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Creating A Women's Co-Op

Ever since the idea came to me to create a Women's Co-Op, I knew I needed to come up with the right name. I have known all along what I wanted to create, but choosing a name that fully represents what I wish to achieve, has taken me a while. Because when we give something a name we give it power and when we say that name it really brings to life the vision that we have created.

Now that I have chosen the name, I feel like I can really begin to create, I can start to really reach out to more women within the community and be able to identify what there needs are and how they can be met within the collective. So today I wish to introduce the birth of

Weave To Empower

I am so excited by this name as it really embodies what I am trying to create. I want to bring women together and find ways in which we can empower one another, support one another and learn from one another, with an emphasis on single mothers. We are all weavers of our reality, but when we come together, when we weave with others that web is made stronger, more powerful and we can then focus all of that energy, all of that love that is created, towards working in a more harmonious way with the earth. This community will be mostly mothers who have a fierce passion for the environment, for this earth, we need to find ways to improve our relationship with the earth so that our children are blessed with a healthier planet.


The Aims

Financial Support

As a single mother one of the most pressing things for me at the moment is a practical one, how to make an income, which allows me to support myself and my children, whilst being able to home educate them and not have any financial aid from the government. I have spoken about this before and it is something I feel very strongly about, I do not want any government agencies involved in the upbringing of my children, in order for me to achieve that I do not want any interaction with them. That responsibility is mine alone. I am not here to pass judgement on anyone else.

I have already spoke to some other single mothers within the community, one whom is on steemit but has yet to start posting, @tolisten, and others who wish to be involved in the different projects that will help to generate an income for us. At the moment we will have to start out small to see how it works out, but the aim is to be able to support more mothers in the very near future. I will write about some of these creative endeavours another time.

But in the meantime I will be getting help to create a website for the Collective which will be used to promote other woman’s crafts/items that they have already created. The aim here once again is to promote the crafts and work of single mothers. There will be more on this in the next few weeks. There is also great market that occurs weekly within the local community and I aim to have a stall there representing crafts from the Collective also.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

A very important part of the community, will be the woman's circles that will take place twice a month, on the new month and full month. This space will be used to support women emotionally and spiritually, it will be a safe space where everything discussed will be held and supported within that circle. It will provide each woman the opportunity to share their journey, to share any problems they may be experiencing and allow the women within the circle to meditate on those problems as a collective and help to support them. To help find ways in which to help bring some resolution. It is an opportunity for women to share their life experiences, their wisdom, to help lift one another up and to help us celebrate the life we live. To offer advice with regards to parenting and to share the wisdom we have gained whilst being parents. It is hoped that the circle will include women of all ages.

These circle's will be created so that each woman will be held, heard and understood.

It will be a space where we are all equal, where there is no hierarchy, where each woman is accepted for who she is and understands that she is as important and as powerful as each other. It is a space were we will encourage one another to be beautiful and powerful. This power we have, is not to be used against others, but instead used to help us believe in one another, to listen and act from our heart and to use it to help protect the earth. The circle will help us to identify changes that need to happen and ways in which we can make them happen. Within these circles we will be weaving to empower one another. Weaving webs that connect us, that strengthen us, that bring about harmony, healing and love.

And now to bring it all to life, the wheel is in motion and I will continue to write regularly about the collective. I will also be working on ways to create our own logo. But for now I leave you with my poem, this is exactly what we will create xxx

Weave To Empower

Weavers of Life,
Weavers Of Knowledge,
Creating our stories,
Igniting our Bodies.
Weave to awaken,
the wisdom inside,
Allowing our intuitive
self to now guide.
Weaving to feel,
weaving to explore
we are women who weave,
to reveal more and more.
weaving out of love,
weaving with respect,
weaving healing
for all the hurt we have met,
weaving power
and strength,
weaving light
from within,
weaving new creations
weaving to begin,
weaving from the earth,
connecting from below,
weaving our intentions,
so that all,
will be in flow.


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Lovely flowing verses @trucklife-family :-) The repetition of the word "weaving" very well captured the smooth, continuous motion of weaving itself! You seem to thrive writing this kind of verse. I enjoyed the message of empowerment and community in this poem.

P.S. I think there's a slight typo in line 7 (out=>our) unless I'm mistaken :-)

Have a fantastic night!


thank you D-pend for pointing that typo out, and thank you for your wonderful words, that means so much coming from you, have a fantastic day xxx


:-D You're always welcome. I really liked the energy of this piece.

By the way, after being inspired the other day by seeing a few different answers, I decided to reply to the @tribesteemup question about dissension as well :-) I know I'm late getting to it but it was really fun responding!

crypto is playing a large role, in one's independence.

I love the name!! It will certainly bring life to your vision.


thank you very much @bethvalverde for your support xx

I loooove the name you chose and I'm so excited about this!! Please let us know how @freedomtribe can help support this beautiful work youre doing! 🙏💗


Ah thank you @lindseylambz , I am very excited, I will let you know for sure once it is up and running, I am also thinking of trying to get some funding via fundition xxx

Weave to Empower is a perfect name and the poem and intention that you describe is something truly special.


thank you lovely, I am feeling very excited by it all xx

We all have to respect the women and give her the respect that they deserve.

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thank you wonderful @freedomtribe xx

Wonderful movement darling! I always support you on your journey!


thanks so much Niina that means alot xxx

There are more and more women's circles being created around the world and it is just lovely and amazing. It does wonders not only for women but for our planet too with such loving and peaceful, creative and harmonious vibration going on. 💚


I know they are so important, I have been involved in some for a few years now and they are so powerful and supportive xxx

good for you and good luck! i always thought your man was with you during your on the road life. youre doing this just you and the kids? 😮


yeah me and my 3 girls, thanks @eaglespirit


@trucklife-family that makes all your posts that much more amazing and miraculous! blessings

that poem, at the end, was a bomb!