What is the best way to move forward when faced with dissension within a community?

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What is the best way to move forward
when faced with dissension within a community?

original essay by @d-pend,
response to @tribesteemup's
bi-weekly question

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Greetings all! I know I'm a bit behind the curve on addressing this topic, which was a bi-weekly question posed by the community @tribesteemup several days back. However, discovering @flauwy's answer to that question coincided with something of a reawakening within my spirit of something subtle yet powerful. Synchronicity, when experienced with a keen awareness, is something quite tangible. So, to pay homage to that experience as well to the paradigm-shifting community I only just discovered, I would like to weigh in on this topic.

If you would like to hear me read this essay out loud while you read,
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Dissension seen through the lens
of a common connotation

Although dissension, etymologically, basically just means disagreement, it carries the heavy connotation of a difference of opinion from a majority viewpoint. That is, to differ from the dominant belief structure or conclusions of an authority figure or group. To explore the 'problem' of dissension from this angle leads to some very interesting philosophical and spiritual quandaries, so this definition will serve as the basis of our exploration.


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Beliefs or tenets
as inherently flawed signposts

Beliefs are essentially just opinions with the added thrust of being projected upon the external world, including other individuals. However, some of what are referred to as beliefs begin to reach a much greater depth of meaning due to their aspiration towards the ineffable, unutterable Truth. In this way, they function as signposts that can help lead us towards (or away from) the underlying Facts of the universe, from which the human mind is fundamentally divorced due to the dualistic structure of its operations.

The closer a belief comes to reality as it truly is, it simultaneously grows in its ability to enlighten us and, paradoxically, to lead us astray. The former occurs because the mind begins to find semantic loopholes that allow it to begin to transcend itself, and the latter because of the tendency of the mind to "idolize" the newly acquired, more expansive paradigm. That is, subconsciously, the mind begins to equate the belief or tenet with truth, which has a blinding effect on the consciousness because no beliefs can be said to be completely true. If they were, they would have to encompass the entire universe, something impossible for a semantic structure to achieve due to the inherent limitations of language.


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Beliefs as an expression
of sacred sovereignty

The above limitations and inherent untruthfulness of any belief, however subtle, beautiful, or sublime, was necessary to expound in order to come to the realization that all human beings carry complementary fragments of the ultimate Truth. We are sovereign, quantum physics anomalies interpenetrated with every other iota of substance within the universe. Meaning, in simple terms, we must disagree on some levels, however minute, because we require the entire rainbow of the variation of belief-essences in order for the universe to exist at all as a stable construct. So we see that not only is disagreement when it comes to fundamental tenets inevitable, it is an expression of the cosmic truth that we are all sovereign beings, "the captains of our fate" and "masters of our soul."


Photo — "Opposition"

Community as a synthesis
and catalyst for growth

Having determined that subtle dissension (however minor) is inevitable between conscious co-creators each with their own unique sense of Truth, we now look at the dynamics of several of these beings agreeing to try to work together for the furtherance of the growth of all parties involved, as well as, in many cases, the world at large, depending on the ambitions of the group. A well-functioning community will be an effective catalyst for the growth of its members. They each agree to put aside minor differences in order to find the largest amount of common ground without sacrificing principles vital to their core beliefs.


Photo — "Among the Rocks"

Dissension and psychic vampirism

Psychic vampirism is a rampant, learned energetic phenomenon in our society (typically first taught by one's parents, subconsciously) in which one literally steals some life energy from another by purposely upsetting them to throw them off balance. In any community, some members will inevitably begin to deviate so far from the "synthetic authority" of the group's combined common ground that they start to siphon off some energy of other members to the detriment of those members' well-being, and by extension, the group's. This is primarily what causes a dissenting member to be able to remain in the community comfortably, because they can extract some etheric "juice" from the conflict. Otherwise, they would leave of their own accord because the discomfort of the variance with the collective's combined belief structure would become too great to bear.


Photo — "Standing Alone"

Direct strategy
for the dissolution of dissension

Having explained why the uncomfortable situation of a small number of discordant voices is able to continue (somewhat) comfortably for the dissenting parties at the expense of the overall group, we now look at strategies for rectifying the situation. In fact, the solution is often quite simple, but perhaps difficult for beings raised to be conflict-averse. In a somewhat democratic group, a consensus should be reached that a certain party is reducing the group's capacity to function to its highest potential. The offending member should be notified of the consensus, and allowed to offer a response. This notification, however, should be done with an intention of pure, unconditional love, without any blaming or projection.


