsey’s Paedophiles

Although Kinsey’s “Sexual Behaviour In The Human Male” book had taken the world by storm, in the furore the readers and indeed the media were seemingly prepared to overlook the disturbing subject matter contained within chapter 5. Throughout this now infamous chapter, Kinsey documented child abuse, the abuse of 100’s (some estimations as high as 1800) of children and babies (aged from 2 months to 15 years) reduced to data and statistical analysis.

Indeed, Kinsey created a framework and code that utilised stopwatches and enabled the abusers to record the abuse in scientific detail. I refuse to cover details, but further archives, references, interviews, transcripts can be found here, and of course Kinsey's own books unashamedly document the abuse.

The Kinsey institute proclaims that the vast majority of this information was derived from a paedophile latterly named as Rex King who had meticulously recorded over 800 cases of his abuse, although further investigation begins to portray a different story. Indeed, another Kinsey collaborator was the infamous Nazi paedophile Dr Fritz Von Balluseck. At Von Balluseck’s trial for the murder of a young girl, the judge went as far as criticising Kinsey for remaining silent at not reporting these atrocities to the police.

The presiding judge exclaimed, Instead of answering his sordid letters, the strange American scholar should rather have made sure that Mister von Balluseck was put behind bars.” [Morgenpost, May 16, 1957 Source


Of note is the fact that in 2004 the New York Times went as far as stating that although Von Balluseck was a suspect he never faced trial. As you can see from page 165 of the Reisman archives here and again here not only did a previously jailed Balluseck face trial, but it was widely covered within the German press.

As highlighted within these transcripts and these archives Kinsey collaborated with paedophile rings and organisations. Witness testimony claimed Kinsey collected data from and financially compensated fathers who were abusing their own children. In this Yorkshire television documentary, we can hear witnesses also allude to the possibility that Kinsey was not only collecting data but directing and advising the type of abuse required.

If you watch this video (the Donohue show) from 0.38 minutes, you will hear Kinsey associate Clarence Tripp trying to justify abuse, also note former Penthouse writer Philip Nobile defending his article on "positive incest". The fact both Tripp and Donohue make light of the situation is deeply disturbing. If you want to know how people get away with such overt declarations, listen to audience members laugh. Cognitive disodence enables the truth to be hidden in plain sight, this is occuring right now!

Kinsey Synopsis

Disturbingly, far from relaying these statistics as the actions of perverts and sick minds, Kinsey used this analysis to relay his belief that children are born as fully functioning sexual identities. That children are unharmed by incest and that sexual relations between a child and adult, can be to the benefit of the child.

In 1949, for example, he testified before the California General Assembly’s Subcommittee on Sex Crimes, urging them to liberalize sex offense statutes. He argued specifically for granting immediate paroles to suspected child molesters, and warned that societal “hysteria” does more harm to children than the actual molestations.

Kinsey wrote: “It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts.” Testimony before California Legislative Assembly Subcommittee on Sex Crimes, 1949, cited in Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, p. 213 Source


Uncomfortable Bedfellows

Whilst sex research, the manipulation of sexuality, the exploitation of childhood innocence, eugenics and population control might seem outside the remit of a singular post, the fact they're all funded by the same interests gives an insight to my reasoning. As each part progresses, I also want to show how they have evolved. Through a myriad of educational, law and scientific affiliations, influential individuals, scientists, and associated funding mechanisms; the Rockefeller connections to eugenics both predates and inspired Nazi ideology. The Foundation helped fund the German eugenics program and even funded the early work of Josef Mengele. Until 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation were funding (alongside the interconnected Brain Institute) the racial sciences division of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics.

Population Council.PNG

Population council 2.PNG

When eugenics became a tainted concept, population control was still very much on the agenda, in 1952 John D Rockefeller founded the Population Council, which was also funded by the Rockefeller Bros Fund & Ford Foundation, and to this day remain heavily funded by the U.S Government, and affiliated with their partner The International Planned Parenthood Federation. Throughout the early 60's the Rockefellers mounted a campaign which (beginning with the Johnson administration) would make foreign aid dependent upon countries adopting "family planning" programmes.


