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RE: The Minnow Power-up League - Week #34

in #community3 years ago

Thanks for the bonus STEEM again for this week! I'm going strong off the back of some anti-curation that I did last week, which have given me some large upvotes as a reward! I think this coming week will see me go back down to a more normal pace!


Whoa @bengy ...

"... off the back of some anti-curation that I did last week ..."

.. some anti-curation!? What are you up to? Some devious new plan to lock up the "hot pink" award for the week? 😉

Ha ha... Nothing that sinister! Plagiarism discovery and reporting...

Okay @bengy that sounds excellent. I appreciate your efforts to help our Steem blockchain! 👍

I don't know how big your "sledgehammer" is, but if you could just do something about "tamping down" these flag wars and rescue their "casualties" ... 😉

Haha... I've got no influence in that space! I'm just a guy who sees plagiarism or scamming and I can't walk past it...

Okay @bengy thanks. Keep fighting the good fight! 👍

I love how you put that, anit-curation :-)

Subtle, heh?

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