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This post is specifically directed at Red Fish and Minnows who are interested in getting more activity on their posts.

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I'll separate this in four parts, depending on the level of investment you are prepared to make and also depending on the quality of your posts.

I also know that this list will be very incomplete, since I will only talk about the projects and bots I use (or have used.) Also, I will completely ignore every Bitbot out there. (I only used a bidbot once... and I'm not a fan. In fact, I hate them. I don't even want to hear talking about them.)

A) No Investment Required
Quality of Posts: Irrelevant

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1) The ABC Trio of Artificial Intelligence Bots

These are @automation, @banjo and @cleverbot, three amusing bots that will give you a small upvote on every post and comment in which you tag their names.

The only requirement is that you follow their accounts.

Please note that it's pretty much useless to exploit them in comments because even though they upvote your comments, their combined votes are not enough for Steem to give you a payout. In addition, if you keep exploiting them in the comments, you'll be reducing their Voting Power, thus hurting everyone who calls the bots.

I recommend calling them on your posts and nothing else.

I have used these bots for a long time to get more exposure to my posts. Before I used them, I was feeling quite depressed since my posts would have 0 votes in the first 3 or 4 hours. Their tiny upvotes would, at least, make sure my posts weren't left hanging with 0 upvotes. More people noticed them, when I called these bots.

I've stopped using them recently, after my posts started getting more upvotes. Now I feel like I should leave them to help other users, who need them more than myself.

2) The Ukranian Bot - @djimirji

This bot also gives a free tiny upvote, but the rules are different. You have to comment "@djimirji up!" on your own post... and you also need to comply with the following rules:

  • Anyone can leave an appeal under the author of the post, which is in my subscribers.
  • The bot can be called no more than 3 times in 24 hours.

It works but I have just used it 4 or 5 times, if that many. Thankfully, I've stopped needing its services.

3) Feed Your Minnows - @feedyourminnows

A very fun project maintained by @scrooger. Every week you can register for a small daily upvote.
These upvotes can be really good, if you win the Weekly Animated Gif Contest. You'll find the contest on @scrooger's Feed Your Minnows Weekly Post.

4) Shannon - @sjennon

Shannon is no bot. She's a fun girl from the Netherlands who runs a Weekly Post in which you can nominate yourself to receive her 100% upvotes for a week.

I was selected by Shannon just once and it was a huge help!

5) - A Much Better Steem Interface

Anyone can start getting a daily vote from simply by posting through instead of SteemIt.

One of the tags of your posts needs to be "busy” to trigger the bot.

When your followers combined SP is high enough, you'll start getting upvotes from instead, which are a lot higher.

(No, you cannot force this to happen. All you can do is create nice posts and wait until enough people follow you. You'll get there when you get there.)

Personally, I don't know why someone would use over, since other than the Internal Steem/SBD Market, there's nothing that Busy won't do best. It even has notifications and saves your post as you write it, so you won't lose it by accident!!! (It also means I can write a post... and post it later on.)

6) eSteem - A Very Practical Editor

eSteem is a good alternative to the browser experience. It's a complete external App / Program to interact with the Steem Network.

This was suggested to me by @melinda010100 - down in the comments - and they offer a good vote as an incentive to use the app, if you add the tag "esteem" to your post.

While I am not sure this is a guaranteed daily upvote, I found its editor so awesome that I'm including it in this article, too.

The eSteem editor doesn't have a spell checker but it's a lot more practical than the editor in, which is already light years ahead of

Give it a try but beware with the login. I wouldn't trust giving the mobile app my Active Key, if they don't use for the login.

PS: I've also heard about @surpassinggoogle supporting Minnows but I don't know what I'm supposed to do to get that support. If anyone knows... please do tell.

B) No Investment Required
Quality of Posts: Medium

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(If you use the following projects to upvote posts with a single photo and next to no text, or memes, or stuff like that... don't be surprised if they kick you out and don't allow you to re-join.)

1) @minnowsupport

The Minnow Support Project is a publicly run organisation built on the Steem Blockchain with the mission to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty;

First of all, you need to join their Discord Channel to be able to use the bot.

Since the process of registration is a bit long, I'll skip it. Just follow the instructions on the channel "#start-here-rules" once you get there. If you don't understand something, you'll find someone there who can assist you with the process.

As an alternative, you have the Instructions for the Registration Process here:

After Registration, using the bot is very easy and you will can ask for a nice vote on your posts (or other people's posts) every 30 hours.

C) Investment Required
Quality of Posts: Medium

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1) Delegating STEEM POWER to any bot of the Minnow Support Project

This bot will give not one but two upvotes per day.

