The Propaganda of "Stranger Things" - Dont Kill The Messenger

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"Wisdom lies not in seeing things but in seeing through things."
~ Manly P. Hall

I often watch certain shows that are cultural "hits" so I may discover the mind blowing propaganda. Opportunities like this are not wasted, where they can get you for 10 hours straight in an alpha brainwave state and operate on your subconscious. I just finished Stranger Things, and man, this shit is thick with far left propaganda.

The following article luminates the mind control that I'm sure most of you are not even suspecting. The days of entertainment are dead. The days of complete Hollywood entrainment are here. Its time we become mindful of what we psychically ingest, because just like the food we eat, it literally becomes us.

Dont hate the messenger. Im not tryng to ruin your good time. I'm just trying to deepen and broaden your percepts. Society can no longer afford to have these triggers and ideas artificially inseminated into our subconscious. The show is much more "strange" than you think.

Here are the 5 major points I picked up while watching this show, that occur in MANY other modern Hollywood productions as well.

Russia Russia Russia

They didnt waste any time making Russia the bad guy. It just seems to go along with the far left DNC controlled narrative. This isnt a new theme in Hollywood either. It is based in what what we have been taught for years is fact, The Cold War, but after decades of non-events with Russia, I have to question whether they were ever really a threat.

There have been, and currently are, other countries which seem more of a threat than Russia. I mean, North Korea has put out much anti-American propaganda and then we have countries like Saudi Arabia which is one of the biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the world, and yet, we are buddies with them. It seems odd as well that the same government that has us fearing Russia, has been proven unequivocally of real collusion with them for years, prior to Trump showing up, but now accusing him, and being unable to prove any of it.

I cant, for the life of me, think of a reason to hate Russia or Russians, except for the many times through left controlled Hollywood I was told to, in fantasy.

Boys/men are foolish, sensitive and helpless

The main character is a boy, and a very sensitive one. If I had a nickel for every time this kid said "I feel", and all the times he was helpless. The other boys in the film were very beta as well, under the influence of strong girls. This isnt to say that I dont think boys should have feelings, but you have to see it in contrast to the girls in these many Hollywood shows. Boys are clearly subservient and foolish compared to girls, who are tomboyish and tough. I saw the remake of the movie "It" a few days ago, and it felt like the same person produced it.

At one point, one of the boys asked his father how he apologizes to his mother when he is wrong. The father responded "get her whatever she wants". The boy then asks, "what about when she is wrong?", and the father stared hard and serious at his son, replying "she is never wrong".

I can just imagine how many girls while watching this with their boyfriends loved that shit, and how many sneaky and beta guys just went along with it.

Girls rule

Well this is a trend I noticed on Netfix in general, where the feminist undertones become so dominant, they are not really undertoning at all. They are in your face. The most awesome character is a girl, which isnt bad at all, but she has a shaved head, and again, just like the remake of Stephen Kings "It" has the main girl doing the same thing; blurring the lines between boys and girls. They are not girly at all, and are more masculine than the boys, who again, are all under their power. Even the other girl in the show was a tomboy who had a couple of boys under her will.

The message is clear. Girls rule.

Adults are untrustworthy or stupid, especially fathers

This isnt a new one at all. Just turn on the Disney show or movie, or any popular sitcom. Parents are buffoons, and men much more so than women of course. The kids are almost always smarter. I think this is the most dangerous propaganda of all, and much of the reason why college campuses are rampant with 19 year olds that think they know everything about politics, and refuse to adopt views from more conservative experienced elders.

The older we get, the more conservative we become. We are born into a highly dependent situation, and with failed education and younger and younger pop culture icons, adults become more infantilized. A 15 year old today is nowhere near as responsible as a 15 year old from just 60 years ago, when the family unit wasnt destroyed by far left ideas implanted via electronic hallucination and false education.

