TWB Halloween Writing Contest

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Festering brainless zombies hunting for human flesh. Malevolent witches preying on the souls of lost children. Scary ghouls, ghosts, and poltergeists that go bump in the night. Psychopathic serial killers with diabolical methods of dispatching their poor victims. Ferocious werewolves prowling the dark woods and misty moors. Soulless aliens intent on human dominion. Vampiric parasites with an insatiable thirst for human blood. Bring them all! Who among you can scare us the most?

Halloween is in just a little over two weeks time and @thewritersblock is putting out a challenge to scare our pants off with the most blood-curdling tales. We are looking for solidly written, well presented and original stories of around 2000 words. To enter, authors should post their story on their own blog, and then submit a link below in the replies to this post. The Writers' Block shall judge the winners. One entry per author only

There will be three prizes:  

1st place will receive 20 Steem

2nd place will get 10 Steem

3rd place will be rewarded with 5 Steem

UPDATED PRIZEPOOL! In addition to the Steem prizes, winners will also be receiving Steem Basic Income shares as follows:

1st place will receive 20 Steem and 20 SBI shares

2nd place will get 10 Steem and 10 SBI shares

3rd place will be rewarded with 5 Steem and 5 SBI shares

To find out more about Steem Basic Income, check out their blog at @steembasicincome


This contest ends at midnight UTC on October 30th. Many thanks to @curie for sponsoring our writing contests.



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Sounds like fun! Of course, the cardinal rule of Hallowe'en stories is that even though the basement lights don't work, Molly still goes down the steps to investigate the bumping noise... 😂

And never EVER stick together

This is probably the most appetizing contest in a long time. I'd love to participate, but as i write this comment a stormy wind has started to blow, my room's door slammed open, the roof is screeching and banging as if every zinc plate wants to set free from a sophocating oppressor.

It's raining cats and dogs already and actually, my dogs are barking and whining like I've never seen them doing before, and my black cat has just ran away as if he saw the devil himself or he's sure the rain will fall only on our dilapidated house.
I can't blame them; when it rains being inside or outside of the house does not make much of a difference, we get drenched anyways.
If I make it through the night, I'll submit my humble story.
Cumaná, 3:45 pm

Fun!! Can’t wait to see what comes out of this!

Jaynaaaaa do scary stories with me! <3

Augh! I’m scared just thinking about scary stories. But... okay!!

I did one. It isn't even really scary, but eh. You can do it!

Yay you! My schedule has been consumed with work, events and travel, so I don’t think I’m going to make it. But I’m proud of you and can’t wait to read it!

You're literally the coolest. I hate it <3

Question. I've posted a few stories that might be right for this contest on my own blog in the past. Can I use one of those or does it have to be something brand new? Also, are we allowed to enter multiple stories?

One entry per author, as updated in the post.

I posted this story a couple of hours before the post from your contest, guys. I dunno if I can use it:

Yes, that's fine.

Woo hoo! Just in time for my 60th birthday! I already have a story in mind, so I'll definitely enter.

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Looks like this is going to be an October for the ages 😎

Count me in! ✌

I'll look forward to reading your entry.

Hah! I had been saving this story for a Halloween writing contest, then got inspired by a friend and dropped it early. Lol.. Anyways, here you go:

I don't normally do fiction, but I feel emboldened to do so since winning a recent Chibera fiction writing contest.... let's see what I can produce.
Can it also be funny? My only real experience with Halloween stories are the Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors specials and Nightmare Before Christmas.... ever since I've never really been able to take Halloween seriously. So not sure how scary I can actually be, but can certainly go for "supernatural themes".

It can be scary, funny, scary-funny, or anything in between. :-)

This is nice. I hope to send in an entry before deadline.

Here be me submission: The Void for this contest here.

It will be a pleasure to scare you a little, I will be participating in greetings.

I have arrived a little late to this...

But here's my entrance: The Tianac of Calamity Road

Hope you enjoy it, guys! Good luck to all participants!

Una hermosa composición. De mucha calidad, además.

Hi. Please accept my submission for your contest.



This is my entry, i hope you like it! Btw this is a great contest!

My entry:

I am also running a Halloween contest with a deadline on the 30th...One prize of 20 SBI.

@thewritersblock, let me know if you would like me to pull the contest link, I could see where you might find it spammy

thank you!

thanks, I've shared this contest on my roundup page!

Hi! this is my tale, thanks for opportunity:

Hi, @thewriter's block. In the nick of time. Here's my entry: The Vampire who Came from Cumaná. A Story for TWB Contest.

Thanks for this great opportunity! ☻

Hi. Will you consider stories previously posted on Steemit?