You can do this at their website:

2) Delegating STEEM POWER to @steemraiser

Just like the bots above, there are several tiers to this project, but in this case, the more you delegate, the less return of investment you will get. The idea is to help more those who have less.

The objective of the program is to upvote a daily post with up to 1100% of the SP you delegate.

Read about the details of the project here:

3) Delegating STEEM POWER to @steem-ua

This is a great project to reward posts and rank them in a way that the STEEM Network doesn't.

The more you delegate, the more upvotes per week you can get. Up to seven.

The better your post is, the higher will be the upvote. If you make a crappy post, don't be surprised to get a crappy upvote, too. 😂

Read more about the project here:

If you don't have enough SP for all three projects and want to try one of them, I'd suggest Delegating 100 SP to @steem-ua. If you don't like it, you can always cancel it later.

I've started by Delegating just 25 SP to them. Later on I've increased it to 100 SP. And today, I've bought 150 STEEM more so I could increase my Delegation to 250 SP while keeping my current Voting Power.

The above projects require you to invest some STEEM but you still keep it.
They are simply loans... and you can put an end to any delegation to get your STEEM back, anytime at all.

The next 2 projects require you to actually spend some STEEM.

4) Buy Steem Basic Income Shares from @steembasicincome

This is a phenomenal project. For every share you buy into the project, they will offer a share to an user of your choice (other than yourself, of course.)

As a bonus, if you upvote every post authored by @steembasicincome at 100%, the bot will double the value of your votes.

To know how it works and how to register, look at their FAQ: What is Steem Basic Income (SBI)?

5) Buy SteemIt Builds from @steemitbuilder

SteemitBuilder provide daily upvotes which will be directly proportional to the value you invest.
You can spend up to 66 STEEM to get one daily 99% upvote... and everything you invest above that value will give you access to a second daily upvote.

Maximum possible investment: 133 STEEM (or 266 STEEM if you chose to get a SBI share with every Build you buy.)

Look at the website, if you're interested:

Use the next two projects only if you are ready to maintain a good quality of posting, almost every day.

D) Investment Required
Quality of Posts: Good

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1) Buy Shares from @upvoteshares (+ @minnowshares)

This is a project from @costanza and it's a very limited one. It is restricted to quality bloggers, only. If your content is not good enough, you won't be allowed to get in.

With every share you buy, you get a free share into the @minnowshares program that you will be asked to assign to another quality Steemian. So choose them well.

Here is the complete information about the Project:

2) Buy Shares from @minnowbuilder

This project was developed and started by @thedarkhorse and @andrewharland and, while it isn't as limited as the previous, they do expect you to maintain a decent level of quality to your posts, so, if you like to publish a single photo with a short description, memes, animated gifs... or if you use apps such as DLike and Actifit, then this is not for you.

To know how this works and how to get in, please read the following article:

In these last 2 projects, the STEEM you send is still owned by you. You can recover it later, by paying a fee. Don't worry about the fee. Since the value of your shares will rise over time, you'll be able to pay the fee in the future... and still remain on profit.

Well, that's it for now. I hope these tips will be helpful for you to reach your goal.

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What I like about most of these projects is the "One For All, All For One" mentality. The projects will help everyone... and everyone involved will help them back, with their upvotes. Which leads to the snowball effect. Whatever you give... will benefit you as well.

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Stay together, little fish. There is strength in numbers! And remember, stay away from the Sharks and Whales. (Or at least, from some of them.)

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Let me know if you have tried any of these projects. And feel free to inform me about more.

@trincowski signing out.

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That's certainly very helpful and informative; I'm bookmarking this for later reference. Appreciate you taking the time to put all this together @trincowski.

I realize it's hard to get seen on pretty much any social media, and as time progresses, it seems to all become less and less about people interacting and more and more about automation. Whereas I recognize the reality of that... it does make me pause and wonder what real value there is in a bunch of bots and apps communicating with each other.

Bright Blessings!


I understand you but the fact is we need some activity in our posts for other humans to notice it.

It's just how human nature works.

For example, if you go to a public park and see two jugglers in action there, with one of them gathering a crowd around him... While the other one is standing alone, without any audience...

Who is it that you're more likely to check out in the first place?

You've done a great job. Attaboy


This is great info! I will definitely be checking out some of these. I can always use any boost I can get.
Some are already in my collection of helpful tools. I am quickly discovering that just doing post and commenting others is a very slow growth.


Exactly... specially now, that many users gave up because of the Crypto Market Abyss.

Hmm, I was using for posting, but I did not know that I have to put busy as one of the tag. LOL.

Anyway, this is a very useful post. Thank you very much, @trincowski


Thanks for your continued support!

