The Sndbox DTube Animation Competition [February Winners + Upvote Prizes]

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Thank You!

Last Friday, we opened up our very 1st competition round for The Sndbox’s DTube channel! All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their submission used as the intro of our videos for the next few months!. So let’s have a look at the winners -

First Place [100% Upvote] @leotrap

Congratulations to @leotrap for the grand winner spot! We felt that it matched perfectly with our energy-filled introductions and are excited to use this is in the months moving forward!


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Second Place [50% Upvote] @zemluke

Congratulations to @zemluke for the 2nd place spot! We loved this one so much that we’ve decided to use this as our footer animation in our posts!


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Third, Fourth, Fifth [20% Upvote Each]

Congratulations @wilmarnm. We love the ‘jointed’ animation, very charming and well developed! Support the original post here.


Congratulations @wanaf. Super fluid and beautifully made! Support the original post here.


Congratulations @jimdraw. @jimdraw definitely gets this spot for the originality! We’ll likely sneak this into some of our long-form videos/movies in the future. Support the original post here.

Thank You Everyone!

We have had some incredible entries for our February Animation Competition. A big congratulations to @leotrap for the winning entry and an every bigger thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for next month!


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Thanks @sndbox Team for let us be part of this competition, and congratulations to all entries... so many pro works in here and each day we are more!

Peace V!

Congratulations to @leotrap @zemluke @wanaf @wilmarnm
Give me your source files and I will improve your entries with the addition of a fierce lion. What I have learnt from this competition is sticking a big cat into any intro instantly improves it. FACT!

Thanks @sndbox team, I really appreciate that. Congratulations to all entries, many good animations !
PS. I'll upload more animations on my blog so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for make this contest, and for recognizing my work. Congratulations to all the other participants!

Congratulations to @zemluke @leotrap for the grand winner spot! We feel that it matched perfectly with moving forward !, @wanaf @jimdraw @wilmarnm. We all love the 'jointed' animation, very charming and well developed! wow your animation is very good i like it very much


Thank you.

Good post.i like your posts very much.


Amazing thanks... follow you blog and vote thanks.

Incredibly talented animations! I am amazed at the ability of some people to create such original and interesting works. Bravo to the winners! And it's great that they can be rewarded with a Steemit!

How much reward can 100% of @leotrap be voted?

Congratulation @leotrap and @zenmluke and other winners. Thanks for arranging contest @sndbox

thnks for challenge

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awesome @sndbox,,,,,I do apprecite your creativity contest. I strongly believe that the contest activity would make steemian those who have the specific skill will improve anylonger in the future,,,its benefit for steemit improvement and users also in alll aspec...

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the contest seems pretty good, I think about becomming a member, thank u for it

Those are some really good animations. Probably was a hard decision.


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Nice one, your contest is one of a kind

Felicitaciones a @leotrap y @todos los que participaron, fue un honor, fue una buena experiencia, y me gusto es mi primera vez en un concurso de este tipo.

Voy a realizar más intros para mejorar la experiencia. Gracias @sndbox


Congratulations @leotrap & @everyone all entries. Regards

Felicidades a los ganadores. Me gusta estás competencias porque activan la creatividad de muchas personas.

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whats that logo on your hat?

Congratulations to all who participated and to those who won ;)

Awesome submissions! Following all of those Steemian artists now as well. So good 😍