'Yield' (my Farmpunk contest entry)

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This took me a while, and it is not perfect. But I enjoy this. Sorry if the image is not cool enough.


She cut the pumkin with an ax while listening to father's insults against her. The sound of the blow of the ax was dry. Denna Polanski despite being a girl of build and average size, had a lotstrength and firmness in the hands. She gave another blow.

"You're just a useless bitch!" Said the father. Denna cut another pumpkin"one"... She said. "You all are the same. Some traitors. Some bitches dragged! Including your mother" her Father said, as Denna took a breath "two" she counted after cut another pumkin."I should not have said that, I suppose. But you deserve it!" He said. Denna took a deep breath, raised the ax as much as she could "three"... She counted. Her father still with insults and his frenetic behavior. Denna was losing her mental balance, so she sighed again "three minus one" and she gave another blow this time with a delicious noise

"Sweets... lalala sweets... Love ... Red ... Is that your head?


Someone knocked on the door of the Polanski house. Mrs. Martha opened, Denna's mother. On the other side of the door was a man in a raincoat. Martha called Jhon, her husband.

"Good morning Mr and Mrs Polanski, I'm Vito Chinaski, private detective, I came from the city; I am doing research on Yield.co, and understand that your property has been one of the most benefited by this company. I would like to ask you some questions".

"Okay, come in, please" said Jhon, perfectly hiding his nervousness. The detective came in, sat on a sofa. Mrs. Martha asked him what kind of coffee he liked. "A cappuccino" he told. Martha used Yield.co's coffee maker from the kitchen and brought coffees.

"You should not have bothered, this is very expensive. I would not have a way to pay you" said Vito.

"Don't worry, we have enough coffee on the farm. It's not expensive. Not like in the city" said the lady with kindness.

"And what are the questions, Mr. Detective?" Polanski asked.

"Nothing of the other world, Mr. Polanski," said Vito as he took a sweet sip of the cappuccino. "In the capital, although it is true that Yield.co is a blessing for the entire nation, it is also true, as you may have seen in the news" said looking at the huge television in the room "Yield company is being investigated for, among other things, cases of corruption, and also for crimes against humanity".

"Well, yes ... I've seen it," said Jhon. "But those are mere accusations. This country depends entirely on Yield Company productions. It would be worse if the company were in trouble.

"Do you say it is better to ignore corruption and other crimes?"

"In these lands, Mr. Chinaski, any farmer will say 'yes'. Do human rights matter after the war? There is only one single food production company, and that is Yield Company".

"Do you know that Yield belong 's to a huge monopoly of companies that also carry out genetic, biological, pharmaceutical and other kinds of experiments?"

"Of course... It's also in the news? But what does this have to do with me?"

"Nothing, really. Can you tell me how is your relationship with the company? As everyone knows, you have been a very well-benefited man..."

"Ok, ok! I get it. However, you are not a journalist. Many of them come here". Polanski had a giggle on his face. "Well, the truth is that it has not been easy. I have a daughter, but ten years ago we did not have anything to eat, however, I had all these vacant lands. A man from Yield came, he studied them, said they were suitable for cultivation. The rest is history, Mr. Chinaski, the seeds came, the scientists; then contracts and the money. From then on, our life began to improve. We also help the neighbors a lot!" He said with an important emphasis.

"I understand... Mr. Polanski." Vito started. "So you have a daughter…"

"And my wife is several months pregnant," he interrupted.

"Very good," Vito added. "That in any case is an achievement. In the city it is difficult to have two children, while in space, they only allow you to have one. Space colonies have not been the promised success. But now I want to ask you an important question: do you know anything about the biogenetic experiments carried out by Yield.Co with childrens?

Denna was recognized as a prodigy: she always won the science fairs at her school, which gave her a scholarship to study at the university, and she had been a three-year career. Denna had returned to the country as usual on his vacations. The city was an extremely hostile place, and those who led a life outside, preferred not to stay long there. The people were different, they were used to wearing artificial respiration masks, only if they could be without them, as long as there were clean domes. Those in the city were contaminated. She was playing Chopin absorbed in any thought. There were several glasses of Yield.CO milk that her father forced her to drink for no reason. She just obeyed.

"I knew I should not do the opposite."

That's why the light in Denna's eyes was like a spring drowned in a winter that suddenly appeared.

