Introducing our Brand New Logo and First Animation Competition!

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Brand New Logo, New Font!

Today we are excited to announce our new logo and our very first video animation competition! To celebrate the launch of our channel and bring a new dimension to creative production on Steemit, we’ll be hosting an open competition for Steemians to submit intro/outros that we’ll be using throughout February’s DTube videos. The video above goes through the announcement and all the needed details as found below.

Every Steemian is invited to submit an intro/outro animation! The top submissions will receive big Sndbox upvotes and the winner will be featured for each week of February’s Sndbox videos!

Here’s a look at our OLD intro/outro animation!


… now here’s our NEW logo!

We need your help to animate it and re-imagine it in a creative way. Take a look below for the competition outline...



Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.15.59 PM.png

Animation Competition Rules

To be eligible for prizes, you must follow these simple instructions-

  • Design a 2-4 second video animation (MP4 format, 1280 x 720 or higher resolution) that uses the new @sndbox color palette and ends with the graphic “Sndbox” as shown in the provided images above.

  • Publish a personal post using the video through DTube, describing a bit of the inspiration, have “Sndbox DTube Competition Entry” as part of the post title, and use #sndbox in the tags so that we can upvote you!

  • Share your video post in the comments below.

  • Deadline is Wednesday, February 7, 2018 5pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the following week.

Download the Illustrator (AI) file, here!


Voting Prizes

Standings will be determined by the Sndbox community and prizes will be as follows -

  • First Place = 100% Upvote, Approximately $150 - The winner’s animation will be used on the following month’s DTube posts. We will credit your name wherever we use your work!

  • Second Place = 50% Upvote, Approximately $75

  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Place = 20% Upvote each, Approximately $30 each

ALL completed entries will receive a 7% upvote (approximately $10). Everyone is invited to submit! Have fun, and best of luck!

Video music "Future Funk" by Joakim Karud


▶️ DTube

This is a link to my entry for the sndbox dtube competition

I tried using dtube a lot but it kept giving me problems of error while submitting to the blockchain.

I tried it severally with different ways but to no avail so I had to use youtube. I hope this still qualifies as a valid entry .cheers

No worries, and thank you for your submission! We've upvoted this comment instead.

Thanks for this!!! Does it mean it doesnt qualify as an entry?

Minimal Intro Opener

The velocity can be speeded up to 4 sec, no problem with that & the sound I think can be changed too.


You know, the big iron!

Hello. Here is my entry, I hope you like it:

snap (1).jpg

Good luck to all the participants :)

we have a winner!

I really liked it too! Good job @wilmarnm

Thanks! Yours is also very good ;)

I hope you are right ;)

Good Job ;)

Here is my silly entry!

Here is the gif version too (

For the Sndbox DTube Competition Entry. I was inspired or perhaps motivated to rip-off the MGM logo!
This of course cannot be used for sndbox unless they want to receive a cease and desist letter for MGM for the use of the lion.
Regardless, the lion symbolises the power of the sndbox! A Steemit Incubator for Creatives, Communities and large African feline beasts of the Panthera leo genus.

Please not that I also broke the rule of a 2-4 second video, this beast needs more time.


Really cool contest, Here is my entry called "Big Bang"

snap (1).jpg

This is my video submission guys. I hope you like it.


Good concept...! :)

Thanks! Yours is also very good

Here is my entry

Hello, this is my entry, i hope someone likes it because i do :)

Here is my entry. The animation is 4 seconds.
The sndbox team supports original and creative works.
So I want to express technology and creativity in this animation.
Please check out the post for my concept.

This is my video


Oooooo this is exciting! I can't wait for the entries coming. I'm loving the new logo btw @sndbox. It looks really modern.

And my Entry:

@sndbox that's good first congrats for your new channel and now I'm going to create animation video for @sndbox for a new logo hope I'll be in top position by the way great @dtube channel to interact with more people

Coool! Let's animate...!

OMG I saw urs!! I love it!

Flyyyy new logo!

I've been in printing for 17 years and there's something about your color palette that I've never seen before. Great color combinations. I like the new and the old logo equally to be honest.

