TWB Halloween Writing Contest Reminder

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Last week we announced a Halloween Writing Contest, looking to get diabolical writers' minds working on scaring us all witless. Halloween is just a week away and we are looking forward to reading all of your spooky entries.

This post serves as a reminder to polish your scary and disturbing stories, post them to your blog, and leave a link to it in the replies to the original announcement post HERE.

We are looking for solidly written, well presented and original stories of around 2000 words.

There will be three winners who will receive the following prizes:


1st place will receive 20 Steem and 20 SBI shares

2nd place will get 10 Steem and 10 SBI shares
3rd place will be rewarded with 5 Steem and 5 SBI shares

To find out more about Steem Basic Income, check out their blog at @steembasicincome.

This contest ends at midnight UTC on October 30th. Many thanks to @curie for sponsoring our writing contests.


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I’ve been thinking about this contest! If I can find enough breathing room, I hope to submit something.

I'm going to try and come up with something...