Another proponent for population control was World Bank President Robert McNamara whom regular readers may recall I previously highlighted (in this post) as being a former sponser and trustee of the UN partnered Lucis trust, a role previously assumed by John D Rockefeller. Following Mcnamra's banking tenure, the World Bank, the IMF and an interconnected array of regional banks, soon began attaching "family planning" programme stipulations to debt proviso's.

Population Council 4.PNG Source

The above essay (which was written by Population Council president Bernard Berelson) makes for some interesting and indeed disturbing reading. Although Berelson isn't actively advocating the more extreme proposals, their print and consideration give them legitimacy. Certainly, whilst reading the report we are also able to ascertain a glimpse into the mindsets of the social engineers/scientists that make them.

Population council 3.PNG Source

There are numerous varying degrees of proposals, including temporary time-capsule contraceptive sterilisation of all women. Of note is the above suggestion by Paul Erhlich and subsequent below consideration by Bernard Berelson.

Population council 6.PNG Source

Alongside his wife (and Club of Rome member) Anne and former senior advisor to President Obama, John P Holdren; Erhlich (a darling of the globalist establishment) echoed similar ideas within the collaborative Eco Sciences paper. In this article (written in 1974) we can find further connections between John D Rockefeller III, The International Planned Parenthood Federation, the zero population growth movement and Paul Erhlich, whom would become ZPG's first president.

The ZPG are still operating under the name population connection and in recent years have become revitalised. For a comprehensive breakdown on the myriad of inaccuracies and fallacies within Erhlich's population bomb thesis (hypothesis) I recommend this excellent video from the Corbett report.

Worthy of note is the fact that the publishers and promoters of the population bomb were the Sierra Club, whom I previously highlighted as the driving force behind the green new deal, and have funding connections to the Rockefeller Bros Fund. As I have highlighted within my environmental series, population control finds its modern expression within global warming and corporate-sponsored environmentalism, a movement that I have clearly and verifiably shown is connected to the same eugenic inspired interests.

The Pill & Contraception

It was in 1913 that the newly formed Rockefeller Foundation formally took charge of the Bureau of Social Hygiene, in the same year the BSH was tasked with conducting “research and education on birth control, maternal health, and sex education. In terms of birth control; the previous incarnation of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sangers American Birth Control League and as we can see here and(as acknowledged in their own history) It was in 1924 that John D. Rockefeller, Jr began to fund the ABCL's research into contraception.

The Rockefeller Foundation founded/funded Population council have also been at the forefront of developing hormonal contraceptives, (including the wearable long lasting Norplant implant) which due to it's severe side effects was later the subject of a $50 million settlement package for the 36,000 women who filed a class action lawsuit against it's manufacturers. Other population council scandals include their collaboration with International Planned Parenthood Federation, and relate to the (previously known) side effects encountered by thousands of women coerced (through foreign aid packages) into using IUD's, (intrauterine contraceptive devices). [Source](Connelly, Matthew. Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2008. PP. 204-206.)

It was in 1950 that Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) set the challenge to develop an oral contraceptive pill. By 1960 the contraceptive pill was given FDA approval and in 1970 Nelson Rockefeller signed the abortion reform act into law. It is my belief that running alongside cultural changes associated with birth control and abortion rights, we have the continuation of sexual perception social re-engineering. Following on the heels of Kinsey’s sexual revolution; with the advent of the contraceptive pill we can begin to observe a seismic shift in sexual morality, to a degree this is an understandable outcome. Equally, from my research by using the sexual revolution and then the pill as a foundation, sexual perception was also being deliberately engineered and redirected.

In the more modern era, through inititives like contraception 21, we find the Rockefellers leading the charge for a "Second contraceptive revolution". In this contraception 21 inspired report, we find researchers looking into the feasabilty of combing STD/STI protection and contraception into a single treatment, now wouldn't that be a brave new world?


The pill and broader contraceptive refinements have certainly benefitted our society, but by its nature, every light casts a shadow. In our journey towards no strings sex, what could we have lost along the way? Contraceptive breakthroughs have certainly enabled the redefinition of sexual perception; and with gratification now a button away, in relinquishing the responsibility have we forgotten the validity of restraint? Are the juxtapositions of social sexual engineering and contraception both being utilised as a means of taking us out of step with the natural order? Are we somehow being nudged towards an alternate evolutionary path?

