Starving The Beast - Immediate Steps to Deprive the Matrix-Machine | Pt. 2 - Cut Back Audacious Expenses & Spend On Those You Resonate With

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Starving the matrix machine often means to not only withdraw energy from certain places, but to add energy to others, to consciously support causes and ideas on Earth that you see as viable and essential, and start doing so more regularly and with a more powerful, conscious intention.

Let's face it: We often get into questionable spending habits. Questionable because they seem unconscious. Like buying a coffee at the gas station every morning, spending a chunk of your financial resources on something that is neither good (in terms of taste), nor along your lines of interest considering what you are getting for your financial expense. Don't get me wrong, coffee can be a wonderful thing (especially in the morning before a long day at work for the matrix) but why on Earth wouldn't you spend an extra 2 minutes at home making your own coffee and bringing it with you than spending a good 1000% price increase to get a coffee from a multinational corporation that has provably bad intentions and conduct, EVERY SINGLE DAY?


So many people see things they like to criticize, make fun of or deride, but many of them will continue supporting those same interests with their money, often out of a sentiment of illusory comfort and habit. Getting a coffee at a gas station or from shmuckbucks is not comfort.

If we were to not only stop supporting those entities that sell us shitty coffee for an audacious price hike but also to start supporting things we actually care about humanity would be a lot further ahead to where we want to go.

You see, we are living in a time where alternatives exist everywhere, alternatives to those mainstream things so many people think are essential. There are countless conscious media creators on the internet that could use your support, could use even the money per month you spend on ONE of those shitty coffees - if you were to send it to him regularly he could act on his mission and do even better at what he does. Without any noticeable disadvantage to you, quite the contrary - you would get even more of his media in higher quality because he can now start focussing more on his actual mission and less on a way to pay rent .

You could consciously cut back little accumulative expenditures every month, and rechannel that money to parties that actually do stuff you dig. Whether it's supporting a campaign on funding websites like kickstarter or opening a recurring donation for a media channel you watch a lot. Just do it, one dollar a month is a start!


The accumulative effects of many people doing this would not only cut more and more energy flow off towards the companies that have long ceased to deserve our support. It would also help bring to fruition an actual economy, a caring economy, where people instead of blindly spending on eastablished and propped up megacorporations that don't give a rat's ass about humanity go back to supporting actual other small-time people doing actual essential things from the heart.

If we could muster some new spending habits - be they ever so slightly towards that direction - the world would transform visibly. We would not only free all those with something meaningful to contribute to do just that, we would also help establish a general trend giving permission to others wondering how to support themselves doing what they love and want to share with the world. With courage.

So next time you are tempted to buy that coffee when you're out - do instead consider buying a pack of coffee for your machine at home, and a small thermo flask; and start spending that saved coffee money from next week onwards on things you actually dig by people who could really use your support for what they share with you and the world.

Think what would hapen if only a thousand people did this... We can take the power back because we always had it. We just tend to give it away all for things not in our best interest too readily.


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