Hollywood is catering to younger people more and more, and it is telling them that older people are fools. So when these young inept people want change, because of course they cant do shit for themselves and dont trust the wiser elders in their lives, they ask the government. This obviously grows their power, and thus, increases the bondageof the populace.

Blurred gender roles and hints of pedophilia


So there is of course an over the top bully in the program, but he looks like a woman. He is a male who is clearly wearing makeup to achieve a very emasculated look, which makes it comical and confusing that he is so tough. But that is Hollywood for you today. They are trying to blur the lines.

At one point the bully who looks like a girl looks for his sister who acts like a boy, and stops at a parents house. There is an attractive mother in a candle lit bath, drinking wine, reading an erotic novel. Then we zoom into the father, who of course if passed out in another room in front of a TV like the unsexy boob he is. She then comes to answer the door in her robe, and meets this "sexy" high schooler, and sadly, the chemistry is all there. He is sexy (if you like that sort of thing. Personally, I was grossed out) and so was she. She was acting like a school girl, but she wasnt. She was a grown fucking adult, a parent of one of his peers.

I made this article because television programming is for real. Life imitates art. People never see the danger in the art because it is seen as just entertainment, as dress up, as pretend and fun, but our subconscious absorbs everything our eyes see without discriminating. We become what we psychically absorb. The themes I presented here are all over the place in left handed Hollywood , and sadly considered normal by the culture.


It is a fact that after a few minutes of sitting in front of a screen of high frequency light images, that we go into an alpha brainwave state, and what we watch essentially becomes our dreams, our subconscous, which has triggers to our emotions, and then those emotions cause us to act.

We are not going to quit watching TV shows any time soon, but we can learn to see through them. We live in time when everything is political. The far left has an advantage when it comes to politics because that is where the majority of creative types are, the artists, and when artists work for corporate interests, the same ones that buy our government officials, they too often "sell their souls", so you better believe that the art is going to represent the social engineers interests. This is why, by the amount of TV shows someone watches, not even necessarily which shows, I can tell their political affiliation. Think about that.

The idea is to blur the lines so much, that people dont know up from down, wrong from right, and thus, they become emotionally controlled, and can be sold through media practiced and triggered subjective emotion what is real. Subjective seeing people cannot know objective truth. Feelings rule, and that is why it is important to emasculate men, because we are generally tuned into a little less feeling and more reason, which is a problem for tyrants.

They hate real men, because real men get in the way. Real men draw lines. The idea they love to spread is that masculinity is toxic.


With love,

Here is some supplemental information on the blurring...

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good observations but i love the show and it doesnt hurt me at all


Well good for you. But all of the points remain valid.
You might think it "doesn't hurt you" but do you think you can reliably claim a complete lack of influence over you, when this crap is present in such a huge number of tv/film/commercial output?

I watched a few episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix and they were actually good shows. I don't normally @cleverbot watch those kind of shows so it was something new for me.


Yes, I would remember it.

I notice it everywhere. I'm just about finished the latest season of American Horror Story. The propaganda is so obvious I found myself laughing out loud a few times. Others just look at me without a clue what I'm laughing at.


Music and video clips too.

I gave up on this show after a few episodes of season 2. I did notice that Russia thing - didn't make any sense. Not much left to watch these days.


You saved yourself some time, that's for sure. I'm mid discussion with a friend right now about how bad s2 was and I'm super envious of you.

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Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Relevance:Information War against masculinity

Hollywood truly is hellywood. The illuminati/freemasons use films to gives us messages. It is their way to disclose what they are doing, they wait for you to object but of course no one does as we don't see what is hidden in plain sight.

After researching freemasonry recently I rewatched the matrix. To my disbelief, I find it is the illuminati handbook. Film 1 - what they are, film 2 what they are, film 3 how to get out. Its astonishing the messages they deliver and people are not aware. I wasn't. Google The Matrix Trilogy Decoded Mark Passio this guy has most of the pieces but is missing one vital piece. I will write about this soon.


will watch The Matrix Trilogy Decoded Mark Passio.
thanks for recommendation.