In removing the love are we gradually (with a nod to a brave new world) being nudged towards renouncing the entire concept of procreation and eventually (through a beguiling methodology) deconstructing the very essence of our humanity? Whatever your perspective; the exploitation of sexual perception is a hugely important component to this control structure. Personally I have come to believe that (although obviously connected), these interests far surpass the mantras of population control and that such controls are essentially a subcontext that obscures the deeper layers of an inverted contextual reality. An inversion enabled through the manipulation of our freewill.


Building Upon Shallow Foundations

As we’ve already ascertained, the sexual revolution was built upon shallow foundations and misleading assumptions, it was also the carrier for dark and disturbing undertones. To my mind and from a social engineering perspective, the revolution wasn’t so much about recording sexuality as redirecting it. In many ways, the Kinsey reports served as a distorted foundation for the next generation of social-sexual engineering, and (as we shall see in the next chapters) are increasingly dictating the format of modern sexual education.

I’m certainly not saying that modern sexuality is (in its entirety) a socially engineered construct and (as with all aspects of life) there are varying degrees in which people express themselves. Sexual commodification, promiscuity and decadence have always existed, the technological ability to condition and influence vast swathes of the populace hasn't. Within the generalised terms of the digital age; I feel learned sexual behaviour is far more prevalent then many would allow themselves to contemplate (including those who are acting it out), and I do ponder how many people are living as the true essence of their sexual self. How much has this barrage of nonsensical hypersexual pop culture and pornography (which are themselves a product of the sexual revolution) altered our perception and thus behaviour?


It’s certainly no surprise that in the same year (1953) that Kinsey released “Sexual behaviour in the human female” was the same year that Kinseyinstitute backer (Hugh Hefner) started Playboy magazine. This was followed by the more explicit Penthouse in 1965, and then the sexually explicit Hustler in 1972. Of course, there were other magazines but these were the major players. In many ways, we can observe a three-step process towards the mass consumption of hardcore pornography.

In 1972 the release of the first full pornographic film (Deep Throat) took the media by storm, a manufactured uproar (advertising campaign) ensued and it’s banning from numerous states played to the polarities of attraction/repulsion and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. The media enabled/created the mass exposure and their subsequent attempts to demonise their creation provided the mystique/drive for people to see it. No news is bad news and certainly, it must be understood that in terms of youthful rebellion the anti-press and manufactured outrage is the best form of exposure a social change can be given. In many ways and like the magazines before it, we can observe how (by utilising mass media to manifest within the public consciousness) Deep Throat (a name that also found it's way into the Watergate scandal) also provided a strong foundation for the evolution of an increasingly hardcore porn genre, certainly the world would never be the same again.


Historical Context

From the Romans, Greeks to silent movies and stag films, I’m not pretending that pornography hasn’t followed us through the course of human history, I'm also not pretending I've never watched any. I am saying that with advances in technology and associated mass consumption, porn is being utilised as a tool of social change and now has the potential to rewire neural sexual response pathways, sexual identity, increasingly infiltrate the subconscious, and manipulate sexual perception. Both within pornography and the wider context of mass media, the agenda-driven splicing of reality and fiction has ensured that we now live in a world of illusion and externally programmed sexual perception.

The Basal Ganglia

The Basal Ganglia is interconnected with the cerebral cortex, the thalamus and brain stem, forming an area known as the reptilian brain. The Basal Ganglia is the force behind our more primal, primitive instincts and survival mechanisms. These drives incorporate survival instincts (fear/food/water), animalistic sexual urges and territorial aspects of our nature. Through numerous methods (in the modern era, media and visual stimuli are a key component) we can be manipulated through our survival mechanisms to exist in the lower resonances of our being, to bypass the rationale of the neocortex and forgo higher states of intuition.

The territorial aspect manifests within the survival mechanisms of tribalism, in numerous ways our tribal past can be manipulated to be expressed as racism and numerous other means of division. In a world of fear, the war on terror/the climate emergency (study the psychology of those words for they are carefully chosen) we seek outward protection from the very individuals we need protecting from. And as we enter the age of agenda 2030 inspired artificial scarcity the survival mechanisms associated with food/water will become increasingly leveraged.

