The Minnow Power-up League - Week #34

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Welcome to the Minnow Power Up League.

The Minnow Power-Up League is kindly sponsored by Steem witness @yabapmatt and @steemmonsters! Prizes will be issued in @steemmonsters packs and STEEM -

We now have 157 minnows that are growing and tracking their progress on the road to dolphin-hood. We also have 28 graduates. Together this week, the league members have powered up a total of 7276 Steem Power. All participants since joining have powered up a massive 265,964.243 SP. To learn more about this minnow initiative please do have a read of our introductory post:

A big shout out and a warm welcome to the new league entrants this week - @achimmertens, @reddragonfly, @knowhow92, @tante.emmas.weed, @tggr, @cowboys1071, @artgirl, and @heartbeat1515. We are happy to have you join us.

Do you want to join?

You can join or leave at any stage, all you must do is leave a comment below and let us know that you want in or out.

Let's Grow Together

Don’t forget we are all trying to grow so please do consider supporting the person above you and the person below you in the league by visiting their blog posts or even voting on their comments in this post.

The Minnow Power-up League

Every Thursday we will be using SteemSQL database managed by @arcange to gather details on the Owned SP for each person that has entered the league. The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held last week. The person with the highest SP growth for the current week will be on top of the leader board.

There are 4 levels depending on your SP levels. Once you graduate from one, you will be automatically placed on the next. When you graduate from the 4th you will be placed on the Minnow Wall of Fame. As this post could get rather long with the 4 levels, as we grow, we may consider splitting this into different posts on different days.

Level 1


Congratulations to @jacuzzi being first in the league this week with a massive power up of 1308.412 SP! You also level up next week to level 3.

In second is @shainemata and in third is @anroja. Well done the both of you!

leveling up to level 2 next weeks is @naturalmedicine and @lynncoyle1 - Awesome!

Also in the top ten is @wiralhokseumawe, @naturalmedicine, @cowboys1071, @nolimit909, @zirochka, @mistakili, and @knowhow92. Well done on the Power-ups everyone.

On the home stretch in level 1 are @ganjafarmer, @bashadow, @mathowl, @themanwithnoname, and @islanderman - you are so close to graduating from level 1, Steem on!

Level 2


There are now 28 participants on level 2, and this weeks winner is @bil.prag with a nice SP growth of 173.39 this week.

Congratulations also to @birdsinparadise who has finished in second place.

On the home stretch this week is @kaerpediem, @reazuliqbal, @bil.prag, and @crypt-skip - not to long now until you reach the next level.

Leveling up to level 3 next week is @dalz.

Level 3


@moncia90 you are first in this weeks level 3 league with an SP growth of 250.097, and you level up next week :)

Also, good stuff from @bengy you are in second place, and nice work @celestal you made third.

Leveling up next week are @moncia90 and @celestal. See you in level 4 next week.

Level 4


@for91days you are first in level 4 league this week with good growth of 140.456SP. @jeronimorubio in second place, well done.

@wolfhart you are on the home stretch, less than 100 SP to go.

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame. This wall is a showcase of the minnows that took part in this league and graduated to dolphin-hood. There are no new entries to the wall of fame this week.


This weeks prizes

Thank you to @roleerob for sponsoring an SBI unit to the overall highest power up in the week. This weeks winner is @jacuzzi with a massive power up of 1308.412 SP. Another beta pack of @steemmonsters is coming your way :)

Well done to shainemata, @anroja, @wiralhokseumawe, @naturalmedicine, @birdsinparadise, @mitchtokita, @voxmortix, @bengy, @celestal, @brittnjosie, @jeronimorubio, @bozz, and @cryptoandcoffee who have all received some STEEM this week for placing highly on each table.

And congratulations to @jacuzzi, @bil.prag, @moncia90, and @for90days, for placing 1st in their respective level and picking up a pack of @steemmonsters cards. Be lucky!

That's it for this week, cheers all!


