Steemitri The Mannequin: anyone selling or giving away a blonde wig?!?! MAKE STEEMITRI GREAT AGAIN!

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Dear Steemians,

Today I am writing to you to ask you a favor… maybe someone can help me.

I am naturally bold... gosh also us mannequins have this problem… but as you know, I have various wigs that make my life more colorful and fun!
I have a brunette wig and a rasta one for “serious” dates… then some others more colorful and eclectic for different occasions.


I think it is about time to look for a blonde wig… attention please, not one like Donald Trump, but rather something that looks like a young Brad Pitt!



Why all this?!?!?

In my region summer is coming and I would like to impress with a different look and summer style! They say that blond with blue eyes can be successful!!!
Unlikely the dating site trial has been a flop… I only received a message… not very encouraging!


Therefore, my request is the following:
Do you have a blonde wig to give away, lend or to sell?!?
I have some SBD that I could chip in with on shipping costs.

You can contact me in these ways:

  • Discord: steemitri#9828
  • E-mail: steemitri(at)gmail(dot)com
  • or you can send it directly here!

Let me know by commenting here below what do you think about it?!? If you have wigs in other colors we can still talk about it ;-)

Thank you very much dear Steemians!

Steemitri The Mannequin


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Toghissimo... non conoscevo questo termine, haha... ho dovuto cercare online il significato ;-)


Allora cosa vuole dire?


Toghissimo... persona bella e alla moda!
Plastichissimo, haha!!!

I think that grapes worn discreetly on your head would do the trick, be cheaper, and could be changed daily to remain fresh. You might alternate the grapes with other fruits and flowers. Be creative.



Haha!!! Yeah, I will try with a few bananas... and do you like my coconut-helmet?!?


No, I don't think coconut suits your skin type. You will do better wearing bananas for sure.

You’re awesomely funny. I enjoyed the answer that you got from the dating site but it scared me!


Ciao Old Dog! Thanks again for your comment and your support ;-)
Haha, that was the only message I received... kind of scary, yes :-(

Ormai sei fatto manichino perché sei bello in tutti i modi :-)))


Oh grazie carissima!!! Ho grande concorrenza tra manichini, e quindi cerco la perfezione ;-)

Try Goku's, looks epic on you :)


Hahaha!!! Yeah! This wig is great!


Questa è top! xD

Se vuoi abbiamo una bella parrucca viola: posso chiedere a mia figlia se vuole cedertela.


Accipicchia viola ce l'ho già... ed è da donna :-(

Diamine, ero convinto che avresti riscosso un grande successo sul sito d'incontri! Non resta che sperare in Elon Musk... :D

Purtroppo non dispongo di parrucche bionde ma... non dicevano che andava di moda l'uomo rasato?!


Già le cose stanno andando a rotoli... ho bisogno di nuove strategie!
Se poi le cose non vanno come devono, mi toccherà accettare qualsiasi lavoro in vetrina :-(

Ma la cresta da pappagallo dov’è finita?
Con quella secondo me fai colpo!
Alle donne piacciono i tipi alternativi, non so alle manichine... 😁😉


Accipicchia hai ragione... purtroppo quella l'ho prestata ad un amico... probabilmente sarà in compagnia di belle donne, haha!

I say stick with the bald look. It's always worked for me 😀


No fake hairs for you John?!?!
Yo... bald is my second choice ;-)

What? No kiwi green? How is that possible? 😮


Haha... yeah, I need a green wig too ;-)


I'd love to see a green one on you!

ahahhahahhahaahahhahahaahah! Epic! I will choose the black rasta, you look really nice! 🤣


Black rasta is better than the Trump wig, haha :-)


For sure!! ahahahahahahahahahahah

Chiedo in tele 😉


Oh... grazie signor Valerio ;-) Apri un po' di cassetti, qualcuno ne avrà in giro una :-)

Comunque lo metti, non ci sono problemi, il nostro caro @steemitri possiede sempre un inconfondibile fascino intramontabile, grandissimo il nostro stimato manichino!!


... ma il biondo lo devo tentare ;-)
... Fascino... più o meno... visto che la tipa del sito di dating, voleva sfondarmi a colpi di mazza da baseball, haha!


Che questo sia il sito di dating sicuro adatto a te, @steemitri?

I found a very useful website for people looking for a partner in their life, a first crypto based dating site. Users purchased original BENEFIT tokens to pay for higher dates, rewards, and ratings in search results.

All the identification and verification data linked to the blockchain, the site will revolutionize the dating site with the extra services provided by this site. Dating With Benefits offers security and safety features that other sugar dating sites do not provide but you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in the future, helping to change the scape of the land forever and reap the rewards that only the initial adapters deserve. Join this site and find your partner.

Un plasticosissimo abbraccio da @amico! ;)


Mmmh... Interessante... ma penso che il mondo e gli umani non siano ancora pronti per instaurare relazioni con i manichini :-(


Thanks bro ;-)


You are welcome

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