Paris Opera ISIS Terror HOAX - The Hanged Man tarot card

in conspiracy •  11 months ago

The photo of the "stabbed victim" (fake) on the floor is all about The Hanged Man Tarot Card.
Curious that it is the 12th card on the deck and the attack occurred on a 12th Date (12/5/18).
Anyway, not the first time we see supposed victims of "terror attacks" laying in Hanged Man position. If you've been following my earlier posts you'll know it is a recurring feature in terror events to signal to those in the know that it is all staged.
The tarot card itself relates to Enlightenment and to an Higher Learning (being able to see these events for what they really are?).

The supposed terror attack is said to have happened at 21:30 (33).
Source: BBC (but also all other news agencies report the same thing)

At 21:38 (Paris Time) this girl, probably a CIA plant, uploaded the video and pictures. Note there was still lots of daylight.

But look how dark it was at 21:43 (just 13 minutes after the supposed attack, and just 5 minutes after the girl uploaded the video). Such fast transition from Day to Night is impossible (unless Eclipse).

So it is safe to say that the daylight picture/ video of the attack were taken hours before 21:30. Probably filmed in the early hours of the morning when there was noone around (apart from their crisis actors).

There's probably more blunders and clues but don't want to waste too much time on this.
Yet another propaganda terror event for Tyranny at Home and War Abroad.
Of course ISIS have already claimed responsibility for the attack, but we know ISIS is an invention of the International UR Freemason Lodges (AlBaghdadi is from the same Hathor Pentalpha Lodge as Bush).
Macron wants to throw a few more bombs ($$$) in Syria I think.

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That looks so unnatural to have his leg crossed like that. Thanks for another revealing post!


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macron is a pedo victim who hate france and the people. he believes and his backers to be some kind of gods, they hate votes (like in brexit or catalanexit) they love to replace native population with imported folks, they hate plants of the creation, and make illegal to say that cannabis has a lot of medicinal application. they hate life, they hate love, they hate everything, but looting and posing as some god like shit bags.

however no, forget your card theory... this is nothing, it is everyday... take a plane, go to paris and visit the northern suburbs... you will see, however I am not sure if you will be able to come back alive if you don't have relation there...

you are soo funny... nice prank attempted... and very profitable btw :).


don't get me wrong, I'm not in favour of muslim immigration nor am I a fan of multiculturalism.
It has brought lots of degradation and crime to european cities no doubt.
But Terrorism is a complete hoax! ISIS was created by Bankers (like Macron) and the Intelligence Agencies as an excuse to go into Syria and to help EU Governments pass tyrannical legislations. We now live in a Police State because of this ISIS bullshit. We lost many of our freedoms because of these staged "terror attacks". wake up!


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