Wow, what a great week @steemcommunity! Love the summary at the top, showing what your weekly MPL posting is contributing to the growth of the “middle class” here on our Steem blockchain. Very important, in my mind, to the long-term viability of the Steem blockchain.

Great to see @lynncoyle1 reaching Level 2. And @thedarkhorse and @chekohler reaching Level 3. And there is @wolfhart ohhh sooo close to the Wall of Fame! Great to see these members of the PIFC community doing well.

Congratulations to all of this week’s winners!

A 1 SBI share to @jacuzzi, with this week’s overall largest power-up. Very nice. If you can maintain that pace, you’ll be a dolphin in the near future! 😊

Thank you for all you do for us @steemcommunity. You folks are awesome! Off we go into a new week. I hope this recent “surge” in the overall “crypto” markets continues and that STEEM keeps pace! 👍

P.S. Doing my small part, as well, here is my investment this week into my ability to keep supporting your efforts (and those of others …) “in the background” … Although in a roundabout way, I am still “powering up” … 😉

P.P.S. In my first year on the Steem blockchain, the PIFC Community has been very important to me. So hopefully others don’t mind me commenting on them specifically, as I am more familiar with them from our interactions over time.

Thank you @roleerob, and congratulations to you as well. I'm thrilled you've become a part of the @pifc family 😊

Thank you for the continued support of @pifc. Without the "in the background" support of you and some others it would be very hard to make it all work.

I can only echo your statement on @thedarkhorse @lynncoyle1 and @chekohler. Its an honor being mention in the same statement as they are.

Ditto buddy😊❤️

AWE SHUCKS, thanks @roleerob :)
When I saw that huge dip happening about the middle of last week, I couldn't help but to invest some more... I mean traders were practically giving it away at $0.30 if not less!!

I love keep the power of going, however I don't think I can. LOL I do have a lot of faith in this platform and want to see it grow in something awesome.

If you ever wish to collaborate on a project or a idea let me know, I always like to meet and connect with groovy people like you.

Going to follow you now to keep up with your doings.

My sincere pleasure @jacuzzi! Right with you ...

"When I saw that huge dip happening about the middle of last week, I couldn't help but to invest some more..."

... as you can see in my comment. I try to "buy the dips," when I can.

On this ...

"If you ever wish to collaborate on a project or a idea let me know ..."

... first let me say I really appreciate the thought. The time commitment is my constant challenge to actively engaging "in here."

But ... I am always open to ideas, so don't hesitate to reach out in the future, if I can help! 😊👍

You’ve really made great progress for one year and an example do what can be done with a little bit of commitment and just being consistent and getting involved

The @pifc community is growing well and so are all the weekly contributors and I really think we having a solid knock on effect on many authors who we find each week!

The more power our members get the bigger our impact it’s been a fun ride and I can’t wait to see how far we can take it

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Thank you @chekohler! And right there with you ...

"The more power our members get the bigger our impact it’s been a fun ride and I can’t wait to see how far we can take it"

... on this. Where will all this investment of time and effort end up someday?

Well, we'll know soon enough. "Onward and upward" into Year 2! 😊

nice power up and thank you sooooo much for being such an amazing steemian

You're very kind @paulag, but you are much closer to the "amazing steemian" category than I am. I appreciate all you do for the Steem blockchain. Just doing my small part in support ...

Can't believe I did it!! Thanks you guys😊❤️

It's my first week and its kind of cool seeing my name in the leaderboard.

Congrats to the biggest gainers and the number one @jacuzzi! I hope to be there one day too.

To the people above and below me @leaky20 & @altobee thumbs up 👍 tried commenting but unfortunately one I was not unable to read so I upwoded insteas and the other posted about something I just don't know anything about so I just upcoted instead as well. Good luck to you both for the following week 🥳

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Thanks for the shout out my friend!
yeah I joined because I want to see and track progress and see other people's progress as well. I normally don't make a power up like that, however last week we saw a huge dip in the value of steem and I would have been crazy not to try to snatch up some extra coins. lol.