The dangers of carnal lust are highlighted within most ancient belief systems and inverted within many dark occultic practices; to paraphrase, within Buddism the cause of all suffering is said to be born of lust. Whilst the effects are physically felt, lust is a psychological phenomenom that can be externally induced. Externally programmed carnal lust could be considered as an altered state of consciousness that manipulates the primal urge to procreate. Within the modern era of instant gratification, lust is utilised as a control mechanism that keeps us locked down into the lower resonances of base instinct. The manipulation of carnal lust is a powerful component in the separation of love and sex. Lustful desire can be confused with love, but could be considered more self-serving and selfish where true love is selfless and enlightened, lust is about the taking whilst to love is to share.

Lustful desires are powerful and intoxicating, but due to their furtive and transient nature they're ultimately unfulfilling, addictive and can be damaging to the psyche. Philosophical and spiritual perspectives of lust hold true in the realms of science, with MRI scanners revealing brains lighting up in the same areas as addicts receiving their fix. Certainly, within the considerations of this three part post and again alluding to the insidious proclamations of Kinsey; within a society that perceives the gratification of lust as an expression of virtue, the obstacles between desire and the pursuance of unnatural acts begin to erode. Lust can be utilsed as a means of alchemically altering sexual perception, identity and indeed morality. Within modernity, lust has become the master, the mind and body it's unwitting slaves.


Free Love?

Before we continue; I very much acknowledge that much good (and some great music!) came out of the 60s, my contention is that the sincerity was also infiltrated and (in certain areas) misdirected. In fact, within my environmental series, we can observe a direct and modern correlation that speaks to the infiltration of compassion and goodwill. Regular readers will know I have also written about the psychedelic experience; whilst we live in the age of black and white, by understanding nuance it is possible to hold seemingly contradictory viewpoints. If you are of the right mindset and in the right environment, I feel that transient psychedelic experiences can be of benefit to individuals. When used within belief systems or social movements, I feel the psychedelic experience puts users in a higher degree of emotional suggestibility and thus can be potentially dangerous.

Moving forward we enter the era of the MK Ultra mind control program, civil rights, and anti-war coalitions. It is also the era of the hippy movement, Charles Manson and of course free love! Of course, the sexual revolution enabled the western/modern iteration of free love. Within the occult, mass sexual communion is believed to energise times of change, reformation and transformation. Sexual expression was also portrayed as a definition of freedom. Ultimately, it's a political statement that on the world stage elicits little tangible consequence and equally the premise of free love carries with it the undertones of sexual attitude engineering.


It is my belief that by using (probably unknown to the majority of them) important social figureheads, authors like Huxley, societal influencers and rock stars as the choirboys for LSD; and by introducing the modern incarnation of free love, that elements of the hippy movement were infiltrated and manipulated. That does not mean every individual or aspect was infiltrated. Although I feel they were intimately involved in this era of social reformation, I don’t subscribe to the belief that all the stars and lyrics of change were born of the Tavistock Institute.

I do believe some of the forebears of social change will be inducted into the lower levels of one world occultic ideology, and course such symbology has now become synonymous within mainstream pop culture. Within my understanding of psychology; I don’t think such a co-ordinated large scale assault (employing thousands of NWO minions) on culture is even required. To my mind, it's all about creating the conditions in which to introduce the ideas, once the seed is sown the people themselves will nuture its growth.

That said, I acknowledge the fact that a vast array of 60's stars hailed from wealthy military families and were never drafted to Vietnam; and of those with a military background the majority remained indifferent to the anti-war movement and instead played to the virtues of hedonism. Whilst I'm aware that the previous generations WW2 subscriptions would have played a part in family backgrounds, the military prevelance is still high.


LSD was used within the MK Ultra mind control experiments and certainly human sexuality and indeed abuse were all components of these experiments. One of the more well known was "operation midnight climax" where the C.I.A used prostitutes to lure men to "official" brothels where they would be dosed with LSD and then observed through two-way mirrors in the bedrooms.

