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It's amazing the people you meet on STEEM...

Zoltan popped into our Discord after a late night stream we were hosting on @Vimm . About 2 months later, he's become one of the more active members of the SteemSavvy community and a HUGE asset to our Discord server.

Reading his answers on this week's Savvy Steemian feature, it's amazing the similarities we both share. And a passion for all things crypto...Especially when it comes to the crazy world of Steem!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get to know...


1. Tell the readers, who exactly is ph1102?

I’m a guy who after finishing school opened his first computer shop with around $200 invested in money and 16-18 hours per day in time…

As years have passed, I have made some connections and partnerships with competition companies and we made one big company and open two more stores in other cities…

Then, crises came, I had a 5 yo child without too much opportunities for his future in my country and decided to emigrate with my wife and son to Spain… In the meantime, I have decided to switch my business to the Internet and created few websites, monetized them with Adsense and link selling…

After that, a lot of my friends have followed the same path, so, we have need for stable hosting and that was my next call.. Bought one dedicated server for hosting reselling, after that another, and another… In a search for new challenges I’ve got involved in crypto, mining, staking… and now STEEMING :)

2. How did you discover Steem? Was it your introduction to crypto?

Actually, I don’t know how I discovered Steem… loool… I discovered Tron in December and get involved in casino dividends and that stuff…

Followed a few YouTubers, someone mentioned Steem in a video, I checked it out and it was a love at the first sight… :)

And regarding my introduction to crypto.. .It was back in 2012, or something like that.. My partner from the computer store told me about Bitcoin... I have bought some and sold on the first crash… As every other noob would have done… Then, I forgot about it, and came back to crypto world in early 2017, start mining ETH, etc...

3. I know you are a big fan of SteemMonsters / Splinterlands….What is it that drew you to that game and application?

Oh man… You just ask tough questions… :)

It is interesting that I have never played any kind of that type of games (MMORPG, D&D, or how they call them) , but I like SteemMonsters for some reason… I am not a SM addict, but I like to trade with cards, creating tactics for the battles, etc..

On the other side, I like to gift cards that I earn on daily quests, and my audience know that they can expect every day new free card contest… (on my @cryptofiloz account)

4. Other than SteemMonsters, which Steem dApp is your favourite?

Well, I have gone through almost every dApp in the @steemsavvy website, but I have a lot of problems to setup them on my mobile phone… For some reason SteemConnect is not working, but I like very much the ideas of @Actifit, @Partiko and

I write my posts usually on Steemit, so I suppose that it’s my favorite... I know that it is not so “pretty”, but I like simple things… Of course, I have tried Drugwars, but I dislike the way where it is going these days...

5. Someone is brand new to Steem, what would be your number one piece of advice to help them on their journey?

As you know, I have recently started a new account on Steem (I will keep the other one for SM giveways and probably other gaming stuff) and I just noticed that it is tough to follow, post and comment as much as I would like to.. The problem is low SP on new accounts..

As an experiment, I wanted to try to rise it up only by posting and commenting, but I have failed on the start.. I know that it can be a problem for somebody to invest some money into Steem, but if you decide
to do it, it will pay off…

You will have more opportunities to vote, comment, write and that will bring you more followers (I would rather use word “friends”), connections and eventually money… Because, if you “get your feet wet” and invest something, your approach will be much more serious and you will actually be more successful in your Steem journey… That would be number two advice… :)

And number one advice would be to go to SteemSavvy, register for
free and watch the videos about Steem and dApps on Steem.. I would advise to everyone to try those things while watching the videos... It is much easier to understand that way, because the videos have literally step-by-step approaches… Pick up the thing that suits to you and start writing, or making videos, or streaming your gameplay, or do whatever you want because there are a plenty of opportunities here on Steem.

6. You’ve been a huge influence on the SteemSavvy Discord, if we could improve one thing about the experience, what would it be?

SteemSavvy discord is a relatively new community and it is hard to
determine it’s way of growth… The most important thing is to keep the
community as close as possible and engage with them every day… That
everyone gets that feeling of living inside the Big SteemSavvy family…

It's been an absolute pleasure to get to know you man! Thank you for the amazing answers and being such a valuable contributor to what we are trying to build with SteemSavvy :)

I'm going to pick your brain sometime soon about learning the in's and out's of Splinterlands / Steem Monsters....I think you'll be a great teacher when it comes to that game!

And for being featured as this week's Savvy Steemian, we'll be sending you 25 Steem Power as our way of saying thanks! It's yours for life or until you tell us to leave you alone :)

Be sure to follow @ph1102 on Steem as well as his journey inside of SteemSavvy....

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Great to see featured as he has become a very good member of SteemSavvy Discord.
Seems historical background sounds so similar to many of us in SteemSavvy.
So welcome zoltan to SteemSavvy Discord.

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Entrepreneurs seem to find each other on Steem lol It's true!

Thank you Eric, I really appreciate your kind words.

Another great member of the community! Look forward to seeing you on the SM battlefield! We need to get @jongolson there!

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lol you guys need to teach me how to play. all i did for the first few months was buy packs lol

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Thanks for kind words @newageinv

You are out of my league in SM.... If you divide your points with 2 (or 3), there I am... :)
So, you will see me on the SM battlefield in 2-3 years.. loool

Thank you for your kind words Jon.

It is my pleasure to be a part of SteemSavvy community! I have no doubts that there will be difficulties on our road, but I'm sure that we can only grow together!

thanks man. appreciate everything you are bringing to steemsavvy.

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @niallon11.

Congratulations on being this weeks SteemSavvian. I have been following your other account for a while even though I do not play any games on STEEM.

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Thanks a lot Randy! Maybe it is better not to play games on STEEM.. They can be a huge time consumer...

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Great write up. Like the answer very down to earth and enjoyable reading

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It's look like some cool introduction's .

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