Hey if you want to collaborate on a project or have an idea hit me up. I'm going to also file you to keep up with what you do in life. Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement I hope to see you on top of leaderboard soon!

Thanks for the shout out and support.

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keep doing what you are doing, its fantastic to see people visit each other from the leagues and thank you for such an amazing comment :-)

Really looking good with so much consistent growth everywhere. I am happy hitting my average again on a fairly quiet platform lol. Nice to see @fullcoverbetting ,@bozz and @erikah doing well again this week. @wolfhart is really close and all bets are off for him hitting it next week.
[email protected] for the league again and I am hoping it doubles in size soon once others realize how important this tool is.

Thank you @cryptoandcoffee, I'm trying to do the best I can. You did well as well as always, congratulations!
I might be wrong but it looks like it's the slowest period ever.

Hahaha I wouldn’t count on it this week. To many life issues.
You have figured out maximizing the curation reward . Nice job, nice average.

I was hoping you would do it this week and wont be too far behind you. Taken me long enough to work it out, but well worth it once they start pouring in.

I watch your progression at it. Lots of research and tweaking you did in order to achieve it. Way to go
Maybe you can give me some tips :)
We will be there around the same time

I will help you with pleasure. I will check who you vote on normally as it is the timings that make it. I know you don't do autovote, but maybe it isn't a bad thing to have 3 or 4 on auto a day.

I have around 7 on auto vote. I can’t take the chance one wasting my vote. And I also manually vote to support redfish

Thanks for the bonus STEEM again for this week! I'm going strong off the back of some anti-curation that I did last week, which have given me some large upvotes as a reward! I think this coming week will see me go back down to a more normal pace!

Whoa @bengy ...

"... off the back of some anti-curation that I did last week ..."

.. some anti-curation!? What are you up to? Some devious new plan to lock up the "hot pink" award for the week? 😉

Ha ha... Nothing that sinister! Plagiarism discovery and reporting...

Okay @bengy that sounds excellent. I appreciate your efforts to help our Steem blockchain! 👍

I don't know how big your "sledgehammer" is, but if you could just do something about "tamping down" these flag wars and rescue their "casualties" ... 😉

Haha... I've got no influence in that space! I'm just a guy who sees plagiarism or scamming and I can't walk past it...

Okay @bengy thanks. Keep fighting the good fight! 👍

I love how you put that, anit-curation :-)

Subtle, heh?

Greetings @steemcommunity, and everyone!

I'm a "freshly baked" Minnow who just moved out of @paulag's Redfish Power Up League... so now it's time to get started over here.

Please add me to the leagues! Thanks!


Finally, we have a spot waiting with your name on it :-) welcome to the minnow power up league @curatorcat

🐟 as I finally got out of the red fish league, I would like to get into the Minnow Power Up League :) pretty please?

Im so glad you decided to join us, welcome to the minnow power up league. Im sure you will see some familiar names from the redfish league :-)

Congratulations to the winners who occupy the top at each level. And thanks to @paulag and @steemcommunity for organizing this league, also thanks to all the sponsors. Success is always for you all

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I just realized I never requested to be added after becoming a minnow thanks to the wonderful 10K minnow initiative, whoops! Let's fix that - add me in, please.

hi @rabbitingscience and welcome to the minnow power up league, im so happy you decided to join us. I have added your name and you will be included in tomorrows post

Heyy @steemcommunity, I would be happy if you can count me in for this league after being graduated last week from Redfish powerup league. Thanks in advance!

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and we are happy to have you, welcome to the minnow power up league

Thank you for the support... it means alot!! And BIG love to everyone who powered up and progressed this week xxx

great growth, although with the low prices I was kinda expecting a little more, buy hay, all growth is good growth

Always great to see the list and i am PROUD my goal is 3 k before half june

@lynncoyle1 very nice to see. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks @paulag - @abh12345 for doing the leagues. I look so forward to them every week.

