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RE: Calling Community Developers - Let's Polish The Mothership!

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Reddit is pretty basic, it hasn't changed much in 10 years, Steemit hasn't changed at all since 1 year but It's still complete shit compared to Reddit.

Look like they only have one team/ dev that's either working on the blockchain, on the backend... but NEVER on the fucking UI!


From what I understand, their main focuses right now are the performance improvements that they recently blogged about, communities, and the mobile app. I recently did a separate post a few weeks ago with some of the other changes that are in the works. The communities changes are 100% on the front-end / UI side of things. So it is not that they aren't working on things, it is more a matter of the changes not being ready yet.

Seems obvious to me that they could have more stuff going on in parallel or outsourced.
Have you seen how buggy their text editor is ? That's not some risky blockchain consensus / complex crypto / game theory level stuff.

I agree with this, I made a post about how everything is outdated (whitepaper/ faq. ) and how most steemers have no clue how steem works atm in terms of inflation because the info is wrong and outdated.

This is basic stuff, for a website that attracks 300k users how is it possible nobody is working on this? At least get rid of the whitepaper or put a note on it saying it has not been updated.

I like to give feedback but don't really know where to do this.
@steemitblog fair enough, but sofar no reactions.

The devs, who are they, how big is the team right now? Where is this written down? How do I contact.

How many people are reading the whitepaper and faq. before they invest, then they slowly find out that hardforks have taken place and that a lot of the info they based their investment decision on is wrong.

I foresee a good future for Steemit, but the above is unacceptable for a 310 million$ worth business.
There should at least have been an update on a good updated introduction video.
It isn't like they are tight on money.

I help to maintain the FAQ. Can you elaborate on what is out of date? Feel free to message me on Steemit chat. I will do my best to fix any issues you have.

There was also some chatter in the #witness channel of Steemit chat last night. It sounds like the whitepaper is being worked on.

Hi Tim appreciate your reply!

Well I think a simple note on the fact that the whitepaper right now is out of date would be good either on the whitepaper or on the Faq. This was my biggest issue next to the fact that giving feedback should be explained in the faq.

I literally wasted hours on the whitepaper finding out a lot of it doesn't hold up in terms of inflation and power down.

I can only imagine how much time people have spent on trying to understand the system, like I did.
Also unfortunately a lot of the 2016 posts that explain very well how the system works are now out of date, which complicates matters trying to search for answers.

I admit that I should have read the faq though so some of it is my own doing!

I know it gives the date on the whitepaper, but as I made the mistake of reading the whitepaper before investing instead of reading the faq. I made an investment based on wrong info. This is not particulary clear for a new investor.

Maybe it is already in the faq., but it would make a lot of sense to point new investors to @steemitblog.

I got confused by the Steemit inc, I think it would help to explain the different types of investment opportunities rather then explaining Steemit Inc as it confused me (I am easily confused though!

I agree with the point about the confusion for investors. I know they are working on improving it.

From the FAQ though:
It is worth noting that the Whitepaper hasn’t been updated almost since Steem came into existence. Many changes have been made since then, so much of the Whitepaper is now out of date. It is in the process of being rewritten.


YES, even I just come to steem for less than one week ,I found a bug.

It is a beta website, so an occasional bug is sometimes expected. What did you find? I can try to document it in an issue.

It is hard to describe. Give me your email address and I will send you the details.

timcliff.steemit "at"

I will send to you on Monday

The email had been send to you.

It is all about priority.

To me it's more about the management's bandwidth.


Agreed and the front end is not it. One full-time developer could fix so many of the issues in very little time.

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I absolutely agree with you, people should not rush and judge hashly and forget that steemit started last have my votes.

Could we vote for what we want in the UI? Is it something for #beyondbitcoin? Or better another channel?
I'd like to see some form of #tag simplification, group synonyms together, see which tags are more popular say #steem-dev, #steemdev

Not really. It is up to Steemit, Inc. what they implement for their UI. They do take the time to read through feature request posts (especially ones that get a lot of attention/comments/upvotes). Just because a suggestion is made though, does not mean they are going to implement it.

beyondbitcoin is not really an appropriate tag. This is a podcast program / show that talks about crypto-currency projects. They occasionally talk about Steem/Steemit, but only in the larger context of the world of crypto-currenceis. Talking about UI enhancements to the website would be out of place / off topic for what they are really about.

Thanks for the elborate reply and clarification!

As far as I know was created as a gateway to interact with the Steem blockchain. That is why other people created Busy is quite more pleasant to the eye and some oftenly used features are easier there. However, there are still some bugs in Busy that are inexistent in Steemit.

Thank you for that HUGE upvote, @julianita

I had the steem app and was having issues attaching photos to my posts. Kept giving me errors. Most certainly has room to improve. The UI can get better in so many different ways. And introductory videos describing the intricacies of steemit would be beneficial as well.

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You should get involved with the GitHub repository and start submitting some pull requests :)

Thanks for your response! I've no experience in working with React and Node.js, but I'll definitely start some pull requests in the near future ;)

Awesome! It's not as scary as it sounds :) I had no experience with either, and after a few 'easy' pull requests, I've started to get fairly comfortable with it.

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