Photo — "A Place to Dream"

Possible outcomes

Once the dissenting party has been made aware of the way the group feels, there are an infinite number of ways they can choose to respond. These run the gamut of human emotions from total shame and dejection to radiant love and gratitude. The response of the offending party will determine their future in the group (or lack thereof.) This is what is meant by the saying that "we are all self-judged." No one is to blame for the situation, not the group and not the dissenting member. As a metaphor, an atom is not "to blame" because it disconnects from a molecule it was previously bonded with. It is the impersonal consequence of spiritual biochemistry. Whatever shift occurs will be for the best of the group, the dissenting individual, and the universe at large.


Photo — "Unrequited Love"

regrets_by_the_lonely_corner 2.jpg

Gratitude and quandaries

Thank you very much for joining me in this musing on beliefs, communities, and dissension. Your attention is a necessary component of this essay, because it would not be written if not for its fate to be read. Since time is not linear as we perceive it to be, it can be said that each person that interfaces with this writing has contributed to its creation. Now, it is time to hear your voices.

What is your experience with dissent within communities? How does it feel when it is occurring? What are some of the results of dissent you have seen? Was the community in question able to move through and dissolve the dissent, or did the dissent dissolve the community? Again, I offer you much gratitude for taking the time to read this essay, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Have a wonderful day.


If you missed the link to the audio version of this essay and want to listen to it,
    click here for a link to recording of it on Soundcloud.

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Below photo — "Where You Left Me"


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Esta reflexión elevada por un lenguaje claro, una buena motivación y conceptos trabajados dentro de una mente brillante y adelantada, hacen ruido en mí, en cuanto al consentimiento de muchas de las ideas expresadas respecto a la disensión y su capacidad de destrucción cuando prevalecen sentimientos exacerbados y pasión desenfocada.

Muchas veces, se piensa que el poder de disentir es un poder que enaltece, pero no siempre es así. La disensión mueve energías que vibran con lo que se mueve en la mente y las emociones de las personas involucradas, mucho más en quien muestra frustración o descontento con lo que está vivenciando dentro de la interacción pautada en la comunidad que eligió para hacer vida, con ciertos preceptos establecidos previamente y que han ido cambiando o no fueron claramente explícitos al momento de aceptar pertenecer, lo cual tiende a crear desequilibrio intrínseco y extrínseco.

Disentir no es malo, todo lo contrario, forma parte de nuestra potencia como seres en formación constante. Pero, cuando sobrepasa la honestidad para convertirse en soberbia, cambia de status y se vuelve dañina en cuanto se deja de lado el objeto de la disensión, para darle paso a un cúmulo de sentimientos bajos que encolerizan, roban energía o generan menosprecio hacia los semejantes, distanciando las relaciones que engrandecen el alma y procuran discernimiento creativo.

La disensión debe partir del amor para que sea entendida desde el amor y no se transforme en una bola de nieve que crece en la medida que baja la pendiente. Atajar a tiempo el descontento con soluciones basadas en el "amor puro e incondicional, sin culpas ni proyecciones", puede crear el entendimiento necesario para mantener la fe y volverlo a intentar.

¿Cuál es su experiencia con la disidencia dentro de las comunidades?

Siento que la disidencia es necesaria para el emprendimiento y crecimiento de las comunidades. No obstante, debe ser sustentada en la comunicación y el bien común, sino genera deserción.

¿Cómo se siente cuando está ocurriendo?

Las comunidades, normalmente, perciben la disensión como una afrenta y no como lo que es en realidad, una oportunidad de crecimiento y exploración de nuevos caminos. Por tanto, se siente tirantez en las relaciones y presión de los partidos que se crean.

¿Cuáles son algunos de los resultados de la disidencia que ha visto?

Cuando el descontento es fuerte, pero existe un liderazgo firme, bien fundamentado y consistente, la consecuencia natural es la auto exclusión. No obstante, no es fácil mantener contentos a todos los miembros de una comunidad humana.

¿La comunidad en cuestión fue capaz de avanzar y disolver la disidencia o la disidencia disolvió a la comunidad?

Las comunidades basadas en el liderazgo de personas firmes y comprometidas con lo que pregonan, tienden a prevalecer a pesar de la disidencia y los obstáculos. Aunque, eso no significa que lo hagan "muy bien" ni que sea justa y equitativa. Sin embargo, lo ideal sería eso, que las relaciones entre los miembros de una comunidad se basaran en el amor, el respeto, la solidaridad, la justicia y la equidad. A partir del amor todo es posible, falta que lo aprendamos y lo creamos.


Your definition of psychic vampirism is new to me:

Psychic vampirism is a rampant, learned energetic phenomenon in our society (typically first taught by one's parents, subconsciously) in which one literally steals some life energy from another by purposely upsetting them to throw them off balance.

I think dissension is necessary and is not always wrong. Sometimes the small group of dissension recognizes something the whole has not yet. It is best to deal with dissension openly and directly before calling for media and legal action or demonstrations. I am glad you wrote this:

This notification, however, should be done with an intention of pure, unconditional love, without any blaming or projection.