Although outside the remit of this post, the first wave of street level LSD can be attributed to "official" sources, the shadow system very much wanted open minds. In terms of brainwashing, LSD did not prove to be successful. Whilst it became a galvanising force behind the hippy/peace movements, it was (to varying degrees) successful in infiltrating and enabling certain aspects of cultural transformation, this is because it puts the user in a state of increased suggestibility. Once you have large swathes of youth, stars and influencers with such an open and suggestible mindset; if you were able to introduce ideas in such way that people interpret them as coming from social icons the underground or anti-establishment, then the movements and influencers would take the ideas and of their own volition, define themselves by them and evolve them. Movie stars celebrities and opinion leaders might be the unwitting sheep dogs that direct the flock, but ultimately they are still under the control of their masters.


Love To Lust

I feel there is also a good argument to be made that Charles Manson was himself an aspect of MK ultra, certainly his crimes and arrest took the goodwill and positive energy of the sixties down with him. Whilst we entered the 70’s with a new air of cynicism, equally we carried the liberal (free love) sexual perceptions of the 60’s. I feel it foolish not to acknowledge how both aspects could fuel a future billion-dollar porn industry. Free love when juxtaposed against the polarity of war was considered to have merit, equally when the idealism of the 60's came crashing down seemingly much of the "love" went with it.


To my mind, sex and (beyond the experimentation of LSD) of course drugs, were an important part of the equation. Although I feel the system began to lose control, ultimately the hedonism watered down the inconvenient political messages that were rising at that time, and served to further erode the moral fibre of society. Indeed, the civil rights, anti-war and Black Panther movements were on the cusp of becoming a serious coalition that very much threatened the political status quo. Certainly the drugs aspect is alluded to below by John Ehrlichman who was Nixon’s domestic policy advisor from 1969-1973, he was also a Watergate co-conspirator that served 18 months in jail.


— John Ehrlichman, source


Sex & The Occult

Whether you're spiritual, religious, agnostic or an atheist, it doesn’t really matter what you, I or anyone else believes. What I'm attempting to highlight is the belief system of those that seek to claim dominion over our world, individuals with verifiable and documentable world power. Whilst it may conjure (pun intended) images of demonic invocations, in it's purest form black magic is about the manipulation of free will, within that context, propaganda is black magic and so were the MK Ultra mind control experiments. If you know where to look, you will see that the world is run on the inversion of occultic principles.

Kybalion 2.PNG
The Kybalion

The above paragraph is taken from the Hermetic Kybalion. It is my belief that (as per my bloodlines series) we are dealing with an ancient cult that has stolen and inverted ancient occultic teachings. Many of these teachings relate to psychology and physiology, and whilst the original intent may have been one of virtue, all positives can be reverse engineered into a negative. Not only have these ancient teachings been inverted, (as we shall see in the next chapters) these inversions are now finding their way into the education system. There is a literal war being waged upon the minds and bodies of the next generations.

As the full weight of the one world system begins to bear down upon the shoulders of children, I observe the statue of Moloch that currently sits at the entrance to the Colosseum. Moloch is the ancient Canaanite god whom children would be sacrificed to.


As I will highlight in chapter three, we are entering an age where the education system could itself become a projenitor of psychological sexual abuse, psyche's damaged by abuse are valuable to the dark occultist. Within such occultic teachings it is said that sexual abuse victims and sex addicts display facial characteristics that enable their identification to those proficient in the dark arts.

Sex magick is now being brought into the mainstream, in this teen vogue article, the readership (age 11-17) are taught "how to use sex magic to manifest their best self".

In fact, occultists believe that orgasms can help cleanse the body, produce magical power, and are a vital tool in manifesting desires. Teen Vogue


A prominent proponent of sex magick was occultist and former head of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley. Although the O.T.O already taught sex magick to the highest degrees of the Order, Crowley expanded upon those teachings. Some of Crowley's sex magic works were published, whilst others remained secret and could only be obtained by initiates of Ordo Templi Orientis. Upon his death, it is well known that Kinsey sought access to Crowley's sex magick diaries, whether he gained it is unquantifiable. What is documentable are Kinsey's meetings with "experimental" film maker, occultist and and Crowley devotee Kenneth Anger. The above image (of Anger and Kinsey) is taken at Crowley's Abbey of Thelema. Below we have Anger describing a further meeting with Kinsey.