She heard a knock on the window. It was Luke, one of the neighbors. Someone for whom Denna felt something that, over time, she managed to define as "love". She went down to see him. They had scheduled a kind of "appointment" for a few days. It was the first time that Denna was in that type of moves with a boy. She did not know if she really was pretty. However, it was true that many of the boys praised her, but especially her mother, Martha, since she was a much younger woman than Mr. Polanski, and with a phenomenal body. Yes, they always described it. The admiration of the boys of this age for her mother had always been uncomfortable. Luke was not very different from those young people, although gradually, for some reason, feelings and emotions became more and more diffuse for Denna. "She is a cold and a weird girl" most boys used to said.

It was difficult on many occasions to feel sadness, or empathy; instead, their ratings went up exponentially. At some point that night, Luke kissed her and stuck his tongue up her throat. He undressed her. Denna separated him from her.

"Come, Denna," he said, panting and pulling down his pants. "Your mother liked it, you'll see that yourself too." It was something Denna already knew; her mother was unfaithful to her father, she had sex with Luke several times, and this was in fact the product of her pregnancy. Jhon knew that Martha belly was not the product of his seed, but he could not admit it, so he acted as if it were. "If you do not want to, I'll force you," he said again, went over to Denna and put his arms around her. Began to remove the clothes. She felt like inside a black cloud.

That night she limped home. Dad was nervous but he acted strangely cordial. Denna asked him what was wrong. Then Jhon told that three days ago, he received a visit from a detective.
The next day, Denna would meet Vito Chinaski at a small dairy bar in town. He invited her some milk glasses, and
managed to get him to talk with some effort. Denna did not like it but saw no loss in telling her how little she knew about Yield company, and the things her father forced her to consume. Vito then asked her about her school performance, and was surprised to learn that she was already in college. He asked other questions and they talked for two hours.


Vito Chinaski had been warned that the devil was walking in the countryside and that he should take care of it. Everyone who gave testimony said that he always appeared at sunset, covered in a very intense twilight, and that sometimes he took someone with him. It is true that there were reports of missing persons, and they were mostly children. But that was not his duty. He should only care about Yield.Co. That night he managed to infiltrate inside one of the main facilities of the company mocking security. When, after going through the intricate labyrinth of electronic keys, security keys, such as elevators that only led to specific floors, he was able to reach the Yield.Co server. He sat down at the computer and began typing a series of key names that had been supplied to him through his contacts. He placed a card and began to subtract the necessary data. After a few long minutes in which he did not stop feeling watched, the transfer was completed and the astonishing tour outside the facilities began. The minutes were long hours but he was able to leave and went to the capsule hotel where he was staying. Then, he began to read one of the reports that interested him most: the effects of the nutritional experimentation carried out by Yield on certain chosen young people. From what he had talked to Denna, he understood that she was another experimental subject. She had told him that in addition to the food in pasta tubes, or in any other presentation, every certain number of months, her father forced her to go to the company. Of these visits, Denna only remembered that they asked Denna to take off her clothes and put on a robe. Sometimes, "she told with fear".

"I had been accompanied by boys and girls my age, but after some injections, I fell into a catatonic state, and when I woke up, I did not remember anything that had not happened, except, in some cases, strange dreams with " the devil".

However, most of the entire dream journey was too diffuse, although Denna added: "When I dreamed, whatever it was, I felt my primitive impulses exacerbate. For some reason, I felt impulses to... Kill. Maybe I would not know how to explain it, I've never had that impulse, but it's the only way to define it. It's like feeling like a wild animal".

Vito started reading the file he was looking.