I watched this about a year ago. It was good but also very disappointing. I was 15 when I watched Martix Trilogy and predicted the ending halfway into the film. I actually thought Neo would say "Because I decide to" but the script ended up using "Because I choose to". Mark Passio totally missed the Taoist/Zen/Theravada aspect of Matrix. So I reserve my praise but still recommend to watch.

I'm actually glad you brought it up as I had almost forgotten about this. Good job!

I love the show.....LOVE LOVE LOVE the show.

Boys do seem weak. Watch naked and afraid. On that show we have quite often men who are trained in Special Forces whining while the woman (with the exception of the lady who had bugs chew up her vajayjay) carrying the team. MAYBE, it's all part of the Hollywood propaganda machine, but I just think that quite often, women are MENTALLY stronger than men.

I know my wife who has had a bad back for years is tougher than I am, she's gone through more pain that I ever want to think about. I just think that a lot more women are hard headed enough to overcome things that a lot of men would give up on facing the same adversity.

Damn! The first season was done nicely and you are telling me they screwed Season 2! The first season treated US government as the enemy. It talked about MKUltra which I discovered thanks to Hideo Kojima and This guy:

Even Sense8 got over sexualized with the atrocious Christmas special with 2 orgies and the Season 2. Netfilx is seriously pushing for SJW. They were Clinton supporters and they are a US based tech company. So this kind of meddling is to be expected.

That's why I'm sticking with Anime. Japan is pretty much the most non-PC non-SJW civilized place on Earth. Even when Japan goes girl power, there is really no agenda behind it. It's just for the fun.

I watch Stranger Things too and I am not yet all episodes I like wath only one per day. I dont't see all the things that you see. To me it's depicting cold war era making it refreshing at times.


Fantastic article. It's a massive relief to know there are people out there who can see through the bullshit. However, as good as your observations are, there are even more examples you haven't mentioned.

  1. The utterly predictable love-in between the black male child and the white female child. Notice it's NEVER the other way round. Mass miscegenation is all part of the game plan; it used to have to be done subtly as the propagandists didn't want to rock the boat too hard, but it's been open season in the last 3 or 4 years as they've obviously decided that tipping point has been reached.
  2. The Reagan/Bush poster in the garden of the idiot parents. Completely, preposterously unnecessary. It was even repeated in a later episode, and then the icing on the cake - the reference to Margaret Thatcher by one of said idiot parents on the phone.

I feel angry, because entire mediums of culture available to all in previous generations are increasingly off-limits to everyone like the original poster, and me, who can see through it all and are unable to stomach it. Yet another little thing my girlfriend and I enjoyed watching, that I'm now unable to continue with.

I watched it and I felt body-snatched. It combined themes I have seen elsewhere - like Grimm that tv show on nbc... it also talked about MK Ultra while BEING MK Ultra - I also thought the illuminati was doing that thing they do when they "tell us what they are up to" so they can keep doing it. It had some X-files themes too - like that - where they were leaking info to us about what they are doing - and about the dark mirror of the TV into the opposite or shadow world that they access constantly. I did not like the show very much because of that...although I was ravenous for more of it... it was yucky. Also the neofeminist agenda was thick - like you suggested. I did see everything you pointed out and it was an unpleasant experience watching it - I think that has to do with my awakening - if I had not awakened these past 2 years I would have LOVED it.

I tried to watch an old stand-by that I have watched about 10 times the other day - and I literally CANNOT watch it anymore because being awake now - I know what the message they are telling me is - "Don't worry there's nothing wrong - go back to sleep little girl - don't worry - enjoy fashion and bad food - it's ok" - i simply can no longer exit, stage left, my knowning WTF is going on - and I am concerned how so many people still can. here's my post I wrote about it.

True, they hate real men, but real women as well. Feminists are what they want. Not the old fashioned kind, but those who hate men...Women need to be like men, you'd almost feel guilty if you're a stay at home mom...They don't call it a TV program for no reason...