Kinsey 1.PNG Source

As we've already ascertained, sex magick is used within occultic ceremony and ritual, it also carries with it the connotations of change, transformation and the manifestation of a desired outcome. I consider whether (within their inverted belief system) that a world encircled with lust, objectification and indeed abuse is believed to be energising this time of reformation, order out of chaos. We're now getting into some heavy conjecture, sex is used within magick as a means of energising and manifesting the desired result. We now live in the age of internet enabled instant gratification, such a lust induced concentration of focus must elicit an energetic resonance. Within the occult, energies are empowered through symbology, and within his Lesser Work of Sol, Crowley taught the use of autosexual magical (masturbation) techniques.


Ceremonial Rebellion

Regular readers will know that I've previously documented the Luciferian agenda that sits behind modern (corporate) environmentalism. It was with interest that I looked into the symbology behind (climate change cult) XR's logo. At face value it can be seen as an hour glass signalling that we're running out of time, but at another level it stirred deeper layers of recognition and can even be seen in the UN flag.


Within sex magick and the occult, the symbol is known as the mark of the beast, it represents sexual union and manifestation. Within the mark, the ‘O’ (Oval) is representative of female energy and the ‘X’ represents male (phallic) energy. Together they can be utilised as a sigil whose symbolism speaks to the union of creation, reformation and the granting of desire.


The below insight to the mark/sigil is given by occultist and ceremonial magician Kenneth Grant. Following the death of Aleister Crowley, it was Grant who became heir to the aforementioned Ordo Templi Orientis.

Abyss 2.PNG

The symbol also shares a similarity with the rune of Dagaz which is associated with awakening, transformation, deah of the old and rebirth of the new. Throughout their literature XR speak to the transformation of society and the species, an order out of chaos. These terminologies could be directly lifted from the UN partnered Luciferian and new age themed trusts and movements I highlighted in my aformentioned post. Certainly, the use of magick and ritual are acknowledged by XR member Timothy Stacey in his recent article titled "How myth ritual and magic sustain social movements like XR".


Final Thoughts

So in this article we find XR founder Gail Bradbrook discussing how a psychedelic experience led to her formulating the rebellion. In another article we find Gail calling for "mass psychedelic disobedience," in fact, funnily enough it's beginning to look a lot like the 60's. I will go as far as to say that another reason they wanted the minds of 60's youth wide open, was to introduce some of the occultic principles that are now merging with movements like XR and legitimising a fusion between environmentalism and a quasi luciferian/new age earth worship/sacrifice Gaia belief system.

We have psychedelics coming back into favour. In the right surroundings the psychedelic experience offers a deep connection/communion with nature, it's obvious that a control system built upon our sacrifice to Gaia would use them to their advantage. With extinction rebellion we have (unknown to the vast majority of them) globalist controlled hippies with an esoteric twist. Instead of MK Ultra we have a worldwide mind/perceptual control system that seeks to draw ever more transgressors into the hive mind of accepted opinion. With movements like Antifa & Black lives matter (again unknown to the majority of them) we even have a globalist funded civil rights movment, someone has been taking notes. And as we approach 2020, the next phase of the sexual devolution has your children in its sights. Make no mistake, there is method amongst this madness.

Join me soon for part two, until then I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.

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Written by perceptualflaws
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I've ended up having to log into the steemit front end in order to resteem this as eSteem doesn't seem to be allowing to. It's also struggling to load the whole post and keeps crashing. Now I see why and why you will be publishing in parts!

So much information here, but I'll not jump into discussing it more until you've put the rest up.

Hey @minismallholding thank you for the support and resteem .. much appreciated. Yes, there is a lot of information here, I just wanted to get all these ideas out in the introduction .. then I can explore some different angles and perspectives within the next parts. By the time it's finished it's going to be pretty comprehensive. Thanks again my friend! :)

Absolutely phenomenal research and grasp of your subject informs your posts. I am unable to well communicate my appreciation for your work, which I consider seminal in the effort to realize our present circumstances, that derive from our history, and will impel us into the future.

