THE GREY WORLD ORDER - How the "education" system breeds sameness - And the great "like" conspiracy

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“What did one mirror see in the other?
~ Khang Kijarro Nguyen

I present here a gift to my fellow millennials, a look into the structure of the mind control of our generation. There is a reason why people dog millennials so much. We are collectively insane. We dont have self-esteem, we have group-esteem, and thus, the need to be LIKE, the need to be aLIKE, and the need to be a LIKE.


Huxley tried to warn us. Bradburry tried to warn us. And I can keep going, but many brilliant authors warned us of the coming sameness invasion.

“What kind of men, then, does our society need? What is the "social character" suited to twentieth century Capitalism? It needs men who co-operate smoothly in large groups; who want to consume more and more, and whose tasks are standardized and can easily be influenced and anticipated. It needs men who feel free and independent, not subject to any authority, or principle, or conscience - yet willing to be commanded, to do what is expected, to fit into the social machine without friction.”
~ Erich Fromm

“Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”
~ Alexis de Tocqueville

"No one mentioned such things; it was not a rule, but was considered rude to call attention to things that were unsettling or different about individuals."
~ Lois Lowry, The giver

Sounds like the norm on todays college campuses doesnt it?
But how did it get that way?


Give all of the children trophies! Dont do it based on merit, skill or talent. No, just give them trophies because they exist.

The idea is to create a class that doesnt recognize differences, and participation trophies are just part of the method. The generation before mine would have to deal with losing, reflect, find their weakness, work hard and come back better. But my generation has had very little recognization between winners and losers. And thus, self-reflection and the knowledge of self that it spawns are virtually non-existent.

This builds a false confidence, one that down the line when many of these children grow up and hit the real world, doesnt really help them, unless, THEY ARE IN LARGE GROUPS. They focus on group identity because this is where they feel safe, and who would blame them after being taught that they are not unique and never allowed to have their own imaginations flourish, but instead only share in methodically contrived value systems?


“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”
~ Bertrand Russell

"...hatred is more durable than aversion, and at all times the driving force of the most important changes in this world has been found less in a scientific knowledge animating the masses, but rather in a fanaticism dominating them and in a hysteria which drove them forward.”
~ Adolf Hitler

You've seen this before. You come across a flock of birds, and if you trigger one, you trigger them all. This is the idea in breeding a class that doesnt recognize individuals, that cant see differences because it ultimately boils down to the inability to recognize good and evil. If you can grey and blurr their perceptions, you can make them accept anything that "authority" has coming down the line. If you can convince just the stupidest one in the crowd, you can get them all to act.

Remember, the crowd is only as smart as the least among them. True intelligence and strength come from within, not from without. In nature, herds will keep you safe, but in humanity, herds are methodically contrived or quickly co-opted.

Now lets get strange...


Facebook is a social-ism, as I like to call it. It is a virtual socialist mind trainer. LIKES are a currency, and they are used to put you into groups, herds, to learn from you, but again, more so, to train you. And the more you like, the more it feeds you things of the like. Its definitely not there to broaden your horizons.

Facebook promotes narcissism through the obsession of LIKE.

Have you ever taken the time to examine the word "like"?
Shit, as much as we Millennials use it, we really should know what it means and what it does.

Now think of what you are really expressing when you "like" something. Are you really complimenting someone by saying that you like them?

Or are you complimenting yourself?

What you are really saying is that they are like you! Or that you are like them. That you are alike!

The word like has invaded the millennial mind. And we wonder why magazines have covers like this?

0-hn42TusrAw-uyU5Z (1).jpg

Doubt it?

One of my greatest peeves is when people use the word "like" 3,4,5 or more times in one sentence. I have figured out what it actually means. It means "ummm". Before millennials, before the 1980's MTV generation programming, people used to say "ummm"; not "like". And when people would say "ummm", it was apparent to everyone present, that maybe this person hasnt quite thought out what they are trying to express. Maybe they dont know that the fuck they are talking about. Maybe they shouldnt be talking so much.


Doesnt this type of mind fit the type that the education system would want? Its a person who hasnt grasped their own thoughts before speaking, and is unconsciously trying to find things of the like, of the group or hive thought.

"Ummm" would cause people to slow down and think, and to recognize people that didnt actually know what they are talking about.

The word "like" as it is abused today, does not raise any flags, it goes unnoticed, and so we enable the irresponsible use of language, bad ideas and thoughts to permeate through our reality. We speak reality into existence, and when stupid people are rambling like mad, you can imagine the quality of the world that is then manifest.

Like is new new umm, a new way to look dumb!

Sreiously, the way the word is abused today, it is actually a speach impedement. When was the last time you learned something substantial from a person who used "like" 5 times in the same sentence? And again, people didnt do this before millennials. I highly doubt that it is a coincidence.


“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.”
~ Terence McKenna

The word "like" is also what I call a "cutting word", as it has the hardest sound of all letters and its vibration begins in the top of the mouth closest to the brain. Imagine trying to communicate thoughts fluidly, mind to mouth, and in the same sentence interjecting harsh vibrations 4 or 5 times? Do you think it helps to make the jelly brain rattle when you should be in an "ummm" (think "ohmm") moment?

