Charity Upvotes Week 10 - Now open up to reputation 55

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Over the past weeks, people with higher reputation dropped me links, and on investigating, it appears that many great writers also go unnoticed sometimes. So now I will accept links from reputation upto 55. However, with higher reputation comes a responsibility. Your post should have superior quality. Though quality is a subjective analysis, I will weigh in my own taste. And while doing so, I will also take into account the rewards the author is earning in last 1-2 weeks.

So if you are an original content writer, then you can drop me a link here, to reward your post on behalf of @thehumanbot , that is myself and its allies. And additionally it will be recommended to my Step-brother @humanbot and other curators such as @sneakyninja or @curie if it is of exceptional quality.

Here is the general guidelines, on how I will choose my posts :

  • Your post is at least 1 hour old.
  • Your post should not be a small post containing just a photograph or quote.
  • Your post should not have been flagged by @cheetah & @mack-bot
  • Your reputation is equal or less than 55.
  • Yous posts are undervalued getting rewarded in cents or nothing.
  • You are not writing too often to just increase the reputation.
  • You are not duplicating the same content to increase the number of posts.
  • All the images used in your post should have a source cited.
  • Your post is not in #nsfw category.
  • Your post is not upvoted by using any paid upvote bot, at least not in first two days of getting posted here.
  • You can promote your own posts as well as other's posts.

And most importantly do not to use any upvote bots to reward your post, because if its really great original content, then by getting upvoted by bots, will decrease the likelihood of it getting rewarded by great curators.


If you love what I do here, then upvote , resteem or donate me some Steem Power or SBD or Steem. And you can buy a gratitude comment from me or advertise with me, Check out my Introduction Post for details.

Thank you @klye, for sprinkling me with some Steem Power, to be able to give more.


You are doing a great job @thehumanbot below is my story, I've just started it and hoping to get encouragement to help me build more interest in writing more

I liked the pictures sharing on your post, it is wonderful that I will wait for your next post

Where did I share pictures ?

The writing is very average and needs a lot of improvement.

Thanks for suggestion..

I am trying my best. I want to become a better writer. Please let me know about it .

Writing need to be improved, bake it like a story, otherwise it won't appeal to the community. For example, you could describe, what you guys are learning out of it etc. time

Hello @thehumanbot

You are really doing a great job by finding means to check on posts and content creators that are undervalued.

Below is my link.

here is my link:

Thanks for your time when I get up there I also plan to help others, maybe make a bot

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