I myself resonate with many of your conclusions so much that I published just yesterday a post with similar themes, indeed in some places our language is practically synonymous. It is revelatory to undertake these issues, as we are no less human than the victims of these psyops, and their executors. We share a dedication to our peoples, our world, and factual basis for implementing rational policies.


Thank you for the support and kind words @valued-customer .. it's very much appreciated. Personally, I feel that we each have a responsibility to at least try and leave the world a better place than the one we were born into. Once you fully comprehend (and indeed document) the scale and gravity of what is occurring, to sit idly by is no longer an option. All I have to offer is my life experience, research, and my words, but on the frontlines of the reality war .. the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Thanks again and I look forward to reading your post .. I have a busy work schedule and writing/researching around that schedule can take up a lot of my time, but when I look up and see comments like yours, words that are backed with good intent, a depth of research and comprehension .. it fills me with hope for a brighter future.

My own essays are primarily opinion, and never so well sourced as your own. I did not intend to advertise my post, but merely to indicate how deeply I resonate with your work. Rereading my comment I sadly note how much it reeks of self promotion. I doubt it could bring any new perspective to you, as I count you an authoritative source =p


No problem with highlighting your post my friend .. you're more than welcome to that on my blog, I will definitely read it. It's just when I'm writing/researching around a busy work/home life I get complete tunnel vision that is focused upon what I'm writing about .. in order to give the subject the attention it needs .. it simply has to take my full attention. I feel guilty that I don't have time to catch up with everyone else's work, but with children increasingly being drawn into the equation, my conscience dictated that there were some points I really needed to make over the course of this last year. I hope to be able to make some shorter pieces next year, but we shall see. Thanks again!

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Nice one @perceptualflaws! I'm curious to see where you go with this. I think their intentions may be as simple as a conspiracy to destroy or inhibit the creation of nuclear families. A nuclear family has a strong potential to serve as a solid foundation, one where productive and independent people can enter into society and prosper on their own accord.

Similar to the potential of a four-legged table, it can stand on its own. However, nowadays, the environmental factors discourage and make it harder for nuclear families to not only launch but also thrive.

Without that foundation, men (and women), who stand for nothing, are liable to fall for anything. What their doing may be less complex than it seems and more akin to a sociopolitical wrecking ball, or demolition of social constructs as we know it. For the government to become GODvernment, it needs all the people to become obedient dependents.

What better way to do that than to obliterate any and all semblance of foundational archetypes. Identity politics is a very extreme form of divide and conquer, almost on par with the Tower of Babel. Instead of "God" confusing the languages, "Godvernment" is confusing the genders and societal norms.

Hey @thoughts-in-time

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're looking forward to a lovely weekend! :)

I think their intentions may be as simple as a conspiracy to destroy or inhibit the creation of nuclear families.

Yes, I'm definitely going to get into that, and certainly at one level (and for the vast majority of people) I think you're entirely correct. At another level, I very much believe that this agenda surpasses a lust for power and control. There is something deeper that binds (over multiple generations/thousands of years) and is the driving force behind their intent, that there is a spiritual element to all this. So on one level, they're targetting children to control the minds of the next generation, on the spiritual level it's about the corruption of innocence. That doesn't mean you have to be spiritual or religious to consider that as a possibility. Indeed, you don't have to be a Christian or Muslim to understand that these belief systems exist. I believe (alongside the control element) we are witnessing an attempted inversion of our reality and indeed our humanity. I believe we are (and are being) so far removed from where we should be .. that we have forgotten who we were. So much to say on all these points, but for now I'll leave it there.

I will just add that I believe that government propaganda is indeed fairly simplistic (probably deliberately so), but I also believe there is a layer of cultural/social propaganda that sits behind it, and is far more sophisticated.. boxes within boxes. And of course, to enable our current status quo (and age where many people are seemingly accepting their children being taught they can be one of 100 genders) requires a great deal of conditioning .. you could not have gotten away with this even ten years ago. As corrupt and as insidious as they may be and although they may be relaying it at street level, the progenitors of much of this madness are not the core structure of government as a singular entity .. but its compartmentalised nature enables the intent to be channelled through it. That said, they are unquestionably following the mantra's of powerful increasingly infiltrated scientific establishments, educational authorities, social movements, NGO's and a neverending stream of (indoctrinated) experts. I believe we have been manipulated to focus all our attention on the entity and personalities of government, at the expense of missing the bigger picture. Indeed, I also believe that the ultimate intent (unknown to them) is for the people to dismantle our current governmental structure .. that we are literally observing and participating in the slow death of the old system, and that order is intended to arise from the associated chaos. For me, this entire concept of us vs them feels too simplistic and I feel there is an extra layer of complexity behind it. Thanks again my friend.