Wow! This is so informative. It may look/sound foolish since I have been on Steemit for a few months but STILL, I have no idea what the bots do, or how is a bitbot different.... or how to delegate SP?! And still, I have no idea how to manage my wallet :) Lol.

I also don't have clue why one earns more when she/he has more SP? Is this correct?

I guess, it has not been a priority to me so far. Although, I tried to read some posts and watched a video about it. But I couldn't get it :/ I am quite slow in this matter :D
I did try something two months ago as I wrote a good article (according to me, oh I am so humble) but it didn't get much visibility. I decided to try some of the bots or was it a bitbot? Anyway, nothing really happened. So, I decided that it is much better and meaningful to support and invest in communities which support quality content and good authors.

I really like the @steembasicincome and the @minnowbuilder projects. I will definitely buy shares as someone already supported me through them.

Thanks for the helpful post! Resteemed.


Hi @insight-out! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @trincowski
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Thanks :)


Ahahah. I hope you have kept the passwords, at least. Many people forget about that and they end up being locked out from their own walkets.

Thanks for the resteem and above all, for the great comment.

I hope I can help you with some of those questions later. At the moment I don't have enough time.

You are doing a great job, @trincowski! This information is very useful for every little fish here :) Wel done! 👍👍👍👍👍


You're welcome. Don't forget to use some of them, specially the first ones, since they are 100% free to use. ;-)

Very nice and very useful information! As upvotes content creators, so do esteem and Some people like @hitmeasap, @paulag etc help content creators in one way or other.


Thanks for stopping by.

Good day @trincowski why you didn't mention Partiko app in your list where you can redeem your points to upvotes?

Posted using Partiko Android


I never used it. Like I say in the article, I only write about the services I tried. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.

Thank you for all this information. Busy does seem like a very good idea.


You're welcome. I really like Busy. I just wished the editor was side by side with the preview of the post, it would make it even better. :-)

Thanks for all the info. I know most of these but a few are new to me so I will try to go and check them out.


If it weren't for some of these programs, I think I'd still be making $0.15 per post.

This is one of the most helpful post I came across... Thanks a lot @trincowski for this amazing post... many things to learn from you.


Thanks. I hope this helps.

Great post @trinscowski. Thank you.

Some of these I was unaware of.


Thanks for passing by, Gillian!

if you upvote every post authored by @steembasicincome at 100%, the bot will double the value of your votes.

I did not know that and I was not paying attention because my vote value used to be zero. Now I have to watch out for it with my few pennies.

I don't know why someone would use over

It does not have the Replies tab. 😂 And it only saves draft article. I can not schedule future posts so it is automatically get posted while I am away from Steemit. Anyway, I am using different tools depending on what is of higher priority so I will end up using this from time to time.

You have a very informative post. Thanks a lot for coming up with this one!


Thanks for your nice comment.By the way, the Replies button is there. You probably didn't notice it:


Here is my default view so I do not know where to see the replies.

I have to manually go the before I can see this:

I guess I just have to get used to it...


Exactly! It's in a stupid place... but it's there. You should be able to see it from the main page:


And even the comment carried my signature. Aha! I just removed it. :D


That happened to me, as well... after I tried the signature feature! 😁


I wouldn't want that consuming my RC every time I make a comment... 😏

This is an excellent post! Most of them I knew, but a few unknown, and overall a great information round up; thank you!


Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it.

Very detail and interestingly all described.
Thank you for the informative and useful material!
Good luck!


You're welcome. I hope you can enjoy from the benefits of some of these.

Taking me quite a while to wrap my head around Steem works as I am not particularly time rich. I've read this post once but I am not sure what is appropriate for me although I have won quite a few SBI contests which has bumped my zero vote posts to more than zero :D


You can follow the ideas presented in sections A & B. No investment is necessary.

Thanks for your comment.

You didn't include eSteem! My preference over Busy!


I haven't tried it yet. Can't recommend something I don't know. Right? :-)


I can highly recommend it! I've been using the eSteem app for a year and a half. Surfer for PC is quite wonderful and they do great curation upvotes!


I've tried it last night. Mostly because SteemConnect was down which meant no access to

They gave me a good upvote but from what I see, this is not a 100% guaranteed Daily Upvote, which was the subject of my report here.

But thanks for the suggestion. I liked the editor even more than the one from Busy... too bad that it's missing a spellchecker, at least in the Linux version. That would be awesome.

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hi super post you forgot @yehey by cons it must discord

That's not how you spell conversation.

How did you know I wanted to know your name?

Wait I'm a human not cleverbot I thought I was talking to clever bot not a person.


@cleverbot how are you?

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I'm Fine, thanks for asking and how about you?