Pretty soon all of us here’s re going to be on the hall of fame looking back on those pre dolphin days fondly!

I’m glad to see everyone adding tor their holdings each week gives me hope that we are making progress and growing that eventual minnow dolphin class accounts so we don’t all have to rely on the luck and goodness of whales in future

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we are indeed making progress, the distribution of SP on steem is so different now to when I started her almost 2 years ago

Thank you for putting this out @steemcommunity. Lots of positive vibes. 🙏

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It is a long haul, 35 weeks, and I am at just about the doubling point of my starting SP, 736 to start and 732 added at this point. Some of it was from the sale of cards and other contest, but I am happy to say that about 1050 of my SP is from author and curation rewards. So thank you to all of you have have ever cast a vote in my direction I really appreciate it.

every votes count :-) and all growth is good growth, there is no need to sprit, try have fun instead and the growth big or small will be natural :-)

AWE YEA! LV 3 Babay~ lol
I couldn't help but pick up some extra coins when we had the dip earlier this week before our run, sort of paying for this week by eating beans... But it's an investment right? I believe in this platform and its growth.

If anyone ever wants to collaborate on a project, or you needs of art done let me know!

Also big congratulations to all the other Minnow power up family members.

Let's swim together and become dolphins!

thank you so much for putting out there the want to collaborate and offers of art work ( I will for sure keep you in mind). Nice work on buying steem. I got some a few weeks back and I am so hoping to get more, its a great investment :-)

Another great week! Just 3 steem shy of fourth place in league 4!
Let’s have another try next week!
Congrats to all winners!

ohhhhhhhhhhhh so close

Impressive growth across the community! Very encouraging as I continue to learn ways to grow myself!

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my growth feels rather stunted right now, but its great to see so many others going in the right direction :-)

Thank you @steemcommunity, it's great to see where we are at each week. However, I would be more happier with a different statistics, separating those who are powering up Steemit bought with fiat from those who are not investing fiat. That would be more interesting.
Congratulations everyone and thank you @paulag and @abh12345 for running the show 🙂

@wolfhart and @erikah, you did really well. I'm on my average again. 53 SP per week? I'll take it!

4000 SP since you joined last September, I think you'll be out swimming with the dolphins by mid-summer :)

Your average is great. I wish mine was that high.
Way to go buddy. We’re both right there

Thank you! You're doing great as well, keep it up.

Wow, thank you! Keep powering up fellow steemians!

you are very very welcome

Hey @abh12345. I was rudely kicked out of the Redfish League by @paulag. Because, apparently, I'm too rich. Which is ironic, since I thought the Irish have a thing for pots of gold. Stereotypes seem to break down as soon as you need them. Stereotypes have quantum properties?

Can I join here?

Ps: love you @paulag. It was great fun to be part of it.

Pps: sorry to see @steemcommunity witnesse shut down. It was among the first I voted for.

Lol didn't you know asher and I run this one together. Mawhhhhhaaaa there is no escaping me 🤣😂🤣 I will add ur name for next week

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I know. Wanted to be dramatic, rather than just say: "I'm in" or "Sign me up".

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Great entry, I know not to invite you to a party, I'm sure u would show up in style 😜

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Thanks a bunch. Great news to start the day.

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you are soooooo welcome

Thank you!

Thank you!

you are very welcome

Congrats to All Winners ! ♥♩♬
Let's Keep On !

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hay @bluengel thanks for the support :-)

@paulag Most Weeeeeeelcome ! 💙 ♩♬

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Oh I see... So this one has STEEM prizes while redfishes becoming minnows don't have any yet. Mkay. Cool.

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I think @paulag's Redfish league has some prizes?

Do you want to be added to the list here?

Not yet. 😊 Yeah the one I graduated from has some prizes too but I like this one.

Oh I'm not thinking or aiming to go up anymore... 😂 I'm sure to be a slowfoot now. Maybe when I'm serious with writing on Steemit again. I'll let you know. 😊😊😊 Thanks!

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