Yield Company secretly has chosen an endless number of experimental subjects in the field of its main facilities in America, in order to find the necessary bio-genetic adaptation so that humanity can continue to exist in this new world, without it being necessary to leave the earth. In these moments, the plans are in a simple stage of development that has taken us several years. We have become experimental subjects under all the legal aspects that we have been able to cover, we know that there are different government offices behind our track, therefore, we have offered sums of money and investments to families in the area in exchange for one of their children consume "certain products" only and exclusively sent to these, together with a certain number of visits for checks by our scientists. The peasants have agreed without asking any details, blinded by the fortunes that their lands began to produce. It goes without saying that the experiments so far have been satisfactory with respect to their results, not in vain, it is necessary to make a parenthesis. Years ago, I participated with part of the Yield Europa team who came to the United States to collaborate with an earlier stage of this experiment. The test subjects at that time were young men and women with remarkable physical attitudes that could be bought in the city, which in any case, society could do without them. These subjects did not resist long the arduous tests to which their bodies were subjected, to which different changes were made, or in a more precious language: "mutations". At that time, I was not head of the department yet, and I must say that the directive was very imprecise, by which I mean that sometimes, many employees did not know what they were working on. That was my case. Returning to those subjects, only one of them gave surprising results, getting to assimilate the parasites and the biomechanical parts in his body. Of course, as a result, his consciousness was erased leaving a simple shell without a soul. It was the result of a product that would manage to create weapons for war supremacy, since at that time we were in the worst possible situation. The experiment was called "Todd". The war ended, and "Todd" could not make his debut, so he was imprisoned in the underground floors of the facility. During the next years, Yield would begin to work on a project that would be derived from this: in order to eliminate "human deficiencies", the consciences of the majority of individuals in society would be eliminated; In other words, of all those who do not contribute anything to it. This would take place mainly by governments, yes, but deep down, it is a necessity of the company itself, Ark, on which Yield depends. We develop foods and experiments derived from the aforementioned Todd that would eliminate little by little any feature of consciousness and personality in human beings. We wanted to start with teenagers because at that age people are blank papers that seek to be filled, and consequently, it was the most interesting point to address. Let's say that we sought to force an evolution by eliminating the concept of "masses". In this I will not repair more, the subjects would be as I said, the children of the peasants.

To our disgrace, a few years ago "Todd" would escape after his brain began to exhibit "unusual behavior" recorded by the computer. To put it in some way, it was the "brain activity that human beings present when they suffer from nightmares". It goes without saying that "Todd" is a war machine, and without the need for weapons, he could dent with his fists to a tank, as well as resist bullets of almost any caliber, jump several meters among many other characteristics that make it a danger. Yield's intelligence and security department tried to capture him without success. At first there were no traces of him. Not in vain, when the first subjects of experiments - the children of the peasants - began to give negative results because of their parents, Todd's activity was recorded in the town. For some reason that we still do not know, and according to the testimonies of the villagers as well as the local police, from which we have filtered all their reports on the matter, after the subjects entered what we have defined as "a trance of anger" Todd showed up and took them with him for unknown reasons. The kidnapping was not part of his programming, nor was the murder of civilians. The targets he had to follow would be previously programmed by computer. In any case, the villagers nicknamed him "The devil". Although the experimental subjects have presented an exponential growth of their cognitive capacities in exchange for the loss of their personalities and empathy, there are also certain exponential risks that can turn them into completely passionate and dangerous beings. Among them is extreme stress, it is the main agent that can submerge them in this state. It is always after this that "Todd"appears before them. But how? It's a mystery

He thought of Denna and the stress she went through every day. Vito had investigated about Jhon, his father; he knew that Martha, his wife was pregnant with a younger man, and that John had hidden it so as not to damage his reputation. However, inside the house, coupled with the words of Denna herself, John was very violent. He used to not like Martha but he was constantly at Denna. He insulted her, he denigrated her, he beat her. Denna , claimed that lately she did not feel bad about the insults. She wondered if that was a habit. Not in vain, from what Vito had just read, he could conclude that it was the product of altered food by Yield. Vito felt the need to go to the Polanski property to talk to Denna. She was there, going out, like the colors of twilight about to be extinguished by an unfailing night.


Jhon Polanski was very drunk. He kept shouting expletives and curses to his wife and Denna as he swallowed the last can of beer he had left. Once the can was emptied, he threw it on the floor. Next, he asked Denna to pick it up. She had been practically speechless during all her father's fuss. Denna bent down to pick it up. Jhon looked at her hips when crouched down. It was not obscene if not clumsy, however, inside the brain of a man like John, who may think himself more intelligent than he really is, things happened. He thought about the times that Martha had been unfaithful. And with whom. And with how many. "Shit, that damn bitch, you're her daughter, you're just like her!" he shouted inside. Denna picked up the can and carried it to the dumpster. Then Jhon took her by the wrist. He squeezed it very hard. Martha made an appearance but Jhon pushed her and said: "You do not get in. I have to teach your daughter a lesson, she's been a bad girl, it's what they say in town, and I can not let my name get dirty." Denna struggled to break free but her strength would not allow it. "I felt pain and anxiety". Tears came out of her eyes, and she wondered why. Jhon took her out of her house to the pumpkin patch. He took an ax and put it in Denna's hands.

