Dulce Base Insider LEAKS Information on Human Experiments!

in conspiracy •  6 months ago

Last year I did a small series on Dulce Base. Before reading this, you should check them out!

Dulce Base has a lot of controversy as being some alien-human coworking environment working to control humanity through strange experiments. The cows that would show up mutilated originally thought to be done by humans may have been done by aliens as they often use cows or livestock as practice for humans. Crazy? Scary? You haven't heard anything yet. Human 3.0...but it's not really as scary as you would think. The Reptilians at Dulce Base were tasked with upgrading humanity, and an upgrade for the catastrophes that will befall the Earth in the End of Days will leave the planet near impossible to survive in without some special kind of body. Something synthetic! The following is a disclosure of a few facts leaked behind the scenes.

I believe it will be synthetic so it will be longer lasting. They should have already taken your dna so it will be like yourself ..only a healthier, more athletic version of your present being. Try to imagine how they make synthetic meat in labs in order to make it cruelty-free....I imagine like that. It will appear very organic. It will not be like regular "human" blood, but synthetic blood also exists and it appears the same way. , but you have to expect something different if a person is to be made immortal. You will see have sensations, feelings, experience touch etc, but I know AD will better explain it all...however, since AD said he wanted it to be a surprise I should slow down., but I feel it is important for you to know to ease your anxieties, worries. It is a perfected version of yourself. A wonderful GIFT.

From what I have discussed with AD of it, both options exist. Organic bodies which are perfected forms of the human body, having a lifespan of around 5000 years before replacement is necessary. There are artificial bodies which last much longer but also have some limitations.

So the human experiments performed in Dulce might be connected to this in a large way! The incident of the Dulce Wars was very much an incident, but no further information has been given at this time. The purpose of this short follow-up has been to retract my original statements and hypothesis of something very dark and sinister going on in this base, as clearly, it isn't. It's God's work!


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Well, that's quite the twist of events...

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