Pull Request Submitted - Updated FAQ for cover image and more

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With the new addition of the cover image that can be added to user's profiles, there have been new 'frequently asked questions' related to the cover images. I updated the FAQ to include new questions and answers for the cover images. I also made several other updates while I was working on the page.

Here is a sample of some of the new questions. A full summary of the changes is below.

New FAQ Questions Added

How do I set the thumbnail image for my post?

The first image in the post will automatically be set as the thumbnail image.

What is the recommend aspect ratio for thumbnail images?

The recommend aspect ratio for thumbnail images is 16x9.

What is a MVEST?

A VEST is a unit of measurement for STEEM Power. A MVEST is one million VESTS. The amount of STEEM Power in one MVEST can be found on steemd.com as steem_per_mvests.

What is the recommend size for the cover image?

The cover image will be resized/scaled depending on the device being used. Therefore it is recommend to use an image that will still look good when cropped or resized. A 2048x512 image is the optimal size to work for most devices.

Updated Questions/Answers

Can I delete something I posted?

Clarified that after seven days, the post can no longer be edited.

What is shown in my profile?

Added info for cover images.

How do I change my avatar image and other profile information?

Added instructions to set cover images.

The pull request can be viewed here:

The PR is not accepted yet, but I plan to work with Steemit, Inc. to make any edits necessary to get it approved. Hopefully we will see the changes up on the live site soon!

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Thank you for updated FAQ.

Submits pull request for cover image inclusion but doesn't have one of his own?? How mysterious Mr Tim :)


Haha, I know right? I really have to get on that :) Too many things..

A 2048x512 image is the optimal size to work for most devices.

The recommend aspect ratio for thumbnail images is 16x9.

A bit confusing perhaps, if people are not paying attention to the subtleties of the two very different graphic files you're discussing. Maybe the FAQ could better discriminate thumbnail image versus cover image.

2048/512 = 4

16/9 = 1.7777...

At least 19.263% of Steemians will be marginally confused.


I kind of get what you are saying, but I'm not sure how to make it better. Can you propose draft language for the change you are suggesting?


For your cover image (the one that appears on your blog's home page), a 2048x512 pixels sized image is the optimal size to work for most devices. The URL would be pasted into

For the first image of each of your posts, the one that also appears as a thumbnail pic in feeds, the recommended aspect ratio is 16x9.

2048x1152, 1024x576 and 640x360 pixels are examples of image sizes that match a 16x9 aspect ratio.


Thanks. I'll add it to my list of updates to try and work in the next time I make changes.

Thanks for FAQs, this is the most questions of my friends, I will share it. good post @timcliff

That’s the easy part, but you’d be surprised how many steemians were confused about the size and ratio. But this post has solved almost 100% confusion i guess. Good on you mate. Love to see your next informative and motivational post. Lets get in touch. Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you so much for all your great posts. I am just getting my head around some of them. So much useful information. Anyhow, I created 3 accounts for my family so far, and you have our Witness vote on all 3 for what it's worth.
I recently moved to an 'off-grid' area with zero mobile signal across all networks, though thankfully I got fibre internet installed a few weeks ago, so back online.
Your post: https://steemit.com/news/@timcliff/new-tool-from-busy-org-create-new-steem-blockchain-accounts-with-steemconnect is a lifesaver, as I cannot verify account(s) via mobile phone. Thanks again @timcliff


Cool, glad it has helped :)

Thanks for this great info bro
well done

@timcliff this post is so helpful you made a great job thanks for the info.

Great bro thanks
Awesome post

Thanks for updatation


If updatation is not yet a word in English, it should be adopted as one.


It needs to get in line behind performant. I am sick of seeing red underlines under that word.




Excellent your post friend is still like this, you are the best

this is the best explaining which I see till now here. thanks @timcliff for this work. Now I know which size it have to be. now I only need to find my best image ;-) 100% upvoted

That is very good upgrade in steemit.. well hope to get more...well everyone here are enjoying the updating..

I had so much fun farting about with trying to size the images without knowing the correct dimensions that I ended up making a post of all the flops. lol
Eventually got to look great on my phone but I vanished of the edge on a laptop screen.
Thanks for the correct dimensions. I'll make the adjustments. @timcliff tomorrow to give you all time to laugh at my futile efforts. ;)

Ah great to know, this is been helpful! Thanks

And what about the banner profile image? Looks good on my phone but not right at all on the PC.


That is kind of addressed in the content that was added to the FAQ.

I prefer for the normal blue color as my banner. Original the better!

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

I just love the banner image function 💗

Photo cover adds to the attractiveness of blogs that had been felt bland. I appreciate this development @timcliff