Noticed supposedly eyewitness that disputes Lee Harvey Oswald Murdering Officer Tippit?? Not mentioned on Wikipedia of Officer Tippit

in conspiracy •  5 months ago

I wonder if Lee Oswald killed Officer Tippit--he doesnt sound short and stocky though. Such a disgrace Trump hasnt released the JFK files but the Murcan sheeple dont say a peep cause they are so dumbed down by the media. The sheeple can't be brought to care about whether elections even matter but sure can rant and rave about the TV show president we got now while ignoring all the real issues of our time.

how interesting wikipedia doesnt even mention Acquilla Clemons, and doesnt discuss whether Domingo Benavides was brought to a lineup and what he thought. What a great investigation ya'll. and what a great repository of pseudo informative information wikipedia is.

Pretty ridiculous Trump hasn't released the JFK Files, but not surprising if they killed and/or covered up the killing of JFK and continue to control the narrative 5-+ years later

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It is very strange the JFK file has not been published publicly yet :(


yep terrifying, i wish they would just let us know, not knowing is worse than if they killed him, at least if they killed him and told us at least some hope for real democracy someday


I agree, they would have disclosed it , unless there is some high profile intervention. For example if JFK was killed by a common man like John Lennon was, then they would have published it for ages, However due to high profile people involved here , they will not publish it obviously cause it will cause bad reputation for the country


Yea seems like it could be that way, or it could be they want people to think there is a there there. Either way it's not compatible with meaningful self government. People cannot make informed decisions if they do not have all the information--or at least all the information they were forced to pay for at the barrel of a gun.

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great thanks!!!