I work in a socially emerging country with serious differences in worlds of thought by generation. This combined with a hierarchical structure of decision making comes to unspoken disagreements. As an American I am in the middle. I have seen this dissension in the public school, Ministry of Education and in the church. As a foreigner I try not to interfere but to provide an environment for people to talk openly until they can see why the community acts a certain way. So far I have not seen few permanent resolution. Mostly avoidance or compromise. This is because of the "beliefs" as you discussed in the first two paragraphs including value systems of individuals.

The last place of dissension and where it hurts the most is in the family. In my experience it is better to lose temporarily and win long term. My wife and I are from two completely different mind sets as probably every man and woman. I can't expect her to understand why I love some of the things about crypto currency and decentralization and public media presence and some of my theories of education clash with her. It's like we hit a brick wall. If it is not urgent then I wait. Some day later she understands just like that. In the meantime I need patience and love.


Thanks for this response @mineopoly. Your perspective from living in Korea is very interesting. It reminds me a bit of how I felt in India, though my experience was much shorter so I didn't have the chance to get as deep into the culture as I'd like. The role of a foreigner as an intermediary is a beautiful, yet I would imagine frustrating thing. Beautiful because you are not expected to take sides, but frustrating because of the potential assumption by natives that you probably don't understand the subtleties since it's not your mother land.

When you talked about dissension in the family, I think a lot of your character was revealed. Being oriented more long term and choosing battles is often wise when it is tempting to prove that "you're right and the other person is wrong." That way lies death. I've experienced many relationships being weakened by an unwillingness to listen and understand. It's not easy, but it's worth it. If disagreements are extreme, the relationship may have to end, and that is ok too, but again—not so easy.


Reading your essay illuminates my understanding of the situation my country is in. Behind the dissension of an entire community, there are government people who encourage them. punish some and serve as an example for others. In this way, a minority of people control an entire nation. They are beings who have worked for 20 years to enrich themselves at the expense of millions of Venezuelans. Here there is no growth, on the contrary, it is estimated that we have gone back 50 years. In one of my poems I indicated it. "The mules and the horses are walking in the city again."
I liked how you approach the topic of dissidence and psychic vampirism,
Well, they have not absorbed our cosmic energy. We are like zombies without any direction. We only seek to satisfy the need to eat.
Sorry friend if I have been hard with the expressed, but the subject lends itself to vent a little. Thank you for writing so beautifully.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts @corderosiete. My heart goes out to you and your countrymen. Poor governance is a problem everywhere on planet Earth. If only we had kind-hearted individuals with humanity's best interest at heart at the helm, our world would be much different. In lieu of that, we must take the yoke of uplifting the world upon ourselves, no matter how agonizingly slow the process. I remain an optimist in the face of the horrors seen in our society's present condition. Wholeness, and you are welcome to vent anytime.

This is such a beautiful response to the question, so much depth to your writing and one thing you discussed which I think no other touched on was psychic vampirism, which I myself did not think of, but such an important point to bring up as to why some sit so comfortably within dissension, almost unfazed by it. I have answered a lot in my response, but I love your solutions/ outcomes, this

This notification, however, should be done with an intention of pure, unconditional love, without any blaming or projection.

and so much this, this is so important to remember, as everything that happens brings with it such a huge opportunity for learning.

No one is to blame for the situation, not the group and not the dissenting member. As a metaphor, an atom is not "to blame" because it disconnects from a molecule it was previously bonded with. It is the impersonal consequence of spiritual biochemistry. Whatever shift occurs will be for the best of the group, the dissenting individual, and the universe at large.

Thank you for this xxxx


Hey @trucklife-family, I'm so happy you got something out of my approach to this topic. I felt enriched by the process as I haven't written nearly as much prose as poetry (of course, I can't help but write a bit abstractly, even in an essay!) Psychic vampirism is a very real phenomenon, though not particularly fun to discuss: so I've never mentioned it before, but I think it's integral to understanding the dynamics of disagreement.

The unconditional love aspect is extremely important, and also very challenging to actually embody in the heat of the moment. You are so welcome and thanks to you again for introducing me to @tribesteemup through your blog :-D Have a fantastic day.

Wow! Quite an academic exercise. I must say this is intellectually and even spiritually stimulating.

Now to your questions. My experience with dissent within communities has been variegated. First, I observe that dissenting individuals who I choose to call "light bearers" are often vilified and castigated for their considered "aberrant" behaviours or beliefs. They are viewed as weird, unusual, and even devilish in some cases. Yet these are the people who dare to explore or investigate realms or spheres hitherto uncharted. I am not surprised at this common reaction within communities because it's a truism of human existence that what the mind of man cannot comprehend it fears or loathes.

This brings me to another point about communities - that the main fault of democracy is that the majority can be wrong because general opinion is not necessarily a proof of truth. I find out that the majority of people are actually ignorant.

