Will Putin be the first leader to officially affirm that Aliens exist? — Steemit

Will Putin be the first leader to officially affirm that Aliens exist?

in conspiracies •  3 months ago


For a long time everything that is related to the existence of extraterrestrial life is often a mystery about what the great governments of the world know. Although it is known that they are always investigating, they usually reveal only moderately false or irrelevant information.

Faced with this concealment of information comes the name of Stephen Bassett (executive director of the International Paradigm Research Group) as one of the first promoters of the disclosure of information about sightings and extraterrestrial contact. The intention of Bassett is that the great world leaders reveal the information they have about the existence of extraterrestrial life and based on this has revealed that he was meeting, in the middle of the year, in Moscow with military and official Russian agents who are also working in promoting the dissemination of classified information on the subject.

The website of the Paradigm Research Group details that during the interview several considerations were discussed that could lead Vladimir Putin to become the first great world leader to formally recognize the presence of extraterrestrials in events involving the human race.

Bassett and the Paradigm Research Group were also working with Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager during the US elections to try to declassify some archives of her country regarding the UFO in case she had been elected. On the other hand, "the Cold War has never really ended the game," Bassett said of Russia and the United States, while saying that "the destructive policies continue on both sides being contemporary with the extraterrestrial presence known to both nations since at least 1947" .


"While humans continue to destroy each other and the biosphere in which they live, there is a galaxy full of life waiting to be dealt with," he continued. "The extraterrestrial reality transcends politics" according to Bassett, while in his opinion the concealment of information has only "delayed the advance of human civilization."
Finally Bassett points out that the problem is that the "guardians of the truth" have not realized that the world after the information has been revealed could allow "a bridge between the United States, China and Russia" to be formed . According to Basset believes the generation of ties between these 3 countries could generate "the geopolitical readjustment necessary to permanently end the war economies that are currently left with all the resources and have the planet on the verge of collapse . "

From what we can see in Bassett's words there is a kind of battle between Russia and the United States over the extraterrestrial discoveries of which we are not direct participants. Maybe it's some kind of secret race in search of information where Putin leads.

On the other hand, Bassett seems to have a great sense of social consciousness where he still hopes that the economic war between the giants of the world will end due to the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Is it possible for us to achieve world peace as a result of an external threat that ends up uniting us as a species?

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