"I should have had a son," he said. "At least I would have someone to share my pride and my property with." It was a while, and Denna started smash pumpkins

She cut the pumkins with an ax while listening to his father's insults against her. The sound of the blow of the ax was dry. She gave another blow and another. "You're just a useless bitch!" Said the father. Denna cut another pumpkin "one..." she said. Denna felt strange impulses coming from the brain. The tears in eyes had already dried up. Also, for some strange reason felt that her mother would give birth tonight. "This imbecile man is only hurting me." A dark spiral of thoughts began to invade her. However, she did not let go of the ax and went on, and she continued to cut pumpkins while that damn man who should die was still insulting her. "Two" counted." should not have said that, I suppose. But you deserve it! "He said. Denna took a deep breath, raised the ax as much as she could "three" counted. Jhon continur with insults and his frenetic behavior. Denna was losing her mental balance. "Three are my problems. Three are my nightmares. My father has sold me. My mother knows it. She is stained. She only takes advantage of her husband. I serve her as a shield. She should die. Likewise, she would have died of hunger had it not been for this man she betrayed with Luke, and plans to continue doing so. She is stained with a sin. My father too. His pride forbids him to admit it. Pride is another sin". Denna's vision was clouding and began to fade but her strength remained. Held the ax like a robot. "Everyone should be dead". She sighed again "three minus one" and smash with an exquisite noise.

The head of Jhon Polanski was dismissed a few meters. From the body emanated a source of hot blood that spilled over the pumpkins. Denna continued to smashing pumpkins while humming a song from her childhood.

Sweets... sweets... lalala... sweets (crushed a pumpkin and then looked for another) love... red... Is this your head? And crushed it.

Vito Chinaski had no choice but to force his way into the Polanski house. The lights were dimly lit. Behind him, the twilight light was intense. In front of him, there was a gloomy human silence, interrupted only by the sound of a dropped telephone. He explored the first floor without finding anyone. However, there were traces of fighting. He went up to the second floor, which he guessed would be a room for the next son of the family. What he saw was gagging. It was the body of Martha with her belly open like a caesarean but with cuts and regular. As if they had opened it with a scissor sharply. Every trace of life had escaped her eyes. The child had been removed. Following the trail of blood, led to the right wing of the corridor. There he looked at Denna with the child on the floor.

She was cuting it with gardening scissors. Vito pulled out a pistol and aimed at her tremblingly. He told her to get up. Denna stopped slowly and turned around holding a piece of the child's arm in one of her hands.

"Two minus two, there was no problem left" she said. Vito did not understand.

Denna's eyes were white. The iris was like looking from a window into a landscape full of haze. Her head moved in small spasms. Vito could not stand such a gruesome image; He shot her in the arm. Denna gave a cry. She looked at Vito scornfully and lunged at him. Vito was taller and more muscular, however, Denna was incredibly stronger than him. So much so that she managed to take the gun, and throw Vito to the edge of the stairs.

"Denna, wait!" He said. Denna grabbed him by the neck and threw him from the second floor. It landed in the livingroom. He hurt himself but nothing was broken. It took Vito a few seconds to get up again. Denna was in front of him. He saw that her arm was healthy.
He tried to reassure her. Then she took his hand and caressed it.

"Vi ... to ..."

"Yes, that's right, Denna, it's me."

"I'm not going to kill you, but if ... I can ... I'll make ...you pieces." Denna pulled out a screwdriver and stuck Vito's hand on the wall with.

The pain that ran through Vito's body was indescribable. He cried loudly. Then Denna punched him so hard in the nose that she broke it.

"Stop, please, Denna!" She grabbed his head and smashed it against the wall. Then, he took it with one hand of the jaw, while with the other she gave repeated blows to one side of the hundred.

Vito was fading. His head was a bloody mass. But suddenly, Denna stopped and looked at the door with a shock and ran to her.

Vito got the screwdriver out of his hand and sat up. There came the memory of the files he had read a few hours ago.

He saw that Denna was absorbed by a twilight light where a huge humanoid black figure peeked out. He swallowed her and disappeared.

Minutes later, Vito heard the neighbors approaching, and he fell to the ground.


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This is a great story. Proud to have as a member of the Speculative Fiction Writers of Steemit community, and a #farmpunk contest contributor.

Thank you! For me it is a pleasure to be part of Speculative Fiction, really.

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Oh oh wow I I just started scanning this at lunchtime and realise it is so good I'm going to have to do it more credit than that and sit down over a cup of tea and read it properly.

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Thank you. I appreciate all kind of support. I hope you enjoy the story.

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