Some thoughts on current stories/ distractions - Coronavirus, Trump impeachment, Climate change, Markets

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  • coronavirus - overblown; all deaths are old and weak people, who presumably died of flu like they do every year.
    seeing excavators dance in a video, people fall over like stiff boards and the entire hysteria of the mainstream and social media reminds me of the ebola virus scare, and before that bird flu, swine flu, etc. etc. it will be forgotten about in a couple of weeks when another big important story takes over the mass conscious.
    remember when world war 3 with iran was a big thing?


  • trump impeachment/ coming election: trump is clearly deep state, he has carried out none of his promises pre-election, for this reason he may well lose in december, but it depends on whether the rulers want him for another four years or they have another puppet ready to go. sanders and warren are not heavily connected to bilderberg etc. but watch for a surprise blue candidate a la obama.
    biden has no chance, so if they pick any of these you'll know it's trump again.

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  • climate change/ global warming: this agenda does not look like going away soon, even though the majority of sane thinking adults know it's more overblown hype to tax us further and reduce our individual liberty by moving us into public transport, self-driving cars, and persuading everyone that working is a bad idea.

great short parody video:

oil is natural, renewable and cheap; it's also the prime mover of all industrialised nations. it makes me laugh when those who go on about electric cars don't seem to realise how most electricity is generated.
carbon dioxide is vital for life on earth - we need more of it not less. but in today's insane world of course, 2+2 = potato.

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what we probably should be focused on: central bank digital currency, openly being discussed by davos, china, japan and uk central banks - the solution for the problem they have been creating which will end with the total meltdown of all financial systems and the collapse of fiat currencies (hyperinflation.)

no one is going to care about any of the above 'problems' when the atm's and card machines stop working, and all banks collapse. that will be the one time the mainstream media will be telling the truth - but you will already know this personally and directly.

when this will happen is anyone's guess; imho it's tied to the u.s. election, if they want trump gone (who has completely tied himself to 'the best economy ever' and the fake stock 'market') then it will be this year; if not, we have another couple of years at least to prepare for the inevitable, much more preferable.

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  • how to prepare? save, save, save - food, fuel, cash, gold, bitcoin; the better prepared you are, the less your family will suffer in the months of panic and chaos that will ensue the collapse of the system. take your cues and advice from those who have lived through the financial collapses of venezuela, zimbabwe, argentina etc. many stories online and people available to chat and ask for information.


with peace & love & faith.


Thanks for the chuckle I got from that video exchange between Gore and Valentine. Impossible, of course, to expect Gore would speak so forthrightly, which was what made it so funny.

Regarding savings, if hyperinflation hits, having cash will not be much good. Gold will be good, as will food that preserves well. Fuel does not preserve well, as a rule. I have no confidence in digital mechanisms, of which BTC is one, as censorship is all that is necessary to prevent it's utility.

Better to be knowledgeable about how to grow food, make fuel, and provide essential services that will all be necessary to folks in every economic circumstance, and barter for things you can't make yourself.


thanks for your comment - read your piece on getting old, i think you won't have to wait long to put those skills to the test so you'll be fine..

cash for the first few days; nothing else will be tradeable at that stage as shops will still have stock but the currency will be deflating first if banks freeze. gold and btc later on. covers all eventualities, though i couldn't agree more about soil, seeds and livestock if possible.

fuel in metal jerry cans will last, though obviously there's a limit to how much can be stored - again i'm thinking of the first 7 days of catastrophe.

they're really making a thing of this coronavirus aren't they? still not convinced by any of it though.

Well, you're completely on point regarding events lasting a week. I'll leave off BTC, as I reckon my dissent isn't much use to anyone but me around here. Fuel will last weeks, even months, well stored, but will not last years, and that's where I was aiming.

The kind of disruption under discussion will last a lot longer than a week or two. I'm looking at disruption of food supplies that began this year and will get worse for decades. Should the coronavirus be as bad or worse than the media is fearmongering, that impact will also last decades. Economic disruption, as well, even without the other two exacerbations, will also persist for the foreseeable future. None of the obvious vectors of disruption will be over in a week, AFAIK.

Be well. I am confident you have the practical wisdom to manage any of these circumstances.
The most important asset you can have during such times is practical knowledge and being willing and able to do the work. I reckon you have that.

alas i have only just begun to learn outdoor woodsman survival stuff (bushcraft) but i have some tools and a little knowledge is better than none.

i am thinking in terms of stages: initial currency freeze shock; then scarcity of supplies as the chain breaks down; then massive inflation due to currency collapse as the truth comes out about the world economy. i think the coronavirus is to temporarily tank the markets - i think they'll be back up at ath's within a week and it will all be forgotten about.

however, as we know the underlying economy is weak, only financial 'wizadry' (crimes) are allowing politicians to repeat ad nauseum 'greatest economy ever.'

i have no idea how long they will prop it up for - could be another 2 years; we've had 'false alarms' before.


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