Ty PF, I hope you will have a great weekend too!
You have a very intricate view into this stuff and
are always well-researched. It'll be interesting to
see what conclusions you arrive at in your series.

Thanks @thoughts-in-time .. my weekend was pretty manic, but just got in so enjoying a nice cup of tea! :) Hope you had a good one! I try to write posts like this one on two levels, on one there is a lot of valid/verifiable research to get your teeth into .. on another (if you're inclined) there are some deeper ideas to mull over. And yes, as a very young child I realised there was something wrong with the world. Rather than try to fit in with group think of my friends and peers, I decided to stand alone .. follow my perceptual flaws and see where my vision took me .. on so many levels it was the best decision I ever made.

Loving this series PF. Cannot believe that I did not know, or forgot about that chapter in Kinsey! Interesting too that you suggest those proficient in the black arts are able to facially recognise sexual abuse victims. So many have said that they felt it was written on their face. Perhaps this is something they are told in order to deepen the trauma.
There seems to be little doubt that all children are being targetted and that what they learned from their 60s experimentation, is being used and extended with each day that passes. People don't even seem to notice that one of the most watched 'family shows' parades virtually naked women (children's role models and big stars) dancing in a sexually provocative manner, to enormous applause and social approval! I guess your reference to the x sigil is why they chose the x factor name in the first place. They are extremely well organised :(
I recently came across Jenn Smith on yt. Worth a listen to his/her point of view on the abuse being perpetrated on children by the 'trans agenda'. Very brave.
Looking forward to next part and thank you for your efforts.

Thank you @ricia .. I did say it would be three parts, but it might now have to be four .. we shall see how it goes! :)

Interesting too that you suggest those proficient in the black arts are able to facially recognise sexual abuse victims. So many have said that they felt it was written on their face. Perhaps this is something they are told in order to deepen the trauma.

Yes, I think those that are aware can physically read the signs of abuse, but they relay it to the victim as if they're reading their psyche .. as if they're damaged. The music and pop culture that's being focused upon children is disturbing, look at their role models and lyrics. With regards to X factor, it's actually the combination of the circle and the X that contains the hidden message .. so probably not, but it can be found within pop imagery like the one below. Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure to take a look as soon as I've finished writing/preparing the rest of the series :D Thanks again, this is going to head in multiple directions .. see if you can guess what the connecting these is by the time we get to part three ;) Thanks again my friend.


Great work as always. Looking forward to part two. I often find myself without the time to read everything I want to read so I copied the text from this post into Microsoft Word and listened to a computer voice read it to me while I was doing the dishes. You break things down so well and I always enjoy reading your work.

When is you book coming out by the way. If there was a preorder system in place I'd pay for it now !!!

Stay safe and have a great Christmas.

Hey @jimbobbill .. good to hear from you my friend, hope you're keeping well and looking forward to a lovely Christmas with the family!! Thanks for the kind words dude .. much appreciated!! lots more to come from this series .. although I've written them both .. I'm in the process of gathering all the references etc for the next two parts so they will be out in the New Year.

With regards to the book, at the beginning of the year I decided I needed to get all the stuff that was concerning me off my chest before I could fully focus on the subject matter .. hence why I've spent a lot of time writing all these heavily referenced/sourced agenda 2030 inspired posts. I have these two post to finish (plus maybe one more to tie them up) then I will be free to explore some of the really deep ideas I'm going to include in my book .. looking forward to getting it finished and I'll be sure to let you know when I do. Thanks again dude, and have a great Christmas .. should havea bit more free time next year so look forward to catching up soon! :)

Excellent work! I look forward to the rest. Thank you so much for doing this work.

Thank you for the support and kind words @owasco .. there is much more to come. :)

Thanks for the support @frankbacon .. very much appreciated!!

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