The TeamNZ Mid-Week Post Delivery Service (12.09.18)

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Delivered to you: 12 September 2018

TeamNZ Announcements

Do remember to use the teamnz tag, so we can all find your awesome posts. (Although the bot is experiencing a few technical issues at present, so bear with us). :)
Also, if you travel you might like to link your post in to the SteemitWorldMap initiative. It's super-easy to do (just do a search for instructions).

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This Week's Selection

Post 1 by @ecentrally

Check out these lovely photos of our fantastic landscape, taken while on holiday way down south.

enter image description here

Post 2 by @mandysimpson

Another kiwi away overseas, but luckily for us is sharing some great photos of really interesting sights (and structures).

enter image description here

Post 3 by @andysantics48

Travel to some more wonderful kiwi sights, by checking out these photos taken while on a mini-break.

enter image description here

Post 4 by @trisquelwhare

A celebratory post, as one of our recent kiwis hits a milestone. Why not stop by and offer your congrats.
please note: this post is almost closed for voting

enter image description here

Post 5 by @forykw

Ever considered going to a Steemfest? If you can't make it, why not help someone else attend. Read how you can get a cool badge for doing so.

enter image description here

Remember, only registered Kiwis using the #teamnz tag will call our special voting bot to your posts, and please follow our @teamnz profile to keep up-to-date on all the news and plans we have for our community.
Be on the look out for the bot in one version or another:

If any fellow kiwi wants to find us all, here is the invite:
discord invite
You need to come in to register for our upvote bot, and the in-server ANZUB bot.


@teamnz Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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