That old animation looked sweet, looking forward to seeing the new one.

Hello this is my entry ! More power to you guys! :)

This a great design and animation.

This one is awesome!

My entry ;


Here is my entry:


Love the new logo congrats on all of your success! Keep it coming! :D

My animation---- Lo--Fi entry

Here is a little footer gif too

Don't mean to be such a balloon pricker but I actually really liked the old logo and prefer it to the new one. It had a really nice colour to it and I like the lower case for design, generally. But then again, this is all entirely personal. I am a bit sad to see that old logo go. It was the thing that really brought me to sndbox.

The loss of the Echer pattern was a mistake. I think that the logo is good but it is less than it was.

Yeah I liked the penrose-ish element it had going on too.

I will say the logo is really litty :)

Burst-Animation Intro


Sndbox DTube Competition Entry

Thank you for this opportunity and Congratulations to @sndbox for launching their Dtube channel.This is my submission for an intro/outro animation competition by @sndbox.
I have made this intro in Adobe After Effects. I have made 3 samples of your youtube channel but as just one entry is valid, though, i have uploaded this intro. Hope you like this intro.

If you want remaining 2 intros, you can contact me.
Thanks for the competition.

I know it is not my deal, but i guess old one was better:
at first, optically it feels like "O" now is smaller than other letters, unsure if it's good in this case.
Second: now it all looks much more monumental, and old logo with lowercase feels much more democratic which is in my opinion more relevant to sndbox meaning. In other words i see redesign for redesign. Sorry for this share of criticism, anyway sndbox is great

Thanks for the opportunity. Here's my entry.

Good logo.
congratulations on the new logo that has been completed.
May you always succeed.

wow, this is so cool @sndbox, a very good work. Hopefully you will succeed with this work of yours. thank you...


Thanks for the competition @sndbox
I do animations in Adobe After effects.
I have made many logos too.
Would you like to take view of couple of my intros made for my channel.
Which font you have used in this logo? And where to post intro which i will make for you?

Really amazing opportunity to win in" Animation Competition," I will try to participate here. Thanks @sndbox.

Wow, this is great news. It's getting bigger on steemit everyday because talents will be ungrounded. Thanks for this initiative

Great stuff, will send in my 2 cents :-) who know I might strike gold with my exhilarating creations

art is one kind of talent.
who are artist are always challenging
thanks for sharing

thank you very much for making the animation competition, for those who follow would be very happy with the competition, @sndbox 👍✨✨✨

this is my entry

I would like to try, is that possible can I use template of after effect and enhance it? thanks

I like it very much

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wow logo is very creative, I really like it

Congratulations on launching the new logo @sndbox, We are waiting for information about the race as this is interesting information for the steemians

Wow those are looking really amazing :D

Holy Crap.

I want to be so part of this community. Thanks for making this.

i will try it, good luck

What is the BG song?
It's so good calm down shit... :D
hello friend sandbox link above is posting my work maybe you all love itsnap (9).jpg

Since I am not good in animation and graphics, I am resteeming this post for wider reach. Thanks for this opportunity.


i have to do same here, post resteemed

Hello @sndbox, here is my own entry for the intro/outro video

thank you. @dee-y over and out.

Too late!

But I definately want to get into this. Will there be future ones?

Hello friend, everything would be very nice for me to support me since I see you as an inspiration to continue. I would like at some point to be as successful as you would help me supporting my post? in @albeiro

Inilah entri yang saya buat, semoga anda menyukainya...

Capture 2018-02-04 22.20.58.jpg

Saya membuatnya dengan iklas😊

logo is very creative, good luck always @sndbox

wished i have skillz on that field would have been so nice, lemme stick to the rap i am good at, @sndbox kindly oneday - you guys should look in to the artlife.

My entry:


Your logo is awesome

buddy sorry yeah ... I shere have you.. very nice ..

I shall give it a go.

best of luck

Wow..It's nice^^!! Thank u for sharing 👍

You can link to share your Logo

boca abajo divisor.png

These are some Amazing Entries!

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