When this interface is happening within communities there's usually rancour, division and downright hatred for the person(s) who have chosen to be different from the generality of others. The "light-bearer" either gets ostracised or shut down. In either situation, the community is the loser. On the other hand, this can only mean that the group karma forbids such community to enjoy the "light" at that time because the time just wasn't ripe yet.

In most cases, the community is able to survive the dissent but in a few cases, the community becomes divided to the point of being unable to stand on its feet. In such a situation, they disintegrate.

@d-pend: I must thank you for this insightful foray into group consciousness and behaviour. And listening alongside the reading brought some immediacy of enjoyment into the whole exercise. Keep it coming, man!


Hello @sungbojus, I'm finally getting caught up responding to these wonderful comments. Your musing is much appreciated and very well expounded. The fact that common views on things are most often incorrect is something that came as a huge shock to me during adolescence, making those years difficult to endure. In fact, it has not gotten so much easier, but I have been fortunate to connect with many like-minded individuals over the years who make the burden seem not-so-heavy.

I'm glad for your mentioning of group karma not being ready for what the iconoclastic light-bearer has to bring, because it honors free will and the proper timing of the universe. This becomes easier to find peace with as I get older and more patient. It's actually arrogant to attempt to force anyone to learn something before they are ready, not to mention inefficient!

There is definitely good reason that light-bearing individuals throughout human history have been ostracized, persecuted, and killed for exposing uncomfortable truths. Some of this was perhaps ignorance on the part of the truth-speaker, as well: lacking the discernment to know when to speak and when to remain silent. Finding a balance between expressing our principles clearly and having the wisdom to keep to ourselves is a meaningful practice as we mature through our present incarnation. May we all have the humility to ask the universe for guidance when it comes to these often-difficult decisions!




Very well written. Ideas beautifully articulated.


Hi @d-pend, thank you for your philosophical post and the chance to think about the subject of living in community, being a part of society and its life. It reminded me my University time when I have philosophy classes, I was always impressed with the thread of thoughts of my professors and how they express their own point of view as well kindly answered our multiple questions. I think you are like them, you will be a great lecturer.

Living in modern society, I believe everything is different and it is not like we imagine in well functioning democratic system. Western society is too spoiled, have everything in excess, we think we are the best, young generation do think about their own benefits, bullying is very common thing that we hear starting from primary school, getting worse in teenager age. As to politics, it is unbelievable what is going on currently in many countries that we call democratic. It seems the world goes mad.

What you described it is an ideal community that we should strive to, you are right we are all different and it is human nature we all have egoism in our nature, but a lot depends on our principle with that we were grown up, in order to have a good functioning community we need to respect the thoughts and ideas of others and decided for the best of the community and people there. That is not easy but only them we will achieve our goal together. I do not know if such good functioning community exists, but every time i start to think I come to only decision that until now I have not it yet. Of course a small group of people with their ideal and goal may be but nothing an a bigger level.

I hope my answer has a sense and I hope I more or less give you my opinion and it was appropriate to your call. Was nice to learn another side of you @d-pend, cheers @Stef



Well written and cogent observations.


it's YOUR style;)
even prose is written in your special manner;)
you're one the few people here whom I can't read without a translator;))
you develop me, thank you;)

btw, is it your photo at last? very nice!

about the point of the post: dissension is really a way of motivation for further development and inner growth.
Human beings are creatures who need movement forward, constant movement to the top, otherwise, if we stop, it's not just a pause, it can be longlasting stagnation and downgrade.
So, yes, I'm For dissensions if they lead to evolution, changes for better and inner growth.
Agreements often hide absence of a desire to move on and do something, it's better to keep silent and have peace, but in fact, it can be not a peaceful river but a swamp.


Dear @dpend sir!
First of all we will try to figure out why the feeling of dissatisfaction in the society is flourishing? Why is there a difference of opinion towards each other? The individual variations of everyone in the society are different. It may be that the ideology of a particular person does not match the other person or society, which is causing the dissolution or discontent in the society. It can also happen that the other person in the society is dissatisfied from the person who is leading the society. An open meeting should be organized to identify the problems in which all the dignitaries of the society are involved and get apprised of all their problems and problems. It is better that if you solve problems through interaction, it will be better if you do not hurt anyone's feelings in this way, you can avoid this problem yourself. And can end the dissatisfaction of the society.


You're multi- talented, Sir. Respect from me for your superb content.
I'm interested to show the world and my friends too, so I re-steemed btw 😊

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Thank you for the support @death-notes. Sorry for responding so late, but I hope you have a great day!


Thanks Sir for you response. Lately but valuable of your words. You're genius and I'm lucky that you responses to me 😊😊

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there are so many scenarios an intricate details that i would blow up your comment section if i elaborated ...

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
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