But Im not going to get that meta here. I just wanted to present this case for the greying, the great herding and death of individuality that is being promoted through various methods from education, to social media, to language.


We must understand that likeness, sameness, is not the way. The last thing a beautiful woman needs to hear is that she is like something. You'd have better success letting her know that she is unlike anything you have seen, that she is unique. The things that put us in awe are always foreign, different, and if we continue to be mind controlled into a world of like, beauty and originality will die, and we will begin to slaugher those who are not like borg.

"Americans continue to rapidly homogenize ourselves into a neutered oblivion. For a country founded on the protection of the unique, we relish our sameness."
~ Lewis Black

This world has just enough of me. I am complete. And because I have true confidence, because I have gone through the pain of reflection of my differences and learned to embrace them, because I defeated the cultures mind controls, I dont need another me. I seek that which is unlike.

Dont let the world become a grey wasteland of sameness. Read the many dystopia novels by brilliant minds. Recognize and celebrate differences. Stand confidently in your own.

With love,

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This what collectivism breed thank you for your unique thoughts it's so pleasantly surprised that individualism still alive in the American society used to be more when people read Atlas shredded in the college's today they read Communist Manifesto individual has been suffocated bye messes the millennial generation unfortunately will have a a lock of individuality which is very sad it is very hard to control an individual and it's very easy to control like-minded sheeple I really think it's Don by Design

Woooow love this article so much, and I agree with a lot of it. I notice that when I like other people's post I am complimenting them while I guess maybe in a way complimenting myself because I agree with them and that is also my mindset.

Like is everywhere, its actually pretty scary to think that on most every social media site it has a Like or Love, Or Upvote, but thats how we agree with the person which is very interesting.

With Like right in front of our face, how can people not say it. it is being sublimely programmed in their mind right in front of their face.


Thank you. I think you will especially like my newest. "The Occult Anatomy of Woman", as you are of the like.



done :)


Thanks. Spread the gnosis.




You Got It. Very thought provoking piece...

and i would like a participation trophy for this ;)


I like you.

Finally, someone I'm truly excited to follow! Keep it coming. I know of some large libraries on MEGA if you're interested.

They used our tax money to turn the millennials into a bunch of lazy entiteled marxists. All government funds must be returned to the people so they can choose their schools in a free marketplace. Not one single penny of tax money should go to people like eric clanton.

Good luck friend!!

Resteemed! Brilliantly put article. Im only 31 but see the dumbing down at a rapid pace now. Thanks for sharing!

A course in Wittgenstein should be required but maybe the mention of his name is just 'ummmmm'

"The future is only possible because of our ignorance of it"

Awesome piece. Food for thought

Excellent said! (I don't dare to say I liked it!). It is worth keeping in mind that "the crowd is only as smart as the least among them", as you say. And likeness does start with education, that is wyh they keep pushing the limits, insisting that kids be enrolled in schools at ever younger ages. My kids are homeschooled and though I sometimes worry for their future, I'm also proud they are different from their peers.

And when people would say "ummm", it was apparent to everyone present, that maybe this person hasnt quite thought out what they are trying to express. Maybe they dont know what the fuck they are talking about. Maybe they shouldnt be talking so much.

I find your lack of sameness disturbing.

I hear The Zuckerberg is working with Elon Musk to launch a new Facechat satellite.

It's going to be called Borg One.

Very interesting article! Just don't forget to credit the artists if you use their artwork. The Cover image is by Laurie Lipton (

Interesting analysis into the term "like." Language is a very important part of the current authoritarian paradigm.

Let's follow me and I will follow back!

@docdelux I feel for you Millennials, I really do. I am Generation X. My childhood was rainbows and puppies compared with your generation. You were bombarded with Groupthink. But you made it out of the herd. There is much waking up to do in every generation, believe me. Sameness is the death of true creativity because creativity is born from originality. But think of the influence one original person can have over a herd. Keep using that power for good.

Thanks for sharing...

Thanks my friend, resteemed!!

We're constantly reading opinions about how we make too much effort to be seen as different while at the same time reading opinions on how we make too little efforts to differentiate ourselves.


The EFFORT in trying to be different is exactly what makes people the same. Everybody is trying to be unique! We are all unique without effort, until the culture gets hold of us.

this was unexpected.

Excuse my improvisation of english.

Its a promotion of stupid, in many ways and for all generations. Its promoted as easy life, happy life, more laughs, more single player activities involving best selling products (fun), and most popular - safety in crowd.

No wonder it has so many users.

Stupid is smart.

One of the best reads at this weird place.

The saddest thing is that most people are not able to realize that this has been imposed and has not been a worsening of teaching no more. Very sad...


Great post!!! Makes total sense and the vibrations of the word 'LIKE' is fascinating. I love the quote.. Like is the new ummm

Teach kids how to think. Teach them logic. Otherwise, there will be no one to fix our cars, diagnose a medical issue, etc. it is schooling, training not educating. Conformity to the max. Dumbing down America. Not good except if you want mindless workers. How Annunaki.