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RE: Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part One: Population Control & The Sexual Perception Deception

Absolutely phenomenal research and grasp of your subject informs your posts. I am unable to well communicate my appreciation for your work, which I consider seminal in the effort to realize our present circumstances, that derive from our history, and will impel us into the future.

I myself resonate with many of your conclusions so much that I published just yesterday a post with similar themes, indeed in some places our language is practically synonymous. It is revelatory to undertake these issues, as we are no less human than the victims of these psyops, and their executors. We share a dedication to our peoples, our world, and factual basis for implementing rational policies.



Thank you for the support and kind words @valued-customer .. it's very much appreciated. Personally, I feel that we each have a responsibility to at least try and leave the world a better place than the one we were born into. Once you fully comprehend (and indeed document) the scale and gravity of what is occurring, to sit idly by is no longer an option. All I have to offer is my life experience, research, and my words, but on the frontlines of the reality war .. the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Thanks again and I look forward to reading your post .. I have a busy work schedule and writing/researching around that schedule can take up a lot of my time, but when I look up and see comments like yours, words that are backed with good intent, a depth of research and comprehension .. it fills me with hope for a brighter future.

My own essays are primarily opinion, and never so well sourced as your own. I did not intend to advertise my post, but merely to indicate how deeply I resonate with your work. Rereading my comment I sadly note how much it reeks of self promotion. I doubt it could bring any new perspective to you, as I count you an authoritative source =p


No problem with highlighting your post my friend .. you're more than welcome to that on my blog, I will definitely read it. It's just when I'm writing/researching around a busy work/home life I get complete tunnel vision that is focused upon what I'm writing about .. in order to give the subject the attention it needs .. it simply has to take my full attention. I feel guilty that I don't have time to catch up with everyone else's work, but with children increasingly being drawn into the equation, my conscience dictated that there were some points I really needed to make over the course of this last year. I hope to be able to make some shorter pieces next year, but we shall see. Thanks again!

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